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Full text of "World's Columbian Exposition, 1893 : official catalogue.Part X. Department K. Fine arts"

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Worlds Golumbirn Exposition. 

• • • 


• • • 


Part X. 





The Deoartment ot Publicitu and Promotion, 





according to Act of Congress in the year A. D. 1893. in the office of Librarian of Congress 
at Washington, D. C., by 


For the exclusive use of W. B. CONKEY COMPANY, Chicago. 





I «- 

It Palace, Description of... 

BStria, Exhibits of. *• . 

ftlgium, Exhibits of. 

tazil, Exhibits of.. 


inada, Exhibits of.. 


enmark, Exhibits of. . . 

tence, Exhibits of... 

ermany, Exhibits of . 

Teat Britain, Exhibits of. 

■round Plan of Art Palace. 

[olland, Exhibits of. 

:aly. Exhibits of... 

ipan, Exhibits of. 

iries of Acceptance. 


lexico. Exhibits of. 

few South Wales, Exhibits of.< 

forway. Exhibits of. 

:ussia, Exhibits of. 

ociety of Polish Artists, Exhibits of. 

pain. Exhibits of. 

weden. Exhibits of.. 

Inited States, Exhibits of. 

fpper Gallery, Plan of..... 































.• ♦ 

^T< ^ 

>1 %r 

y •» . • 

,**, ' \ • •■ 










LOUIS J. MILLET, Superintendent of architectural and decorative Exhibits. 








Augustus St. Gaudens. Olin L. Warner. 

J. Q. A. Ward. John J. Boyle. 

Daniel C. French. 


John J. Boyle. Daniel C. French. 

Charles Grafly. Olin L. Warner. 


Daniel C. French. Olin L. Warner. 

John J. Boyle. 


Harriet Hosmer. Waldo Story. 

Franklin Simmons. Larkin G. Mead. 


William Couper, Larkin G. Mead. 

Waldo Story'. 


Daniel C. French, Boston. Lorado Taft, Chicago. 

Robert Bringhurst, St. Louis. 


Phtladelphta. Carl Rohl-Smith, Chicago. 

J. Gelert, Chicago. 



William M. Chase. Eastman Johnson. 

R. Swam Gifford. H. Bolton Jones. 

F. D. Millet. (G. W. Maynard, Alternate.) 

h John W. Beatty. 

E. C. Tarbell. Charles E. Dana. 


John W. Beatty, 

Charles E. Dana. 

William Dalliba Dutton. 
H. Bolton Jones. 

Clifford P. Grayson. 
Joseph R. Woodwell. 
(Stephen Parrish, Alternate.) 
Eastman Johnson. 



GROUP 140.— PAINTINGS IN OIL—Continued. 


E. C. Tarbell. 

F. P. Vinton. 
William M. Chase. 

R. Swain Gifford. 

Thomas Allen. 

J. J. Enneking. 

1 . M. Gaugcngigl. 


F. rt.. Bridgman. 

W. T. Dannat. 

Walter Gay. 

Alexander Harrison. 

E. L. Weeks. 

Walter McEwen. 

Gari J. Melchers. 

Charles Sprague Pearce. 
|. L. Stewart. 

Walter Beck. 

J. Frank Currier. 


Toby Rosenthal. 

Carl Marr. 
Orrin Peck. 

C. C. Coleman. 


Elihu Vedder. 

William Stanley Haseltine. 


T. G. Brown, New York. 

G. W. Maynard, New York. 

J. Francis Murphy, New York. 
Thomas Hovenden, Philadelphia. 
Thomas Allen, Boston. 

H. F. Farny, Cincinnati. 

C. C. Coleman, 


Gari J. Melchers, Detroit. 
Douglas Volk, Minneapolis. 
John H. Fry, St. Lotiis. 
Frederick w. Freer, Chicago, 
John H. Vanderpoel, Chicago. 
Walter McEwen, Chicago. 
Rome, Italy. 



Frederick Dielman. 

Charles Harry Eaton. ^ 

Louis C. Tiffany. 

'. C. Nicoll. 
Valter Shirlaw. 

In other cities the Jury for Paintings in Oil also acted for Water Colors. 


NEW YORK. ^ ^ . 

Richard M. Hunt. Stanford Wh’te. 

William B. Tuthill. C. Howard Walker. 

John Stewardson. 


Frank Miles Day. 

Henry Pettit. 

Edmund M. 

John Stewardson. 
W. B. Tuthill. 



Edward C. Cabot. Edmund M. Wheelwright. 

C. Howard Walker. E. Tuthill. 

Frank Miles Day. 


C. B. Atwood, New York. rb 

Cass Gilbert, St. Paul. S. S. Beman, Chicago. 

D. Adler, Chicago. 




Same Juries as for Paintings in Oil and for Architecture. 






Carleton T. Chapman. C, F. W. Mielatz. 

Samuel Colman. C. A. Platt. 

James D. Smillie. 


Hermann Faber. Max Rosenthal. 

Bernhard Uhle. 


W. B. Closson. S. R. Koehler. 

Hermann Faber. Charles A. Walker. 


Horace Baker. 
A. M. Lindsay. 

A. M. Lindsay. 


John P. Davis. 
Frank French. 


C. H. Reed. 

Frank French. 


W. B. Closson. S. R. Koehler. 

A. M. Lindsay. Charles A. Walker. 



Charles Henry Hart, Philadelphia, Chairman. 

Thomas B. Clarke, New York. Charles G. Loring, Boston. 



John La Farge. John F. Weir. 


Hon. Martin Brimmer. Gen. Charles G. Loring. 

J. Templeman Coolidge. Frederick P. Vinton. 

J. Harvey Young. 


Charles Henry Hart. Henry Whclen, Jr. 

J. Granville Leach. 


Grecian-Ionic in style, the Fine Arts Building is a pure type of the most refined 
lassie architecture. The structure comprises three large pavilions known as the Central, 
last and West Pavilion. Its total length, east and west, is 1,120 feet, and its extreme 
'idth, north and south, 500 feet. The Central Pavilion, an oblong building measuring 
30x320 feet, is intersected by a great nave and a transept, each 100 feet wide and 70 feet 
igh. At their intersection is a dome 60 feet in diameter and 125 feet high, surmounted by 
colossal statue of the type of the famous figure of Winged Victory. The transept has a 
lear space through the center of 60 feet, being lighted entirely from above. On either 
ide are galleries 20 feet wide and 24 feet above the floor. The collections of sculptures 
nd architectural casts are displayed on the main floor of the nave and transept, and here 
Iso, on the walls, are shown drawings and sculptured panels in relief. The sections 
ounded by the nave and the transept are filled with picture galleries, ranging from 30x30 
set to 36x120 feet in area. The Central Pavilion is entered by four great portals, richly 
rnamented with architectural sculpture and approached by broad flights of steps. The 
last and West Pavilions have entrances from the Central Pavilion and on their north and 
outh fronts. The walls of the loggia of the colonnades are highly decorated with sculptural 
ragments from the antique. All light is supplied through glass skylights in iron frames. 

The building is located in the northern portion of the park, with the south front facing 
he lagoon, from which it is separated by terraces ornamented with balustrades. A flight 
f steps leads down from the main portal to the lagoon, where there is a landing for boats, 
rhe immediate neighborhood of the building is ornamented with groups of statues, replicas 
if classic art, such as the Choragic monument, etc. Architect, C. B. Atwood, of Chicago, 
3esigner-in-Chief of the Exposition. 


®’_i^. • 

ta ef^*" • • •* 


Is gkmanv 


23 ^ 25 |^ 

'< 5 , I C ?25 







-ta»r fAViuav- 

Copyrighted 1893 


Fob the Exclusive Use or 


hj.:_L..J—:—:—:—« « » » 






^^184 185 U;S 





















^ 149 } 1501 isri^s^^s^TsirT 




168 J66 

T70 171^.; 





180 WATER CO UORft’ J75 



Fob the exclusive Use of 


# • 

165 I 164 ( 163 I lea \ 161 | 160 


ARChlTe<^^^0*' tu.. 





GROUP 139. 


Class 820. Figures and groups in marble; casts from original works by modem artist?' 

models and monumental decorations. 

Class 82t, Bas-reliefs in marble or bronze. 

Class 822. Figures and groups in bronze. 

Class 823. Bronzes from cire perdtic. 

GROUP 140. 


GROUP 141. 


GROUP 142. 



GROUP 143. 


GROUP 144. 


GROUP 145. 



GROUP 146. 



FROM GROUPS 139-145. 


Department K.--Fine Arts 



GROUP 139 . 


n North Court, Rotunda, and West Court, 
near Rotunda; and in Galleries 
7 and 38 . 



^dams, Herbert, Brooklyn. 

1. Portrait Bust of a Lady. (Marble.) 

2. Primavera. (Marble bust.) 

3. St. Agnes’Eve. (Plaster bust, colored.) 
Bachman, Max, Boston. 

4. Bust of a Young Lady. (Plaster.) 

(Lent by Dr. Oki, Boston.) 

5 . Mrs. F. Sheldon. (Plaster, bas-relief.) 
The Son of Man. (Plaster.) 

7. Portrait, Bas-relief. (Plaster.) 

Ball, Thomas, Florence. 

7a. Christ and the Little Child. (Marble.) 

(Lent by E. F. Searles, Methuen, Mass.) 

7b. Portrait of a Gentleman. (Plaster 

7c. Portrait of a Lady. (Plaster bust.) 

7d. Paul Revere. (Equestrian statuette 

in bronze.) . /t3 s 

7e. Colossal statue of Washington.(Bronze.) 

(Lent by E. F. Searles, Methuen, Mass.) 
Bartlett, Paul W., Paris. . 

8. Medallion Portrait of Rev. Dr. Skinner. 

(Marble.) , r , a \ 

9. The Ghost Dance (study of the nude). 


10. Bohemian and Bears. (Plaster.) 

11. Bust of Mrs. B. (Marble.) 

Baur, Theodore, New York. 

12. The Secret. (Unfinished group in 
plaster, in grove east of Art Palace.) 

13. Panel of Joseph Jefferson as Rip Van 
Winkle, Bob Acres, and Dr. Pangloss. 

Bissell, George E., New York. 

14. John Watts, last Royal Recorder of 
New York, and founder of the Leake 
and Watts Orphan House. (Bronze.) 


Borglum, J. Gurtzon, Los Angeles, Cal. 

15. Indian Scouts. (Bronze.) 

Boyle, J. J., Chicago. 

16. Tired Out. (Bronze.) (From* are per¬ 

Bradley, Amy Aldis, Boston. 

17. Daughter of the Pharoahs. (Plaster 

18. Bust of a Boy. (Plaster.) 

Bringhurst, Robert P., St. Louis. 

19. Awakening of Spring. ( Terra Cotta.) 

20. Faun — Fragment of a Fountain. (Plas¬ 

Brooks, Caroline S., New York. 

21. The Dreaming lolanthe. (Relief in 

22. Lady Godiva. (Marble.) _ 

23. Lady Godiva Returning. (Relief in 

24. Vanderbilt Group. (Marble.) 

Brooks, Carrie L., Chicago. 

25. Enid. (Head of a Child in plaster.) 
(Lent by Mr. Watkins, Chicago.) 

Bush-Brown, H. K,, Newburgh, N. Y. 

26. The Buffalo Hunt. (Plaster.) 

Byrnes, James A., Denver. 

27. Wounded Buffalo. (Plaster.) 

Calder, A. Sterling, Philadelphia. 

28. Cordelia. (Plaster bust.) 

29. Boy with Ribbon. (Plaster.) 

Cannon, H. Legrand, New York. 

30. Bas - relief of Elizabeth Cannon. 

Ciani, Vittorio A., New York. 

31. A Cavalier. (Bronze statuette.) 

Clarke, Thomas Shields, Pittsburg. 

32. The Cider Press: a fountain. (Bronze 

Cohen, Katherine A., Pans. 

33. Bust of Henry Souther. (Plaster.) 
Copp, Ellen Rankin, Chicago. 

34. Relief Portrait of Harriet Monroe. 






Cox, Charles B., Philadelphia. 

35. American Buffalo. (Bronze.) 

Cushing, Robert, New York. 

36. Bust of Cardinal McCloskey. (Bronze.) 

Dallin, C. E., Paris. 

37. Signal of Peace. (Bronze equestrian 

38. Portrait Bust of Dr, I. F. Ftiniilton. 
(Marble.) (Lent by Mrs. Fidelia B. Ham¬ 
ilton, Salt Lake City.) 

Donoghue, John, London. 

39. Kypros. (Plaster.) 

40. The Young Sophocles leading the 
Chorus of Victory after the Battle of 
Salamis. (Plaster.) 

40a. Hunting Nymph. (Plaster.) 

Elwell, F. Edwin, New York. 

40b. Charles Dickens and Little Nell. 

40c. Intellect Dominating Brute Force; or, 
Diana and the Lion. (Marble.) 

Fjelde, Jakob, Minneapolis. 

41. Bas-relief of Burt Harwood. (Plaster.) 
(Lent by Burt Harwood, Minneapolis.) 

42. Bust of Judge Nelson. (Bronze.) (Lent 
by U. S. District Court, St. Paul.) 

French, Daniel C., New York. 

43. Bust of A. Bronson Alcott. (Bronze.) 

44. The Angel of Death and the Sculptor, 

Gelert, J., Chicago. 

45. Bust of Abraham Lincoln, heroic size. 
(Plaster.) In Gallery 88. 

46. The Little Architect, (Plaster group.) 

47. Theseus, Victor over the Minotaur. 
(Bronze statuette.) 

48. The Struggle tor Work. (A group of 
figures in plaster, represented as contend¬ 
ing for a work ticket thrown from a 
factory window.) 

Grafly, Charles, Philadelphia. 

49. Daedalus. (Bronze.) (Lent by the 
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts 

50. A Bad Omen. (Plaster.) 

Griffith, J. Milo, Chicago, 

52. Sabrina, Goddess of the Severn. (Mar¬ 

53 - Nubian Captive. (Plaster.) 

54 - Coursing during the time of Queen 
Elizabeth, (Bronze.) 

56. Study of a Female Head. (Marble 

57. Dawn. (Marble medallion.) 

Hammond, Jane Nye, Boston. 

58 . Lucie. (Bronze relief.) 

59 * A Medallion. (Plaster.) 


Hartley, J. S., New York. 

group.) (Lent b 

Fiske, Brooklyn.) 

61. Bust of Wm.Conant Church, (hj 

(Lent by Col. W. C. Church, New Vo 

62. John Gilbert as Sir Peter i 

Hyatt, Harriet Randall, Boston, 

63. Head of Laughing Girl. (Plaste 
Kemeys, Edward, Chicago. 

64. Old Ephriam. 

65. After the Feast. 

66. American Bay Lynx, 

67. American Panther and Her Cuba 

68. Grappling His Game. 

69. Fighting Panther and Deer, 

70. Texan Bull and Jaguars. 

71. The Still Hunt. 

72. Battle of the Bulls. 

73. American Black Bear. 

74. Jaguar and Boa-constrictor. 

74a. American Bison. 

Kitson, Henry H., Boston. 

75. Music of the Sea, (Bronze.) (Le 
Mrs. D. P, Kimball, Boston.) 

76. Portrait Bust. (Marble.) (Lent by 
Ruggles, Boston.) 

77. Christ Crucified. (Plaster.) 

77a. The Age of Stone, (Plaster.) 
Kretschmar, Howard, Chicago. 

77b. Tantalus. (Plaster.) 

Lindstrom, August, Chicago. 

78. Bust of John Ericsson, (Plaster,! 
Loeher, Aloys, Milwaukee. 

78a. Bust of Mrs. Jessie Bartlett R 
(Marble.) (Lent by Mr. Davis, Chica 
Martiny, Phillip, New York. 

79. Portrait Bust of a Child. (Plaster, 
Mead, Larkin G., Florence. 

80. The Return of Proserpine from 
Realms of Pluto. fPlaster.) (On k 
ment of Agricultural Building.) 

Mills, J. Harrison, New York. 

81. Portrait Medallion. (Pkister.) 
Murray, Samuel, Philadelphia. 

82. Study of a Child’s Head. (Bror 
(Lent by Mrs. Brown, Philadelphia. 

83. Walt Whitman. (Bronze.) (Lent 
Thomas B. Harned, Philadelphia. 

Niehaus, C. H., New York. 

Door of Trinity Chur. 


85. Athlete. (Plaster.) 

O’Donovan, William Russell, NewYor. 

86. Bust of Thomas Eakins. (Bronze,) 

87. Bust of R. S. Gifford. (Bronze.) 
Partridge, William Ordway, Milton, Mai 

88 . Portrait Bust of a Lady. (Marble.) 

89. Bust of J. R. Lowell. (Plaster.) 






90. Plaster replica of statue of Shakes¬ 
peare for Lincoln Park, Chicago. 

91. Nearing Home. (Marble bust.) 

92. Mary. (Plaster.) 

93. Head of Christ. (Marble.) 

94. Edward Everett Hale, (Bronze bust.) 

95. The Summer Night. (Relief in mar¬ 

96. A Dream. (Marble, bas-relief.) 

96a. Plaster replica of the statue of Alexan¬ 
der Hamilton for the Hamilton Club, 

Peterson, George D., Chicago. 

97 ^ Tiger at Bay. (Plaster.) 

Potter, Bessie O., Chicago. 

98. Prof. David Swing. (Plaster bust.) 
• (Lent by J. I. Pearce, Chicago.) 

98a. Portrait in Relief. (Plaster.) (Lent 
by Mr. MacGillivray, Chicago.) 

Powers, Preston, Denver. 

98b. The Closing Era. (Bronze.) 
Purchased by the women of Denver for 
their Capitol grounds. 

98c. Romola de’ Bardi. (Marble bust.) 
Prescott, Katherine, Boston. 

99. Joy to the New Year, Peace to the Old. 
(Plaster medallion.) 

Proctor, A. P. 

100. Ralph Waldo Emerson. (Bronze.) 

looa. Panther. (Bronze.) 

loob. Polar Bear. 

looc. Polar Bear. 

Rogers, John, New York. 

no. Statue of Abraham Lincoln, seated. 

Rohl-Smith, Carl, Chicago. 

111. Mato Wanartaka (Kicking Bear), 
Chief of the Sioux. (Plaster bust.) 

112. Bust of Henry Watterson. (Bronze.) 
(Lent by Mrs. Henry Watterson, Louis¬ 

Ruckstuhl, F. Wellington,New York. 

112a. Evening. (Marble.) 

Ruggles, Theo Alice, Boston. 

113. A New England Fisherman. (Plaster.) 

114. Portrait bust (Italian child). (Bronze.) 

115. Young Orpheus. (Plaster.) 

116. On the Banks of the Oise. (Bronze.) 
Shaw, Frederick A., Florence. 

ii6a. The Ascension. (Marble.) At Art 

Stair, Ida, Denver. 

Ii6b. Left of Paradise. (Bas-relief in plas¬ 

Thompson, Jonas S., Denver, Col. 
ii6c. Head in Bas-relief. (Marble.) 

Taft, Lorado, Chicago. 
ii6d. Portrait Bust of Susan B. Anthony. 



Tilden, Douglas, Paris. 

117. Young Acrobat. (Bronze.) 

118. Baseball Player. (Plaster.) 

119. Tired Boxer. (Plaster.) 

120. Indian Bear Hunt. (Bronze.) 

Triebel, Frederick E., Florence. 

121. Savonarola. (Plaster bas-relief.) 

122. Donatello. (Plaster bas-relief.) 

123. Mysterious Music. (Bronze.) 

124. Love Knows no Caste. (Marble.) 

(Lent by Mrs. Joseph B. Greenhut, 

Peoria, 111 .) 

125. Bust of Gen. John A. Logan. (Marble.) 

126. The First Fish. (Marble.) 

127. Bust of Rev. Edwin B. Russell. 
(Marble.) (Lent by Rev. E. B. Russell, 
New York.) 

Turner, W^illiam G., Florence. 

128. A Dream. (Marble bust.) 

129. Fisherman’s Daughter. (Marble.) 

130. The Herald of Peace. (Bronze statue, 
from cire perdue}) 

131. Rhoda. (Marble statuette.) 

Varney, Luella, Rome. 

132. Mark Twain. (Bronze bust.) 

133- Portrait of a Lady. (Marble bust.) 
133a. Edith Van Buren. (Marble bust.) 
Volk, Leonard W., Chicago. 

134. Bust of Colonel Hascall, U. S. A. 
(Marble.) Presented to West Point Mil¬ 
itary Academy by Mrs. Mary C. Hascall. 

135. Bust of a Lady. (Marble.) 

135a. Portrait of the late Col. Wm. Hale 
Thompson. (Marble bust.) (Lent by Mrs. 
W. H. Thompson, Chicago.) 

Warner, Olin L., New York. 

136. Diana, reclining. (Plaster statuette.) 

137. Medallion of Joseph, Chief of the Nez 
Perces Indians. (Bronze.) 

138. Medallions of Columbia River In¬ 
dians. (Bronze panel.) 

139. Portraitof J. Alden Weir. (Bronzebust.) 

140. Portrait of a Baby. (Bronze bust.) 

141. Bust of Mozart, heroic, for a public 
fountain in Portland, Oregon. (Plaster.) 
(In Gallery 38 .) 

142. Model for a Caryatid. (Plaster.) 
Wesselhoeft, F. G., Cambridge,Mass. 

143. Titania and Bottom. (Plaster.) 

144. African Head. (Plaster.) 

White, Alfred R., Paris. 

145. Portrait of Monsieur M. (Plaster.) 
Whitney, Anne, Boston. 

146. Roma. (Plaster.) 

Wuertz, Emil H., Chicago. 

147. Murmur of the Sea. (Plaster.) 
Zearing, H. H., Chicago. 

148. Bas-relief of Abraham Lincoln. 



Paintings in Oil. 


GROUP 140. 

Paintings in Oil. 

In Galleries 1 , 3 , 5 , 6, 7 , 8, 9 , 37 , 38 , 39 , and 
in Upper Gallery Alcoves 109 - 115 , 
173 - 175 , 180 - 184 , 186 , 187 . 



Abbey, Edwin A., Fairford, Gloucester¬ 
shire, England. 

148a. Galahad brought to Arthur’s Court. 
(Section of frieze for the Delivery Room 
of the Public Library, Boston.) (Lent by 
the Public Library, Boston.) 

Albright, A. E., Chicago. 

149. Morning-glories. 

Alexander, Henry, New York. 

150. Chinese Interior. 

Allen, Thomas, Boston. 

151. Moonrise. 

152. Thoroughbreds. (Lentby Mrs.Thomas 
Allen, Pittsfield, Mass.) 

153. Under the Willows. 

154. Coming Through the Wood, 

Allen, W. S., New York. 

155. Evening at the Lake. 

Amsden, William T., New York. 

156. Spanish Meadows. 

Anderson, David J., Woodridge, N. J. 

157. Landscape. 

Armstrong, Maitland, New York. 

158. “White House,” Pont Aven, Brittany, 
Baer, William J., New York. 

159. Day Dream. 

Baird, W. B., Paris. 

160. Waiting Their Turn. 

Baker, Ellen Kendall, Puteaux, France. 

161. Sans Souci. 

Baker, Mary K., Boston. 

162. Chrysanthemums. 

Baker, William Bliss (deceased). 

163. Silence. (Lent by Thomas B, Clarke, 
New York.) 

Barnard, E. H,, Boston. 

164. Midday. 

165. Portrait of E. H. B. 

Bates, Dewey, Cookham Dene, Berkshire, 

166. Spring. (Lent by Mrs. A. C. C. Bere, 

Beaux, Cecilia, Philadelphia. 

167. Last Day§ of Infancy. (Lent by W. F. 
Biddle, Philadelphia.) 

168. Portrait of a Boy. 

Beck, Carol H., Philadelphia. 

169. Portrait of Governor Pattison. (Lent 
by Hon. R. E. Pattison, Harrisburg, Pa.) 

170. Portrait. ^ 

Beckwith, Carroll, New York. 

171* Mr. Isaacson. 



172. Portrait of Miss E. A H fl« 

Miss Hall, New York.) ‘ ' 

Bell, E. A., New York. 

173. Portrait. Study of a Lady in Grj 
Benedict, Enella, Lake Forest, Ill. 

174. Brittany Children. 

Benson, Frank W., Salem, Mass. 

175. Figure in White. 

176. Portrait in White. 

177. Girl with a Red Shawl. (Ler, 
Mrs. David Kimball, Boston.) 

Bicknell, Frank A., Paris. 

178. An Old Apple Orchard. 

179. Along the River Oise. 

Bigelow, D. F., Chicago. 

180. Lake Champlain and the Adirond 

Bisbing, Henry S., Paris. 

181. On the River Shore. 

182. Afternoon in the Meadow. 

183. Lapsing Waves on Quiet Shore. 
Blackman, Walter, London. 

184. A Capri Belle. 

Blakelock, R. A. 

185. Moonlight. (Lent by W. M. L 
New York.) 

186. Cloverdale. (Lentby Thomas B.Cl 
New York.) 

Blashfield, Edwin H., New York. 

187. The Angel with the Flaming Swi 

188. Christmas Bells, 

189. Portrait. 

Blenner, Carle J., New York. 

190. Contentment. 

191. Portrait of El Senor Don Roderi 
Saavedra. (Lent by Roderigo de S 
dra, Jr., Royal Spanish Legation, V 

Bogert, George H., New York. 

192. Morning. 

193. Moonlight, Etaples, France. 
Boggs, Frank M., Paris. 

194. Fishing Boats Going Out, h 
f'ranee. (Lent by James H. Dole, 

195. Brooklyn Bridge. 

Boston, Joseph H., Brooklyn. 

196. Gladys. A Portrait. 

Boughton,George H., Care of Messrs, 
thorne, London. 

197. An English Spring Day. 
Boutwood, Charles E., Chicago. 

198. Portrait of Hon. C. B. Farwell. 
by Mrs. Dudley Winston, Chicago.) 

Boyden, Dwight Frederic, Paris. 

199. The Pines of Mauve. 

Bregler, Charles, Philadelphia. 

200. Portrait of a Woman. (Lent by 
Wm, Bregler, Philadelphia.) 



Paintings in Oil. 



Iridgman, Frederic A., Paris. 

01. Passage of the Red Sea. 

02. Women at the Mosque^ Algiers. 

03. In a Village at El Biar, Algiers. 

04. Day Dreams. 

04a. A Hot Day at Mustapha, Algiers. 

04b. Fellahin and Child — The Bath. 

04c. Coast of Algiers — The Morning Bath, 
Bristol, J. B., New York. 

05, Mount Chocorua, N. H. 

(rooks, A. F., Chicago. 

06. The Primrose Way. 

(rouwer, T. A., Jr., East Hampton, L. I. 
07. Musk Melons. 

Irown, J. Appleton, New York. 

08. Springtime. 

(rown, J. G., New York. 

09. A Card Trick. 

10. The Stump Speech. 

11. Training the Dog. 

12. Pull for The Shore. (Lent by Isidore 
Strauss, New York.) 

13. Homeward Bound. (Lent by W. T. 
Evans, New York.) 

14. At the Old Cottage. (Lent by Gilbert 
Gaul, New York.) 

15. When we Were Girls. (Lent by E. 
Asiel, New York.) 

trown, Matilda, New York. 

16. An Unwilling Model, 
trown, Walter Francis, Venice. 

17. Roscona, Sunrise. 

trowne, Charles Francis, Chicago. 

18. Old Poplar Trees. 

19. Sand Dunes of Drummadoon, Arran. 

20. Back from the Beach, Cape Ann, 

21. On the Oise, France. 

•rush, George de Forest, New York. 

22. Mother and Child. (Lent by J. M. 
Sears, Boston.) 

23. The Indian and the Lily. (Lent by 
C. D. Miller, Jersey City.) 

24. The Head Dress. (Lent by H. H.’ 
Fay, Boston.) 

25. The Sculptor and the King. 

Iryant, Wallace, Boston. 

26. Noon. 

iunker, Caroline, Boston, 

27. Study of Snowballs. (Lent by Mrs. 
F. D, Cross, Providence.) 

28. Wheat Stacks, Afternoon Sunshine. 

29. Goosefield. 

•ush-Brown, Mrs. M. Lesley, Newburgh, 

N. Y. 

30. Fragment of Mural Decoration for 
Music Room. (See also 2551 .) 

lutler, George B. 

}i. Girl with Tambourine, (Lent by W. 
C. Brownell, New York.) 



Butler, Herbert, Chicago. 

232. Hard Times. 

Butler, Howard Russell, New York. 

233. Seaweed Gatherers, Finistere, France. 

234. Church of Guadalupe, Aguas Calientes, 

235. Marine. 

Buttles, Mary, New York. 

236. Julie. 

*237. Peasant Woman of Alsace. 

Cady, Henry N., Philadelphia. 

238. Sunset at Narragansett Pier. 

Cain, Neville, Louisville. 

239. The Satyr and the Traveler. 

Caliga, I. H., Boston. 

240. Portrait. (Lent by Robert F. Herrick 
• Brookline, Mass.) 

Cameron, Edgar S,, Chicago. 

241. In the Studio. 

Candidas, Harry W, T,, Munich. 

242. Landscape. 

Carl, Kate A., Paris. 

243. Head of a Man. 

Cauldwell, Leslie, Paris. 

244. A Sun Bath. 

245. A Breton Garden. 

246. A Daughter of Eve. 

Chapman, Carlton T., New York. 

247. Five O’clock at St. Ives, England. 

248. On Cape Ann. (Lent by Mrs. John 
Hutton, New York.) 

Chase, Harry. 

249. At Anchor off Scheveningen. (Lent 
by Mrs. Harry Chase, St. Louis.) 

250. The Battery Park. (Lent by Mrs. 
Harry Chase, St. Louis.) 

Chase, William M., New York. 

251. Lady in Pink. 

252. Portrait of Mrs. L. 

253. Alice. A Portrait. 

254. Meditation. A Portrait. (Pastel.) 

255. Portrait of Mrs E. (Lent by Mrs. E.) 
236. Lilliputian Boats in the Park. (Lent 

by R.L.Knoedler, New York.) 

Church, F. S., New York. 

257. Knowledge is Power. (Lent by C. L. 
Freer, Detroit.) 

258. The Viking’s Daughter. (Lent by 
John Gellatly,New York.) 

Churchill, W. W., Boston. 

259. Portrait. 

Clark, Rose, Buffalo. 

260. Mother and Child. 

Clark, Walter, New York. 

261. Spring. ' 

Clarke, Thomas Shields, Pittsburg. 

262. A Fool’s Fool. (Lent by Pennsyl¬ 
vania Academy of the Fine Arts.) 

263. Night Market, Morocco. 



Paintings in Oil. 



264. A Gondola Girl. 

265. Portrait of Madame d’E. 

265a. Morning, Noon and Night. 

Clawson, John W., Paris. 

266. Santa Maria della Salute, Venice. 
Clements, Gabrielle D., Philadelphia. 

267. Andarina. 

Clinedinst, B. W.,New York. 

268. The Water Colorist. 

269. Monsieur’s Mail. 

Cobb, Arthur Murray, Giverny, France. 

270. First Snow. 

Cochrane, J. G., Boston. 

271. Old Stone Stairway,Pont Aven,France. 
Coffin, Elizabeth R., Brooklyn. 

272. Hanging the Net. 

Coffin, Esther L., New York. 

273. Grapes. 

Coffin, William A., New York. 

274. A Pennsylvania Farm After a Thunder 

275. Moonlight in Harvest. 

276. Twilight. (Lent by John B. Ladd, 

277. Early Morning. (Lent by W. Sew¬ 
ard Webb, New York.) 

278. Evening. (Lent by J. M. Licht- 
nauer. New York.) 

279. September Breeze. (Lent by W 
Seward Webb, New York.) 

Cohen, George W., New York. 

280. _ A Tale of the Sea. 

Collins, Alfred Q., New York. 

281. Portrait of Mr. Joe Evans. (Lent 
by Mr. Joe Evans, New York.) 

Colman, Samuel, Newport. 

282. Mexican Hacienda. 

283. Mt: Tacoma from Puget Sound. 

of the Grand Canon 

of'the Colorado. 

Coman^ Mrs.Charlotte B.,Waterville, N. Y. 

285. The Road to Town. 

286. A Stony Brook. 

Conant, Lucy S., Boston. 

287. The Orchid Meadow. 

Douglas John, New York. 

288 Douglas John Connah. (Lent by 

Mrs. John Connah.) ^ ^ 

Cooper, Colin C., Philadelphia. 

289. Portrait of a Lady. 

290- Portrait. (Lent by Gen. St. Clair A 
Mulholland, Philadelphia.) 

Corner, Thomas C,, Baltimore. 

291. Mother and Child. 

292. Industry. 

Corwin, Charles A., Chicago. 

^3- Edge of the Clearing. 

Couse, Eanger I., Paris. 

294. My First Born, 

L-H.K. (U„ 


295. Milking Time. 

Cox, Kenyon, New York. 

296. Painting and Poetry. 

297. An Eclogue. 

298. Diana. 

299. The Pursuit of the Ideal 

300. Music. (Lent by F. N. 

301. Echo. 

302. May. 

303. Portrait of 
Kenyon Cox.) 

304. A Solo. 

305. Portrait of St. Gaudens. (Lew 
gustus St. Gaudens. New York 

306. Flying Shadows. (Lent hA 
White, New York.) 

306a. Portrait of Roger D. (Lentbvt 
Deering, Evanston, III.) 

306b. A Vision of Moonrise. I] 
Charles Deering, Chicago ) ' 
Cox, Louise (Louise H. King), Ne« 

307. A Rondel. ^ 

308. The Lotos Eaters. 

Craig, Thomas B., New York. 

309. Upland Pasture (Morning) 
Cranch, Mrs. Caroline A., Boston 

310. Portrait of Mrs. E. D. Cranch 
by the artist.) 

310a. Portrait of Mr. Christopher Cn 
Crane, Bruce. 

311. The Harvest Field. (Lent by A 

Cunningham, J. Wilton, Paris. 

312. Caught in the Briars. 

313- For my Rabbits. 

Curran, Charles C., New York. 

in a Barnyard, 
by Mr. George 1. Tyson, New York 
315- Salle de la Venus de Milo. 

by H. T. Shriver, New York.) 

316. Sealing the Letter. (Lent 1 
Henderson, Minneapolis.) 

317* Tf’S Iris Bed. (Lent by \\' 
Hollingsworth, New York.) 

318. Early Morning in June. (L 
Samuel T. Shaw, New York ) 

319- Winter Fog. 

320- A Cabbage Garden. (Lent b 

J. A. Hewlett, Brooklyn.) 

Awning. (Lent b 

K. . K. Papin, Chicago.) 

322. A Dream. 

^^ni ^ Breezy Day. (Lent by Tho; 
Clarke, New York. 

324* A Corner in a Barnyard. (L 
Thomas B. Clarke, New York ) 

Dannat, Wm. T., Paris 
325. Spanish Women 



Paintings in Oil. 


No. , . ^ 

Davis, Charles H,, Mystic, Conn. 

326. Abandoned. 

327. Summer Morning. 

328. April. 

329. On the New England Coast, 

330. The Valley. 

331. A Winter Evening. (Lent by Thomas 
E. Waggaman, Washington.) 

Day, Francis, New York. 

332. A Table d’Hote. (Lent by D. Mc- 

Dean, Walter L., Boston. 

333. The Open Sea. 

334. Peace, represented by the White 
Squadron of the U. S. Navy at anchor in 
Boston harbor. 

335. The Seiner’s Return. 

Dearth, Henry J., East Hampton, L.I. 

336. A Long Island Garden. 

337. Autumn, (Lent by George G. Till- 

De Camp, Joseph, Boston. 

338. Carnation and Black. 

De Crano, F. F.^ Philadelphia, 

339. Mentone, France, 

De Forest, Lockwood, New York. 

340. Moonrise Among the Ruins of Pal¬ 

De Haas, M. F, H,, New York. 

341. New England Coast. 

Delachaux, Leon, Paris. 

342. The Miller’s Son. 

343. The Mill in the Meadows. 
Dellenbaugh, Frederick S.,NewYork. 

344. On the Moquis Cliffs, Arizona. 
Deming, E. W., New York. 

345. A Mourning Brave. 

Denman, Herbert, New York. 

346. The Trio. 

Dessar, Louis P., Paris. 

347. The Fishermen’s Departure. 

348. Evening. 

349. Study—French Peasant Girl’s Head. 
(Nos. 347-349 lent by Meyer Jonasson, 
New York.) 

Dewey, Charles Melville, New York. 

350. The Prelude of Night. 

351. Return of the Hay Boats. 

(Lent by W.T. Evans, New York.) 

352. Shadows of the Evening Hour. (Lent 
by W. T. Evans, New York.) 

353. The Hush of Day. (Lent by L. A. 
Ault, Cincinnati.) 

Dewing, T. W., New York, 

354. Summer Twilight. (Lent by C. L. 
Freer, Detroit.) 

355. A Musician. (Lent by C. L. Freer, 




356. Lady in Blue. (Lent by C. L. Freer, 

357. A Portrait. 1 Lent by Stanford White, 

358. A Portrait. ) New York. 

359. Portrait of W. M. Chase. (Lent by 
W, M. Chase, New York ) 

360. The Days. (Lent by Miss A. W. Che¬ 
ney and Miss Louise Cheney, South Man¬ 
chester, Conn.) 

Didier, Ida Joy, Allegheny, Pa. 

361. Portrait. 

Dielman, Frederick, New York. 

362. A New York Arab. (Lent by William 
Semple, Louisville.) 

Dillon, Julia, New York. 

363. Peonies. 

Dodson, Sarah P. Ball, Brighton, England. 

364. Saint Thekla. 

365. Honey of the Hymettus. 

365a. The Morning Stars. 

Dohn, Pauline A., Chicago. 

366. What the Stork Brought. 

Donoho, G., Ruger, New York. 

367. La Marcellerie. (Lent by Arthur R. 
Yorston, New York.) 

368. Explorers. (Lent by J. Hull Brown¬ 
ing, New York.) 

Dow, Arthur W., Ipswich, Mass. 

369. Marsh Islands. 

Dube, Mrs. Mattie, New York. 

370. Pumpkins and Onions. 

Du Mond, Frank Vincent, New York 

371. Monastic Life. 

372. Holy Family. 

373. Christ and the Fishermen. 

Du Mond, Fred Melville, Paris. 

374. A Legend of the Desert. ^ 

Dunsmore, John 'Ward, Detroit. 

375. Mozart. 

Duvall, Fannie E., Los Angeles, Cal. 

376. Chrysanthemum Garden in California. 

377. Study of Onions, 

Duveneck, Frank, Cincinnati. 

378. Portrait of 'William Adams 
Dvorak, Frant, Chicago. 

379. Mother’s PL-asure. 

Eakins, Thomas, Philadelphia. 

380. Mending the Net. 

381. Portrait of Prof. George Barker. 
(Lent by Prof. George Barker, Philadel¬ 

382. The Writing Master. 

383. Portrait of a Lady. (Lent by Miss 
A. B. Van Buren, Detroit.) 

384. The Sculptor. (Lent by William 
R. O’Donovan, New York.) 

385. Portrait of Dr. Agnew. (Lent by’ 
University of Pennsylvania.) 

386. The Crucifixion. 



Paintings in Oil. 



387. Cowboys at Home Ranch. • 

388. Portrait of William D. Marks. (Lent 
by William D. Marks, Philadelphia.) 

389. Portrait of Dr. Gross. (Lent by 
Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia.) 

Eakins, Mrs. Thomas, Philadelphia. 

390. Reflection. (Lent by W. H. Mac- 
dowell, Philadelphia.) 

Eaton, C. Harry. 

391. Landscape. (Lent by Henry A. 
Rust, Chicago.) 

392. Normandy Landscape. (Lent by W. 
T. Evans, New York. 

393. Autumnal. (Water color.) (Lent by 
J. D. Grant, San Francisco. See No. 1199 a.) 

Eaton, Charles Warren, New York. 

394. Woods in Winter. 

395. October. 

396. Moonrise. 

397. On the Maine Coast. 

Elwell, D. Jerome, Boston. 

398. Moonrise at Domberg, Zeeland, Hol¬ 
land. (Lent by St. Botolph Club, Boston.) 

399. Bruges, Belgium. 

400. The Moorlands, Cape Ann. 

401. Country of Calmpthout, Belgium. 

Emmet, Lydia Field, New Rochelle, N. Y. 

402. The Mere. 

403. Noonday. (Lent by Miss A. B. 
Phelps, Wilkes Barre, Pa.) 

Enneking, John J., Boston. 

404. Salting Sheep. 

405* October Twilight. 

406. Autumn Afternoon. 

407. South Duxbury Clam Digger. 

408. November. 

Ertz, Edward, Paris. 

409. Potato Gatherer. 

Evans, E., Lehi, Utah. 

410. Harvest. 

Evans, Mrs. M. E., New York. 

411. September Lane. 

Evans, Joe, New York. 

412. The Plainfield Road. 

41^ The Red Gate. 

Fairchild, Lucia, Boston. 

414. Portrait of a Boy with a Hat. (Lent 
by Mrs. C. Fairchild, Boston.) 

Faxon, Wm. Bailey, New York. 

415. Lady in Profile. 

416. Maia. 

Fisher, Mark, Stockbridge, England 

(Lent by Mr. 

McCulloch, London.) ^ 

418. Cattle Crossing a Stream. 

419* Summer Afternoon. 

420. A Small Holding. 

TJ’^Ler Wagon, Normandy. 

422. Moonrise. 










Teste Valley Meadows. 

Sorting the Flock. 

Orchard, Normandy. 


Cows in Orchard (Winter). 

Fitz, B. R. (Deceased.) 

428. Reflection. (Lent by W. Evan' 


428a. Autumn Showers. 

FJagg, Charles N., Hartford. 

429. Mark Twain. (Lent by Samuel 
Clemens, Hartford.) 

Forsyth, W., Indianapolis. 

430. Edge of the Woods. 

431. In the Garden. (Lent by 
Lieber, Indianapolis.) 

432. Landscape. (Lent by L. 

. berger, Indianapolis.) 

Foss, Harriet Campbell, New York. 

433 * A Flower Maker. 

Foster, Ben, New York. 

434 * First Days of Spring. (Leni 
James T. Pettus, New York.) 

435 * The Returning Flock. 

436. A Maine Hillside. ( Lent bv la 

T. Pettus, New York.) . 

437. In Fontainebleau Forest. (Lent 
J. F. Drummond, New York.) 

Fowler, Frank, New York. 

438. Portrait. (Lent by Dr, Neftel 

York.) ’ 

439. Portrait of Walter Shirlaw. (; 
by Walter Shirlaw, New York.) 

440. Portrait. Girl in Black. 

441. Portrait. (Lent by H. W. Good; 
New York.) 

442. Portrait. Lady in White. (Lem 
Mrs, Wm. A. Fowler, Brooklyn.) 

443 - Figure Study for Ceiling, Hotel 1 

Jorf. (1) 

444 - Figure Study for Ceiling, Hotel I 

dorf. (2) 

445 - Figure Study for Ceiling, Hotel I 
dorf. ( 3 ) 

446. Figure Study for Ceiling, Plotel ^ 
dorf. ( 4 ) 

447 - Figure Study for Ceiling, Hotel I 
dorf. ( 5 ) 

448- Figure Study for Ceiling, Hotel ^ 
dorf. ( 6 ) 

449 - Figure Study for Ceiling, Hotel ^ 
dorf. ( 7 ) 

450. Figure Study for Ceiling, Hotel \ 
dorf. ( 8 ) 

450a. Figure Study for Waldorf Ceil 
No. 9 . 

450b. Sketch for Ceiling Decoration of I 
room m Hotel Waldorf, New York. 




Paintings in Oil. 


wler, Mary B. O., New York. 


aser, John A., New York. 

!. An English Spring Morning, 
eer, Frederick W., Chicago. 

(. Portrait of a Lady in Black. (Lent by 
he Boston Art Club.) 
p Portrait. (Lent by Henry C. Champ- 
in, Chicago.) 

;. Gold Fish. (Lent by James C. 
3 rooks, Chicago.) 
y, John H., St. Louis. 

). Labor. 

ye, Miss Gertrude, Philadelphia. 
j. Portrait of Miss G. E. (Lent by F. 
Evans, Philadelphia.) 

.rdner, Elizabeth, Paris. 

J. Soap Bubbles. (Lent by Arthur Booth, 

). At the Water’s Eage. (Lent by W. H. 
Pailer, D^b’s Ferry, N. Y.) 
lugengigl, I. M., Boston, 
j. The Rehearsal, 

c. The Manuscript. (Lent by Wm. A. 
Slater, Norwich, Conn.) 

2. The Hat. (Lent by Wm. F. Weld, 

3. The Love Song. (Lent by Tavern 
Club, Boston.) 

lul, Gilbert, New York. 

4. Charging the Battery. (Lent by W, 
T. Evans, New York.) 

K. Silenced. (Lent bv W. M. Chase, New 

ly, Edward, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

6. Mother Earth, 
ly, Walter, Paris. 

7. Charity, 

8 . A Gregorian Chant. 

9. A Mass in Brittany, 
o. Dominican Monk, 
ifford, R. Swain, New York. 

1. The' Cove Road, Naushon Island. 
(Lent by the Detroit Club.) 

2. Moorlands. 

3. The Seaweed Gatherers. 

4. Over the Summer Sea. 

5. Telegraph Station at Sandy Hook. 

6. Salt Works Padan Aram. 

7. The Rock of Gibraltar. (Lent by 
Mrs. H. E. Lawrence, New York.) 

8. Landscape. (Lent by J. B. Wheeler, 
New York.) 

9. Autumn. ) Lent by Thomas B. 
0. Nashawena. ) Clarke, New York. 

I. Sand Dunes. (Lent by .Mrs. Robt. 

Carter, New York.) 

ill, Mariquita, Giverny, France. 

i2. A Gray Day—Giverny. 



483. * A Midsummer Morning — Giverny. 
Gill, Rosalie Lorraine, New York. 

484. Twilight on St. Ives Bay. 

485. Portrait of Miss Inglis. 

Gilman, 3 . F., Philadelphia. 

486. Portrait Study, 

Goldman, Martha, Pittsburg. 

487. Study. Head. 

Gottwald, F. C., Cleveland. 

488. Sunday on the Docks. 

489. Along the Docks. 

Graves, Abbott, Boston. 

490. Poppies. 

Grayson, Clifford P., Philadelphia. 

491. A Rainy Day at Pont Aven. (Lent by 
Charles J. Singer, Chicago.) 

492. November. (Lent by the Art Club, 

493. Idle Hours. 

Green, C. A. Brooklyn. 

494. Peonies. 

Green, Frank Russell. 

495. My Sweetheart. (Lent by Thomas B, 
Clarke, New York.) 

Greene, Lillian, Boston. 

496. A Brittany Landscape. 

Greenwood, Joseph H., Worcester, Mass. 

497. Autumn Oaks. 

Grenet, Edward, Levallois-Perret.. 

498. E vening Harmony. 

499. Grandmother’s Return. 

500. Forgotten. 

501. Portrait Study, 

Gross, P. A., Paris. 

502. Essegney near Charmes, Vosges. 

503. Road to the Spring, Liverdun. 

504. A Rainy Day. 

Grover, Oliver Dennett, Chicago. 

505. Thy Will be Done. 

Gutherz, Carl, St. Paul. 

506. Light of the Incarnation. 

507. Arcessita ab Angelis. 

508. Temptation of St. Anthony. 

Hale, Ellen Day, Boston. 

509. Under the Vine. 

510. Bessy. 

Hale, Philip, Paris. 

511. Old Woman Reading. ("Lent by Rev. 
E. E. Hale, Roxbury, Mass.) 

Hallowell, Maria, West Medford, Mass, 

512. Portrait. 

513. Portrait. (Lent by Miss A. N. Hal¬ 
lowell, West Medford, Mass.) 

Hamilton, E. W. D., Boston. 

514. Evening. 

515. Landscape. 

Hamilton, John McLure, London. 

516. The Rt. Hon. W. E. Gladstone at 
Downing Street, 



Paintings in Oil. 



517. The Knitting Lesson. • 

Hammer, John J., New York. 

518. Spring Flowers. 

Hardie, Robert Gordon, New York. 

519. Portrait of the Artist’s Wife. 

Harper, W. St. John, Easthampton, L. I. 

520. Autumn, Easthampton. (Lent by W. 
T. Evans, New York.) 

Harris, Charles X., New York. 

521. The Mowers. (Lent by Frederick 
James, New York.) 

Harrison, Alexander, Paris. 

522. In Arcadia, 

523. The Bathers. 

524. Misty Morning. 

525. Marine. 

526. Twilight. (Lent by St. Louis Museum 
of Fine Arts.) 

S26a. The Amateurs, 

Harrison, Birge, Paris. 

527. The Surprise (in the Forest of Com- 

52S. The Return of the Mayflower. 
Hartwich, Herman, Munich. 

529. Bleachery in Lombardy. 

Harwood, J. T., Salt Lake City. 

30. Preparing Dinner. 

Hasbrouk, D. F., New York. 

531. A Winter Morning in the Catskills. 
(Lent by E, W. Gillett, Chicago.) 

Haskell, Ida C., New York. 

532. Mother Love, 

Hassam, Childe, New York. 

533. Autumn Landscape. 

534. On the Way to the Grand Prix, 

535* Midsummer Morning. 

536. Cab Station, Rue Bonaparte, Paris. 

537. Snowy Day on Fifth Avenue. 

538. Indian Summer, Madison Square. 

Hatfield,). H., Canton Junction, Mass. 

539. The Doll’s Bath, 

S40« A Letter from Papa. 

Hayden, Charles H., Boston. 

541. A Quiet Morning, October. 

542. Cattle and Landscape. 

543- Pasture Land, Connecticut. 

Hayden, Edward Parker. 

544- October Sunlight. 

Haynes, C. Coventry. 

545* At your Home. 


546- Portrait. (Lent by Mrs. F. W. Haynes.) 
Healy, G. P. A., Chicago. 

547- Portrait of Adolphe Thiers. (Lent 
by Newberry Library, Chicago.) 

Heberer, Charles, St. Louis, 

548. End of November. 


Helmold, Adele von, Philadelphia. 

549. Marigolds. ’ t 

Henry, Edward L., New York. 1 

550. The County Fair. (Lent by W tJ 

Havemeyer, New York.) 'j 

551. The Wedding Day. (Lent bv wJ 
Dickinson, Mt. Holyoke, Mass. ^ 1 

Herter, Albert, New York. j 

552. Portrait of Mrs. H. J 

Hess, Lydia Purdy, Chicago. 5 

SS3* Portrait of Miss E. H. (Lentli 

Miss Ena Hutchison, Mineral Point, 
Hetzel, George, Pittsburg. ^ 

SS4. Wood Scene. I 

SS5« Study from Nature. j 

Hill, Roswell S., New York. 

SS6. Young Girl Reading. 

Hippie, Sarah Levis, Philadelphia. ' 

SS7* Sardine Fishing Boats. (Lent h.' 

Mrs. F, K. Hippie, Philadelphia,) ; 

SS8. The Road to Puteaux. (Lent hv‘ 
Mrs. F. K. Hippie, Philadelphia.) ' 

Hitchcock, George. 

559. Tulip Culture. ! 

560. The Scarecrow. ' 

Hitchcock, Lucius, Paris. ( 

561. Summer. , 

Hodgkins, Belle D,, Salem. 1 

562. Low Tide at Annisquam. 1 

Holman, Frank, Paris. 

563. Venice. 

564. Young Warrior, 

Holme, Lucy D., Philadelphia. 

565* A Holiday Occupation. 

Homer, Winslow, Scarboro, Maine. 

566. Dressing for the Carnival. 

567. A Great Gale. 

568. Camp Fire. 

569. Eight Bells. . 

570. March Wind. 

571* Coast in Winter, 

572. The Two Guides. 

The above seven paintings were lent b 
Thomas B. Clarke, New York. 

573- Sailors Take Warning (Sunset). 

574. Hound and Hunter. 

575* Lost on the Grand Banks. 

576. The Fog Warning. 

577. Herring Fishing. 

578. Coast m Winter. (Lent by John G 
Johnson, Philadelphia.) 

579" Sunlight on the Coast. (Lent by Johi 

G. Johnson, Philadelphia.) 

579a. Return from the Hunt (Lent bi 
Reichard & Co., New York.) 

Horsfall Bruce, Clinton, Iowa, 

580. The Musical Hour, 



Paintings in Oil. 

i^enden, Thomas, Plymouth Meeting, Pa. 
. Breaking Home Ties. (Lent by 
'harles C. Harrison, Philadelphia, Pa.) 

:. Bringing Home the Bride. 

;. When Hope was Darkest, 
we, William H., Paris. 

Return of the Herd. 

[. Norman Bull. 

i. Morning, Karton Hof Meadows, Hol- 


r. Early Start to Market, Holland, 
iwes, Edith M., Boston. 

1. In the Orchard. 

»wland, A. C., New York. 

>. Fourth of July Parade. (Lent by 
kV. H. Fuller, New York.) 
intington, Daniel, New York. 

). The Goldsmith’s Daughter. 

[. Elise. 

!. Portrait of Hon. Seth Low. 

{. Portrait of Elliott F. Shepard, Jr. 
less, George, Montclair, N. J. 
p Sundown in the Lane. 

}. Threatening. 

), End of the Shower. 
f. Nine O’clock. 

J. Sunny Autumn Day. 

). Winter Morning. 

). A Gray, Lowery Day. 

[. White Mountain Valley. 

!. September Afternoon. 

{. Twilight, 
p Near Marshfield. 

J. Sunburst. 

>. Millpond. 

r. Delaware Valley. 

rhe above fourteen paintings were lent 

)y Thomas B. Clarke, New York. 

J. A Day in June, 
sen, Ernest, Boston. 

). Interior of a New England Blacksmith 

iffin, Benoni, New York. 

). Sweet Sixteen. 

[. Portrait of Hubert Herkomer. 
lam, Samuel, New York. 

2. Portrait of a Lady, 
as, Percy, Paris. 

}. Brittany Fishermen, 
mes, Frederick, New York, 
p An Impromptu Affair in the Days of 
‘The Code.” 

mison, Henrietta L., Columbus, O. 

5. The Lanterns, 
nkins, H. T., Philadelphia. 

3. Landscape. 

7. Still Life. 



Johns, Laura A., New York. 

618. Apple Trees in Sunlight. (Lent by 
Mrs. H. C. Johns, Decatur, III.) 

Johnson, Eastman, New York. 

619. Portrait of Dr. McCosh. (Lent by 
Alex. Maitland, New York.) 

620. The Nantucket School of Philosophy. 
(Lent by E. D. Adams, New York.) 

621. The Cranberry Harvest, Nantucket 
Island. (Lent by Auguste Richard, New 

622. Portrait of a Girl. (Lent by D. L. 
Einstein, New York.) 

623. Two Men. 

624. My Portrait. 

624a. Life size portrait. (Lent by Archibald 
Rogers, Hyde Park, New York.) 

Johnston, Humphreys, Paris. 

625. Study in a Granada Garden. 

, 626. Study of Breton Peasants (Late After¬ 

627. Moorish Fountain in the Church of 
Santa Maria del Alhambra. 

Jones, Francis C., New York, 

628. Exchanging Confidences. (Lent by 
Thomas B. Clarke, New York.) 

629. On the White Sand Dunes. (Lent by 
John Gellattly, New York.) 

630. The Favorite Grandchild. 

Jones, H. Bolton, New York. 

631. Spring. 

632. The Flax Breaker. (Lent by R. J. 
Menefee, Louisville.) 

Kappes, Alfred. 

633. Rent Day. (Lent byThomas B. Clarke, 
New York.) 

634. Tattered and Torn. (Lent by Boston 
Art Club.) 

Kavanagh, John, Cleveland. 

635- W asher-women. 

Keith, Mrs. Dora Wheeler, New York. 

636. Portrait of Lawrence Hutton. (Lent 
by Lawrence Hutton, New York.) 

Keith, William, San Francisco. 

637. Autumn Sunset. 

Keller, Charles F., Munich. 

638. Canal at Schleissheim, near Munich. 

Kellogg, Alice D., Chicago. 

639. Intermezzo. 

640. The ]\Iother. 

Kendall, Wm. Sargeant, New York. 

641. ' Che Glory of Fair Promise. 

642. Saint Yves, Pray for Us. 

Ketcham, Susan M., New York. 

643. Portrait of a Lady. 

King, James S., Upper Montclair, N. J. 

644. Evening Glow. * 

Knight, Arthur , Milwaukee. 

645. Moonrise in Brittany, 



Paintings in Oil. 



Knight, p. Ridgway, Paris. 

646. Hailing the Ferry. (Lent by the Penn¬ 
sylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Phil¬ 

Koehler, Robert, New York. 

647. The Strike. 

648. The Carpenter’s Family. 

649. At the Cafe. 

Koopman, August B., New York. 

650. Asking a Blessing. 

651. The Orphan. 

652. Dreaming of One Afar. 

Kronberg, Louis, Boston, 

653. Behind the Footlights. 

LaFarge, John, New York. 

654* Verietian Guitar Player. 

655. Visit of Nicodemus to Christ. 

656. Study of a Boy’s Head. (Lent by Ed¬ 
ward W. Hooper, Cambridge, Mass.) 

057. Half of the Wise Men From the East 
(Lent by the Museum of Fine Arts 

Lamb, Ella Condie, New York. 

658. The Advent Angel. 

Lamb, F. M., Houghton, Mass. 

659. . End of the Trail. 

Lambert, John, Jr., Philadelphia. 

^ by Mrs. Lambert, 


661. A Commissionaire (Public Porter and 

662. Landscape, Midday. 

Lamport, Emma E., Rochester. 

003. Behind the Dunes. 

664. A Hillside in Picardy. 

Lee, Laura, Boston. 

666. Retrospection. 

Leigh, William R., Munich. 

667. End of the Play. 

667A New Acquaintance. 

Loomis, Chester, Englewood, N. J. 

008. Memoria. 

669. Hester. 

Lorenz Richard, Milwaukee. 

670. Alone. 

Coring, Francis W., Florence. 

671. Great Bridge at Chioggia 
Low, Will H., New York. 

g 4 . A VVoodland Gdade. 

Garden. (Lent by Dr C 
B. Kelsey, New York.) ^ 



675a. May Blossoms. (Lent hv e • ' 
lege, Northampton, Mass ) 

Lownes, Anna, Philadelphii. ; 

676. Tne Raven. 

Lucas, A. P., Paris. 

677. Music. i 

Lutz, Lewis C., Cincinnati. 

678. Portrait of J. H. Gest n 

Mrs. J. H. Gest.) ^ (Lett. 

Lymari, Joseph, New York. i 

679. Sand Dunes at Annisquam lu I 

680. Early Snow in the AdiSad? ^ 
Macomber, M L., Waverly, Mass ‘ ! 

681. Love A^^kening Memory.’ lu 
by Elizabeth Howell, Boston.) ^ H 

V- uu ^"^"^nciation. (Lent by hi 
Kimball, Boston.) ^ 

MacDowell Elizabeth, Philadelphia. ! 

aV ^^y b)reams. (Lent by 
^ MacDowell, Philadelphia.) ^ 

Mac Monnies, Mary Fairchild, Paris 

684. June Morning. (Lent by St 'u 
Museum of Fine Arts.) ^ 

685. Tea al Fresco. 

Major, Ernest L., Boston. 

686 . Youth. 

687. St. Genevieve. 

' S- Ci. 

Marr, Carl, Munich. 

68 ^ Summer Afternoon. (Lent by M 
Hearst, Washington.) 

690. The Flagellants. 

Martin, Homer D., New York 

M Lake Ontario. 

692. Mussel Gatherers at Villerville K 

York)^' Gunther.’N 

Cricqueboeuf. (L, 
by Dr. D. L. Stimson, New York ) 

694. Head Waters of the Hudson. (L, 
, by Thomas B. Clarke, New York ) 
Mathews, Arthur F., San Francisco. 
695- Judith. 

George Willoughby, New Yoi 
696. Civilization. (Lent by the Natioi 
A of Design, New York.) 

^ 7 - 0^ f'- G. Millet. (Lent 

Millet, New York.) 

Chicago^ “-ent by Mrs. K. R. Pap 
699* Pomona, 
j^ynard Guy F.. Chicago. 

'°May''„fr 4 CWcagi°)- 

McComb, R. Lee, Paris. 

702. Summer Time, 



Paintings in Oil. 



[cCormick, M. Evelyn, San Francisco. 
>3. Afternoon, Old San Luis Rey Mission, 

>4. Morning at Giverny, France. 

[cEwen, Walter, Paris. 

> 5 - Judgment of Paris. (Lent by Albert 
A. Munger, Chicago.) 

>6. The Witches. 

»7. The Absent One. (All Soul’s Day.) 

>8. Telling Ghost Stories. 

icilhenney, C. Morgan, Shrub Oak, N. Y. 

>9. On the Beach. 

ieeks, Eugene, Florence. 

o. Macaroni Hot. 

1. Ready for the Chase, 
elchers, Gari, Paris. 

2. Communion. 

3. _ The Sermon. (Lent by Potter Palmer, 

4. The Pilots. 

5. The Nativity. 

6 . Skaters. 

7. Portrait of Mrs. H. 

8. _ Married. (Lent by Potter Palmer, 

erritt, Mrs. Anna Lea, Andover, Hamp¬ 
shire, England. 

9. Love Locked Out. 

3. Portrait of Mrs. Reginald De Koven. 
(Lent by Mrs. Joseph Lea, Philadelphia), 
etcalf, W. L., New York. 

1. Tunisian Market. (Lent by H. R. 
Astor Carey.) 

2. Road to the Village, Normandy, 
za. Summer Twilight. 

gteyard, T. B., Paris 
j. Iris Meadows. 

(. Road at Giverny. 

!gnot, Louis R. (deceased.) 

|.a. Niagara. 

Her, Charles H., New York. 

;. The East River, New York. 

). A Gray Day on Long Island, 
llet, F. D., New York. 

Antony Van Corlaer, the Trumpeter. 

!. Old Harmonies. (Lent by Mrs. Henry 
Clrk Porter, Pittsburg.) 

1. Sweet Melodies. (Lent by D. M. 
"erry, Detroit.) 

I. Rook and Pigeon. (Lent by H. McK. 
fwombly. New York.) 

. A Difficult Duet. (Lent by Mrs. C. 
d. Raymond, New York.) 

. At the Inn. (Lent by Union League 
:iub. New York.) 

. Lacing the Sandal. (Lent by Thomas 
5 . Clarke, New York.) 

. The Window Seat. (Lent by Chas. 
'airchild, Boston.) 



Minor, Robert C., New York. 

735. Autumn. 

736. Evening. 

737. The Close of Day. (Lent by W. T. 
Evans, New York.) 

Moeller, Louis. 

738. Stubborn. ) Lentby Thomas B.Clarke, 

739. Searching. ( New York. 

Moore, H. Humphrey, Paris. 

740. Japanese Musicians. 

Moran, P. See ii53>^. 

Moran, Thomas. See 1152, 1153. 

Moran, Edward, New York. 

741. The White Squadron’s Farewell Sa¬ 
lute to Commodore John Ericsson. 

742. The First Ship Entering New York 

743. Life Saving Patrol, New Jersey Coast. 
(Lent by Amedee Fargis, New York.) 

743a. Melodies of the Sea. (Lent by Mrs, 
Martha E. French, Chicago.) 

Moran, Leon, New York. 

744. _ Back from the Postoffice. 

Morris, Jennie H., Moorestown, N. J. 

745 * A Corner in a Turkish Bazaar. 

746. Still Life. 

Mowbray, H, Siddohs, New York. 

747 - Rose Harvest. (Lent by T. Helman, 
New York.) 

748. Arcadia. (Lent by W. T. Evans, New 

749. Scheherazade, (Arabian Nights.) 
(Lent by Thomas B. Clarke, New York.) 

750. The Evening Breeze. 

Lent by Thomas B. Clarke, New York.) 
Muhrman, Henry, London. 

75 i« The Two Trees. 

Munger, Gilbert, Paris. 

752. The Rising Moon. 

Munsell, Albert H., Boston. 

753 - The Sea. 

754 * Danger Ahead. 

755 ' Beacon Hill in Winter. 

Murphy, J. Francis, New York. 

756. November Grays. 

757 * The Hazy Morn. 

Needham, Charles Austin, New York. 

758. Near Factory Hollow, Turner’s Falls, 

759. Mott Haven, Canal, New York City, 

760. _ Street in New York City. 

Nehlig, Victor. 

761. Pocahontas. 

Nettleton, Walter, Finistere, France. 

762. Approach of Harvest Time. 

763. December Sunshine. 

764. Watching for the Return of the Fish¬ 
ing Fleet. 

765. Teasel Gatherer. 



Paintings in Oil. 



766. Left in Charge of the Farmyard. 

767. A Dark Interior. 

Newcomb, Mrs. Marie Guise, New York. 

768. Sheep in the Clearing. 

Newman, Carl, Philadelphia. 

769. A Study. (Lentby Chas. M. Chabot.) 
Nicoll, J. C., New York. 

770. Sunlight on the Sea. 

771. Will It Rain To-morrow.^ 

Niles, Edward Glover, Boston. 

772. Portrait. 

Norcross, Eleanor, Paris. 

773. In My Studio. (Lent by A. Norcross.) 
Norton, S. Mary, Boston. 

774. In the Locomotive Cab. 

775. A Tea Party. 

Norton, William E., London. 

776. Moonlight on the River. (Lent by 
Williams & Everett, Boston.) 

777. Return of the Herring Fleet, Holland. 

778. A Moment’s Rest. 

779. Off the Dutch Coast. 

780. Mid Channel. 

Nourse, Elizabeth, Paris. 

781. The Reader. 

782. Good Friday, Rome. 

783. A Family Meal. 

Nowottny, Vincent, Cincinnati. 

783a. Landscape near Munich. 

Ochtman, Leonard, New Ybrk. 

784. Night. 

785. Harvesting by Moonlight. (Lent by 
Frederick Benedict, New York.) 

786. Along the Mianus River. 

Palmer, Walter L., Albany. 

787. Autumn Morning Mist Clearing Away. 
(Lent by John G. Myers, Albany.) 

788. An Early Snow. (Lentby F. D. Hurtt, 
New York.) 

789. January. (LentbyThomas B. Clarke, 
- New York.) 

Pape, Frederic L. M., Paris. 

790. Site of Ancient Memphis. 

Parrish, Stephen, Philadelphia. 

791. A Mountain Road. 

792. An Orchard. 

793 * Winter Sunset, Cape Cod. 

794. Winter in New Hampshire. 

795 * Evening. 

Parshall, DeWitt, Paris. 

796. The Cliffs of Ayerne. 

Parsons, Orrin Sheldon, New York. 

797. Tennis. 

798. Lady in Black. (Lent by J. L. M 
Hunt, New York.) 

Parton, Arthur, New York. 

799. Evening After the Rain. (Lent by 
George I. Seney.) ^ 



800. In the Month of Mav n 
T. Evans, New York.) 

Pattison, James W., Jacksonville^ 

801. Sheep. ’• 

Pauli, Richard (deceased). 

802. Sunset in New Jersey, fr... 

Pauli, Leonia, N. J.) ^ 

Paulus, Francis P., Munich. 

803. A Rainy Day. 

Paxton, Wm. M., Boston. 

804. An Idyl. 

Pearce, Charles Sprague, Anvers & 

France. * 

805. Mother and Child. (Lenti, 
Lewis Emery, Jr., Bradford, Par 

806. The Annunciation. 

807. The Shepherdess. 

808. A Village Funeral (Brittanvl 

809. Portrait of Mrs. P. ' 

810. Portrait of Mrs. P. 

Peck, Orrin, Arcis Strasse, Munk 

811. Love’s Token. (Lent by Mr 
Hearst, Washington.) 

8iia. Portrait of Mrs. H. 

8iib. Blessing the Flowers. 
Peixotto, George D. Maduro, Par 

812. Portrait of a Child. (Lent 
ator JrP. Jones, California.) 

Penfold, Frank C., Buffalo. 

813. Herring Season, Pas de Calai 
Peralta, S. B. de, Boston. 

814. Among the Lilies. 

Perry, Lilia C., Boston. 

815. Portrait of a Child. (Lent 1 
Wolcott, Boston.) 

816. Portrait of Alice. 

817. Child in a Window. 

818. Child with Violoncello. (Len 
A. Jones, New Bedford, Mass.) 

819. Little Angele. 

820. Reflection. 

821. An Open Air Concert. 
Perry, Roland Hinton, Paris. 

822. Portrait of Mrs. Perry, 
Peters, Clinton, Paris. 

823. Portrait of Dr. George J. Bu 
by Dr. George J. Bull, Paris.) 

824. Portrait of Mile. N. C. 
Peyraud, F. C., Chicago. 

825. Evening. 

826. Autumn Morning. 

Phelps, Helen Watson, New Yorl 

827. Abandon. 

Picknell, William L,, New York. 

828. Sunday Morning. 

828a. Early Morning. 

829. The Road to Concarneau. 
Thomas B. Clarke, New York.) 



Paintings in Oil. 



30. The Edge of Winter. (Lent by F. A. 
Hammond, New York.) 

*ierce, Charles F., Boston. 

31. A New England Pasture. (Water 
color. See 1292 a.) 

Matt, Charles A., New York. 

32. Winter Landscape. (Lent by Francis 
M. Jenckes, New York.) 

133. Early Spring. 

^oore, H. R., Philadelphia. 

34. The Bridge. 

135. The Night of the Nativity. 

^ritchard, J. Ambrose, Boston. 

136. Prayer. 

^utnam, Sarah G. 

37. Portrait. (Lent by Elizabeth R. 
Hooper, Boston.) 

?amsdell, F. Winthrop, Paris. 

38. Twilight at Grez. (Lent by T. J. 
Ramsdell, Manistee, Mich.) 

39. Portrait of Mrs. Reynolds. (Lent by 
T. J. Ramsdell.) 

?aught, John Willard, New York. 

140. The Highway, Brittany. 

141. Gorse Cutters, Brittany, 
iehn, F. K. M., New York. 

142. Where Waves and Sunshine Meet. 
42a. Close of a Summer Day. (Lent by 

Buffalo Fine Art Academy, Buffalo, N. Y.) 
ieid, Robert, New York. 

43. Vision of Saint Angela d’Angant. 

44. The Red Flower. 

45. Portrait of Little Miss S. (Lent by 
Mrs. L. H. Stevens, New York.) 

46. Her First Born, 
leinhart, C. S., New York. 

47. Awaiting the Absent. 

48. Washed Ashore. 

lice, Wm. M. J., New York. 

49. Portrait. 

50. Portrait. 

51. Landscape, Evening Clouds, 
lichards, Samuel, Denver. 

52. Blissful Hours. (Lent by David 
Gebhart, Dayton, Ohio.) 

53. The Hour of Prayer. (Lent by Mrs. 
L. Richards, Denver.) 

lichards, William T., Newport. 

54. February. (Lent by Edward H. 
Coates, Philadelphia.) 

55. Old Ocean’s Gray and Melancholy 
Waste. (Lent by Edward H. Coates,-' 

lichardson, F. H., Boston. 

56. Breton Widow at Prayer, 
lobbins, L. Lee, Paris. 

57. My Portrait. 

58. My Mother’s Portrait. 

59. Before the Looking Glass. 



Robbins, Richard, Chicago. 

860. Decorative Panel. 

Robinson, Theodore, New York. 

861. The Layette. ^ 

862. Winter Landscape. (Lent by J. M. 
Lichtenauer, New York.) 

863. Roman Fountain. 

Rolshoven, Julius, Paris. 

864. A Spanish Dancer. 

865. Hall in a Doge’s Palace, Venice. 

866. Two Types, Sotto Marina, near 

Venice. (Pastel.) (See also-.) 

Rook, Edward F., Paris. 

867. Moonrise (Normandy). 

Rose, Guy, New York. 

868. The End of the Day. 

869. Potato Gatherers. 

870. Food for the Laborers. 

Rosenthal, Toby, Munich. 

871. A Dancing Lesson of Our Grand¬ 
mothers. (Lent by G. Mannheimer, New 

Rudell, P. E., Greenwich, Conn. 

872. A November Day. 

873. Autumn. 

Ryder, Henry Orme, Auburndale, Mass. 

874. Old Breton Farmhouse. (Evening). 
Sargent, John S., London. 

875* Mother and Child. (Lent by Edward 
Davis, Boston.) 

876. Portrait of Ellen Terry as Lady Mac¬ 
beth. (Lent by Henry Irving, London.) 

877. Portrait. 

878. Study of an Egyptian Girl. 

879. Portrait of Mrs. Inches. (Lent by Dr. 
C. E. Inches, Boston.) 

880. Portrait. (Lent by F. S. Pratt, 
Worcester, Mass.) 

881. Portrait. (Lent by Augustus St. Gau- 
dens. New York.) 

882. Portrait. (Lent by Mr. Dunham, New 

883. Portrait. (Lent by E. F. Shepard, 
New York.) 

Sartain, Emily, Philadelphia. 

884. Marie. 

Sartain, Wm., New York. 

885. Sand Dunes of Manasquan. 

886. Nubian Sheik. 

Schilling, Alexander, New York. 

887. A Day in Spring. (Lent by Alexis 
Ludwig, Leonia, N. J.) 

888. Landscape. (Lent by A. Ludwig, 
Leonia, N. J.) 

Schwill, William V., Munich. 

889. The Closing Hymn. 

Scott, Frank Edwin, Paris. 

890. Parisian Street Scene. 



Paintings in Oil. 



Scott, Jeannette, Paris. 

891. Hollyhocks. 

Senat, Prosper L., Philadelphia. 

892. On the Nile near Beni Hassan. 

893- In the Gulf of Ajaccio. 

Sewell, Mrs. Amanda Brewster, New York. 

894. Pleasures of the Past. 

895. Sappho. 

896. Portrait of Mrs. Boudinot Keith. 
(Lent by Mrs. J. M. Wheeler, New York.) 

897. Washing Place in the Gatinais. 

^ 8 . Portrait of Mother and Son. 

899. A Sylvan Festival. 

900. By the River. 

Sewell, Robert, V. V., New York. 

901. Diana Hunting. 

902. Boys Bathing. 

903* Winter. 

904* In Shanty Town. 

905* Sea Urchins. 

Sharp, J. H., Cincinnati. 

906. Going to the Race. 

Shepley, Annie B,, New York. 

907- The Wonderful Story 
Sheppard, Warren, Brooklyn. 

908. The Restless Sea. (Lent by T. S. 

Fassett, Tonawanda, N. Y ) 

Shields, Thomas W., Brooklyn. 

W- Cavalier, Time of Louis XIII. 

Shirlaw, Walter, New York. 

9 ^ 0 * .Toning the Bell. (Lent by T H 
Willing, Chicago.) ^ 

^^and?^^^ Shearing in the Bavarian High 

Volk)"' Associa. 

Shurtleff, R. M., New York 

913- Looking East at Sunset. 

9 ^ 4 ' In Autumn Woods 

YoA?'- ' '’y W. T. 

Simmons Edward E., New York. 

Ill: DalllyfnTjS' 

^^Aml^.^r (Lent by Miss 


Spring Study, 
olade, Emily, New York 
919* Portrait of Miss C. C C 
Smedley, W. T. 

’“darf Thomas B. 

Smillie, George H. New Vm-w 

Wilson, New York ) Washington 

923. From West Mountain. Conn. 



Smith, De Cost, New York 

924. Sioux Lovers. (Lent- 
Smith, New York.) 

925. Driven Back. 

Smith, E. Boyd, Auvers c;,,- 

Lrom the Fields^**' 
Smith, Frank Eugene Muniri 

My S ■ 

t . L. Smith, New York.) 

F., New York 

928. Landscape at Waterfnrri r 

929. Old Oaks at wSerff 
Ladiam A. Fish, Brooklyn)™' 

Smith,;. Francis, St. Lo 4 ' 
no. Young Girl of Feuillee. 
Sonntag, Wm. L., New York 
931 * Mt. Jefferson and Mt. Adam 

Steele, T. C., Indianapolis. 

932. On the Muscatatuck.* 

933 * September. 

Stephens, Alice Barber, Philadelol 

934. Rainy Day Effect in Philade 

935. Harvesting on the Meadow 
Stewart, Jules L., Paris. 

936. Baptism. 

^ Namouna, Ven 

938. Venice. (Lent by James 
Bennett, Paris.) 

939; Portrait of the Viscountess i 
d Arcy. (Lent by the Viscoui 
Gouy d Arcy, Paris.) 

940. Portrait of the Baroness Ben 

PaUs ) 

94I; The Hunt Ball. (Lent by Ess 

Stokes, F. W., Philadelphia. 

942. The Orphans. 

Julian, Paris. 

943 * Mile. De Sombreuil. (Episod 
French Revolution). 

944 - Portrait of My P'ather. 

945 * Portrait of Mme. Eames Stor 

Strickler, John R., Brooklyn 
940 - Interrupted. 

Stone, J. M., Boston. 

947 - Leukopis. 

948. A Summer Dream. 

Swor^ J. B., Philadelphia. 

949 * Off the Scent. 

Taggart, George, Watertown, N. 
950. Portrait. 

Tarbell, Edmund C., Boston. 

95 i- Girl and Horse. 

952. In the Orchard. 

953 -. My Sister Lydia. (Lent by i 
clia Souther, Dorchester, Mass.) 



Paintings in Oil. 


. 0 . 

ayer, Abbott H,, Scarboro, N. Y. 

,. Virgin Enthroned. (Lent by J. M. 
iears, Boston.) 

;. Portrait of a Lady. (Lent by Miss C. 
'. Stillman, New York.) 

I. Brother and Sister. (Lent by A. A. 
Carey, Boston.) 

eriat, C. J., Paris. 

'. Young Girl Spinning (Biskra). 

!. An Arab Goat-herd. 

J. Banks of the Ai'n Mlili. 

). Waiting for Supper. 

Path in the Oasis of Briskra. 
lomas S. Seymour, Paris. 

J. An Innocent Victim, 
lompson, Wordsworth, New York. 

}. The Deserted Inn. 
p In the Sweet Summer Time. (Lent 
jy George H. Babcock, Plainfield, N. J.) 
louron, Henry, Philadelphia. 

). A Precious Bit. 

). Up Hill. (Lent by Miss Moss, Phil- 

\ Resting. (Lent by Mrs. E. A. 
Fhouron, New York.) 

Etruria. (Decorative study in neutral 
ints and complimentary colors.) 

». A Rainy Prospect. (Lent by How- 
ird Hancock, Philadelphia.) 

1^. Patches-^Soup. (Lent by Caleb 

Aesson, Philadelphia.) 

roop, Frances Hunt. New York. 

. Spring Carnations. 

'. Portrait of a Lady, 
fany, Louis C., New York. 

;. Market at Nuremberg. 

. Pottery Market at Wurtzberg. (Lent 
ly Henry C. Howells, New York.) 
aspern, Otto, New York. 

. Music. 

[man, Stacy, Boston. 

. The Etcher. 

mpkins, Clementina M. G., New York. 

. A Beginner in Art. 
mpkins, F. H,, Boston, 

. Mother and Child. (Lent by Bos- 
3 n Art Club.) 

. Good Friday, 
wner, Flora L., Albany. 

. Portrait. 

icy, John M., Hempstead, L. I. 

. Southern Field Trails, 1891 . (Lent 
y C. Klackner, New York.) 

:go, William T., North Wales, Pa, 

. The Pursuit, (Lent by J. B. Wheeler, 
lew York.) 

>tter, Mary K., New York. 

. Lamplight. 

. Daphnis. 



Truesdell, Gaylord S., Paris, 

984a. Cows on the River Bank. 

984b. The Shepherd’s Lunch. 

Tryon, D. W., New York. 

985. Autumn. (Lent by C, L. Freer. 

986. Sunset at Sea. (Lent by C. L. Freer, 

987. Rising Moon, Autumn. (Lent by 
C. L. Freer, Detroit.) 

988. Springtime. (Lent by C. L, Freer, 

989. Morning. (Lent by John Newell, 

990. Starlight.(Lent by Thomas B. Clarke, 
New York.) 

991. Night. (Lent by Thomas B. Clarke, 
New York.) 

992. October. (Lent by Thomas B. Clarke, 
New York.) 

993. Winter Evening. (Lent by Thomas 
B. Clarke, New York.) 

994. New England Village; Evening. 
(Lent by Thomas B, Clarke, New York.) 

995. The Rising Moon, (Lent by Charles 
L. Freer, Detroit.) 

996. A Winter Afternoon. 

997. December—A Salt Marsh. 

997a. Daybreak, New Bedford Harbor. 

(Lent by W. T. Evans, New York.) 
Turner, C. Y., New York. 

998. The Coppersmith. 

999. John Alden’s Letter. 

1000. The Days That Are No More. 

1001. Saw Wood and Say Nothing. 

1002. Pride of the Farm. 

1003. Washing Day. 

1004. The Grand Canal, Dordrecht. (Lent 
by John Taylor Johnston, New York.) 

1005. Courtship of Miles Standish. (Lent 
by Henry C. Howells, Flushing, L. I.) 

1006. Afternoon Tea. (Lent by Chester W. 
Chap’’', New York.) 

1007. Gossips. (Lent by Thomas B. Clarke, 
New York.) 

1008. On the Beach at Easthampton 
(Lent by W.M.Chase,New York.) 

Turner, Ross, Salem, Mass. 

1009. Moonlight. 

Twachtman,J. H.,Greenwich, Conn. 

1010. Autumn Shadows. 

1011. Winter. 

1012. Brook in Winter. 

1013. The Brooklyn Bridge, (Lent by 
Chas. Scribner’s Sons, New York.) 

1014. Decorative Landscape. 

Tyler, Bayard H., New York. 

1015. Waiting. 



Paintings in Oil. 



Tyler, Janies G., New York. 

1016. Norman’s Woe. (Lent by T. M 

Jones, New York.) y j i i. 

Ulrich, Chas. F., Munich. 

1017. An Italian Idyl. 

'ak.k'^el Newtek by Thomas B. 

Vail, Eugene L., Paris. 

1020. On the Thames. 

1020a. Dordrecht. 

Van Boskerck, Robt.W., New York 

1021. A Rhode Island River. 
mS* Hackensack Meadows. 

by H. R. C. Watson, New York ) 

Van Briggle, A., Cincinnati. 

1024 Portrait of Mrs. Charity Van Briggle 

Vanderpoel, J. H Chicago. 

1025. bummer Morning in the OrcharrI 

1026. Portrait of a Lfdy. (Lent ht I R 
“““PMoys, Tracy, Cook Co., 

Twilight Reverie. 


by C. L. Hutchin- 


1029. Weary. (Lent 
son, Chicago.) 

1030. Katwijk Herring Boats. 

TOOT eman, New York 

1031* Late Autumn. 

Van Gorder, L. E., New York 

If. ■ 

Vedder, Elihu, Rome. 

'°?(kwYor“- IL“‘byCol.J. G, 

“n^wyZT '‘-'""’^Col.J.G.Moo're, 

'°^»YoTkT- ‘>y J- B. Wneeler, 

1038. A Venetian Model rLent K ■ 

Johnson, New York.) *'^Cbt by Davis 

I J Now York*.)""'A. 

A.V. RonXrslfeVork'J^ by Mrs. 


by the MuseSm°of'FinrA7'’R*' 

Br'imS?, (Ten.\®y°ta";ii„ 

'X (Lent 

Exhibit " 


Vezin, Fred, Munich. 

1045. Dogs. 

1046. Boys in a Boat. 

Vincen^ H. A., Chicago 

1047. Fields in Octobf?. 

Vinton, Frederick P., Boston 
!n^n S°Hrait of a Lady. ^ 

1049. Portrait of Augustus Flo 
by Augustus Flagg,*Bo7to„.f'"0 

1050. Portrait of Theodoro ru 
by Theodore Chase, Bos.olp” 

1051. Portrait of C C I nno-riin 

Volk, Douglas, Minneapolis^ 
JS' tbe Canoe. ’ 

rS' g°Hrait of Madam X. 
rt (Lent by Thr 

Clarke, New York.) ^ 

Vonnoh, Robert W., Philadelnhi, 

1055. Bad News. 

1056. Early Morning. 

1057. November. 

1058. Viola. 

^059* Moist Weather. 

1060. Portrait of Dr. I M DaTocf 


1062, Duxbury Ba*' 

A Ritfi'j 


1066. Studio Comrade. (Lent bv P 

Line lrtl)^ 

i^a. A Peasant Woman’s Garden. 

Wade, Caroline D., Chicago. 


Walden, Lionel, Paris. 

JnJnl Fishing Boats 

l^alkef °le™ '^5:™“- 

J;nXsi%ZT/- ”> 

IOT6 ’ Pittsburg. 

1076. Across the Meadow? 



Paintings in Oil. 


lace, Laurie, Omaha. 

Portrait of James W. Scott. (Lent 
Chicago Press Club.) 
igh, Ida, Philadelphia. 

. Hagar and Ishmael. (Lent by 
mnsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.) 
>ber, C. T., Cincinnati. 

. The Underground Railroad. (Lent by 
illiam T. Haydock, St. Louis.) 

>er, Carl, Philadelphia. 

. Trout Stream near Dingman’s Ferry. 
:ks, Edwin Lord, Paris. 

The Last Voyage: A Souvenir of 
i Ganges. 

Three Beggars of Cordova. (Lent 
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine 
ts, Philadelphia.) 

Persian Horse Dealers. 

Study at Bombay. 

Marble Court at Agra. 

Interior of Studio. 

■, J. Alden, New York. 


Christmas Tree. 


The Young Student. 


The Lane. 

The Open Book, 

Portrait of Webb Weir. 

, John F., New Haven. 

Portrait of Admiral Farragut. (Lent 
University Club, New York.) 

Forging the Shaft, 

. Roses. (Lent by J.R.Ball,New York.) 
worth, Cecilia E., New York. 


pley, A. Renouf, Munich. 

Portrait of Mile. Hausen. (Lent by 
e. Hausen, Brunswick.) 
tier, J. McNeil, Paris. 

The Lady with the Yellow Buskin. 

It by Alexander Reid, Glasgow.) 

The Princess of the Land of Porce- 
(Lent by Alexander Reid, Glasgow.) 
The Fur Jacket. (Lent by Alexan- 
Reid, Glasgow.) 

Nocturne, Valparaiso. (Lent by Hon. 
ohn Charles Day, London.) 

Harmony in Blue and Silver. (Lent 
, J. Shannon, London.) 

Portrait. (Lent by A. J. Cassatt, Phil- 

, Henry C., Hartford. 

Spring Landscape. 

, Robert H., Camden, N. J. 

Morning in February, 
man, S. Edwin, Baltimore. 

Over Autumnal Hills. 


No, • 

1108. Lowland Pastures. 

Whitman, Sarah W., Boston. 

1109. Niagara. 

iiro. Portrait of Oliver Wendell Holmes. 
(Lent by College of Physicians, Phila¬ 

Whittemore, William J., New York. 

1112. Autumn Sunshine. 


(Lent by 

Whittredge, W., New York. 

1113. Rhode Island Coast. 

1114, The Plains. (Lent by 
Club, New York.) 

III 5 - The Old Hunting Ground 
J. W, Pinchot, New York.) 

Wickenden, Robert J., Paris. 

1116. Whispering of Spring. 

Wigand, Albright, Mt.Vernon, N.Y. 

1117. Portrait of Mrs. J. Albright. 

Wigand, Otto C., Mt. Vernon, N.Y. 

1118. The Old Willow Tree. 

Wiggins, Carlton, New York. 

1119. Clouds and Sunshine. (LentbyChas. 
E. Dingee, Brooklyn.) 

1120. Midsummer, (Lent by John F. Din- 
gee, Brooklyn.) 

1121. Evening, Village of Grez. (Lent by 
Mrs. Charles M. Kurtz, New York.) 

Wiles, Irving R., New York. 

1122. Sunlight in the Studio. 

Charles D. Miller, Jersey City.) 

1123. Portrait. 

1124. Sunshine and Flowers. 

1125. The Sonata. (Lent by W. T. Evans, 
New York.) 

1126. Lady in Green. 

1127. A Girl in Black 
Chase, New York.) 

Wiles, L, M., New York. 

1128. The Old Quarry. 

Witt, J. H., New York, 

1129. The Celestial Choir, 

Woodbury, Charles Herbert,Boston. 

1130. North Sea Dunes. 

1131- The Tide River. 

(Lent by 

(Lent by W. M. 

Woodward, William, New Orleans. 

1132. Persimmons. 

Woodwell, Johanna K., Pittsburg. 

Study Head of a Young Lady. 
Woodwell, Joseph R., Pittsburg. 

1134. White Rocks, Magnolia, Mass. 

II 35 - A Rocky Coast, Magnolia, Mass. 
1136. Cobblestone Beach, Magnolia, Mass. 
II 37 ' Rocks at Low Tide, Magnolia, Mass. 
Woolfolk, E, Marshall, Paris. 

1138. Washerwomen, Nemours, France. 
Wuerpel, Edward H., Paris. 

1139* September Twilight. (Lent by Wm. 
Taussig, St. Louis.) 



Paintings in Oil and Water Colors. 

Exhibit , 


Wyant, A. H. (deceased). 

1140. A North Woods Brook. (Lent by 
Thomas B. Clarke, New York^ 

1141. Landscape. (Lent by Thomas B. 

Clarke, New York.) , t at 

1142. Sunset in the Woods. (Lent by J. M. 
Lichtenauer, New York.) 

1143. In the Adirondacks. (Lent by W. 
T. Evans, New York.) 

1144. Sunset. (Lent by Fred B. Pratt, 

Brooklyn.) ... 

1145. Forenoon in the Adirondacks. 

In the Woods. 

An October Day. 

Clearing Off. 

Evening. (Nos. 1145-1149 lent by 
A. L. Wyant, New York.) 






Young, Charles Morris, Gettysburg, Pa. 

1150. Wet Weather. 

1151. The Harvest of Death (Wheatfield at 

Moran, Thos., New York. 

1152. Grand Canon of the Yellowstone. 

1153. Icebergs in Mid-Ocean. 

Moran, Peter, Philadelphia. 

1153^.Down the Arroyo to Santa Fe. 

For other paintings in oil, see Group 146 , 
beginning with No. 2802 a. 

GROUP 141 . 

Paintings in Water Colors. 

In Gallery 2 , and in Upper Gallery Alcoves 
176 , 177 . 

Abbey, E. A., Fairford, Gloucestershire, 

1154. Measure for Measure. Mariana. 
(Lent by Henry G. Marquand, New York.) 

Allen, Thomas, Boston. 

1155. Portal of Ruined Mission, San Jose, 

1156. Pasture by the Sea. 

1157. Changing Pasture, Dartmoor. 

Baker, J. Elder, New York. 

1158. Chrysanthemums. 

Bellows, A. F. (deceased). 

1159. Sunday Afternoon in New England. 
(Lent by J. H. Willing, Chicago.) 

Birney, William Verplanck, New York. 

1160. Backyard Pets. 

Blaney, Dwight, Boston. 

1161. The Temple of Nentune, Paestum, 

Blashfield, Edwin H., New York, 

1162. The Duo. (Lent by Mrs jOhn H. 
Sherwood, New York.) 

Bradbury, M, R., New York. 

1163. Santa Maria Salute, Venice. 1 

Exhibit _ 

No. 1 

Bradley, Horace, New York. j 

1164. A Glimpse of Chase’s Studio, j 
Bradley, Susan H., Philadelphia, 

1165. Mount Monadnock, New Harnptj 
(Lent by Miss Sears, Boston.) > 

Bredin,- Christine S., Cincinnati. j 

1166. A Peasant Woman, Dachau, Bar) 

BreuI, Hugo, Providence. j 

1167. Twins. ) 

Bricher, A. T., New York. ] 

1168. A Summer Morning. ] 

Bridges, Fidelia, Canaan, Conn. 

1169. In an Old Orchard. 

Brooks, A. F., Chicago. 

1170. Boys Fishing. 

Brown, J. G., New York. 

1171. A Wall Flower. 

Cabot, Edward C., Brookline. 

1172. Wind-sweptBeeches,Naushonls; 
(Lent by Mrs. Charles Perkins.) 

Carter, Fernando A., Syracuse, N. Y. 

1173. Dutch Boats at Rotterdam. 
Castello, Eugene, Philadelphia. 

1174. Gate of Justice, Cairo. 
Cauldwell, Leslie, Paris. 

1175. Twilight. 

Chapman, Carlton T., New York. 

1176. Toilers of the Sea. 

Church, F. S., New York. 

1177. Pandora. (Lent by W, T. £ 
New York.) 

Clusmann, William, Chicago. 

1178. A Wood Interior, Wisconsin. 
Coffin, Esther L., New York. 

1179. Grapes. 

1180. Madison Square Tower at Night 
Colman, Samuel, Newport. 

1181. Ruins of a Mosque, Tlemcin.Alg 

1182. Mosque at Tlemcin, Algeria. 

1183. At the Fountain. 

Conant, Lucy S., Boston. 

1184. Nasturtiums. 

Crum, Clark. 

1185. Sympathy. (Lent by J. M. & 

Curran, C. C., New York. 

1186. Cupid Asleep. 

ii86a. Night. (Lent by W. T. Evans, .t 

Daingerfield, Elliott, New York. 

1187. Woman with Pumpkin. 

Dana, Charles E., Philadelphia. 

1188. Gruyere. (Lent by the Art Clui; 

1189. The Farm of Amont, Etretat 1 ; 

1190. Street in Morat, Switzerland. 

1191. A Doorway in Arles, South of Fra: 



Paintings in Water Colors. 


vson, Arthur, Chicago. 

!. When Evening Twilight Gathers 

5. Snow Scene. 

Luce, Percival, New York. 

Busy Idleness, 
ey, Ellen Sturgis, Boston. 

;. Dresden in January, 
ke, W. H., New York, 
i. At Sea. 

'. Misty Weather, 
on, C. Harry, New York. 

!. Nordhoff, New Jersey. 

I. Indian Summer. (See also 393 .) 
la. Autumnal. (Lent by J. D. Grant, 
in Francisco. Catalogued also as 393 .) 

on, Charles Warren, New York. 

I. The Witching Hour. 

:. Winter. 

!. The Snow Mantle. 

rards, George Wharton, New York. 

An Interesting Subject. 

.. In the Dunes, Flanders. 

5, Edward, -Paris. 

. Sunset, Chartres, France. 

ny, Henry F., Cincinnati. 

. A Sioux Camp. (Lent by Miss Jane 
:kstein, Cincinnati.) 

. Got Him. (Lent by Frank Duhme, 

. Mountain Trail. (Lent by Solomon 
larp, Cincinnati.) 
ier, Ben., New York. 

. Night. 

. The Shepherds. 

. A Swine-herd. 

izen, August, New York. 

. Afternoon. 

. Before the Rain. 

>er, John A., New York. 

. An Old English Street. 

, The Heart of Scotland. 

, Bad Weather, Kirk Lake, N. Y. 

, A Bit of the Upper Thames. 

■ A Gray Bit on Long Island, 
on, W. Hamilton, Brooklyn. 

. Upland Meadows. (Lent by Charles 
Wacker, Chicago.) 

. Rainclouds. 

, September Rain. 

. Moonlight in Opelousas. 

. Russet Meadows. 

. Landscape. 

, On the Canal at Dort. 

, A Honey-dew Picnic. 

. A Connecticut Hamlet. 

1.. Afternoon Pastoral, 
ri, R. Swain, New York. 

, A Tilp Kiln on the Northern Canal. 




1229. A Summer Afternoon, New England. 

1230. The Mountains of Chobet el Akra, 
Northern Africa, 

1231. Salt Works of Batz, k"ranee. 
Greatorex, Kathleen H., Paris. 

1232. Carnival. 

1233. Corner of the Strozzi Palace,Florence. 
Guerin, Jules, Chicago. 

1234. Early Morning in a Village Street, 
Kentucky. (Lent by George Middleton, 

Hallett, Hendricks A., Boston. 

1235. Winter Moonlight. 

Hammer, John J., New York. 

1236. In the Dry Docks. 

Hardwick, Melbourne H., Boston. 

1237. Looking Inland. 

Harison, Mary A., Brooklyn. 

1238. Pansies. 

Hartson, Walter C., Chicago. 

1239. Old Willows at Glendale. 

1240. Outskirts of the City. 

1241. Along the Baraboo River, 

Hassam, Childe, New York. 

1242. Montmartre. 

1243. Springtime in the City. 

1243a. Indian Summer, Madison Square, 
New York. 

1244. Fifth Avenue. 

1244a. The Rain. 

Helmick, Howard, Washington. 

1245. Portrait. (Lent by Mrs. Stoddart, 

Henry, Edward L., New York. 

1246. Before the Days of Rapid Transit. 
(Lent by Shephard Knapp, New York.) 

Herter, Albert, New York. 

1247. The Great Mystery. 

Holman, Frank, Paris. 

1248. A Sun Effect. 

1249. Melody. 

Ihlefeld, Henry, New York. 

1250. My Puppy. 

Jones, Annie W., Chicago. 

1251. Easter Lilies. 

Jones, Francis C., New York. 

1252. Waiting. 

Jones, H. Bolton, New York. 

1253. Winter. 

1254. Early Snow. (Lent by Walter Wat¬ 
son, New York.) 

1255. Winter. (Lent by J. C. Nicoll, New 

Josephi, I. A., New York. 

1256. Midnight. (See also 2019 a.) 

Kappes, Alfred, Van Cortlandt, N. Y. 

1257. Apple Pie. 

Keller, Arthur J., New York. 

1258. Bavarian Peasants. 



Paintings in Water Colors. 



La Farge, John, New York. 

1259. Water Lilies. (Lent by J. M. Sears, 

1260. Just Flowers. (Lent by J. M. Sears, 

Lamport, Emma E., Rochester. 

1261. A Breadwinner. 

1262. Through the Meadows in Holland. 
(Lent by C. Louise Imlach, New York.) 

Lauber, Joseph, Leonia, N. J. 

1263. First Day of School. 

1264. Lane of Willows. 

Lungren, F. H,, Cincinnati. 

1265. A Snowy Evening. (Lent by Dwight 

Manley, Thomas R., New York. 

1266. A Wet Day, from Studio Window. 
Maynard, George Willoughby, New York. 

1267. Sirens. (^Lent by F. G. Bourne, New 

1268. A Sea Witch. 

McChesney, Clara T., New York, 

1269. Still Life. 

1270. The Old Cobbler. 

Mcllherny, C. Morgan, Shrub Oak,N. Y. 

1271. Moonrise, 

1272. Bull Calf. 

1273. Old Friends. (Lent by T. B. Clarke 
New York.) 

Mente, Charles, New York. 

1274. The Shepherd and His Flock. 

1275. Evening Pastoral. 

1276. Willows and Sheep, 

1276a. Money to Lend. 

Millet, F. D., New York. 

12^. Roman Maiden. (Lent by Henry G. 

Marquand, New York ) ^ 

Minor, Robert C,, New York. 

1278. Moonlight. 

Moran, Edward, New York. 

1278a. Outskirts of the Forest 

Washington, D. C 

1279. November Evening 

New York. 

1280. A Dream of Autumn. 

Holmes, New York. 

1251 . The Scarlet Letter. 

1282, Chrysanthemums. 

1283. Washing Day. (Lent by Luis I 

krancke, New York.) ' 

Nicoll, J. C., New York. 

After a Gale, 
ol' a Storm. 

laSy T Maine. 


Parrish, ciara Weaver. 

1289. A Study of a Southern Negro. 



Pattison, James William krtc i 

1290. East Gloucester Ferrv ff”/' 

1291. Meadow in Spring ^ 
Perrie, Bertha E., New York 

1292. Bound for the Banks * 
Pierce, C. F., Boston. 

1292a. A New England Paco,. 

logued also 831 .) 

Pitkin, Caroline W., New York 

1293. Porgies. 

Pomeroy, Grace V. 

1294. Home of the Bullfrop- 
Powers, Ellen, Florence. 

1295. Convolvulus. 

Rascovich, Robert, Chicago. 

1296. Canal in Venice. 

Redmond, J. J., New York. 

^ 97 * Market Day in Thun, Switzprl- 
Rehn, F. K. M., New York 

1298. The Reef. 

Rice, H. M. 

1299. Interior. 

Richards, William T., Newport R 1 

1300. An Atlantic Beach. 

Rix, Julian, New York. 

1301* Buttonball Trees. 

1302. October Day. 

Robinson, Will S., Philadelphia 
1303- Arrival of the Boats, Coast 0 


Harbor (sunlight effect, 
Rotch, Arthur, Boston. 

1305. Limburg Cathedral. 
Satterlee, Walter, New York. 

1306. Adirondack Trout, 

1307- Garden Weeds, 

Sawyer, Wallace. 

1308* Bourboule Washerwoman, 
Schilling, Alexander, New York. 
1309* Autumn Evening. 

1310* Fields in Early Spring. 
Scott, Mrs. E. M., New York. 

1311* Roses. 

1312. Still Life. 

1313- White Rose. 

1314. Summer Roses. 

Sears, Sarah C. 

1314a. A Spanish Girl. 

1314b. Portrait. 

1314c. Romola. 

Senat, Prosper L., Philadelphia. 

1315. Capri from Sorrento. 

1316. A Corner in San Remo. 

River Bend at Ventimilk 
“^ad of the Creek, Kennebui 


Sherwood, Rosina Emmet, New Yoi 



Paintings in Water Colors, Engravings and Etchings, Prints. 


D. In the Orchard. 

1. Sunlight in the Orchard, 
sbee, M., Boston. 

2. Monadnock. 
edley, W. T. 

j. “ There could be no doubt, thought 
liss Latymer, that it was to be the In- 
;nse Elderly.” (Lent by Charles Scrib- 
er’s Sons, New York.) 

“Up Among the Great Iron Arches.” 
^ent by Charles Scribner’s Sons, New 

j. A Lazy Companion. 

5 . Jackson Park — part of the Exhibition 
irounds. (Lent by Charles Scribner’s 
ons. New York.) 

J. Entrance to the Hall of Mines, in 
rocess of construction. (Lent by Charles 
cribner’s Sons, New York. 

5. Near the Hall of Mines. (Lent by i 
harles Scribner’s Sons, New York.) | 

J. The Administration Building. (Lem : 
y Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York.) | 

3. Site for the Statue of the Republic. I 
!.ent by Charles Scribner’s Sons, New j 

3 a. Before the Agricultural Building, 
illie, N. S. J., New York. 

1. Pink and White. (Lent by Helene 
e Cordova, New York.) 

ith, F. Hopkinson, New York. 

2. Venetian Fishing Boats. (Lent by 
harles Scribner’s Sons, New York.) 

3. The Rialto. (Lent by Charles Scrib- 
er’sSons, New York.) 

4. After the Catch. 

5. In the Fishing Quarter, 
ith, Joseph Lindon, Boston. 

5 . Bartholomeo Coleono. 

:I 1 , Henry B., New York. 

7. Crossing the Bar. 
ckpole, Alice, Boston. 

5 . Late Afternoon in Beverly, Mass, 
wksbury, Fanny W., Boston. 

5. A New England Homestead, 
ulstrup, T. de. New York. 

0. Swedish Interior. 

1. Mujik. 

la. At the Opera. 

fany, Louis C., New York. 

2. Cobblers at Bouferik, Algeria. 

3. Street in Algiers. 

4. Cathedral at Morlaix. 

5. Street in Algiers. 

5. Feeding the Flamingoes. (Lent by 
Irs. Van Doren, New York.) 

7. Summer, 

rner, Ross, Salem, Mass. 

8. Flood 'Tide. 

3 -K 



1349. Oleanders and Lilies. 

1350. Old Japan (a). 

1351. Old Japan (/^). 

Twachtman, J. H., New York. 

1352. Pier near Newport. 

1353. Winter. 

Tyler, James G., New York. 

1354. Dark Days at Sea. 

Vanderveer, Mary A., Amsterdam, N. Y. 

1355. Study of Peonies. 

Walton, William, New York. 

1356. A Great Enchantment. 

Wells, Newton A., Syracuse. 

1357. Rest. 

Whittemore, William J., New York. 

1358. Early Worshippers,St. lves,Cornwall 
1359* The Fairy Story. 

1360. Coast of Cornwall. 

1361. Misty Twilight. 

1362. In Old Edinburgh. 

Woodwell, Johanna K., Pittsburgh. 

1363. Portrait of Miss L. 

Young, Charles M., Gettysburg, Pa. 

1364. The Forest; 

GROUP 142. 

Van Trump, Miss R. N., Philadelphia. 

1365. A portrait — miniature on ivory. 

For other miniatures see 2817 a, 2817 b. 
2825 c, 2834 a, 2834 b, 2846 a, 2846 b, 2846 c, 
2851 , 2855 a, in Retrospective Exhibit 

GROUP 143. 

Engravings and Etchings. Priiit.s 
Etchings and Dry Points. 

In Upper Gallery Alcoves 165 , 170 . 

Bloodgood, Robert F., New York. 

1366. Who’s Afraid? 

1367. Hard Times. 

Calahan, James J,, New York. 

1368. Mandolin Player. 

Canby, Louise Prescott, Philadelphia. 

1369. Sunset. 

1370. Oswego Harbor. 

1371. Shipping Ice on the Kennebec. 
Chapman, Carlton T., New York. 

1372. Street in Mont St. Michel, 

1373. ^Evening in a Harbor. 

1374. Bakehouse Close, Edinburgh. 

I 375 " English Fishing Boats. 

1376. Twilight by the Sea. 

1377. Calm Morning. 

1378. Fishing Boats at Anchor. 

1379. Driven Ashore. 

1380. Ruede la Victoire, St. Malo. 

1381. Bridge Over Old Moat, Chartres 

1382. Moonrise. 



Engravings and Etchings, Prints. 



1383- Gloucester Harbor. 

1384. Abandoning the Ship. 

1385* Street in St. Walo. 

1386. Old Houses, Chester. 

1387- Street in Chartres. 

Colman, Samuel, Newport, R. I. 

1388. Olive Grove and Mill, Bordighera 

1389' Olive Trees of the Riviera. 

1390* Life in Mexico. From note book 

139^- A Gray Day at Dieppe. 

1392. Japanese Inro with Netzukies. 

1393 - Japanese Inro with Netzukies 
(No. 2 .) 

1394- "f'he Terraces at Naples. 

Dielman, Frederick, New York. 

1395* Head. (Dry point.) 

Ertz, Edward, Paris. 

1396. The River Loire and the Chateau of 
Vernon. (Three etchings.) 

Faber, Erwin F., Philadelphia. 

1397 - Thrown. (Lent by C. Klackner, New 

Charleston. (Lent by 
H. L. Smith, Philadelphia.) ^ 

^99. The Repentance of Eve. 

Faber, Herman, Philadelphia. 

1400. Faust—A Mastiff. 

1401. Study of a Lion’s Head. 

1402. The Challenge. 

Ferris, Stephen J,, Philadelphia. 

1403* Six Etchings. 

Gifford, R. Swain, Philadelphia 

1404. Salt Vats of Padan Aram. 

1405. Near the Sea (Evening'). 

1406. An October Day. 

1407* Barney’s Joy. 

1408. The Bank of the River. 

1409. The Cove Road. 

Johnson, Thomas, New York. 

mm' Y^f^V^^hitman. (After photograph.) 
^gmpE)^"^^''"^ Lincoln. (After photo- 

1412. Columbus. (Wood cut. See 1419 a.) 

I4I?’ PPPe>' Montclair, N. J. 

^Lenulv C "iff ^o^o^ial Times 

MT/i' A ^ Klackner, New York.) 

I 4 H- August Afternoon. (Lent bv C 

Klackner, New York.) ^ 

1415- The Golden Hour (Harve,st). 

Joseph, Leonia, N. J. 

1418. Shingle Maker 
S' Dry point. 








Lovewell, Rominer, Chelsea iw 

1422. Green’s Dock East hi’ ' 
Manley, Thomas R.,’ New Yo?r 

1423. Newark Bay (EveMngr' 

The Cottage. ° 

AVeehawken Ferry 
Bridge in Central 'Park V« 
After-the Shower. ’ 

The Lane. 

. ^ Near King’s Bridge Np«rV t 
Mercier, Gustave, New York 
1430. Automedon. (After Henri u 

1432. VivelaFidelite! (After Fr.n,i: 

Mielatz, Charles F. W., New York 
1434* The Battery, New York. 

1435* Madison Square at Night 
1436. Elevated Station at Nurht 


1438. Sectional Docks, East River 
York. ’ 

1439- In the Bowery, New York 

^"^York^^^^*^^""" to Brooklyn Bridge, 

1441. Spar Yard, South Street, New' 

1442. Mott Haven Canal, New York 
Grand Central Station at Nighi 
Coenties Slip, New York. 

East River, New York. 
Newport Wharves. 

A Bit of Baxter Street, New You 
The Road to the Sea. 

• - . "Bhe Falls of the Pawtucket. ' 

1450. Trout Pond, Moorsfield, R 

1451* Strangers in Wallabout, 

1452. Mill at Block Island, 

1453- The Tombs, New York. >iy,y 
1454. Two Bridges on the Harlem, 

Monks, J. A. S., Boston. 

1455 - Evening After the Storm. 
Moran, Emily K., Philadelphia. 

1450. On the Road to the Farm. 
Moran, M. Nimmo, New York. 


1444 - 








R. I. 










Point Isabel, Florida. 

Florida Forest. 

Summer, Easthampton. 

Edge of Georgia Pond. 

The Old Homestead. 
Between the Gloaming and th 
Twilight, Easthampton. 
Bridge Over the Delaware. 




465. Haunt of the Muskrat. 

466. Conway Castle, Wales. 

467. Bushkill Bridge. 

68. Evening, Easthampton. 
oran, Peter, Philadelphia. 

469. Return of the Herd. 

470. A Summer Afternoon. 

[471. Under the Willows. 

[472. An Old New England Orchard 

1473. A Passing Storm, York Downs 
Idygatt, Robertson K., New York. 

1474. Restaurant in Stadts Park, Carlsbad. 

1475. Pragergasse, Carlsbad. 

1476. Market Place, Carlsbad. 

1477. A Tepel Bridge, Carlsbad. 

1478. Along the Quay, Carlsbad. 

1479. Street Scene, Carlsbad. 

1480. Markt Strasse (Market Street), Carls¬ 

1481. Slushy Morning, from Window. 

1482. Twilight from My Window. 

1483. Cloisters, Santa Barbara, Cal. 

Nicoll, J. C., New York. 

1484. Cruising by Moonlight. 

1485. The Reef. 

1486. In the Harbor. 

1487. The Smugglers’ Landing Place. 

1488. An East Wind. 

Parrish, Stephen, Philadelphia. 

1489. A Gale at Fecamp. 

1490. Swamp Land. 

1491. Winter Evening, Windsor, N. S. 

1492. Gloucester Harbor. (Dry point.) 

1493. Portland, New Brunswick. 

1494. Market Place, Yvetot. 

1495. Northern Moorland. 

1496. Riverdale. 

1497. On the Dee, Chester. 

1498. On the Thames. 

1499. Near Dinan, Brittany. 

1500. Market Day, St. Augustine. 

1501. Mills, New Brunswick. 

1502. Winter at Windsor, N. S. 

1503. Bass River, Cape Cod. 

1504. Near Quebec. 

1505. Near Frfejus. 

1506. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. 

1507. Canal, Venice. 

1508. Port of Nice. 

1509. On Cape Ann. 

1510. On the Ranee, Brittany. 

1511. Winter. 

1512. Charenton, Paris. 

1513. A Passing Shower. 

1514. Port of Cannes. 

Paul us, Francis P., Munich. 

1515. Scene near Munich. 

_i5i 6. Spring Morning on the Isar. 

1517. Summer Landscape. 

Platt, Charles A., New York. 

1518. Arnheim. 

1519. The Meuse. 

1520. Brittany Landscape. 

1521. Brittany Farm. 

1522. Willows on the Coast. 

1523. Dieppe. 

1524. Dordrecht. 

1525. Naples. 

1526. Honfleur. 

1527. Passenger Boats on the Seine. 

1528. Pier at Larmor. 

1529. Under Pont Ste. Marie. 

1530. Two Sloops. 

1531. Inland Port. 

1532. A Spring Flood. 

1533. Brooklyn Bridge. 

1534. Pont St. Michel. 

Ritchie, Henrietta, Philadelphia. 

1535. The Connoisseur. 

1536. Race Street Wharf, Philadelphia. 
Rosenthal, Max, Philadelphia. 

1537. Crossing the Brook. 

1538. Portrait of George W. Childs. 

1538a. High Altar at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. 

New York. 

Sartain, Emily, Philadelphia. 

1539. In the Twilight. 

Schilling, Alexander, New York. 

1540. Near Ridderkerk, Holland. 

1541. Toll Gate and Bridge. 

1542. Holland*Landscape. 

1543. Spring. 

1544. The Juniata, near Lewistown. 

1545. German Landscape. 

1546. Oostendam, Holland. 

1547. Dordrecht from Pappendrecht. 

I5ij8. On Weehawken Heights. 

1549. Edge of the 

1550. Lowery Autumn Day. 

1551. Holland Landscape. (Dry point.) 

1552. An Interior. 

1553* Windmill on the Maas. 

1554. Church Street, Detroit. (Winter.) 
1555 ' Hauling Wood. 

1556. The Brick Barge. 

1557* ^ Breezy Day on the Hackensack. 

1558. The Maas at Schiedam. 

1559. The Maas near Dort, low tide. 

1560. The Dyke. 

1561. Heerjahusdam, Holland. 

1562. Old .Shed and Willows, Rijsvoord. 

1563. Landscape, Spring. 

1564. Evening. (Dry point.) 

1565. Dry point, with burr removed. 

1566. At Sunset. 

Schoff, S. A., Greenfield, Mass. 

1567. Portrait of a Girl. (After Abbott H. 

Engravings and Etchings, Prints. 





Engravings and Etchings, Prints. 



1568. Portrait of Judge Devens. (After 
F. P. Vinton.) 

15^. The Prelude. (After C. S. Pearce,) 

1570. Portrait of Mrs. Fowler, (After 
Frank Fowler.) 

Smith, Sidney L,, New York. 

1571. Europa. (After antique terra cotta.) 

1572. Silver Coffee Pot made by Tiffany 

& Co. 

1573. Portrait. 

1574. Portrait. 

Eight etchings of jades from the col¬ 
lection of Heber R. Bishop, as follows: 

1575. Light and Dark Green Jade, Teak- 

wood Stand. 

1576. Jade Plaque, Green Jade Stand. 

1577. Jade, with Teakwood Stand. 

1578. Jade Vase, Teakwood Stand. 

1579. Jade Bowl, Teakwood Stand. 

1580. Green Jade Jar, Teakwood Stand, 

1581. Opaque Gray Jade, Teakwood Stand, 

1582. Green Jade Plaque, Teakwood Stand. 
Vanderhoof, Charles A., New York. 

1583. Sunset on the Marne. 

1584. Morning. 

1585. Solitude. 

1586. Dordrecht. 

1587. East River. 

1588. The First Snow* 

1589. The Passing Storm. 

1590. Sand Dunes of Virginia. 

I 59 I- A New York Shanty. 

1592. A Kansas Windmill. * ' 

I 593 ' Morning Light. 

1594. Castle William. 

1595 - The Fish Hawk’s Nest. 

Van Elten, Kruseman, New York. 

1596. Repairing the Bridge. 

1597* Hudson River. 

1598. Lily Pond. 

Walker, Charles A., Boston. 

1599 ' Orv the Oise. (After Daubigny.) 

1600. Winter in Holland. (After A. Mauve.) 

1601. Landscape. (After Daubigny.) 

1602 Group of Seven Etchings: (Two 

Mter Corot, 2 after Daubigny, 1 after 
Trqyon, 1 after Dupre, 1 after Meis- 
somer—Le Sieur.) 

See also No. 1990 . 

Weir, J. Alden, New Yor!-. 

1603. Dr. R.F.Weir. 

l^s'. BlaShltpl'"''"’*™ 

John F. Weir. (Last state.) 

Evening Lamp. 
i6o8. The Back Yard. 

The Little Fountain. 

1610. Sulby Glen. 

1611. The Lamp. 














Castle. . 

Head. . 

Figure with Sleeping Doe " 
Portrait of a Young £ady^' c 
Ihree Etchings. ' 

One Dry point and One Etchir' 

Frug^al Repast. Child Re, 

Four Heads. 

Two Etchings on Zinc. 
Three Etchings and 







1623. Two Etchings and One Dry m 
One Dry point and One Etcfi 
One Dry point and One Etchi 
Two Dry points. 

H.E. Weir and Robert Weir 

1628. One Etching and One Dry poin 

Whistler, James McNeil, London. 

1629. Early Portrait of Whistler. ' n 
Edward G. Kennedy, New York) 

1630. The Unsafe Tenement. (Le 
Edward G. Kennedy, New York!) 

1631. The Old Rag Woman, ’(if 
George W. Vanderbilt, New York.) 

1632. The Kitchen. (Lent by Geor 
Vanderbilt, New York.) 

1633. Tyzac, Whiteley & Co. (Li 
Edward G. Kennedy, New York) 

1634. Black Lion Wharf. (LentbyC 
W. Bramhall, Orange, N. J.) 

1635. Longshoremen. (Lent by H 
Mansfield, New York.) 

1636. The Lime Burner. (Lent by E 
G. Kennedy, New York.) 

1637. Arthur Seymour. (Dry point.) 
by Charles L. Freer, Detroit.) 

1638. Becquet. (Lent by Howard 
field. New York.) 

1639. Whistler. (Dry point.) (Lf 
Edward G. Kennedy, New York.) 

1640. Drouet. (Dry point.) (Le 
Howard Mansfield, New York.) 

1641. Annie Haden. (Dry point.) 
by Howard Mansfield, New York.) 

1642. Mr. Mann. (Dry point.) (L 
John Caldwell, Pittsburg.) 

1643. Rotherhithe. (Lent by E 
Mansfield, New York.) 

1644. Axenfeld. (Dry point.) (L 
Edward G. Kennedy, New York.) 

1645. The Engraver — Riault. (Dry 
(Lent by Edward G. Kennedy, New 

1646. The Forge. (Dry point.) (I 
Edward G. Kennedy, New York.) 

1647. Joe. (Dry point.) (Lent by I 
Mansfield, New York.) 



Engravings and Etchings, Prints. 


The Storm. (Dry point.) (Lent by 
ivard G. Kennedy, New York.) 

Weary. (Dry point.) (Lent by 
)rge W. Bramhall, Orange, N. J.) 

Fanny Leyland. (Dry point.) (Lent 
Howard Mansfield, New York.) 

Battersea, Dawn. (Dry point.) (Lent 
Howard Mansfield, New York.) 

Steamboat Fleet, (Dry point.) (Lent 
Edward G. Kennedy, New York.) 

Battersea Bridge. (Lent by Edward 
Kennedy, New York.) 

The Large Pool. (Lent by Howard 
nsfield. New York.) 

Putney Bridge. (Lent by Howard 
nsfield. New York.) 

The Little Putney, No. 3 . (Lent by 
ward Mansfield, New York.) 

Little Venice. (Lent by John Cald- 
il, Pittsburg.) 

Nocturne, Riva. (Lent by Howard 
.nsfield. New York.) 

The Palaces. (Lent bv Bryan Lath- 

I, Chicago.) 

The Doorway. (Lent by Howard 
.nsfield. New York.) 

The Traghetto. (Lent by John Cald- 

II , Pittsburg.) 

The Two Doorways. (Lent by 
ward Mansfield, New York.) 

The Beggars. (Lent by George W. 
imhall, Orange, N. J.) 

San Giorgio. (Lent by Howard 
.nsfield, New York.) 

Nocturne, Palaces. (Lent by Howard 
.nsfield. New York.) 

The Riva, No. 2 . (Lent by John 
[dwell, Pittsburg.) 

The Garden. (Lent by Howard 

.nsfield. New York.) 

The Balcony. (Lent by Edward G. 
nnedy, New York.) 

The Dyer. (Lent by Howard Mans- 
d. New York.) 

The Smithy. (Lent by Howard 

insfield. New York.) 

The Little Sweet Shop. (Lent by 
liter S. Carter, Brooklyn.) 

Windsor. (Dry point). (Lent by 
arles L. Freer, Detroit.) 

The Barber’s Shop, Chelsea. (Lent 
Howard Mansfield, New York.) 

Clothes Exchange, No. 2 . (Lent by 
iward Mansfield, New York.) 

Court Yard, Brussels. (Lent by 
ward G. Kennedy, New York.) 

Palace, Brussels. (Lent by Bryan 
throp, Chicago.) 



1677. Hotel Lallemant, Bourges. (Lent 
by Charles L. Freer, Detroit.) 

1678. * Mayoralty Building, Loches. (Lent 
by Charles L. Freer, Detroit.) 

1679. Chancellor’s Office, Loches. (Lent 
by Charles L. Freer, Detroit.) 

1680. City Hall, Loches. (Lent by Charles 
L. Freer, Detroit.) 

1681. Zaandam. (Lent by Walter S. 
Carter, Brooklyn.) 

16S2. Pierrot. (Lent by Walter S. Carter, 

1683. The Balcony, Amsterdam. (Lent by 
Walter S. Carter, Brooklyn.) 

1684. Vhe Steps. (Lent by Walter S. 
Carter, Brooklyn.) 

1685. The Embroidered Curtain. (Lent 
by Walter S. Carter, Brooklyn.) 

1686. The Long House. (Lent by Charles 
L. Freer, Detroit.) 

1687. The Mill. (Lent by Walter S. Carter, 

Whittemore, Charles E., New York. 

1688. Twilight on Bedloe’s Island, New 
York Harbor. 

1689. Off Old Point Comfort, Virginia. 

1690. A Gloucester Water Side. 

Whittemore, Wm. J., New York. 

1691. Mont St. Michel. 

1692. Head of the Harbor. 

Wiseman, R. R.j New Haven, Conn. 

1692a. New Haven Elms. 

Yewell, George H., New York. 

1693. Cloister of the Monastery of St. Elena, 
near Venice. 

1694. House of the Bell Ringer of Rouen 
Cathedral. France. 

Prints from Engravings on Wood. 

In Upper Gallery Alcoves 149 , 150 , 151 , 152 . 

Aikman, Walter M., Brooklyn. 

1695. Under the Willows. (After Alfred 

1696. Wordsworth. (After Alfred Parsons.) 

1697. A Modern Comanche. (After F 

1698. Grand Canal, Venice. 

16^. Rowing Down to Iffley. 

1700. Bringing Home the Christmas Tree. 

1701. Sunset, La Hulpe, Belgium. 

1702. The Sheep Pasture. 

170^ The Pendant Jewel Weed. 

Aitken, Peter, New York. 

1704. On the Otorai Pass, Japan. (After A. 

1705. A Scene in Kent. (After J. A. Fraser.) 

1706. The Conspirators. 



Engravings and Etchings, Prints. 



Baker, Horace, New York. 

1707. Castles in The Air. • 

1708. Malay Pirate. 

1709. Scene in Tasmania. 

Bernstrom, Victor, Grandview-on-Hudson, 
N. Y. 

1710. A Little Music. (After Theodore 

1711. Limbering Up. 

1712. Philip II. 

1713. The Mujik. (After T. de Thulstrup.) 

1714. Drawing Water for the Camp. (After 
F. D. Millet.) 

1715. Snow Angel. 

1716. Trapped at Last. 

1717. The Shepherdess. (After Charles 
Sprague Pearce.) 

1718. The Mystery of Life. (After Carl 

1719. Pirates’ Haven, Shark River N. J. 

1720. The Dead Matador. 

Brown, W. Lament, Boston. 

1721. Portrait of Corot. 

Cleaves, W. P., Springfield, Mass. 

1722. Swift River, Conway, N. H. 

1723. A Chocorua Vista. 

1724. A Chocorua Sunset. 

1725. Chocorua Mountain and Lake. 

1726. Springfield, Mass. 

1727. Silver Lake. 

Closson, W. B., Lancaster, Mass. 

1728. Saxon. 

1729. The Mirror. (After Bunker.) 

1730. Springtime. (After E. Major.) 

1731. The Young Squire. (After Couture.) 

1732. Night Moths. 

1733* Winifred Dysart. (After George 

1734 ' The Immaculate Conception. (After 
Murillo-F ragment.) 

1735 - Mother and Child. (After A. H. 

1736. Ideal Head. (After George Fuller.) 
^ 737 * The Quadroon Girl. (After George 
h uller.) ° 

1738. The Listeners. (After W. M. Hunt.) 
1739* The Mother. (After Simmons.) 

1740. Flowers. (After Bouvin.) 

1741. The Irrigating Ditch. 

1742. Sheep*Shearers. (After Millet.) 

See also No. 1970 . 

Cole,Timothy. The Century Co.,New York 
1743- Delphian Sibyl. (After Michael 4 \n- 

1744. Knight of Malta. (After Giorgione.' 
* 745 - Ihe Concert. (After Giorgione.) 
ao) Money. (After Masac 



1747. Venice Enthroned. {After! 


1748. Battle of St. Ephesius. ( 

ello.) * '' 

1749. Madonna and Child. (M 

1750. Miracle of St. Mark. (Af 

1751. Group of Angels. (After 

1752. Mary Magdalen. (Aftei 

1753. Htneas. (After Raphael, 

1754. Madonna of the Goldtii 

1755. Mona Lisa. (After L 

1756. Three Ages of Man. (Af 

1757. Unknown Man. (After! 

1758. Verocchio. (After Loren 

1759. Madonna and Child (w 
(After Bellini.) 

1760. Detail of “The Last Jud 
ter Fra Angelico.) 

176X. Two Angels. (After 

1762. Man with a Violin. 

1763. Madonna and Child, 

1764. St. Agnes. (After Andr 

1765. St. Jerome. (After Ghii 

1766. St. Liberalis. (After Gi( 
The above named ei 

Cole were lent by the Cent 

1767. The Entombment. 
Collins, Robert C., Rockville 

N. Y. 

1768. Florence, on the Arno. 

1769. An Archway in Siena. 

1770. Henry VII Chapel. 

1771. Landing Stairs at Lee 
J. Pennell.) 

Comstock,Mrs. Anna Botsforr 

1772. Tropical Moth. 

1773. Moths. 

1774. Moths. 

1775. A Moth. 

1776. Cherry Blossoms and IV 
1777* Rendezvous by Moonli^ 
Cooper, Edith, New York. 
1778. Sheep. (After Davies.' 
1779* White Birches. (After 

1780. Garrison Marching out 
ors of War, Lille, 1708 . 

1781. Springtime of Love, 

Dana, William Jay, Brookline 

1782. Twilight. (After). Api 
I 783 - The Mill at Cleeve. {A 

ton Brown.) 



Engrayings and Etchings, Prints. 

Pine Woods in Canada. (After F. 
:inson Smith.) 
sunset. (After Corot.) 
on, Harry, New York. 

Balaam and His Master. (After How- 

Canterbury Cathedral. 

Afternoon at a Ranche. 


The Bowery at Night. 

An Old Mill. (After A. Castaigne.) 
Hard Winter. 

John P., New York. 

Woman and Bull. (After Roth.) 
Among the Old Poets. (After Wal- 

The Cobblers. (After E. M. Ward.) 
The Spring Song. (After Arthur B. 

The Bohemian. (After Paul W. Bart- 

^ Autumn Hillside. 

Joe Jefferson as Bob Acres. (After 
V. Alexander.) 

!, Samuel P., Brooklyn. 

An After Dinner Nap. (After Dolph.) 
Cat and Kittens at Play. (After Mme. 

French Hunting Dog. (After Rosa 

Nos. 1800-1802 lent by the Century 
, New York. 

Jrme, E. H., New York. 

Esquimaux Life. (After W. L.Taylor.) 
Birthplace of Beethoven. ^ 

Canoeing in Florida. (After V. Per- 


Garden Scene in Venice. (After Rico.) 
Landing of the Dutch Fleet. After 

. Cumnor Church. 

. An Iceberg. (After W. L. Taylor.) 
ns, John W., Brooklyn. 

. With Fate Against Them. 

. Indian Horserace. (After F. Rem- 

. Moving the Fourth Cavalry. (After 
, Remington.) 

Fallow Deer. (After B. Hook.) 
ebrown, F. E., Boston, 
p The Pleiades. (After Elihu Vedder.) 
nch, Frank, East Orange, N. J. 

). A Christmas Vigil. 

). Under the Mistletoe. 
j. Christmas Chimes. 

J. Clara, 
j. Valentine. 

0. Old Residenter. 

I. Country Store. 



1822. Daisies. 

1823. Vale of Tears. 

1824. African Woman. 

1825. Three wood engravings; Showery 
Days in the Meadows, Canterbury Meet¬ 
ing House, Morning in the Meadow. 

1826. Abundance. (After Martiny.l 

1827. Heneyah. (After Bridgman.) 

1828. The Tiger Hunt. (After Barye.) 

1829. Rose Leaves. (After Humphrey 

1830. Isaac Walton. (After Boughton.) 

1831. The Rare Vase. (After Fortuny.) 

1832. Portrait of a Lady. (After F.Dielman.) 

1833. In the Enemy’s Country. (After 
Gilbert Gaul.) 

1834. Lacing the Sandal. (After F. D 

1835. Bust of Mark Twain. 

Grosch, Oskar, Cincinnati. 

1836. Women Knitting. (Lent by G. 
Meinshausen, Cincinnati.) 

Heinmann, Ernest, Fort Wadsworth, L. I., 
N. Y. 

1837. Mermaid. 

Johnson, Thomas, New York. 

1838. Head of a Man. (After Rembrandt.) 

1839. Browning. 

1840. Dr. J. Weir Mitchell. (After Holl.) 

1841. Bishop Potter. (After Huntington.) 

1842. Mrs. Bradley Martin. (After Carolus- 

1843. Paderewski. 

1844. Tennyson. 

1845. Portrait of A. Lang. (After Rich¬ 

1846. Portrait of a Girl. 

1847. Daubigny. 

1848. Liszt. (After Munkacsy.) 

1849. Portrait of a Child. (After J. W. 
Alexander.) See also 1412 . 

1849a. Portrait of Columbus. 

Jungling, J. F., Jersey City. 

1850. The Queer Old Lady. 

King, Francis S., Roseville, N. J. 

1851. Knowledge is Power. (After F. S. 

1852. Battle of the Sirens. (After F. S. 

1853. The Sorceress. (After F. S. Church.) 

1854. Fog. (After F. S. Church.) 

1855. Pandora’s Box. (After F. S. Church.) 

1856. Girl and Tigers. (After F. S. Church.) 

1857. Charge of Cuirassiers. (After Aime 

1858. Ivan the Terrible. 

1859. Rose. 

Nos. 18 . 51-1859 lent by Harper & 
Bros., New York. 



Engravings and Etchings, Prints. 














The Sibyl. (After F. S. Church.) 
Christmas Fantasy. 

F. S. Church in His Studio. 

The Quartette. (After W. Dannat.l 
A Difference. (After E. H. Blash- 

Hadley, Mass. 

1805. The W hite Mountain. 

New England Elms. 

Old Homestead. (After J. F. xMurphy.) 
Late Summer. (After R. Collin.) 
Connecticut Valley. 

Journey Northward. 

The Flying Dutchman. (After A. P 

1872. A Morning. 

1873. The Old Well. (After J. F. Murphy ) 
(Lent by C. Klackner, New York ) ^ 

1874. Silence (After W. Bliss Baker.) 
(Lent by C. Klackner, New York.) 

1875. Midsummer. (After Daubigny.) 

^^^^kner, New York.) 

1876. Winter Evening. (After D. W. 

yX)' Montross, New 

18^. Autumn Evening. (After D. W 
YorkO^ ^ 

Kruell, Gustav, East Orange N I 

U. S. Grant. 

Daniel Webster 
Harriet Beecher Stowe. 

General Sherman. 

William M. Hunt. 

Asa Gray. 

James Russell Lowell. 

Charles Darwin, 1864 . 

Chari^ Darwin at 70 . 

. Rent Day. (After Alfred Kapnes ) 


The Singing Shepherd. 


The Golden Wedding. 

* oscmitc Dorne 

Birthday at Sea. 

The Departure to the Convent 
'Town. of a Circus in a Spanish 

by Ml^Lindsay iVSwned" if n'^ravings 
Bros., New York by Harper & 





















1902, Solitude. 

1903. Lost m a Cypress Swamp, i 

Memshausen, Geore-e ^ 

Miller, William, New York. 

1905" Beven wood engravinD-cin 

^unset. (After George Inne^- 

H.ead (After RubensJ * 
Quick. (After Mun:, 
Baby Mine. (After V. ToiVt 
Early Affection. (After VA 

Muller, R. A., Brooklyn. 

''foownj ” W> 

1907. The De Brehan Miniature of 
ington. ^ ™ 

^^CustiJ^^ L)e Brehan Miniatured 

1909 ' Sir William Temple. (After 
1910. Gilbert Burnett. (After Rite 
In"' (A-^ferA.Schenck.) ^ 

1912. 1 aking of Numantia. (After 
Pettit, F. A., Brooklyn. 

1913* By the Black Sea. 

I 9 I 4 ' Guyskill Mill. 

191s- Centaur. 

1916. Sandhills. 

Powell, Caroline A., Trenton, N.J, 
► ^^Farg ^ Resurrection. (After Jo 

1918. An Organist. 

^919* A Harpist. 

1920. A Bit of Sunshine. 
^^Farg?)^^ Three Marys. (After J( 

Lady and Horse. (After 
1 hayer.) 

1923. Gorilla. 

1924. Bubbles. (After Couture.) 

1925. Windmills, 

Putnam, S. G., Corona, Long Island, 

(ALer Elihu Vedde 
by Moorilight. (Af 

A. Blakelock.) 

1928. Mirabeau and the King’s Mess 
Prmcess Marie of Austria. 

A Cozy Corner. 

Came Castle, 

At the Continental Spring. 
Pirates Seizing a Ship. 

- _ . A Sheep Pasture. 

Reed, Charles H., Philadelphia. 

(Lent by the C< 

CO. New York.) 




* 933 . 



Lngravings, Etchings, Prints, Chalk, 


On the Lowest Step of a Deserted 
jse, St. Pasquale. (Lentby the Ladies’ 
DC Journal, Philadelphia.) 
ditz, E., New York. 

Love Locked Out. (After Anna Lea 

L Grandmother. (Lent by Harper 
Iros., New York.) 
arzburger, C., Brooklyn. 

Etna. (After Hariw Fenn.) 

On the River Thames, Ontario, 
ter F. Hopkinson Smith.) 
s, Charles, New York. 

Oriental Street Scene. (After A. 

Indians in Council. 

;n, Thomas D., Flushing, L._I., N. Y. 

The Drinking Place, 
ster, Harry E., New York. 

Ship in the Fog. 

Twilight, Westminster Cathedral. 
Westminster Cathedral, Early Morn- 

St. Giles’ Church. 

I. 1943-1946 lent by the Century Co., 

V York. 

e, Richard G., New York. 

Elsie Leslie Lyde. 

The Little Frenchman at School. 
Abraham Lincoln and his Son. 
y, John, Brooklyn. 

Exchanging Confidences. (After F. 

All Halloween. 

Swine-herd, River Danube. (After 
3 . Millet.) 

Apache Indian Firing on Teamster, 
er F. Remington.) 

English Cathedral, 
agton, Frank H., Passaic, N. J. 

Miles Standish’s Challenge. (After 
L. Abbey.) 

One Day in June. (After W. T. 


.ms, George P., Philadelphia. 

The Alderman. 

The Gladiators. i 

Henry, New York. 

The Roadside. (After R, Swain Gif- 

New England Peddler. (After East- 

My Sister Lydia. (After E. C. Tar- 


The Virgin Enthroned. (After A. 

Twilight. (After Alexander Harri- 

Charcoal, Pastel and Other Drawings. 



1964. The Portrait. (After Will H. Low.) 

1965. Alice. (After W. M. Chase.) 

1966. Miss Beatrice Goelet. (After T. S. 

1967. Tiger. (After Adolf Menzel.) 

1968. Madonna and Child. (After Dagnan- 

1969. Thirst. (After Gerome.) 

Miscellaneous Prints. 

In Upper Gallery north of Rotunda, and in 
Alcoves 152 , 153 . 

Closson, W. B., Lancaster, Mass. 

197c. Rembrandt’s Mother. 

1971. The Belated Bird. 

1972. Nymph and Great Bubble. 

1973* Portrait of Whittier. 

Nos. 1970-1973 are prints from Clos¬ 
son intaglio plates. 

1974. Hawthorne’s Boat House. (Relief 
engraving by a method of Closson’s own 

1975. Helen. (Mezzotint.) 

Girsch, F., Mount Vernon, N. Y. 

1976. Grandma’s Toast. (After M. R. 

1977. Bank Note Vignettes. (Steel En¬ 

Moran, Peter, Philadelphia. 

1978. A Country Smithy. (Mezzotint.) 
Rosenthal, Max, Philadelphia. 

1979. Romola. (Mezzotint.) 

Sartain, John, Philadelphia. 

1980. Irene. (After Coomans. Steel En¬ 

Sartain, William, New York. 

1981. Symphony. (Mezzotint.) 

1982. lone. (Mezzotint.) 

Schlecht, Charles, New York. 

1983. Eyes to the Blind. (After A. F. Bel¬ 
lows. Steel Engraving.) 

1984. Love’s Young Dream. (After Jennie 
Brownscombe. Steel Engraving.) 

1985. Thoughts by the Sea. (After J. G. 
Brown. Steel Engraving.) 

1986. The Smoker. (After Leon Moran. 
Steel Engraving.) 

1986a. The Wish. (After Percy Moran. 

Steel Engraving.) 

Schoff, S. A., Greenfield, Mass. 

1987. Marine View. (After M. F. H. De- 
Haas. Steel Engraving.) 

1988. Portrait of Ralph Waldo Emerson. 
(After S. W. Rowse. Steel Engraving.) 

1989. The Bathers. (After W. M. Hunt. 
Steel Engraving.) 

Walker, Charles A., Boston. 

1990. Rough Weather. (Monotype.) 



Chalk, Charcoal, Pastel and Other Drawings. 



1991. After the Storm. (Monotype.) 

(Lent by J. Reed VVhippie, Boston.) 

1992. Evening Approaching. (Monotype.) 
Wickenden, Robert J., Paris. 

1993 - The Approach of Evening. (Origi¬ 
nal Lithograph.) 

GROUP 144. 

Chalk, Charcoal, Pastel and Other Draw¬ 

Pastel Drawings. 

In Upper Gallery Alcoves 178 , 179 . 

Allan, W. R., New York. 

1994. The Gleaner 

1995. Landscape. 

1996. Ideal Head. 

1997. A Portrait. 

Beaux, Cecilia, Philadelphia. 

1998. Portrait. (Lent by William Burn¬ 
ham, Philadelphia.) 

Binney, Martha G., New York. 

1999. Sketch of Haystacks. 

Brown, J., Appleton, New York. 

2000. Sand Dunes. 

2001. December. 

2002. Springtime. 

2003. Summer. 

Cauldwell, Leslie, Paris. 

2004. Evening. 

2004a. Twilight. (Also catalogued as 117,5 ) 
Champney, J. Wells, New York. 

2005. Portrait of Rev. Robert Collver 
2000. Suzanne. 

2C^. Portrait of Mrs. Champney. 

Chase, William M., New York. 

^8. _ Gewd Friends. (See also 254 .) 
Corwin, Charles A., Chicago. 

2009. Oat Harvest. 

Curran, Charles C., New York. 

2010. Night. (See 1186 a. Lent by W T 
Evans, New York' 

Du Mond, L. A., Paris. 

2011. Priscilla and John Alden. 

Eaton, Charles Warren, New York 

2012. Wintry Fields. 

2013. Flowers of Autumn. 

2014. December Sunset. 

^I4a. Morning on North River. 
Emmet, Lydia Field, New York 

^i 5 a. Moonlight in Opelousas. 

Hamilton, John McLure, London. 

^^.*'d>nal Manning, the Palace 
Westminster, 1890 . ^aiace, 

Harrison, Birge, Paris. 

2017. Evening on the Seine. 


Hecker, Caroline F., New York 

2018. Yellow and White RoseC 

2019. Roses. 

Josephi, I. A., New York 
^ipa. Midnight (Catalogued also, 

Klumpke, Anna E., Boston 
2020. Portrait of Miss K H (l 
Miss Lilian Horsford Cambridge, 

MacKubin, Florence, Baltimore 

2021. Portrait Study in Yellows 
Mills, Lena, New York. 

2022. Boy’s Head. 

2023. Portrait of a Lady. 
Muhrman, Henry, London. 












Trees and Pond, Hampstead 
Landscape, Hampstead Heatl 
Scene on Hampstead Heath 
Firs and Gorse. 

Houses, Hampstead Heath, 
Vale of Health, Hampstead 
View of Highgate. 

Old Tree. 


Birch Trees. 

Field of Buttercups. 

Dawn, Hampstead Heath. 
Reaugh, Frank, Oak Cliff, Tex. 

2035. Landscape with Cattle. 

2036. February in Texas. 
Reynolds, Alice M., New York. 

2037. Portrait. 

Rolshoven, Julius, Paris. 

2038. In the Shade. 

2039. Ave Maria. 

2040. Chioggia Fishermen Readin| 
A Chioggia Fisherman. 

Two Types, Sotto Moren 

Venice. (Catalogued also No. 86( 
Sherwood,Rosina Emmet, NewYork 

2042. A Sleeping Child. 

2043. The Black Cockade. 

2044. View in Central Park. 

2044a. September. (Lent by Bosi 


Stewart, Jules L., Paris. 

2045. Portrait of Mrs. Broleman, 
by William H. Stewart, Paris.) 

Thomson, William, London. 

2046. Study of a Head. 
Twachtman, J. H.. New York. 

2047. Le Gorge d’Enfer (Throat 0 
(Lent by Charles Scribner’s Sor 

Wadsworth, Adelaide, Boston. 

2048. B ishing Boats at Anchor, 
Wagner, Jacob, Boston. 

2049. Portrait of My Mother. 
Weil, Gertrude, Philadelphia. 

2050. Silence. 





Pen and Ink, Charcoal, Black and White and Other Drawings. 

I, Edward H., Paris. 

/lajella, a Study. (Lent by William 
ig, St. Louis.) 

Charles Morris, Gettysburg, Pa. 

rhe Cornfield at Twilight. 

1 Ink, Charcoal, Black and White, 
and Other Drawings. 

t Wall of North Court; at west end 
St Court, in Alcoves 81 , 94 , 95 ; in the 
central stairways, and in Upper 
ry Alcoves 129 , 153 , 154 , 155 ; in North 
, east wall; in main floor Alcoves 
[, 95; and east and southeast of 

der, J. W. 

Skeesicks Adrift from Redwood 
). (Black and white.) (Lent by 
es Scribner’s Sons, New York.) 
Edwin A. 

\s You Like it. Rosalind: “O Jupiter, 
weary are my spirits.” (Pen draw- 

Merry Wives. Fenton; “And tells me 
thing impossible.” (Pen drawing.) 
Merchant of Venice. “It falleth like 
entle rain from heaven.” (Pen draw- 

Merchant of Venice. Portia; “Away 
I’m locked in one of them.” (Pen 

Tempest. Ferdinand: “I am, in my 
tion, a prince.” (Pen drawing.) 
Tempest. Prospero: “Fetch me the 
ad rapier.” (Pen drawing.) 

Tempest. Miranda and Ferdinand. 

Tempest. Caliban, Trinculo, Steph- 
nd Ariel invisible. (Pen drawing.) 
Tempest. Alonzo, Gonzalo and others 
the circle. (Pen drawing.) 

Tempest. Trinculo; “What have we 
’ (Black and white.) 

Measure for Measure. “Sweet sister, 
jlive.” (Pen drawing.) 

Measure for Measure. Mariana and 
singing. (Black and white in oil.) 
Measure for Measure. Friar Thomas 
ire Duke. (Black and white in oil.) 
Measure for Measure. Angelo and Is- 
i. (Black and white in oil.) 

The above fourteen illustrations of 
2speare were lent by Harper & 

, New York. 

j Exhibit 


Attwood, Francis Gilbert, Boston. 

2068-2077. Ten sketches for “Life.” (Pen 
drawings.) (Lent by Mitchell & Miller, 
New York.) 

Bacher, Otto H., New York. 

2078. Statue of P'erdinand in the Cathedral 
at Malaga. (Pen drawing.) 

2079. Japanese Armor, 14 th Century. (Pen 

2080. Japanese Armor, 16 th Century. (Pen 
drawing.) (Nos. 2078-2080 lent by the 
Century Co., New York.) 

2081. Gram Elevator. (Wash drawing.) 

2082. Unloading a Banana Steamer. (Black 
and while.) 

2083. Night Signaling on an Ocean Steamer. 
(Black and white, oil.) 

Nos. 2081-2083 lent by Charles 
Scribner’s Sons, New York. 

Bellew,F.P. W. 

2084. Sketch for “Life.” (Pen drawing.) 
(Lent by Mitchell & Miller, New York.) 

Birch, Reginald B., New York. 

2085. Brother Stolz’s Beat.(Wash drawing.) 

2086. The Little Lovers. (Black and white.) 

Nos« 2085 , 2086 lent by the Century 

Co., New York. 

Blashfield, Edwin H., New York. 

! 2087. The Fairest Maiden. (Pen drawing.) 

2088. His Lordship’s Bedtime. (Black and 
white, oil.) 

Nos. 2087 , 2088 lent by the Century 
Co., New York. 

2089. Charms with Holy Water.(Black and 
white, oil.) 

2089a. The Vision of Saint Anne. (Nos. 
2089 , 2089 a lent by Charles Scribner’s 
Sons, New York.) 

Bloodgood, Robert F., New York. 

2090. The End of the Outlaw.(Pen drawing.) 

Blum, Robert, New York. 

2091. Wandering Etas. (Pen drawing.) 

2092. Japanese Policeman. (Pen drawing.) 

2093. A Shop for Lamps. (Pen drawing.) 

2094. Japanese Girl. (Pen drawing.) 

2095. Its Tiny Head Swung Hither and 
Thither. (Pen drawing.) 

2096. The Ameya. (Pen drawing.) 

2097. Be Pleased to Bring in the Honorable 
Account. (Wash drawing.) 

2098. My Eye was Caught by the Gleam of a 
Brass Doorknob. (Wash drawing.) 

2099. SheLooked at Me and Spoke Trust¬ 
ingly. (Wash drawing.) 

2100. The Tall Ladder of a Fire Station. 
(Wash drawing.) 

2101. TeaPotandCrockery.( Washdrawing.) 

2102. Benteen Cave,Enoshina.(Wash draw¬ 



Pen and Ink, Charcoal, Black and White and OtheT^^ 



2103. The Amma Japonica. (Wash drawing) 
21^. Where the Proprietor, Stark Naked, 
Pestles the Paddy. (Wash drawing,) 

2105. She Laid her Hand on His Arm. 
(Wash drawing.) 

2i(^. Head of the Street, Enoshina. (Wash 

21^. A Street Scene. Enoshina. (Wash 

2i(^. JapaneseDinner at GoldenKoi.( Wash 

2109. A Little City Back Yard.(Wash draw¬ 

2110. Watching the Election Returns, 
Japan. (Wash drawing.) 

2rn. A Begging Priest. (Black and white.) 
2112. On tne Hillside at Enoshina. (Black 
and white.) 

Nos 2091-2112 lent by Charles 
Scribner s Sons, New York. 

Plankway to Benteen Cave. 
(Wash drawing.) 

2114. Frav Innocencio and Floio. (Pen 
drawing.) ^ ' 

Co.,SY“k:®“® lew by fte Century 
Broughton, C. 

Stage. (Pen drawing ) 

Rrhl" Miller, New York.) 

Bradley, Horace, New York. ’ 

^'Leag?e.^N:Y!^^^'' Student’s 

Burns, M. J. 

“white®)’’ a-id 


2120 nil Gallery. (Black and white.) 
fSi (Black and white) 

white in o”)'’'" House.(Black and 

Scrib)!e“s Son'frll Y„';l Charles 

Castaigne, A., Baltimore. 



“ mal Sing) Provence. (Char- 


“‘white®’'"’' (Black and 

“'fnd whi.?r‘S^ Dance, (Black 

"“white;oi)"« (Black and 


in Fuiic- E 

and white, oil.) 

2130. Festival of the FelibresP ^ 

Mistral. (Black and white 

2131. Running through V^ ' 
(Black and white, in oil) ^ 

2132. Good-bye at Nime^ Proveno 
and white, m oil.) 

Collias, Provenff 

and white, moil.) 

^^ 34 * Isle of Ea BarthelasseiitXij i 
ence (Blackand white i„ '| * 
2135.. Up the IVIaiensi Pass 'L 
white, m oil.) ’ 

^'ofi) J“"g^es.(Blackan(l, 


2138. On a Great Cattle Trail. (Bla, 

(Lent by Charles Sc 
Sons, New York. 

Chapman, Carlton T., New York 

2139. Port of Valparaiso in aNorthei 

2140. White Star Steamer Majestic 
and white.) 

Larg:est Steamer on the 
(Black and white.) 

Lhe above three drawings wi 
by Charles Scribner’s Sons, New ’ 
Chase, William M., New York. 
Like Mother Like Daughter 
drawing.) (Lent by Harper & Bn 

Church, F. S., New York. 

LMpjacks. (Black and white, 
by Harper & Bros., New York.) 

2144. Sketch for Window for Tiffan 
Co. (Black and white.) 

Cox, Kenyon, New York. 

2145. M. Daubray of the Palais Roy 
drawing, after photo.) (Lent by 1 
Scribner’s Sons. New York.T 

^^46. Bust of Olin \ 
(Pen drawing.) 

2147* Veiled Moorish Woman. (Per 
lug, after photo.) 

^^48.) The lroquoisArrow.(Black am 

2149. Reading in the Chapter Ro 
(Black and white, oil.) 

I ^ above four drawings we 
y the Century Co., New York. 

JiS’ Nutley, N. J. 

?w J^l^'ctant, She Turned tc 

Cn M (Lent by the C 

•-0., New York.). 



Pen and Ink, Charcoal, Black and White and Other Drawings. 

an, Herbert. 

Satisfactory as any Visitors Are the 
dren. (Black and white, oil.) 

Another Visitor Who Never Misses a 
[come, is the Bringer of Eatables. 
,ck and white, oil.) 

The above two drawings were lent 
'harles Scribner’s Sons, New York, 
ond, F. V., New York. 

Bamboula. (Black and white.) 

Tryste Noel. (Scratch.) 

The above two drawings were lent 
Harper & Bros., New York. 

Madonna. (Black and white, oil.) 

Holding Tight to Patty’s Hand, 
.ck and white, oil.) 

The above two drawings were lent 
he Century Co., New York. 

1, Wyatt. 

Asleep Upon the Grass. (Pen draw- 
) (Lent by Charles Scribner’s Sons, 


rds, George Wharton, New York. 

One Would Have Thought She was 
.lly a Boy. (Black and white.) 

At Dinner. (Black and white.) 

The above two drawings were lent 
the Century Co., New York.) 

Harry, Montclair, N. J. 

Sepulchres ofFerdinand andlsabella, 
iip, and Joanna in the Royal Chapel, 
nada. (Pen drawing.) 

Escutcheon and Fireplace in the 
lor House, Gardiner’s Island. (Pen 

Castillo de la Mota, near Medina, 
in. (Wash drawing.) 

Kiga. (Wash drawing.) 

P'irst Glimpse of the Kusneh, Petra. 
Lck and white.) 

Tower of Trinity Church, Boston. 
Lck and white.) 

The above seven drawings were lent 
the Century Co., New York. 

Rousseau’sHouse andStairs to Studio, 
dis Death, 1867. (Black and white.) 

East End of Ganne’s Hotel,Barbizon. 
.ck and white.) 

The above two drawings were lent 
Charles Scribners, Sons, New York. 

On the Common, Gardiner’s Island, 
.ck and white.) * 

!, Stephen J., Philadelphia. 

Fortuny Lying in State. (Crayon.) 

It by Edward H. Coates, Philadel- 

r, John A., New York. 

Back of the Village, Chiddingstone, 
it. (Black and white.) 



2171. Cathedral Rocks, Yosemite. (Black 
and white.) 

2172. Sentinel Rock. (Black and white.) 

2173. The Corner, Kent. (Wash drawing.) 

Nos. 2171, 2173 lent by the Century 

Co., New York. 

Fraser, Malcolm, Paris. 

2174. The Road to Johore—A’ Malay Vil¬ 
lage. (Wash drawing.) (Lent by the Cen¬ 
tury Co., New York.) 

Frost, A. B., Courent, Morris County, N. J. 

2175. Have You Happened to Hear Any¬ 
body Speak of Me? (Pen drawing.) 

2176. Is Dese yer Bobolitionists Got Horns 
’n’ Huffs? (Pen drawing.) 

The above two drawings were lent 
by the Century Co., New York. 

2177. The Negro Leaned, Exhausted, 
Against the Wall. (Pen drawing.) 

2178. Men at a Card Table. (Pen drawing.) 

2179. An’ then He Marched off to Bed by 
Himself. (Pen drawing.) 

2180. We’ll AllSwa’rto it. (Wash drawing.) 

2181. If You Pull that Trigger and Hit the 
Mark, Ye can Ride off Free. (Wash draw¬ 

2182. Dead as a Hammer—Ain’t He, Mac? 
(Wash drawing.) 

The above six drawings were lent 
by Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York. 

2183. A Prize. (Black and white.) 

2184. Fishing for Striped Bass in the Surf. 
(Black and white.) 

2185. The Ice Harvest. (Black and white.) 

2186. Missed Him Agin, by Ginger! (Black 
and white.) 

2187. Quail Shooting—Four Barrels and 

Four Birds. (Black and white.) The 

above five drawings were lent by Har¬ 
per & Bros., New York. 

Gates, J. H. 

2188. ASketch,for “Life.”(Black and white.) 
(Lent by Mitchell & Miller, New York.) 

Gaul, Gilbert, New York. 

2189. A Pulque Carrier, Mexico. (Black 
and white in oil.) 

2190. The Journey in the Market Cart. 
(Black and white in oil.) 

2191. Landing at Chagres. (Black and 
white in oil.) 

2192. Pleasant Weather in the Gulf. (Black 
and white in oil.) 

2193. Gorgona, Panama. (Black and white 
in oil.) 

2194. The Pilot, Jamaica. (Black and white 
in oil.) 

2195. The Kitchen, Jamaica. (Black and 
white in oil.) 



Pen snd Ink, Charcoal, Black and 'W^hite and Other Drawin 



2196. Pleased. A Cheer for the Old P'lag. 
(Black and white in oil.) 

2197. The Master’s Lunch, Jamaica. (Black 
and white in oil.) 

2198. Dining-room, French’s Hotel, Pana¬ 
ma. (Black and white in oil.) 

2199. The* Steamer is in Panama. (Black 
and white in oil.) 

2200. A Crowded Steamer. To California 
in 1849 . (Black and white, oil.) 

The above twelve drawings were 
lent by the Century Co., New York. 
Gibson, C. D., New York. 

2201. Yes, it is too Bad. (Pen drawing.) 

2202. You Must Tell Your Friend Notto be 
frightened at the House. (Pen drawing.) 

2203. Awfully Kind of You to Come to Our 
Little Shanty in the Wilderness. (Pen 

2204. And the Two Smoked in Silence. (Pen 

2205. Aren’t You Pleased With Me? (Pen 


22^. Debutantes Leaning on His Arm. 
(Pen drawing.) 

the House 
Her a Jolly Girl. (Pen drawing.) 

2208. Mrs. Vernon had Crossed the Rubi¬ 
con. (Pen drawing.) 

2209. He is Waiting for Me. (Pen drawing.) 

and Lady William Hampshire. 
(Pen drawing.) ^ 

2211. We are Behind Time, Mrs. Vane Ben¬ 
son and 1 . (Pen drawing.) 


2213. The Meeting in Mrs. Van Shuter’s 
Empire Room. (Pen drawing.) 

2214 I Am Glad that Tempest in a Tea- 
IS Ovei. (Pen drawing.) 

fourteen drawings were 
lent by the Century Co., New Yorl. 

ing.)^^"^ First Appearance. (Pen draw- 

(Pen drawing.) 

SIq (Wash drawing.) 

2219. A Serious Question. (Wash drawing.) 

by Charle^ were lent 

New ''“I' 

(Lent by Mitchell & MiHe’rT'iKw 




2223. In the Moonlight. (Ppn ,i 

2224. Drifting Apart. (Pen l?'- 

2228. Time! (Pen drawing) 

2229. In Leap Year. (Pen drawin 

“w ir Year. Starling y 

2aS (Pen drai", 

2231. In Leap Year. After Havtl 
the Men Waiting. (Pen drawing) 

2232. The Horse Show. (Pen drawl 

2233. That Delicious Moment Vvl 
ai e Asked to Take in to Dinner t 
Who Refused You Yesterday 

2234. A Summer Vacation. (Pen dn 

2235. Fourth of July. (Pen drawin 

2236. At Mrs.Van Tappan’s. (Pendn 

2237. At Mrs. Daubleigh Chrome’s 

^^38. At the Gentlemen’s Sons Cl 
Club. (Pen drawing.) 

Gibson, W. Hamilton, Brooklyn. 
2239. Night Hawk. (Pen drawing) 
Orange Boughs. (Charcoa).)' 
A Misty Moonlight. (Smoke,’ 
Los Loros, Andes. (Black and' 
. A California Garden. (Blac 

2244. The Bobolink at Home. (Bla 

2245. A Midnight Tragedy. (Blac 

2246. The Wild Garden. (Black and 

2247. A Winter Ravine. (Black and 

2248. The SlySilver Fox. (Black and 

2249. CyrepediumSpectabile. (Bla 

^^50* A Relic of the Departed 
(Black and white.) 

2251. A Southern Canebrake Jungle, 
and white.) 

2252. On Bayou Teche, Louisiana, 
and white.) 

Nos. 2251 , 2252 lent by E, 
Gibson, New York. 

Hammer, John J., New York. 

2 * 53 * Study Head. (Charcoal.) 
Helmick, Howard, Washington, D. ( 
■ -^I^uy a Bride Stepped from i 
Her Husband’s Whaler. (Black and 
2255. Faith’d Fetch It. (Black and 
Floor Lay Berrian 1 
(Black and white, oil.) 

Nos. 2254-2256 lent by the C 
Co., New York. 







Pen and Ink, Charcoal, Black and White and Other Drawings. 



/^"sketch, for » Life.” (Pen dra^^nng ) 
Lent by Mitchell & Miller, New York.) 

chcock, George. , r. 

3. A North Sea Dutch Fisherman. 

^ash drawing.) . • . i. 

Corner of a Dutch Captain s Kitchen. 

Black and white.) k 

0 Dutch Fishing Boats. The above 
iree drawings were lent by Charles 
Scribner’s Sons, New York, 
de, W. H., New York. 

1, At Home. (Pen drawing.) 

2. ^°SkS'ch No. 1 , for “ Life.” (Pen draw- 

Sketch No. 2 , for “Life.” (Wash 
Rawing.) (Lent by Mitchell & Miller, 
slew York.) 

mble, E. W.,New Rochelle, N. Y. 

4. Have You Forgot Your Brother Ab., 
’eggy? (Pen drawing.) 

5. Sergeant Bowers Receiving Orders. 

Pen drawing.) . 

6 . Sperrits. (Pen drawing.) 

,7. The Plantation Bell. (Pen drawing.) 
iS! Food for the Confederate Wounded. 

Pen drawing.) . • x 

^ A Race Problem. (Pen drawing.) 
rm The Cake Walk. (Pen drawing.) 
ri. Polly Ann. (Pen drawing.) 

12. Uncle Peter Bean. In the Cotton 
dill, Georgia. (Two pen drawings,) 
n. A Field Hand. (Pen drawing.) 

^4. Like an Ebony Statue of Liberty 
Wash drawing.) 

15, Saving His Master. (Black and white.) 

The above thirteen drawings were 
.ent by the Century Co., New York. 

>w. Will H., New York. 

76. Through Our Tendriled Arches the 
Famed ^olian Quire. (Black and white.) 
Lent by the Century Co., New York.) 

77. Old Field at Barbizon. (Wash.) 

78. Narcissus. (Black and white, oil.) 
The above two drawings were lent 

by Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York, 
illet, F. D., New York. * 

79. Study of Heads. (Pen drawing.) 

80. A Prisoner. (Pencil.) 

81. In the Supper Room. (Black and 

82. Camel Driver. (Black and white.) 

83. Driving a Team. (Black and white.) 
eza, Wilson de, Lakewood, N. J. 

84. Sketch No. 1 , for “ Life.” (Black and 

85. Sketch No. 2 , for “ Life.” (Black and 



2286. Sketch No. 3 , for “ Life.” (Black and 

The above three sketches were lent 
by Mitchell & Miller, New York. 

2287. Drawing for Illustration. (Black and 

2288. When Through Feast-Litten Halls. 
(Black and white.) 

Metcalf, W. L., New York. 

2289. Stinnerd House, Pelham Bay Park. 
(Pen drawing.) 

2290. The Picture Gallery. (Black and 

2291. He Drove the Knife Through His 
Hand. (Black and white.) 

2292. Cable Hut at Shore End. (Black and 
white, oil.) 

The above four drawings were lent 
by Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York. 
Mowbray, A. Siddons. 

2293. Ben Hur. (Black and white, oil.) 
(Lent by Harper & Bros., New York.) 

Newell, P. S. 

2294. A Reminder of Old Virginia. (Black 
and white.) (Lent by Harper & Bros., 
New York.) 

Nichols, H. D. 

2295. Interior of Manufactures and Liberal 
Arts Building, W. C. E. (Black and 
white.) (Lent by Harper & Bros., New 

Pape, Frederick S. M., Paris. 

2296. The Sphinx by Moonlight. (Pen 
drawing.) (Lent by Century Co., New 

Parsons, Alfred, New York. 

2297. Crossing Weir. (Wash drawing.) 

2298. In Silistria. (White and black.) 

2299. Singing Shepherd. (White and black.) 

2300. Pig Wallow. (Black and white.) 

2301. Ischatal, St. George. (Black and 

2302. Camp opposite Kalafat. (Black and 

The above six drawings were lent by 
'Harper & Bros., New York. 

2303. The Snowdrop. (Black and white.) 

2304. Daffodils. (Black and white.) 
Pennell, Joseph, London. 

2305. St. Edmund’s Chapel, Westminster 
Abbey. (Pen drawing.) 

2306. York Cathedral: Chapter House, Five 
Sisters, and Central Tower. (Pen draw- 

2306a. York Cathedral—East from North 
Aisle of Retro-Choir. (Pen drawing.) 

2307. Old Battersea Church, Chelsea. (Pen 



Pen and Ink, Charcoal, Black and White and Other Drawi 



the Angel Choir. Lincoln 
Cathedral. (Pen drawing.) 

23^. Western Part of Ely Cathedral, from 
Garden m Close. (Pen drawing.) 

^^drawfn Harrowell’s Shop, Rugby. (Pen 
from Boccaccio’s Villa 

(ren drawing.) 

2312. In the Garden, Boccaccio’s Villa 
(Pen drawing.) 

"’(Pen drawing^Abbey. 
"’drawSg ? “ 


d«™tr' Looking 

=Wdrt"“T"'’ ' 




2319. Winchester Cathedral Choir and Pres- 
LeV'"®. V,=‘- fPoncil drawing 
’“^ ‘^“•Ledfal. 

"’(Wash ^=‘'' 0 . Looking East. 

• ’gL.'^rptSri’wZg.f ^-.ds, 

wereTem bvX by Pennell 

2324 Sr Pei York. 

Cross to St. Paul’s. Charing 

Cmss to\t Charing 

Cross to St^'paulf^S^^ Charing 

^?o'St.^Pauf i. from Charing Cross 

to St. 

Pennington, Harper. New V,a 1 


(Lent by the Centurv ^ white.) 

drawing.)' “'"o P«roi Boat. (Wash 

■ The abovrfwo*?'"* 

Charles Scribner’c^^^^*^^® ''^ore lent 
Pyle, Howard, Wilmino^*’ York. 
2332. In the Vaniv nf 
m oil.) ^y* ( 1 ) (Black and white 

Valley. (2) 

(Black a 



2333 - In the 
in oil.) 

2334 .^ijln the Valley. (3) 

"’»d;ite’iu"oih)’‘‘' IS 

2336. Gambetta Proclaiming the t 
(Black and white in oil.) 

23^. A Moment Later There wa 

Hammering at the Door S 
white in oil.) ' 

Vhe above six drawings wp 

Charles Scribner’s Sons NW v 
2338. Indian Woman Saving tb 

the Canal in Old At 
(Black and white, oil.) 

The above two drawings we 
Harper & Bros., New York 

2340. I hey Used to Drill Every 

^lack and white.) (Lent by the 
Co., New York.) ^ 

Redwood, Allen C., Bergen Poii 

2341. .Barksdale’s Mississippians 
Laymg of Pontoon Bridges. (I 

A Camp Toilet. (Pen dray 

2343 - I in Ready to Begin Right Ni 
and white.) 

2344- General Grant Can’t Have: 
from this Spring. (Black and whit 

2345- Perpetual Motion. (Black a 
Here. (Black and white.) 
Our March Against Po 


A Stag Dance. (Black and 
-•• ^ne Retreat fromGettysbu 

and white.) 

(Black an 

Nos. 2^1-2348 lent by the Cer 
New York. 

Reinhart, Charles S., New York. 
2349 - A Kissing Gate. (Pen dra; 
^350. Government Wharf, Fort 
(Pen drawing.) 

^ 3 Si» Up the Hudson. (Pen dra\ 
(CharcoaTf'^ of Charles Dudley 

■^.^®ar-Sighted Deputy. (( 
354 * Liberal and Conservative.(( 
A Tramp. (Charcoal.) 
Christmas Morning. (Chan 
Illustration. (Black and wl 
_ . Bkating. (Wash drawing.) 
Kemmgton, Frederick, New Rochi 

"’?rk„tagr® "■ 

2360. The Old Trapper. (Pen dn 









Pen and Ink, Charcoal, Black and White and Other Drawings. 


, A Member of the Mounted Police, 
,nada. (Pen drawing.) 

, Infantry Covering the Withdrawal of 
.valry, (Wash drawing.) 

, Behind the Breastworks,Besieged by 
:es. (Wash drawing.) 

. A Sample Steed. (Black and white.) 

. A War Party of Comanches “Jump- 
y” a Hunter’s Camp. (Black and white.) 

^ Splitting the Buffalo Herd. (Blat:k 
,d white, oil.) 

. “Boots and Saddles.” (Black and 
lite, oil.) Nos. 2359-2367 lent by the 
mtury Co., New York. 

. Rounding Up. (Wash drawing.) 

. Pitching Broncos. (Wash drawing.) 

. General Miles Reviewing the Mex- 
in Army. (Wash drawing.) 

. Polish Village. (Wash drawing.) 

. Some Idle Notes on “The Most Noble 
rofession” in Europe. (Wash drawing.) 

At the Horse Show. (Wash drawing.) 
os. 2368-2373 lent by Harper & Bros., 
ew York. 

des, Charles W., Chicago. 

Study Head. (Charcoal.) (Lent by 
rs. Charles R. Rhodes, Marietta, O.) 
inson, Theodore, New York. 

Claude Monet. (Charcoal.) (Lent 
! the Century Co., New York.) 

;ers, W. A., New York. 

i. Home, Sweet Home. 

\ You Put in Two Dollars and Eighty 
ents. (Pen drawing.) 

I. Lost. (Black and white.) 

>. Three Cheers for the First Sod. 
hack and white.) 

). In the Narrow Trail. (Black and 

The above five drawings were lent 
the Century Co., New YorT:, 
t. Sketch No. 1 , for “Life.” (Pen draw- 


j. Sketch No. 2 , for “Life.” (Pen draw- 

j. Sketch No. 3 , for “Life.” (Pen draw- 


j. Sketch No. 4 , for “Life.” (Pen draw- 

The above four drawings were lent 
y Mitchell & Miller, New York. 

5. The Postman. (Pen drawing.) 

5 . Armed Peace. (Pen drawing.) 

7. The Chapel Steps. (Pen drawing.) 

3. The Call for Trumps. (Pen drawing.l 
7. Sunday in the Park. (Pen drawing.) 
3. Museum Treasures. (Pen drawing.) 

1. Inauguration Ball. (Pen drawing.) 

2. A Tug of War. (Pen drawing.) 




2393. A Belle of Greenwich(Wash drawing) 

2394. Broadway Stage, 1831 . (Black anci 

2395 - Prologue to “She.”(Black and white.) 

2396. Camp h'ire. (Black and white.) 

2397. Out of the Game. (Black and white.) 

2398. Arab Colony of New York. (Black 
and white.) 

2399. No Frost Within. (Black and white.) 

2400. The Salvation Army. (Black and 

Sandham, Henry, Boston. 

2401. Snow-shoeing by Torchlight. (Black 
and white.) (Lent by the Century Co., 
New York.) 

Shirlaw, Walter, New York. 

2402. Broad Street Railway Station, Phila¬ 
delphia. (Black and white.) (Lent by 
Charles Scribner’s Son’s New York.) 

Small, Frank O., Boston. 

2403. Pop Concert. (Black and white.) 

2404. The Last Picnic of the Season.(Black 
and white.) 

The above two drawings were lent 
by Harper & Bros., New York. 

2405. The Dawn Struggling w'ith the Night. 
(Black and white.) 

2406. A Forgotten Ancestor. (Black and 

2407. Christmas Presents at the Breakfast 
Table. (Black and white.) 

2408. Afternoon, Commonwealth Avenue, 
Boston. (Black and white.) 

2409. Said in Passing. (Black and white.) 

2410. Sketch No. 1 , for “Life.” (Black and 
white.) (Lent by Mitchell & Miller, New 

Smedle^' W. T., New York. 

2411. Exhibition Grounds in 1891 . (Black 
and white.) 

2412. Before the Agricultural Building. 
(Black and white.) See also 1330 a. 

2413. Lake Front — side of main building. 
(Black and white.) 

Nos. 2411-2413 (lent by Charles 
Scribner’s Sons, New York.) 

2414. At the Hotel. (Black and white.) 
(Lent by Harper & Bros., New York.) 

2415. In a Restaurant. (Pencil.) 

2416. Illustration. (Black and white.) 

2417. Old Guard Ball. (Black and white.) 

2418. An Invitation to the Dance. (Black 
and white.) 

2419. In the House of Representatives. 
(Black and white.) 

2420. Cowboy. (Black and white.) 

2421. Illustration. (Wash drawing.) 

2422. Ladies’ Gallery, House of Represen¬ 
tatives. (Black and white.) 



Pen and Ink, Charcoal, Black and White and Other Drawr 



2423. Easter Lilies. (Black and white.) 

2424. Broadway at Night.(Black and white.) 

2425. Promenade Concert, Madison Square 
Garden. (Black and white.) 

2426. A Bishop. (Black and white.) 

2427. Relics of George Washington.(Black 
and white.) 

2428. Onnalinda. (Black and white.) 

2429. When the Tide Comes in.(Black and 

2430. Jane Field, I aint Esther Maxwell. 
(Black and white.) (Lent by Harper & 
Bros., New York.) 

Rocks at Narragansett Pier. 
(Black and white.) 

2432. Sunday Morning,FifthAvenue.fBlack 
and white.) 

2433- A King’s Daughter.(Black and white.) 
2434.. Christmas Shopping. (Black and 

2435* On the Down Town Ferry (Black 
and white.) 

2436. A Bit of Decoration. (Black and 
white.) (Lent by Charles Scribner’s Sons, 
New York.) 

Smith, F. Hopkinson, New York. 

^ Summer 
(Lent by Charles 
Scribners Sons, New York.) 

2438. Windmill. (Charcoal.) 

2439. Scene in Venice. (Black and white.) 
Stephens, Alice Barber, Philadelphia. 

2440. Music. (Black and white.) (Lent by 

Philadelphia.) ^ 

2441. Pheir Perfume Flooded the House 


S'^^P'Sny. (Pen drawing.) 

11;di!)lherque)""'- pen 

"‘'sWKard"Vh J’’? Thnt Dolt, That 

(wffhdrkwTJg) '■ “y “eil? 


‘%iti) ' "'eP‘- (Blnck and 

2448. ;^yionnement was What I Wanted 

^50. The A'" drawing.) 

above two drtwinis 

& Bros., New York ^ Harper 

Taber, W., New York 
^451. A Rescue. (Wash drawing.) 






2453. M ission San Dolores s' 
noon., (Pioneer San 
Drawing.) ^^ancisco 

u 4 ^Lree drawing, „ 

Co., New York 

Z2 h York 

■ 2454 - The Ingle Nook. (Pen Hn 
(Lent by W. C. Gibson, Pen ct 
^ 455 - Quarrel in the TaverM? 
wh,te.) Lent by A. SchSr£^ 

2457. Two Girls. (Pen drawing.) 
A Question of Wines. (Penriy; 
At the Luncheon. (Pen dra- 
Gossip. (Pen drawing) 
Hiring a Butler. (Pen draw, 
Taylor, W. L, 

2462 On the Beach. (Wash dra.-,t; 
York^^^ Charles Scribner’s Soi^ 

Thompson, Ernest E. 

2463. At Midday. The Last offt,: 
toes. (Was^h drawing.) (Lentbvi; 
Scribners Sons, New York.) 
Thulstrup, T. de. New York. 
lit' bfP>'Choate. (Wash <i,JR 
“I??;* ml"*’,'®” Exposition, Wo* 
Staff. (Black and white.) 


2467. An Evening at the Horse Show' 
and white.) 

2468. Admiral Walker. (Black and; 
I he above five drawings we 

by Harper & Bros.. New York. 

2469. The Three Hussars. (Blad 
white ) (Lent by Charles Scribner’s 
New York.) 

2470. The Dinner Table in a Non 
rarmhouse. (Black and white.) 

^"^white^ hlujik’s Funeral. (Black 

2472. Norwegian Fisher Family. ( 
and white.) ' 

Traktier’s. (Black and* 
^^^ite) ° s Garden, Berlin. (Blac 

2475- Military Road in the Caucasus.! 
and white.) 

^he Imperial C 

(Black and white.) 

Vll’ Princes. (Black andv 

white) ^ Yachting Party. (Blad 

^479. Persian Bazar at Nijni Novi 
(Black and white.) 



Pen and Ink, Charcoal, Black and White and Other Drawings. 





[480. Horse Artillery Going into Action. 
(Black and white.) 

>481. Crossing the Channel. (Black and 
white, oil.) 

fyler, Bayard H., New York. 

1482. Group of Trees. (Charcoal.) 

1483. Indian Head, Palisades. (Charcoal.) 

/an Schaick, S. W. 

[485. Sketch No. 2 , for “ Life.” (Black and 

•486. Sketch No. 3 , for “ Life.” (Black and 

>487. Sketch No. 4 , for “ Life.” (Black and 

5488. Sketch No. 5 , for “ Life." (Black and 

2489. Sketch No. 6, for “ Life.” (Black and 

Nos. 2485-2489 lent by Mitchell & 
Miller, New York. 

Wenzell, A. B., New York. 

2490. Won’t You take Me to My Aunt? 
(Black and white.) 

2491. She Came Downstairs in a Great Fur- 
trimmed Robe. (Black and white.) 

2491a. You Know Mr. Reavis? (Black and 

Nos. 2490 , 2491 , 2491 a lent by the 
Century Co., New York. 

2492. The Diamonds. (Black and white.) 
(Lent by Harper & Bros., New York.) 

2493. Sketch No. 1 , for “ Life.” (Black and 

2494. Sketch No. 2 , for “ Life.” (Black and 

2495. Sketch No, 3 , for “ Life.” (Black and 

2496. Sketch No. 4 , for “ Life.” (Black and 

2497. Sketch No. 5 , for “ Life.” (Black and 

2498. Sketch No. 6, for “ Life.” (Black and 

2499. Sketch No. 7 , for “ Life.” (Black and 
white, oil.) 

2500. Sketch No. 8, for “ Life.” (Black and 

2501. Sketch No. 9 , for “ Life.” (Black and 

2502. Sketch No. 10 , for “ Life.” (Black and 

2503. Sketch No. 11 , for “ Life.” (Black and 

2504. Sketch No. 12 , for “ Life." (Black and 

The above twelve sketches were lent 
by Mitchell & Miller, New York. 

Wickenden, Robert J., Paris. 

2505. Study of Oaks, Island of Jersey. 
Wiles, Irving R., New York. 

2506. Ignace Jan Paderewski. (Charcoal.) 

2507. I ain’t Religious; 1 Drink. (Wash 

2508. In the Designing Room, Y. W. C. A. 
(Wash drawing.) 

2509. Photo. Negative Retouching, Y. W. 
C. A. (Wash drawing.) 

5510. The Salesroom, Y. W. C. A. (Wash 

2511. Cohanim Blessing the People. (Wash 

2512. A Jewish Wedding. (Wash drawing.) 

2513. - Confirmation, Temple Emanu-El. 
(Wash drawing.) 

2514. The Choir. (Wash drawing.) 

2515. Class in Phonography. (Wash draw- 

2516. Rock of Ages. (Black and white, oil.) 
The above eleven drawings were 

lent by the Century Co., New York. 

2517. The Printing Office. (Wash drawing.) 

2518. The Carpenter Shop. (Wash drawing.) 
Nos. 2517 , 2518 lent by Charles Scrib¬ 
ner’s Sons, New York. 

2519. Illustration for a Story. (Wash draw¬ 
ing.) (Lent by Ladies’ Jlome Journal, 

2520. d'he Morning Paper. (Wash drawing.) 
(Lent by W. M. Chase, New York.) 

2521. A Study. (Wash drawing.) (Lent by 
C. C. Curran, New York.^ 

2522. A Mendicant. (Wash drawing.) 
Woodbury, Charles Herbert, Boston. 

2523. Market at Thun. (Pencil.) 

2524. In Switzerland. (Pencil.) 

2525. Rutch Lane. (Pencil.) 

2526. Building at Hoven. (Pencil.) 

2527. Thun Castle,from the River. (Pencil.) 

2528. Cedar Tree, Beverly. (Pencil.) 
Woodward, E., New Orleans. 

2529. Pen Studies. 

Woodward, J. D. 

2530. A Pond Ef¥ect. (Black and white, oil.) 
(Lent by Charles Scribner’s Sons, New 

Zogbaum, R. F. 

2531. A Landing. The Advanced Skir¬ 
mishers. fBlack and white.) 

2532. Shore Drill. Pegging Away at an Im¬ 
aginary Enemy. (Black and white.) 

Nos. 2531 - 2-532 lent by Charles Scrib¬ 
ner’s Sons, New York. 

2533. All Hands to .Skylark! (Black and 
(white.) (Lent by'Harper & Ilros., New 








Selections from Groups 139 , 140 , 141 , 143 , 
144 —Drawings Hung in Upper Gallery 
Alcoves 143 , 145 , 146 , 147 , 149 - 155 ; 
Models in West Court 
Against Rotunda. 



Adler,Sullivan & Ramsey, St. Louis. 

2534. Entrance to Union Trust Go. Build¬ 
ing. (Pen.) 

2534a- St. Nicholas Hotel, St. Louis. 

2534b. Union Trust Co. Building, St. 


Aldrich, Chester Holmes, New York 
2535 - Well — S. Pietro in Vinculis 

2535a. Tomb — Museo Madonna di Gagini. 
Andrews, Robert D., Boston, 

2536. Unexecuted design for a house for 
J. Montgomery Sears, Southboro, Mass. 
(\\ ash.) (Lent by Andrews, Jacques & 
Rantoul, Boston.) 

See also Nos. 2 , 614 , 2 , 615 , 2 , 706 . 

Ash, Percy, Philadelphia. 

2537. 'Study for a country house. (Water 

2537a. Memorial/ chapel on a rocky coast. 
(Water color.) 

Babb, Cook & Willard, New York. 

2538. Competitive design for building to be 
erected fov fijanhattan Life Insurance 
Co. (Water color.) 

2538a. Competitive design for office build- 
J' ('^V^ter color.) 

^538ffi Office budding at St, Paul. .(Water 
^SSSc.^Portico of above building. (Photo- 

Insurance Co. Build- 

Thotog°‘kph,‘r“ ‘“'Ming. 

2540a. Destir'^in <"'«« “>»'■) 

(Waerchor.) ™'" “""'S' 

Berg & Clark. 


Exhibit ' 


Bissegger John J., Philadelphia ' 
2542. An Art Museum. ^ 
2542a. A Choragic Monument. 
Blaney, Dwight, Boston. 

2543 - The Cathedral at ChartrpQ r 
(Water color.) 

^43a. The Arch of Titus, Rome 
Boggs, Edward T., Pittsburg 

2544 - Design for a Choragic Monun,. 
Boring, Tilton & Mellen, New York ' 

2545 - Competitive design for 
Savings Bank. (Perspective) ** 

2545a. Carnegie Library, competitive e 
ing for. (Pen.) ^ 

Brown, A. Page, San Francisco. 

2546. The California Buildin? W r 
(Water color.) 

Brunner & Tryon, New York. 

2547. Main Entrance, Temple Betl 

2547a. Shrine for Temple Beth-El (\\ 

color.) ' ' 

2548. Satlein Building. (Water color 

2549. Buildings to be erected for i 

Burns, Charles M., Philadelphia. 

2550. Design for a choir screen, of n 
constructed entirely in Philadel 
(Water color.) 

Bush-Brown, Mrs, M. Lesley, Newb 
N, Y. 

2551. A fragment of the mural deco 
for a music room. (Oil painting.) 

See also No. 230 . 

2551a. Scheme for mural decoration 
music room. 

Carrere & Hastings, New York, 

Hotel Ponce de Leon, St. A 
tine, Fla. 

2552. Perspective of P'ronts. (Water 
by R. Blum.) 

2553 - Elevation. (Water color.) 

2554- Plan, including Cascade and 
Church. (Water color.) 

2555 - Court. (Pen drawing.) 

2557 - Cathedral of St. John the I 
perspective. (Pen drawing.) 

2558. Main elevation of the same, 

2559 - P-oiigitudinal Section. (Pen 


25w. Ground plan. (Pen drawing.) 

2501. Proposed Auditorium building, 
more—Elevation on Mt. Royal Ave 

2562. Plan of main floor of the same, 

^ 5 ^- Mail and Express office buik 
Pulton street elevation. (Photogra 





■y, George, Buffalo. 

3a. Proposed house for J. N, Scatchard, 
;uffalo, N. Y._ (Water color.) 

•y & Trowbridge, Buffalo. 

Project for Erie County Saving 

iton, Charles W., New York. 

5. Competitive design for Grant monu- 
lent, elevation. (Wash.) 

5. Front elevation of Mutual Life In- 
irance building, New York. (Pen draw- 

Iman, Stephen, Boston. 

7. Design for boat club house on pro- 
osed embankment on Charles River 
'a(;:ade. (Water color.) 

3 . Water front of the same. (Water 

j. Plans of the same. 

)ke, James H., Philadelphia. 

3. Memorial Chapel on a Rocky Coast. 
Pen drawing.) 

3e, Walter, Philadelphia. 

1. Frame of pencil sketches. 

je & Stewardson, Philadelphia. 

2. Design for Pennsylvania Railroad 
tation. (Water color.) 

3. Design for proposed building for the 
ennsylvania Company for in-surance 
n Lives, etc. (Water color.) 

4. Another design for the same. (Water 

5. House at Merion, Pa. (Water color.) 
5 . Design for Cathedral of St. John the 
)ivine, rendered by Arthur Truscott. 

7. Denbigh Hall, Bryn Mawr College, 
a. (Pen drawing.) 

1. House at Overbrook, Pa. (Pen draw- 

im, Wentworth & Goodhue, Boston. 

j. Accepted design for St. Matthew’s 
athedral, Dallas, Texas. (Pen drawing.) 
3. All Saints Church, Dorchester, Mass. 
Pen drawing.) 

r. St. Paul’s Church, Brockton, Mass. 

sack, William H., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

2. Cathedral, front elevation. (Pycn 

3. Side elevation of the same. (Pen 

as, R. L., Brooklyn. 

4. Thirteenth Regiment Armory, 
rooklyn. (Water color.) 

7, Frank Miles, Philadelphia. 

5. House for H. Cummings, at German- 
)wn. (Water color.) 

S. House of C. W. Bergner, at Ambler, 
a, (Water color.) 



Dempwolf, Reinhardt, York, Pa. 

2587. Detail of restoration of cornice of the 
Temple of the Sun, Rome. (Wash.) 

Du Fais, John, New York. 

2587a. The Tiffany-Gorham Pavilion in the 
Centre of the Building of Manufactures 
and Liberal Arts. 

Dull, John, Philadelphia. 

2588. Study for a pulpit. 

Eames & Young, St. Louis. 

2589. House in Portland Place. (W'ater 
color by Hughson Hawley.) 

Evans, Alfred F., Chicago. 

2590. A fountain to commemorate the dis¬ 
covery of America. (Wash.) 

Everett, Herbert E., Philadelphia. 

2591. Design for a theatre curtain. (Water 

Eyre, Wilson Jr., Philadelphia. 

2592. Study for a country house. (Water 

2593. House at South Bethlehem, Pa. 
(Pen drawing.) 

2594. House on Locust Street,Philadelphia. 
(Pen drawing.) 

2595. House at Southport, Long Island 
Sound. (Pen drawing.) 

2596. Kebo Valley Club House, Bar Har¬ 

Flagg, Ernest. 

2597. Study fc.r an Academy of the Fine 
Arts, New York. Section. (Water color.) 

Fosdick, J. V/illiam, New York. 

2598- Decorative burnt drawing. 

Fowler, Frank, New York. 

2599. Panels for threefold screen. (Oil 

See Nos. 44 . 3 , 444 , 445 , 446 , 447 , 448 , 
449 , 450 , 450 a, 450 b, -which belong here. 

Fraenkel & Schmidt, Chicago, 

2600. A Mountain Home. (Water color, by 
T. C. Fraenkel.) 

Gibson, R. V/. 

260X. Competitive design for Cathedral of 
St. John the Divine, New York. (Pen 

Gilbert & Taylor, St. Paul. 

2602. Cottage on Manitou Island. (Pen 

2603. Little Church, St. Paul. (Pen draw¬ 

2604. Entrance, Endicott Building, St. 
Paul. (Photograph.) 

2604a. Fa^'ade, Endicott Building. (Photo¬ 

260s Entrance Hall, same building, three 
views. (Photographs.) 

2606. Balcony, same building. (Photo¬ 








2607. Endicott Arcade—Construction- 
views. (Photographs.) 

2608. Three interior views, Endicott 
cade. (Photographs.) 

2608a. Fagade of Endicott Building. (Photo¬ 

Green & Wicks, Buffalo. 

2609. House for Mrs. C. H. Strong, Erie, 
Pa. (Wash.) 

2610. Dining-room for the same. (Water 

2611. Bank of Commerce, Buffalo. (Wash.) 

2612. Market Arcade, Buffalo. 

2613. House for Mrs. Geo. V. Foreman, 

Gregg, D. A., Boston. 

2614. Equitable Building, Denver. (Pen 
drawing). (Lent by Andrews, Jacques & 
Rantoul, Boston.) 

2615. Equitable Building, Des Moines. 
(Pendrawing). (Lent by Andrews, Jacques 
& Rantoul, Boston.) 

Griffin & Randall, New York. 

2615a. Music Hall, Baltimore, 

2615b. Music Hall, Baltimore 
nal section. 

2615c. Music Hall, Baltimore. 

26i5d. Music Hall, Baltimore. 

Hamlin, A. D,, New York. 

2616. Design for central pavilion of a pal¬ 
ace. (Water color.) 

Hardenburg, H. J.; Walter C. Hunting, and 
John C. Jacobsen, New York. 

2617. American Fine Arts Society Build¬ 
ing. (Pen drawing.) 

Hardenburgh, H. J., New York. 

2618. Waldorf Hotel. (Water color by 
Hughson Hawley.) 

Hays, Frank A., Philadelphia. 

2619 Sketch for house near Upsal, Phila. 
(Water color.) 

2620. Sketch for a house. (Water color.) 
2021. Old door, Clarkson street. New York 
(Fen drawing.) 

2622. Rear of Hamilton House, Philadel- 
pnia. (Pen drawing.) 



Henri, Robert, Philadelphia. 

2624. Christ entering Jerusalem. (Study 
J decoration, in oil colors). ^ 
iL cl ^ K '"’r niural decora- 

delphia^ ^ ^ Evangelist, 1 

Herts, Henry B., New York, 
coior^”'^'^'^’^" Arch, New York. 



Main floor. 
Gallery floor. 





Hewlett, J. M., New York, 

2627. Museum—elevation* 

Hickman, Louis, Philadelphia 

2628. Hardware for a Club houspii 

2629. Balcony on a Domestic S ,?!. 

Holabird & Roche, Chicago 

2630. Water tower at Fort 
(Water color by Paul C. Um " 

2631. Old Colony Building, St 
ter color by Louis Rasmussen? 

2632. Residence at Grand Ranlrl, 
(Water color by Paul Lautropf 

Hunt, R, M., New York, 

2632a. Model of a part of the houv 
K. VCanderbilt. (Lent bythe MeL 
Museum of Art, New York.) ' 

Huss, George Martin, New York 

2633-2634. Two Sketches for j 
Cathedral of St.John the Di- 1 
vine, N. Y. ( C'a 

Ihnen, Henry S., New York. ^ 

2635. Hoboken Quartette Club Hall - 

Ittner, William B., St. Louis. 

2636. Residence for Ellen J. L, 
(Pen drawing.) 

2637. Study for a Stone Residence, 
ter color.) 

Jackson, W. E., Philadelphia. 

2638. A Country House, Claymotii 
(Pen drawing.) (Lent by Mrs. J.B,' 
Claymont, Del.) 

Jamison, James P,, Philadelphia. 

2639. Club Front, Italian Rena: 
(Pen drawing.) 

2640. Doorway and Window, Span 
naissance. (Pencil.) 

Kendall, Edward H., New York. 

2641. Seventeen Story Building, 
color by Hughson Hawley.) 

Kent, W. W., New York. 

2642. Study for a Country House, 

2643. Land View of House for 
Sooy Smith, Green’s Farms, Com 
drawing by W. A. Hewlett.) 

2644. Summer Residence of John G 
Grindstone Neck, Winter Harbor 
(Pen drawing.) 

2645. House at Lawrence Park, Bn 

N. Y. 

Kimball & Thompson, New York. 

2645a. Model of the Manhattan Li 
ance Co.’s Building. 

Klauder, Charles Z,, Philadelphia. 

2646. A Choragic monument. 

2647. Madison Square Garden. 

- sketch.) 




|.8. An Art Museum. 

[9. Club front. 

JO. Balcony. 

xy, Adin Benedict, Philadelphia. 

:i.’ Design for cover of the Year Book 
k'the T. Square Club, Philadelphia. 
Water color.) 
itnb & Rich, New York. 

52. Berkeley school, New York City. 

53. Germania Fire Insurance Building, 
New York City. (Photograph.) 

awlor, Joseph M., Pans. 

154. Pencil sketches of travel. 
eBrun, N. & Sons, New York. 

(55. Metropolitan Life Insurance Build¬ 
ing. (Water color by Hughson Hawley.) 

ittle & O’Connor, New York. 

>56. Kenilworth: house for Mrs. S. M. 
Andrews, Greenwich,Conn. (Water color.) 

ittle, Brown & Moore, Boston. 

)57. Sketch for entrance front, Peabody 
farm. (Pen drawing by G. P^ Fernald.) 
S58. Interior of dining-room. (Water 
color by G. P. Fernald.) 

.ongfellow, Alden & Harlow, Boston. 

659. Carnegie Library and Music Hall, 
Pittsburg. (Photograph.) 

660. The spme, another view. (Photo¬ 

661. First floor plan of the same. 

662. Second floor plan. 

663. Carnegie office building, Pittsburg. 
(Photograph.) (Lent by Carnegie,Phipps 
& Co., Pittsburg.) 

664. City Hall, Cambridge, Mass. (Photo- 

665. House at Cambridge, Mass. (Photo¬ 
graph.) (Lent by E. H. Abbott, Camb- 
rdge. Mass.) 

nIcDowell, Mary, Tiffany Glass Co., New 


i666. Window. 

\/IcKay, Henry S., Boston. 

1667. Design for Massachusetts state 
library and office building. 

VIcKim, Mead & White, New York. 

;668. New York state building, W. C. E. 
(Water color hf F. Hoppin.) 

>6^. Point monument. (Water color.) 

2670. Washington memorial arch. New 
York City. (Water color.) 

2671. Metropolitan Club house. New York 
City. (Water color.) 

2672. Bird’s-eye view of tower and root 
garden, Madison Square Garden, New 
%rk City. (Water color.) 



2673. Details of upper part of Madison 
Square Garden tower. (Pen drawing for 
the Architectural Review by Harold 

2674. Arcade and central motif of the 
Madison avenue facade of Madison Square 
Garden. (Pen drawing for the .Architect¬ 
ural Review, by Harold Magonigle.) 
(Lent by Bates, Kimball & Guild, Boston.) 

2674a. Pavilion and Colonade, Madison 
Square Garden. 

2675. Century Club entrance. New York. 
(Pen drawing for the Architectural Re¬ 
view by P. G. Culbertson, (Lent by 
Bates, Kimball & Guild, Boston.) 

2676. Perspective of Bates Hall, new public 
library building, Boston. (Pen drawing.) 

2677. Gate at Harvard College, Cambridge, 
Mass. (Pen drawing.) 

2678. Century Club building--the loggia. 
(Lent by Bates, Kimball & Guild, Boston.) 

2679. Detail. (Pen drawing for the Archi¬ 
tectural Review, by Harold Magonigle.) 

2680. The tower of Madison Square Gar¬ 
den. (Photograph.) 

2681. The Century Club building. (Photo¬ 

Munoz, A. C,, Philadelphia. 

2682. Design for a bell-cote. 

Nash & Plympton, Cincinnati. 

2683. Cincinnati crematory. (Water color.) 

2684. Residence of Mrs. C. A. Plympton, 
Cincinnati. (Water color.) (Lent by 
Lucian F. Plympton, Cincinnati. 

Natress, George, Philadelphia. 

2685. Interior of Brompton Oratory. (Water 

2686. Remains of King Ina’s Palace, Som¬ 
erset, England. (Water color.) 

Newton, George F. Boston. 

2687. Maison de la Voute (House of the 
Vault), Angers, France. 

Parfitt Brothers, Brooklyn, 

2688. Design for Cathedral of St. John the 
Divine. (Water color.) 

2689. St. Augustine’s R. C. Church, Brook¬ 
lyn. (Water color by Hughson Hawley.) 

Peabody & Stearns, Boston. 

2690. South porch of Machinery Hall, W. 
C. E. (Water color.) 

2691. Office sketches. (Water color.) 
Peabody, Stearns & Furber, St. Louis, 

2692. Three designs for a private resi¬ 
dence. (Water color.) 

Price, Bruce, New York. 

2693. Design for proposed Gas Industries 
Building, W. C. E. (Water color.) 

2694. Project for Sun Building, New York. 
(Water color.) 



"^uxedf nT" nl t^ammack. 

1 uxedo N. Y. (Water Color.) 

P; 1-& W. L. Philadelphia. 

Sketch for Library. (Water color ) 

ad^iorHouse for Monroe Smith. (Water 

^00. Sketch of hall. (Water color.) 

Price, W. L., Philadelphia. 

Keid, Robert, New York ^ 

2702. ' • 

d=“rafi<m of 





Ripley, H. G., Melrose. 

^07. Ge"|ral‘°piJ„'‘^'"’“'-'’“ 

S section. 


^10. Side elevation. 

«n no.'-N'»Vork. 


lina. (Was*h '^''gusta, South Caro- 

N’. Y. • Howes, Brewstens, 

(Water color.) ‘Society, New York. 

2717* Study for n vilio /t,r 
W House in Roxbty fc‘‘a"',”';-’ 

foj^a^honse ,„ BrookX^e.^Uss-'^Wafer 

color.) Boston. (Water 


2721. Tiie ? Boston. 

(Water cotanf"'' Palace, Venice. 


2722. Marble relief hv p; 

Santa Maria dei MiLcnb^v^®®^’ ^ 
ter color.) Venice u£ 

Edward Peck Tiff 
New York. ’ Glass. * 

2723. Window. (Water rnlry \ 

2724 Window for Potter 

color.) ^ a'mer. (^jsE 

j 27 " 4 T’n.’°'’"vP''“^'lHphia 

7 5 - Sketches m Pistoja. (Watpr ’ 

Stone,Carpenter & Wilson Pr ‘ 

2726. Rhode Island State’R 
E. (Ben drawtW ) 

Stoughton, Arthur A. 

^727. Lo.ggia, Hotei d’ Ecovili. r', 
('Water color.) ^coville, 

& Cabot, Boston. n 

'Bt.on.‘n'°CS“cSSrr' ''' 


Thpuron, Henry, Philadelphia. 

b ive cartoons for stained elass—nnrov • 
Nos. 27 dR 278 . 5 - ^ oiirolie^ 

27I3' S^lSfn ^‘^'^ocate; Gabriel, r' 
Doctors.-^ Chrysostom and St. Baci 

2734- St. Luke and St. John 
2735. Moses; David 

nS 'd'. Eight and ti 
Way. (Water color.) ' 

SS‘ (Water color.) i 

Cove. ( Water color.) ^ 

Sli' (Oil painting.) 

1 27A^' (^Valer color.) 

' T^ffanv^fn^"^’®f/^V^''- (Water color.) 

; t many Louis C., New York. 

i and nf by ^he TilfanyGlass 

i (^Vater color.) 

I°“^«|Geo.O.,Jr., NewYork. 

I color.) Museum. (Wate, 

1 Philadelphia. 

i 2747’ u ^ Power. (Pen drawing.] 

O’en drawbg )““ ■'' 


Tubby, William B., New York 

Si„rbv°“F'S‘ Bank. (Wate, 

color by F. Hopkmson Smith.) 




remises of the Brooklyn Ware- 
and Storage Co. (Water color 

ratt Mausoleum, Glen Cove, Long 
. (Wash.) 

Thornton Floyd, New York. 

i for a Presidential Mansion—Nos. 

754 ; 

a^ade. (Water color). 

Ian of first floor. 

ection, and plan of second floor. 

William B., New York. 

)esign for the Fourth Presbyterian 
h. New York. (Pen drawing by 
jmar R. Storck.) 

•ortico at Woodlawn Cemetery, New 
Pen drawing.)) I 

William B. (Adler & Sullivan i 
date Architects). i 

Ausic Hall, New York, founded by 
;w Carnegie. (Pen drawing.) 

Entrance to Music Hall. (Photo- 

it\ John V., Paris. 

Composition, Italian Renaissance. 

;r color.) | 

Design for an island in a park. ( 1 . ; 
r color.) 

Design for an island in a park. ( 2 . 
r color.) 

• & Kimball, Boston and Omaha. 
VicCague Building, Omaha. (Water i 

) ' 

VIt. Vernon Church, Boston. (Water ; 

) . i 

Presbyterian Church, Omaha. 

;r color.) 

^.esidence at Lincoln, Nebraska, j 
tr color.) 

ilouse at Montclair, N. J. (W’^ater 
Public Library, Omaha. (W’ater ■ 

) i 

Main facade of the same. (Pen j 
ng.) I 

Main fapade of the Omaha Tele- ! 
; Exchange. (Pen drawing.) i 

Design for a church. (Pen drawing.) ; 
1, H. Langford, Boston, 
study for Conservatory of music. 
Female Seminary. (Water color.) 
study for entrance of house at Troy, ; 
(W^ater color.) 

Entrance to house of S. A. Orr, Troy, . 

(Water color.) ! 

North view of Troy Orphan Asylum, 
ter color.) 

Infirmary at Troy Orphan Asylum, 
ter color.) 



2776. Design for Troy Orphan Asylum. 
(Pen drawing.) 

2777. First floor plan of the same. 

2778. House for C. E. Patterson, Troy, N. 
Y. (Photograph.) 

2779. Main entrance to the same. (Photo¬ 

2780. Private entrance. (Photograph.) 
Welch, Alexander M. 

2781. Staircase in the Castle of Blois. (Pen 

Wells, Edmund B., New York. 

2782. Competitive drawing for proposed 
A. T. A. S. building. Perspective of 
front. (W^ater color.) 

Wheelwright, Arthur W., Boston. 

2783. Suggestion for a school of fine arts 
for a university. 

2784. Plans of first and second stories and 
a section. 

Wheelwright, Edmund March, Boston. 

2785. Primary schoolhouse, Jamaica Plain. 
(Pen drawing by Charles ID. Maginnis.) 

2786. New police station for Brighton dis¬ 
trict. (Pen drawing by Charles D. Ma¬ 

2787. Robert Gould Shaw Grammer School, 
West Roxbury, Mass. (Pen drawing by 
Charles D. Maginnis.) 

2788. Perspective view of new City Hall for 
Boston. (Pen drawing by Charles D. 

2789. Design for arcading old State House. 
(Pen drawing by Charles D. Maginnis.) 

2790. Hospital for contagious diseases. 
(Pen drawing.) 

2791. Two views of house for E. C. Sted- 
man, New Castle, N. H. (Photograph.) 

Wheelwright & Haven, Boston. 

2792. House of M. Ogden Jobes, Wood’s 
Holl. (Pen drawing.) 

2793. House of S. D. Warren, Boston. 
(Water color.) 

2794. Stable of W. F. Weld, Brookline, 
DIass. (Water color.) 

2795. Photograph of the same. 

2796. Inn at Islesboro. (Photograph.) 
Winslow &. Wetherell, Boston. 

2797. Edison Electric Co. Building, Boston. 
(Pen drawing.) 

2798. Portland Station. . (Pen drawing) 

2799. Shreve, Crump & Low Building. 

2800. Residence of E. D. Jordan, Jr., Brook¬ 
line, Mass. 

Winthrop, Agnes, Flushing, N. Y. 

-'Sesox. ' \ V ndmv.. 

Wood, William Halsey, Newark, 




Exhibits of Private Collections. 



2802. Design for Cathedral of St. John the 
Divine, selected as one of the four in the 
final competition, 1891 . (Pen drawing.) 

(iROUP 146. 

Exhibits of Private Collections. 

Retrospective Exhibit of American Paint- 


In Gallery 4 . 

Allston, Washington, 1779-1843. 

2802a. Paul and Silas iu Prison. (Lent by 
St. Louis Mnseum of Fine Arts.) 

2802b. Rosalie. (Lent by Nathan Apple- 
ton, Boston.) 

2802c. Danae and the Shower of Gold. (Lent 
by Thomas Donaldson, Philadelphia.) 
Baker, George A,, 1821-1880. 

2803. Ideal Head. (Painted 1865 .) (Lent 

by the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washing-- 
ton, D. C.) ^ 

Bingham, George C., 1811-1879. 

2804. Stump Speaking. 

2804a. Election. (Painted 1854 .) 

2804b. Election Returns. 

2804c. Jolly Flatboatmen. 

Nos. 2804-2804C lent by the Mercan¬ 
tile Library Association, St. Louis, Mo. 
Birch, Thomas, 1779-1851. 

2805. Mid-ocean. (Lent by S. Emlen 
Meigs, Philadeljihia.) 

Bispham, Henry C., 1841-1882. 

28^. French Cattle. (Lent by William 

Blackburn, Jonathan B,, temp. Smibert. 

Jonathan Warner. 
(Pmnted 1761 ) (Lent by the Museum 
of Fine Arts, Boston.) 

Catlin, George, 1793-1875. 

Lassoing Wild Horses in 
K m (Painted 1838 .) (Lent 

by Blame I^naldson, Philadelphia.) 

Cole, Joseph Foxcroft, 1837- 

^Havr^^'^frf Looking Toward 

Havre. (Lent by Mrs. S. D. Warren, Bos- 

Cole, Thomas, 1801-1848. 

K (Painted 1831 ) (Lent 

ton Art, Washing. 

^ 1738-1815. 

. It-.] 



Darrah, Mrs. Sophia Towne 

2812. On the Coast near ipj 

(Lent by Mrs. Roland C L J 
con street, Boston.' 

Doughty, Thomas M., 170,.,n./ 

2813. Twilight. (Paintedl f: 
George B. Wood, PhiladelplJ; 

2813a. Landscape.) Pa'Hedii 

2813b. Landscape. ( Pfobak: 

(Lent by George Frederick 

Durand, Asher Brown, nge-i#. 

2814. Landscape. (Lent C 
Kemble, New York.) ^ ^ 

Eastman, Seth, 1808-1875. 

2815. Ball Playing among the' 
dians, (Painted 1857 .) (Lentfc 
coran Gallery of Art, Washing 

Eichholtz, Jacob, 1776-1842. 

2816. The Rev. John G. E. Hai 

(Painted 1822 .) Lent by W. 1 
Philadelphia.) 1 

Elliott, Charles L., 1812-1868. , 

2817. Portrait of Col. Thomas S 
(Lent by the Corcoran GallM 
Washington, D. C.) 

Field, Robert, 1807. 

2817a. George Washington. () 
(Lent by Louisa Lear Eyre, PhS 

2817b. John McKee. (Miniatun 
in Philadelphia, 1799 .) (Lent 
John E. Younglove, Bowling G 

Fuller, George, 1822-1884. 

2818. (The Quadroon. (Lent by 
Warren, Boston.) 

2818a. Original Study for “Th 
Girl." (Painted in Boston.) 
Thomas B. Clarke, New Yorl 

Fulton, Robert, 1765-1815. 

2819. Portrait of Joel Barlow. 
Peter T. Barlow, New York.) 

Gifford, Sandford R., 1823-1880. 

2820. Hunter’s Mountain. (Len 
Pinchot, New York.) 

Gignoux, Regis, 1816-1892. 

2821. Market Scene. (Lentb 
tury Association, New York.) 

Gray, Henry Peters, 1819-1877. 

2822. The Judgment of Paris 
1861 .) (Lent by the Corcoran 
Art, Washington, D. C.) 

Hamilton, James, 1819-1878. 

2823. Philae, on the Nile. (Pain 
adelphia, 1862 .) (Lent by M: 
aldson, Philadelphia.) 



Exhibits of Private Collections. 




ding, Chester, 1792-1866. 

; Portrait of the Artist. (Painted in 
Louis, 1858 .) (Lent by Chester H. 
rum, St. Louis.) 
it, William M., 1824-1879. 

Niagara. (Lent by Mrs. William M. 
unt, Boston.) , , , 

;a. Boy and Butterfly. (Lent by Richard 
[ Hunt, New York.) 

;b. Marguerite. (Lent by Mrs. Roland 
. Lincoln, Boston.) 

ham, C. C., 1797-1863. 

;c. Mrs. Robert I ulton (Harriet Livings- 
m) (Miniature painted in London.) 
:.entby Robert Fulton Blight, Philadel- 

lan, Henry, 1801 1846. 

5. Portrait of a Lady. (Lent by R. Hall 
IcCormick, Chicago.) 
ing, John Beaufain, 1825-1877. 

7. Washington’s Visit to 
Lhann. (Lent by Thomas B. 
lew York.) 

vis, John Wesley, 1790-1839. 

8. John Campbell. (Painted in New 
’’ork.) (Lent by Mrs. M. Gouverneur, 
Vashington, D. C.) 

inston, John B. 

9. The New-born Calf. (Lent by the 
duseum of Fine Arts, Boston.) 

lett, Mathew H., 1783-1826. 

0. Portrait of John Griines. (Painted 
a Lexington, Ky., about 1824 .) (Lent by 
L Jouett Menefee, Louisville, Ky.) 
nsett, John F., 1818-1872. 

,1. Landscape. (Lent by the Century 
Association, New York.) 
ig, Charles B., 1786 1862. 

2. Tulcee-Mathla, a Seminole Chief. 
Painted 1826 .) (Lent by Thomas Donald- 
on, Philadelphia.) 
she, Charles R., 1794-1859. 

■3. Uncle Toby and the Widow. (Lent 
ly Gouverneur Kemble, New York.) 
t3a. Portrait of Miss Kitty Haldaway. 
Lent b> Mrs. Ada M. Miller, Millers- 
nirg, Ky.) 

ilbone, Edward G., 1777-1807. 

J4. Portrait of the Artist. (Lent by the 
Mrcoran Gallery of Art; Washington, 
1 ). C.) 

}4a. William Dana, of Boston.(Miniature.) 
54b. Mrs. William Dana (Eliza Davis), of 
Boston, daughter of Major Robert Davis, 
jf the Revolutionary Army. (Miniature.) 

Nos. 28 B 4 a, 2834 b, lent by Gen. Charles 
W. Darling, Utica, N. Y., were painted 
from life during the last decade of the 
past century. 



McEntee, Jervis, 1828-1890. 

2835. Eastern Sky at Sunset. (Lent by 
Thomas B. Clarke, New York.) 

2835a. Shower of Gold. (Lent by S. 1 ). 

Coykendall, Rondout, N. Y.) 

2835b. The Clouds. (Lent by S. D. Coy¬ 
kendall, Rondout, N. Y.) 

Mignot, Louis R., 1831-1870. 

2836. Chimborazo. (Lent by the Century 
Association, New York.) 

Mount, William Sidney, 1807-1868. 

2837. The Long Story. (Painted 18 . 37 .) 
(Lent by the Corcoran Gallery of Art, 
Washington, D. C.) 

2837a. The Power of Music. (Lent by the 
Century Association, New York.) 

Neagle, John, 1796-1865. 

2838. Rev. Joseph Pillmore. (Painted 1822 .) 

. (Lent by the St. George’s Society, Phila¬ 

2838a. Portrait of Vice President Richard 
M. Johnson. (Lent by the Corcoran Gal¬ 
lery of Art, Washington, D. C.) 

Newton, Gilbert Stuart, 1797-1835. 

2839. The Importunate Author — illustrat¬ 
ing Act 3 , Scene 2 , of Moliere’s "Femmes 
Savantes.” (Painted in London, 1822 .) 
(Lent by Edward Newton Perkins,Jamaica 
Plain, Boston.) 

2839a. Portrait of the Artist. (Lent by 
Maria O. Dewing.) 

Page, V 7 iiliam, i 8 ':j.-i 885 . 

2840. Portrait of M s. Page. (Lent by W. 
S. Page, Staten Irl- ad. New York.) 

2840a. Portrait of the Artist. (Lent by W. 

S. Page, Staten Island, New York.) 

Peale, Charles Willson, 1741-1827. 

2841. Angelica Peale. (Bust facing (eft.) 
(Lent by Clarence Winthrop Bowen, New 

Peale, James, 1749-1831. 

2842. Portrait of John Morris. (Painted in 
Philadelphia, about 1815 .) (Lent by 
Morris Sellers, Chicago.) 

Peale, Rembrandt, 1778-1860. 

2843. Portrait of Bernardin de St. Pierre. 
(Painted 1808 .) (Lent by the Corcoran 
Gallery of Art, Washington, D. C.) 

Peele, John Thomas, 1822- 

2844. Reception into Paradise. (Painted 
1849 .) (Lent by C. B. Hume, Chicago.) 

Pine, Robert Edge, 1732-1788. 

2845. David Garrick. (Painted in London, 
1772 .) (Lent by Charles Henry Hart. 

Quartley, Arthur, 1839-1886. 

2846. Summer Morning, Isles of Shoals. 
(Lent by the Union League Club, New 



Exhibit of Private Collections. 



Ramage, John, 1794. 

2846a. George Washington. (Miniature, 
painted 1783.) (Lent by Mrs. M. S.Beach, 
Peekskill, N. Y.) 

Robertson, Archibald, 1765-1835. 

2846b. George Washington. (Miniature 
painted from life, in the Presidential Man¬ 
sion, 1791-2.) (Lent by Mrs. Charles W 
Darling and Mrs. S. M. Mygatt, grand- 
daughters of the artist, Utica, New York.) 
2846c. Martha Washington. (.Miniature 
painted from life, in the Presidential 

rlf"(Lent by Mrs 
Charles W. Darling and Mrs. S. M. Mv- 
gatt, granddaughter of the artist.) ' ^ 

Robinson, Thomas, 1835-1888, 

(Lent by the 

Museum of Fine Arts, Bost'rn.) ^ 
Savage, Edward, 1761-1817. 

2848. Robert Morris. (Panel. Painted in 

NUon Armine 

Mxon Hart, Rosemont, xMontgomery Co., 

Shaw, Joshua, 1777-1860. 

2849. (Toast Scene. (Lent by Thomas 

Donaldson, Philadelphia.) ^ nomas 

Smibert, John, 1684-1751. 

2850. Bishop Berkeley and his familv 

Whitehall 1729. slid to 
he first painting containing more than 
one figure made in America i n 

hind the lad es , it*? h'- 

one standinK S L ‘he 

(Lent by vllf 

Statgg, Richard M, ,817-188,. ’ 

Al'lston""'‘(R*,T”‘"?''' Washington 

from life in isfi) (Lenf'’P’-rf'' 

M. Stantg, Bostoi)' *’>' K'chard 

28sia. Portrait of a child 
r.^Matchett, Host* 

Stuart Gilbert, ,755.,8^. 

in' BostOTj (Painted 

Uc l" ' Phomas S. 

Portrait of ('nl ' t u 
(Painted 1804.) (Lentbv^S'' r-^Wloe. 

Gallery of Art Corcoran 

(Painted 1804.) (Lem n Tayloe. 

Gallery of Art, Washing Jn,‘a 

^(Lent by Wil- 
(Lent by L. C. 


2853c. Portrait of Counsellor U, 
m America, 1795 or 

Bostoif ( 
Washington (p 
P hiladelphia, 1795 .) (lL ?'■ 
Henry rfart. PhiladelphiaT 
28536. Portrait of Robert W 
(Lent by John Rui:| 

2853f- -Portrait of Mrs. Samuel s 

2853g?BeSin"’ Snells lS)'? 

Q n Lrankfort, KentucI; 

Sully, Thomas, 1783-1872 •' 

2854, Chief Justice John .Marshall ' 
in Richmond, Va., 1829 or Ikin 

^by Miss Fanny M. Cole C, 2 

Scc°”’v ^®33 -i 888. ^ 

2855. Venetian Fishing Boats. (Pj 

A Tw 1^ Corcoran Gi 

Art, Washington, D. C.) 

Tooley, James, Jr, 

2855a. Edward P. Mitchell. Pi; 
painted m St. Louis, about IS^i' 
by James T. Mitchell, Philadelphi 
Trumbull, John, 1756-1843. 

^^56. Asher B. Durand. (Panel 

Inch Yatl'!,*’ hy I. 


U\a Portrait of James Monroe, i 

Ly Mrs. .M. Gou 
\vashington, D. C.) 

Samuel, 1783-1861. 

2858. Portrait of G. W. Parke 
Av the Corcoran Gallery 

Washington, D, C.) 

Wejr, Robert W., 1803-1889. 

p;- ^^'L (Painted ; 

w'"L N. Y., 1863.) (Lent by Mr 
Weir, New York.) 

WertmuIIer, Adolph Ulric, 1750-181 
2860. Danae. (Lent by Daniel 
laylor, Springfield, Mass.) 
West, Benjamin, 1738-1820. 
thp ^Le artist, as Pres 

fucin (Half length 

^'ght. Painted in London. 

28613 W'^throp Bowen, Ne 

from the above 
(^^“^ Ly Clarence M 

286ib. Expulsion from Eden (I 
Thomas B. Clarke, New Yolk.) ' 



Exhibits of Private Collections. 



Wimar, Charles, 1829-1863. 

2862. Attack on an Emigrant Train. (Lent 
by Mrs. Edgar Miller, St. Louis.) 

Woodside', Abraham. 

i862a. The Infant Bacchus. (Painted in 
Philadelphia, about 1852 .) (Lent by 
James T. Mitchell, Philadelphia.) 

Wright, Joseph, 1756-1793- 

5863. George Washington. {f 4 length, 
seated, facing left. Painted 1790 . See 
Bowen’s “Centennial of Washington’s In¬ 
auguration,’’ p 545 .) (Lent by Clarence 
Winthrop Bowen, New York.) 

2863a. Martha Washington. length, 

seated, full face to left. See Bowen’s 
Centennial of Washington’s Inaugura¬ 
tion,” pp. 457 , 458 .) (Lent by Clarence 
Winthorp Bowen, New York.) 

j863g. Portrait of George Washington. 
(Lent by Gideon L. McKean, Chicago.) 

Bushman, George Hewitt, 1814-1876. 

2864. John Wetherill. (Miniature.) (Lent 
by Miss Rachel Wetherill, Philadelphia.) 

5865. Martha Wetherill. (Miniature.) (Lent 

)y the Misses Cushman, Philadelphia.) 

Freeman, George. 

5866. Mrs. Blight. (Miniature.) (Lent by 
Robert Fulton Blight, Philadelphia.) 

fouett, Mathew H., 1783-1826. 

!867. Gen. Charles Scott. (Miniature.) 
(Lent by Mrs. Burnley.) 

1867a. Artist unknown. (Miniature, painted 
in London, after Benjamin West.) (Lent 
by Robert Fulton Blight, Philadelphia.) 

Wood, Joseph, 1816. 

!867b. ;r homas Apthorp Cooper as Hamlet. 
(Miniature.) (Lent by Geo. Trott, Phila¬ 


Foreign Masterpieces Owned in the 
United States. 

In Galleries 40 , 41 , 42 . 

Uma-Tadema, La.wrence, London. 

868. A Reading from Homer. (Lent by 
Mr. Henry G. Marquand, New York.) 

lastien-Lepage, Jules. 1848-1885, France. 

869. The Thames. (Lent by Mr. John G. 
Johnson, Philadelphia.) 

870. Revery. (Lent by Mr. Potter Palmer, 

Jesnard, Paul-Albert, Paris. 

871. Head. (Lent by Mr. Potter Palmer, 

lonheur, Mile. Rosa, Paris. 

872. Sheep. (Lent by Gen. Russell A. 
Alger, Detroit.) 



2873. Pastoral. (Lent from the collection 
ot the late Mr. Jay Gould, New York ) 

Bonington, Richard P., 1801-1828, England. 

2874. Landscape. (Lent by Mr. R. Hall 
McCormick, Chicago.) 

Breton, Jules-Adolphe, Paris. 

2875. The .Song of the Lark. (Lentby Mrs. 
Henry Field, Chicago.) 

2876. Colza-gatherers. (Lent by Mr. Collis 
P. Huntington, New York.) 

Carolus-Duran, Emile-Auguste, Paris. 

2877. An Odalisque. (Lent by Mr. William 
Buchanan, New York.) 

2878. Portrait of Madame Modjeska. (Lent 
by the Pennsylvania Academy of the 
Fine Arts, Philadelphia.) 

Cazin, Jean-Charles, Paris. 

2879. The Expulsion from Paradise. (Lent 

' by .Mr. Potter Palmer, Chicago.) 

2880. li,lsinore, the Home of Hamlet. (Lent 
by Mr. Potter Palmer, Chicago.) 

2881. Flight into Egypt. (Lent by Mr. 
Potter Palmer, Chicago.) 

2882. Midnight Moonlight, Abbeville, 
France. (Lent by Charles T. Yerkes, 

Constable, John, 1776-1837, England. 

2883. Weymouth Bay. (Lentby .Mr. Will¬ 
iam H. Fuller, New York. 

2884. The Lock. (Lent by Mrs. Henry 
Field, Chicago) 

2885. Shepherd and Flock — Dedham 
Church in the distance. (Lent by .Mr. R. 
Hall McCormick, Chicago.) 

Corot, Jean-Baptiste-Camille, 1796-1875, 

2886. The Flight from Sodom. (Lent by 
Mr, Henry O. Havemeyer, New York.) 

2887. Orpheus. (Lent by Mr. Potter Palmer, 

2888. Shrimp-fisher. (Lent by Mr. Potter 
Palmer, Chicago.) 

2889. Landscajie. (Lent by Mr. Potter 
Palmer, Chicago.) 

2890. Dance ot the Nymphs. (Lent by Mr. 
William H. Crocker, San Francisco.) 

2891. Evening. (Lent from the collection 
of the late Mr. Jay Gould, New York.) 

2892. The Path to tne Village. (Lent by 
Mr. Charles T. Yerkes, Chicago.) 

2893. Environs of V'ille d’Avray, France. 
(Lent by .Mr. Charles T. Yerkes, Chicago.) 

2894. Landscape. (Lent by Mr. Gardiner 
G. Hubbard, Washington, D. C.) 

2895. Old Man Seated on Corot’s Trunk 
in the .Vrtist’s Chamber in Rmne. (Lent 
by Dr. Henry C. Angell, Boston.) 

2896. Evening. (Lent by Mr. Alfred 
Corning Clark, New York.) 



Exhibits of Private Collections. 


No- ,, 

2897. The Inn. (Lent by Mr. Martin A. 

Ryerson, Chicago.) 

Courbet, Gustave, 1819-1877, France. 

2898. Dogs and Hare. (Lent by Henry O. 
Havemeyer, New York.) 

Couture, Thomas, 1815-1879, France. 

2899. Portrait of Madame Couture. (Lent 
by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.) 

Dagnan-Bouveret, Pascal-Adolphe-J ean , 

2900. La Bernoise. (Lent by Mr. John G. 
Johnson, Philadelphia.) 

2901. Brittany Peasant Girl. (Lent by Mr. 
J. H. Wade, Cleveland.) 

Daubigny, Charles-Francois, 1817-1878, 

2902. The Cooper’s Shop. (Lent by Mr. 
Francis Bartlett, Boston.) 

2903. Banks of the Oise, Auvers-Sur-Oise, 
France. (Lent by Mr. Charles T. Yerkes, 

2904. Coast near Dieppe. (Lent, by Mr. 
Alfred Corning Clark, New York.) 

Decamps, Alexandre-Gabriel, 1803-1860, 

2905. Oriental Kiosk. (Lent by Mr. Mar¬ 
tin A. Ryerson, Chicago.) 

Degas, Paris. 

2906. The Dancing Lesson. (Lent by Mr. 
Alexander J. Cassatt, Philadelphia.) 

2907. Race Horses. (Lent by Mr. Albert 
Spencer, New York.) 

Delacroix, Ferdinand-Victor-Eugene, 1708- 
1863, France. 

2908. Christ at the Tomb. (Lent by Mr. 
Alfred Croning Clark, New York.) 

A Thirst. (Lent 

by Mr. Alfred Corning Clark, New York. 

Abducting a Girl. (Lent by 
Mr. William H. Crocker, San Francisco.) 
Detaille, Edouard, Paris. 

2911. Flag of Truce. (Lent by Mr. E. Bur¬ 
gess, Warren, Philadelphia.) 

Narcisse-Virgile, 1808- 

1876, France. 

La Danse des Almees. (Lent by Mi 
feLnson, Philadelphia.) 

Descent of the Bohemians. 

^ 51 ' r * Women. (Lent by Mr. L 
M. Ferry, Detroit.) ^ 

T’ France. 



Fantin-Latour, Henri, Paris. 

2918. Vision of Taunhauser' n 
J. H. Wade, Cleveland.) ' 

Fortuny, Mariano, 1838-1874, Suai, 

2919. Beach at Portici, ltal\\ ^5 
Mrs. Prescott Hall Butler, New) 

Francais, Francois-Louis, Paris, 

2920. Sun Breaking Through the. ' 

(Lent by Mr.William Buchanan, 
Fromentin, Eugene, 1820-1876, p- 

2921. The Falconer. (Lent by’Mt 
Powers, Rochester.) 

2922. Women of Sahara. (Leni 't 
Henry Field, Chicago.) 

Gericault, J. L, A., Theodore, n 

2923. Study of a Cuirassier. (Lent 
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.i 

Gerome, Jean-Leon, Paris. 

2924. L’Eminence Grise. (Lemby 
D. Warren, Boston.) 

2925. Le Montreur de Serpents. 1 
Mr. Alfred Corning Clark, New 

2925a. Pygmalion and Galatea, 
group.) (Lent by Mr. Charles T 

Greuze, Jean-Baptiste, 1725-1805, 

2926. The Pouting Child. (Lem 
Martin A. Ryerson, Chicago.) 

Helleu, Paris. 

2927. Interior of Saint Denis ( 
showing effect of light througl 
Glass Windows. (Lent by Mr; 
Gardner, Boston.) 

Ingres, Jean-Auguste-Dominiqi) 
1867, France. 

2928. The Cardinal Bibbiena In 
Raphael and his Niece. (Lentl 
D. Warren, Boston.) 

Isabey, Eugene, 1804-1886, Fran 

2929. A Fete at the Hotel de Ra 
(Lent by Mr. Samuel M. 1 

Israels, Josef, Amsterdam. 

2930. A Frugal Meal. (Len 
Charles T. Yerkes, Chicago.) 

Knaus, Ludwig, Berlin. 

2931. A Country Festival. (Le 
Charles T. Yerkes, Chicago.) 

2932. The Potato Harvest. (Le 
Henry Field, Chicago.) 

Lefebvre, Jules-Joseph, Paris. 

2933. La Cigale. (Lent by the 
Museum of Fine Arts.) 

Leys, Hendrik, Baron, i8i5-l89t 

2934. The Book Stall. (Lei 
Charles T. Yerkes, Chicago.) 



I _____ — _ 

Exhibits of Private Collections. 


fermitte, Leon-Auguste, Paris. 

5. Washerwomen on the Banks of the 
fame. (Lent by Mr. E. Burgess, War- 
1 ^, Philadelphia;) 

(net, Edouard, 1833-1883, France, 
p. Marine. (Lent by Mr. Frank Thom- 
bn, Philadelphia.) 

7. Dead Toreador. (Lent by Mr. James 
:. Inglis, New York.) 

;8. Marine. (Lent by Mr. Alexander J. 
lassatt, Philadelphia.) 
iris, Jacques, The Hague. 

19. Canal in Holland. (Lent by Mr. 
ohn G. Johnson, Philadelphia.) 
luve, Antonin, 1838-1888, Holland. 

0. The Flock. (Lent by Mr. Joseph 
efferson. New York.) 

lissonier, Jean-Louis-Ernest, 1813-1891, 

,1. View near Poissy. (Lent by Mr. 
ohn G. Johnson, Philadelphia.) 

,2. Reconnaissance. (Lent by Mr. Chas. 

r. Yerkes, Chicago.) 

chel, Georges, 1733-1843, France. 

3. The Horseman. (Lent by Mr. Will- 
im H. Fuller, New York.) 

4. Plain of Montmartre, Paris. (Lent 
ly Mr. William H. Fuller, New York.) 
chetti, Francesco Paolo, Naples. 

5. Springtime and Love. (Lent by Mr. 
Ubert A. Munger, Chicago.) 

llet, Jean Francois,.1814-1875, France. 

6. The Sheep Shearers. (Lent by Mr. 
’eter C. Brooks, Boston.) 

7. After the Bath. (Lent by Mr. Ai¬ 
red Corning Clark, New York;) 

8. The Gleaners. (Lent by Mr. Ai¬ 
red Corning Clark, New York.) 

9. The Haymaker. (Lent by Mrs. Ai¬ 
red Corning Clark, New York.) 

0. The Pig Killers. (Lent by Mr. Charles 
'. Yerkes, Chicago.) 

1. The Man with the Hoe. (Lent by 
Ir.William H. Crocker, San Francisco.) 

2. Shepherdess. (Lent by the Museum 
f Fine Arts, Boston.) 

3. Peasants Carrying a New-born Calf. 
Lent by Mrs. Henry Field, Chicago.) 
net, Claude, Paris. 

Morning Fog. (Lent by Mr. Albert 
pencer. New York.) 

j. Dawn on the Coast of the North Sea. 
i.ent by Mr, Albert Spencer, New York.) 
5 . Harbor of Havre. 

^ent by Mr. Frank Thomson, Philadel- 

7. Snow Scene. (Lent by Mr. Alexander 
. Cassatt, Philadelphia.) 



Monticelh, Adolphe, 1824-1886, France 
2958. Nymphs Bathing. (Lent by. Dr. 
Henry C. Angell, Boston.) 

Morland, George, 1763-1804, England. 
2959, Contentment. (Lent by Mr. R. Hall 
McCormick, Chicago.) 

Neuville, Alphonse-Marie de, 1836-1887 

2960. The Spy. (Lent by Collis P. Hunt¬ 
ington, New York.) 

Pissaro, Camille, Paris. 

2961. The Village. (Lent by Mr. Potter 
Palmer, Chicago.) 

2962. Summer. (Lent by Mr, Frank Thom¬ 
son, Philadelphia.) 

2963. Spring. (Lent by Mr. Alexander J. 
Cassatt, Philadelphia.) 

Puvis de Chavannes, Pierre, Paris, 

2964. Summer. (Lent by Mr. J. H. Wade, 

2965. Autumn. (Lent by Mr. Martin A. 
Ryerson, Chicago.) 

Raffaelli, Jean-Francois, Paris. 

2966. Absinthe Drinkers. (Lent by Mr. 
Potter Palmer, Chicago.) 

2967. On the Coast. (Lent by Mr. Potter 
Palmer, Chicago.) 

2968. Place de la Trinite, Paris, (Lent by 
Mr. Potter Palmer, Chicago.) 

Regnault, Henri, 1843-1871, France, 

2969. In the Pyrenees. (Lent by Mr. John 
G. Johnson, Philadelphia.) 

Renoir, A., Paris. 

2970. In the Garden, (Lent by Mr. Albert 
Spencer, New York.) 

Ribot, Theodule, Augustin, 1823-1891, 

2970a. The Young Politician. (Lent by Mr. 
John T. Davis, St. Louis. 

Rousseau, Theodore, 1812-1867, France. 

2971. Landscape in Berry, France. (Lent 
by Mr. Charles T. Yerkes, Chicago.) 

2972. Near Barbizon. (Lent by Dr, Henry 
C. Angell, Boston.) 

2973. View on the Seine. (Lent from the 
collection of the late Mr. Jay Gould, New 

2974. A Lone Tree—Autumn. (Lent by Mr. 
Frank Hill Smith, New York. 

Sisley, Alfred, Paris. 

2975. Village Street, Moret, France. (Lent 
by Mr. Potter Palmer, Chicago.) 

Swan, John M., London, 

2976. The Approaching Combat. (Lentl y 
Mr. John G. Johnson, Philadelphia.) 

2977. Two Tigers. (Lent by Mr. John G. 
Johnson, Philadelphia.) 

2978. Lioness and Cubs. (Lent by Mr Will¬ 
iam L. Elkins, Philadelphia.) 



Exhibits of Private Collections. 



Tassaert, Nicolas-Francois-Octave, 1800- 
1874, France, 

2979. Saint Hilarion. (Lent by Mr. Potter 
Palmer, Chicago.) 

Thompson, Harry, Paris. 

29^. The Shepherdess. (Lent by the St. 
Louis Museum of Fine Arts.) 

Troyon,Constant, 1810-1865, France. 

2981. A Drove of Cattle and Sheep, (Lent 
by Mr. Cornelius Vanderbilt, New York. 

and Sheep. (Lent by 
Mr, Jjhus Stroh, Detroit.) ^ 

Home. (Lent by Mrs. Henry 
Field, Chicago.) . ^ 

^'ers^^^ Surf. (Lent by Mr. Gari Mel- 

Uhde, Fritz von. Munich. 

29^. A Sewing Bee in Holland. (Lent by 
Mr. L. Crist Delmonico, New York.) 


Van Beers, Jan, Brussels. 

2986. “You Are Welcome’’ ii 

Charles T. Yerkes. Chicago)^ 
Watts, George Frederick, W 

2987. Portrait of Joachim-CanJ 
(_Lemby Mr. Charles L. Hutdt 

Zorn, Anders L., Stockholm. 

2988. Interior of a Brewery in s 
(Lent by Mr. Potter PalmehChi 

Rodin, Auguste, Paris. 

2989. F rancesca and Paolo. (Marl 
29^. Francesca and Paolo. Mail 

Frorn the "Gates of Hell."Co„ 
by the French Government fo 
seum of Decorative Arts. 
2991. Andromeda. (Marble! 
Nos 2989-2991 lent by !i 
bargent, New York. 


Imperial-Royal Commissioner General. 

6030 Edgerton Avenue. 

Delegate for Tine Arts. 


6030 Edgerton Ave 




Represented at the Exposition by 


At desk at entrance of Gaiiery 35, West Court. 




Sculpture, Paintings in Oil. 



OROUP 139. 


Breneck, Anton, Vienna. 

(Bronze relief.) 

Charlemont, Theodor, Vienna. ' 

2. Boy Beggar. 

Jarl, Otto, Vienna. 

3 - The Creeping Tiger. 

Kaan, Arthur, Vienna. 

4 - Old Man. (Terra Cotta.) 

Josef V., Prague. 

Schwa,Lfstefa/, " 

6. Fauns with Geese. (Two groups ) 

7 - Herac es m the Nessus Garment 
8. Boy with Snake. ‘^^^ment. 

9 - Mozart. 

7 a‘® h'’ Xif 

(Zim: o' Austria. 


*2. tieethoven. 

^ 3 » Mozart. 

Old Vienna Waltz. 

OROtP 140. 

Paintings in Oil. 

i>y ‘l>?Acld°emy ot”?”e A 

Amesedcr. Eduark VicMa ''‘“'“'I . 

■s: « Moslar. 

Bacher, Rudolf, Vienna 


Ave Maria. 

« Vienna 

“• The Good Brother 


Blaas Julius von, Vienna 
g. Horse Market in Hungary 
Blau, Tina, Munich. 

24. Fallen Giant. 

Breidwiser Theodor,.Vienna, 

25. Short Rest. 

Brozik, Vacslav, Paris. 

26. The Historical“Feristersturi 
A deputation of Bohemian 1 
May 23 , 1678 throwing from 
the Emperors counselors,whi 
comply with their demand foi 
tinuance of the violation of thi 

f incident of tl 

The Thirty Years War," 
The First Communion oftf 

o Children’s Theatre. 

28a. The Duo. 

Canon, Hans, Vienna. 

29 - .The Master of the Hounds 
His Excellency, Count Wilczi 
Charlemont, Edward, Paris. 
29a. Planning the Campaign. (1 
P. C. Hanford, Chicago.) 

The Pages. (Lent by 
Yerkes, Chicago.) 

29c. The Geographer. 

29d. The Artist in his Studio. 
Charlemont, Hugo, Vienna. 

30. Still Life. (Lent by the P 
Society, Prague.) 

31 - In the Kitchen. 

Defr^ger, Franz von, Munich. 
.Children Playing with a Do 
fiis Highness, Prince Liechter 

33 - “ God Bless You ! ” (Lent 
Lobmeyr, Vienna.) 

Deutsch, Ludwig, Paris. 

Gate in Cairo, 
i he Eunuchs. 

iJitscheiner, Adolph, Munich, 
3 ?- Spring, 

f "8:elhart, Josef, Vienna. 

■iv- I he Curpark at Baden, ne 



Paintings in Oil. 



£rnst, Rudolph, Pans. 

Tomb of Sultan Selim, 

Fischer, Ludwig H., Vienna, 
ip. Himalaya Scenery. 

Friedlaender, Camilla, Vienna, 
m. Still Life, 

5 isela, Josef, Vienna. 

p. Adventures in the Lottery. (Lent by 
His Majesty, the Emperor.) 

|a. One’s Joy is Another’s Sorrow, 
ij. The Seamstresses. 

Nos. 42 , 43 lent by His Highness, 
Prince Liechtenstein, Vienna. 

The Visit to the Laundry. (Lent by 
Mr. M. Mayr, Vienna.) 

Gloss, Ludwig, Moedling. 

45. The Antiquarian. 

Goltz, Alexander D., Vienna. 

46. Christ and the Women. (Lent by the 
Academy of the P'ine Arts, Vienna.) 

47. Flower Girl at Constantinople. 

Hamza, Johann, Vienna. 

48. The Dice-throwers. (Lent by Mr. M. 
Mayr, Vienna.) 

Hasch, Carl, Vienna. 

49. Old Sawmill in the Eschern Valley. 
Hirschl, Adolf, Vienna. 

50. Prometheus. 

51. Wedding Procession. 

Hoermann, Theo. v., Znaim. 

52. Girls Hunting Mushrooms. 

Hoffmann, Josef, Znaim. 

53. From Bygone Days. 

Hradecky, Vacslav, Prague. 

54. Peasants’ Rebellion in Bohemia. 

Huber, Rudolph, Vienna. 

55. George Washington. 

56. Fighting Cows. (Lent by His Majesty, 
the Emperor.) 

Jettel, Eugen, Paris. 

57. Ramsau Scenery. (Lent by His High¬ 
ness Prince Liechtenstein, Vienna.) 

58. Shore of the Seine. 

59^ Dutch Landscape. 

59a. Road near I'aUcenbourgh, Holland. 

(Lent by Mr. A. A. Sprague, Chicago.) 
59b. Cows at Pasture. 

59c. Landscape. 

59d. Landscape. 

Karger, Karl, Vienna. 

60. The Graben in Vienna. (Lent by His 
Majesty, the Emperor.) 

Katzer, Anton, Vienna. 

61. The Indiscreet Friend. 

Kaufmann, Isidor, Vienna. 

62. “ Age is not Proof against Folly.” (Lent 
by Mr. M. Mayr, Vienna.) 

Knuepfer, Benes, Rome. 

63 - The Eternal Siren. 



64. Fight of Tritons. (Lent by the Acad¬ 
emy of Fine Arts, Vienna.) 

Kinzel, Josef, Vienna. 

65. A Dude in the Country. (Lent by His 
Majesty, the Emperor.) 

Kurzbauer, Edward, Rome. 

66. The Fortune Teller. (Lent by Mr. L. 
Lobmeyr, Vienna.) 

Lang-Laris, Hermine, Vienna. 

67. Still Life. 

Lebiedzki, Eduard, Vienna. 

68. The Kiss. 

Lichtenfels, Ed. v., Vienna. 

69. Gulf of Quarnero. (Lent by His Maj¬ 
esty the Emperor.) 

Makart, Hans, Vienna, 

The Five Senses. 

70. Smelling. 

71. Tasting. 

72. Sight. 

73. Feeling. 

74. Hearing. 

75. The Falconer. 

Moll, Karl, Vienna, 

76. The Roman Ruins in Schoenbrunn. 
(Lent by His Majesty the Emperor.) 

Mueller, Anton, Vienna. 

77. The Bird’s Friend. (Lent by Mr. M. 
Mayr, Vienna.) 

Mueller, Leopold C., Vienna. 

78. Market Place in Cairo. (Lent by the 
Academy of Fine Arts, V'ienna.) 

Munkaczy, M. de, Paris. 

78a. The Story of the Hero, 

Nadler, Robert, Buda-Pesth. 

79. The Duet. 

Nowak, Ernst, Vienna. 

80. Tribute to the Monastery. (Lent bv 
Mr. M. Mayr, Vienna.) 

ObermUllner, Adolf, Vienna. 

81. Mountain Brook Torrent. 

Payer, Julius von, Salzburg. 

82. Never Back! Episode of the Austro- 
Hungarian Arctic Voyage under Wey- 
precht and Payer, 1872 - 1874 . (Lent by 

^ His Majesty the Emperor.) 

Pausinger, Franz von, Salzburg. 

83. Autumn Evening. 

84. Late Autumn. 

Pettenkofen, Aug. von, Salzburg. • 

85. Gipsy at the Hearth 

86. Market. 

87. Farmhouse. 

Nos. 85-77 lent by His Highness Prince 
Liechtenstein, Vienna. 

88. Gipsy Hut in the Forest. (Lent by Mr. 
L. Lobmeyr, Vienna.) 

88 a. Market Day at Szolnok, Hungary. 
(Lent by Marshall Field, Chicago.) 


department K.-FINE ARTS. 

Paintings in Oil and 

7777 ~ ---—^ — - __- 7 _ 


Probst, Carl, Salzburg. 

89. The Consultation. 

Ribarz, Rudolf, Salzburg. 

90. Decorative panel for a Dining-room. 

91. Decorative panel for a Dining-room. 
Roehrer, Lina, Munich. 

92. At the Game Dealer’s. 

Ruben, Franz, Vienna. 

93 - Autumn Day on the Lido. 

94 * From Romantic Times. 

Rumpler, Franz, Vienna. 

95 - Girl From Bohemia. 

Russ, Robert, Vienna. 

’ if lintlSn-ient")” 

Schmid, Julius, Vienna. 

'’’'Me!”'*''" Come umo 


9°* 1 he Edelweiss Plucker 
Schindler, Jac. E., Vienna. ’ 

^herweissenbach ILent 

^°Emperwd Majesty the 

f Vienna. 

g>2 Flock of Sheep in Hungary 
Schwaiger, Hans, Prague. 

Tn^’ Peasant. 

4- Bohemian Peasant-Woman. 


10^' y kamily. 

Prof. Billroth’s Clinic, 
b^m, Franz, Munich, 
lo?' Duet. 

g ^s^Mh^Emp^ror^ 


Un Soldo, Signore. 

Strecker, Emil, Vienna 

;na. PoS“f M;l'rAU»«er. 

“ib. Portrait of Mr. P ‘ 

Thoren, Otto v., Paris 
«2. A Wolf t (W K ^ 

^ine Arts, Vie'nna ^c^^etny of 


1 6 the Pigs. 


>* 7 « View in w • 

/ lew in Weissenkirchen. 



f Carl, Vienna, 
iio. Home Again. 

€(R01P 141^ 

Paintings in Water rnu 

Alt, Rudolph, Vienna 

SSVk’iKa,, ' 

121. Belvedere at Prague 

122. The Old Ducal 

123. Interior of the Presbv/ 

^ Stephen Ch„rcha."vS?"'t 



126. Castle Taufers in Tyrol 

127. Church at InnsbJuck • 
Nos. 126,127 lent bv the I iK 

Academy of Fine Arts! Vienna'^’ 
Ludwig H., Vienna • 
I2». 1 he Chunsun Temple at Ifa., 

S' ThI Temple at Karnal 

^o. 1 he Bay of Cattaro. 

Hoffmann, Josef, Znaim. 

131- Payerbach. 
Muench-Bellinghausen, Constanze 
3 ^' Chestnut Blossoms. ' 
133 - Roses. 

Tomec, Heinrich, Vienna. 

134* Salzkammergut. 

135. Church at St. Wolfgang. 
Zetsche, Eduard, Vienna. ^ 

136, Town-gate at Sulzfeld a-M. 
137 - Tower at Sulzfeld a-M. 

GROUP 142 . 

Partings on Ivory, on Enamel, 01 
on Porcelain or other Wares: 1 
Painting on Walls. 
Siber, A., Hall (Tyrol). 

137a. Ride of the Walkures. (Cai 

&Cpl3„ j 

GROUP 143 . 

Engravings and Etchings: Pri 

JgP""'Victor, Vienna. 

Mirh Trinity (after Duen 

Micha ek, Ludwig, Vienna. 

lit if Haydn. (Original Etchi 

E.chiSg^* ™" Beethoveu. ( 



Engravings and Etchings, Prints. 

I Portrait of His Majesty the Emperor 

jf Austria. 

Iger, W., Vienna. 

* Portrait of Rembrandt. (After Rem- 


L Portrait of Rubens’ Sons. (After Rub- 


I. Portrait of Heythuysen. (After F. 

'oernle, W., Vienna. 
y Head of Christ. (After G. Max.) 



GROUP 144 . 

Wagner, Otto, Vienna. 

146. Three studies for the Cathedral 
Berlin. (Pen drawings.) 

GROUP 145 . 

Scharff, A., Vienna. 

147. Medallions and reliefs. 


•; ■'■■■ -- 


: ^ 




j • 




;. ♦ 



President of the Commission, 


Victoria Hotel. 

President of the Committee on Tine Arts, 



Delegate for Pine Arts, 



Committee on Pine Arts: 










Information regarding works for sale may be obtained at the Offio# 8f the 
Belgian Eine Arts Section, Gallery 67, West Pavilion. 







Sculpture, Paintings in Oil. 



GROUP 139. 


Braecke, Pierre, Brussels. 

1. Deserted. (Statuette, bronze.) 

Chat Her, Guillaume, Brussels. 

2. Girl. (Bust, marble.) 

3. Lina. (Bust, marble.) 

4. Turkey. (Bronze.) 

DeKeyser, Jean Baptiste, Brussels. 

5- St. Cecilia, Singing. (Marble bust.) 

De Mathelin, Maurice, Lidge. 

6. Woman Collier. (Bronze statuette, 
from czre perdue^ 

Des Enfans, Albert, Brussels. 

7. After the Walk. (Statuette, marble.) 

8. Manon Lescaut. (Bust, marble.) 

9. La Nique. (Statuette, bronze.) 

De Tonibay, Alphonse, Brussels. 

10. Knight of the Middle Ages. (Bronze.) 

11. Goose Girl. (Bronze.) 

K. Neapolitan Improvisator. (Bronze.) 

De Vigne, Paul, Brussels. 

13. Boverella. (Statue, marble.) 

Domenica. (Statue, bronze.) 

Amertume. (Bust, marble.) 

Pysche. (Bust, marble.) 

Roman Woman. (Bust, bronze.) 
Hambresm, Albert, Brussels. 

* bron?e.)^^’^^’ century. (Statuette. 

'5th century. (Statuette, 

"ie,fe,K?eT“- (Stat- 

Herain, Jean, Brussels. 

22. A Captive. (Marble.) 

23.. Going to the Fields. (Bronze) 

It' (Marble bust.) 

The Cherries. (Marble.) 

I (^Bronze bust.) 

Le Roy, Hipp. Ghent and Rome 
% Folatre. (Bronze.) 

Child Life. (Marble.) 






29. When the North Wind Came, [U 

are perdue.) ' i 

30. Polar Bear. (Bronze.) 
Martens, Jean Baptiste, Paris. 

31. Girl and 1 urtle Doves. (Marble! 

Samuel, Charles, Brussels. ^ 
33- Primavera. (Bust, bronz J 
34. Prelude. (Statuette, bronze.) 
Van Beurden, Alphonse, Antwerp. 

35- Forced Bath. (Group in bronie 

36. Quinten Matsys in Boyhood ( 

37- Young Singer. (Bust, marble.) 
Van der Straeten, Georges, Paris. 
38. Portrait of Monsieur Worth, 

39- Spring. (Bronze.) ) Lent by 

40. Winter. (Bronze.) t Mr.C.T,\ 

41. Idyl. (Bronze.) ) Chicago.' 
Weyns, Jules, Antwerp. 

42. Sweet Slumber. (Statue, mart 
43* The Bird Catcher. (Bust, marble 
Willems, Joseph, Malines. 

44. A Child. (Bronze bust.) 

45* L’Epervier. (Group, bronze.) 
46. Clown. (Statuette, bronze.) 

GROUP 140. 
Paintings in Oil. 

Abry, Leon, Antwerp. 

47* The Sparrow of Lesbia. 

Anten, Djef, Hasselt. 

48. December Morning. 

Arden, Henry, Brussels. 

49* After the Storm. Marine. 
Asselbergs,Alphonse, Uccle nearBi 
50. Toward Evening on a Fine 
Day in Campine, Belgium. 

5^; A Ravine in Winter, in the A: 

Baron, Theodore, Namur. 

52. Autumn Leaves, Afternoon. 

53* Autumn Day in the Ardennes, 



Paintings in Oil. 


Jayart, Paul, Brussels. 

A In Holland. 

Jeernaert, Euphrosme, Brussels, 
t Entrance to the Convent. 

16; Autumn Evening. (In Woman’s Build- 

bSI Hubert, Brussels. ■ - 

57, Strawberries. 

:8. Game. 

Rinie Franz, Brussels. 

'0 Rocks of the Fond d’Arquet, Namur. 
Boudry, Alois, Antwerp. 

Jo In Sunday Attire. 

Ji. Interior, Afternoon. 

Source, Henri, Antwerp. 

52 . The Cherries. 

Bourotte, Auguste, Brussels. 

53. Pyramus and Thisbe. 

54. In the Fields. 

Bouvier, A., Brussels. 

55. Marine. ^ 

Broereman, Eugene, Brussels. 

66. Among the Heather. 

67. Oliva. 

Brunin, Leon, Antwerp. 

68. A Visit to the Studio of 


Cellini. _ 

io. Declaration of Love. 

:ap, Constant, Antwerp, 
ro Jeu de la Comete. Old Salon, Louis 
XV, of the Kums Museum, Antwerp 
:arabain, Jacques, Brussels. 
ji. La Piazza Guilio Cesare, at Rimini,* 

j 2 . View of Cogoleto on the Mediterranean, 
said to be the birthplace of Columbus. 
:arpentier, Evariste, La Hulpe. 

^3. Summer Sun. 

74. Convalescence. 

Claus, Emile, Astene. 

75. Cock Fight in Flanders. 

Coenraets, Charles, Brussels. 

76. Woodturners’ Shop (Brussels type). 

77. Interior at Anderghem, near Brussels. 

Cogen, Felix, Brussels. 

78. The Shipwrecked—Coast of Holland. 
Collart, Mme. Marie. 

79. The Springs of Schavues. 

80. A Farm. (In Woman’s Building,) 
Coosemans, Joseph-Theodore, Brussels. 

81. Wooded Path in the Campine. 

Courtens, Franz, Brussels. 

82. The Departure of the Herd. 

83. Road Through the Dunes. 
Crabeels, Flor, Antwerp. 

84. Flemish Kermesse. 

85. The Return to the Farm. 
Dael, Auguste, Ghent. 

86. Jealousy. 



87. While the Husband is Away. 
D’Anethan, Alix, Paris. 

88. The Holy Women. (In Woman’s 

De Bats, Auguste Marie, Bornhem. 

89. In Zeeland. 

De Beul, Jean-Henri, Brussels. 

90. Herder Assembling his Flock. 

De Beul, Franz, Brussels. 

91. Return to the Stable, in the Campine. 
De Bi^vre, Marie, Brussels. 

92. Peaches. 

93. Accessories (the Porcelains). (Woman’s 

De Bourtzoff, Nathalie, Brussels. 

94. Hors de Combat. 

De Bourtzoff, Sophie, Brussels. 

95. The Orphan. 

De Bruyn, Frans, Antwerp. 

96. Waiting — Toward Evening. 

De Hem, Louise, Ypres. 

97. The Sexton. (Lent by the Museum of 

98. Return of a Procession in Flanders. 
(In Woman’s Building.) 

De Heuvel, Theodore-Bernard, Brussels. 

99. A Schoolmaster. 

De Keghel, Desire, Ghent. 

too. Flowers and Accessories of Music. 

101. Souvenir of Prince Baudouin of Bel¬ 

De Keyser, Nicaise (deceased). 

102. The Holy Week in Seville. 
Dell’Acqua, Cesare, Brussels. 

103. State Prisoner in the Fortress of Grad- 

De Naeyer, Charles, Brussels. 

104. Still Life. 

105. Still Life. (Cheeses.) 

Den Duyts, Gustave, Brussels. 

106. Church of Wondelghem.Winter Scene. 

107. Portrait of M. E. D. V. 

De Rickx, Louis, Antwerp, 

108. The Storm. 

109. The Harvest. 

De Schampheleer, Edmond, Brussels, 
no. Autumn Morning. Genck, Limbourg. 

111. Holland Prairies. 

De Smeth, Henri, Borgerhout. 

112. The Smoker. 

De Vigne, Emma, Ghent. 

113. Flowers. 

De Vriendt, Albrecht, Antwerp. 

114. Charles VI and Odette. 

De Vriendt, Juliaan, Brussels. 

115. Souvenir of Cairo. 

Dielman, Marguerite, Brussels, 

116. Fruit, 



Paintings in Oil. 



Dierickx, Omer, Brussels. 

Ii7- Reunion of Friends. 

118. Dreary Waking. 

Dillens, Albrecht, Brussels. 

119. Shrimp Gatherers. 

Farasyn, Edgard, Antwerp. 

120. Embarkment of Emigrants at Ant 

121. The Truants. 

Fichefet, Georges-Francois-Paul, Brussels 

122. Bather. 

Fischer, Alice, Brussels. 

123. Gladioli. 

Frank, Lucien, Tervueren. 

124. October. 

Gailliard, Francois, Brussels. 

125. La Porte de Hal in Brussels. 

Gerard, Theodore, Brussels. 

126. Bad Reception. 

Gevers, Heldne, Antwerp. 

127. Arab Merchant. 

128. A FuturePoet. 

Godding, Emile, Antwerp. 

129. One Florin, Five Cents, Four Deniers. 
Goemans, Gustave-Hubert, Ghent. 

130* Summer. 

Sunshine on the Avenue. 

Guitens, Godefroid, Brussels. 

132. Girl, Dressing. 

133. Girl. Dressing. 

Guiette, Jules, Antwerp. 

134' Evening. 

Halle, Oscar, Antwerp. 


Lspice Men’s 

Hagemans, Maurice, Brussels. 

^7- Snow m the Forest of Soigne 

Louise, Brussels. 

Ourthe River, 
tlerbo, Leon, Brussels, 

^9' Souvenir of Italy 
Hoeterickx, Emile, Brussels. 

140. Arrival of the Mailboat at Dover 

Efnest. Brussels ‘ 

141. Winter Twilight. 

Horenbant, Joseph, Ghent. 

142. Young Woman. 

Huysmans, Jean Baptiste, Hove.* 

Tar’nb^'A^i^i^ Merchant (Algeria) 


144' Stable at Boitsfort. 


V with Floating Ice 

Klgelfa^ F^f ScLldt. 

J^egeljan, Fraiw, Brussels. 
i47< Flemish Farm 
148. Shores of Lake Neuchatel. 



149. A Venture. ^ 

150* Gallantry. 

Lamoriniere, Francois, Antwem 

III' of Oaks, near aSL 

152. Snow Effect, nearAntwern 

Laumans, Fanny, Brussels. 

Leempoels, Jef., Brussels. 

154 ' The Amateurs. 

155- A VRation in Suspense. 
L^febye, Charles, Brussels. 

Encampment in Morom 
Le Mayeur Adrien, Boitsfort. 

157' d he Storm. 

;S8. Setting Sun at Sea. 

Le Roy, Hipp Ghent and Rome. 

Ojoam of Happiness. 

160. Winter m a Flemish Town 

Looymans, Remain, Antwerp. 

loi. Flemish Farmyard, 

Lybaert, Theophile, Ghent. 

162. The Mother of Sorrows. 

163. Melancholy. 

Maeterlinck, Louis, Ghent. 

104. Peace, 

Mayne, Jean, Brussels. 

165. On the Coast. 

166. Les Va-nu-pieds. 

Meunier, Georgette. 

167. The Mandolin, 

168. Souvenirs of a Bride, (Woman' 

Meyers, Isidore, Brussels. 

169. Briele Poort, Ypres. 

570. Banks of the Scheldt, Novemb 
Michel, Gustave, Ghent. 

^ 71 ' The Novice. 

Montigny, Jules Leon, Tervuere 
172. ^ The Return of the Herd, Octo 
Musin, Auguste, Brussels. 

173* Entrepot Royal and Bassin c 
merce at Brussels. 

174* Ostend Fishermen Caught by t 
m the North Sea. 

Namur, Francois, Liege. 

175* Pauvrettes, 

Nys, Carl, Antwerp. 

^6. Chess Players. 

Ooms, Karel, Antwerp. 

^7*. Cupid in Chase. 

Corneille, Brussels. 

Dt 1 Happy Grandmother. 

Flasky Eugene J. B,, Anderghem. 
* 79 - ChestnuL Alley in Ov( 

Plumot, Andre, Antwerp. 

ISO. The Dangerous Bridge. 



Paintings in Oil. 


1^? Leaving the Stable. 

Proost, Frans, Antwerp. 

18^ In First Class. 

Ouitton, Edouard, Antwerp. 

184. Still Life. . 

Ransy, Putzeys, Felicie, Liege. 

18 5. Immortelles. . 

1 86 . Primroses and Oranges. (Ill W 

Richir, Herman, Brussels. 

Oman s 

187. Fantasy. 

Robie, Jean, Brussels. 

188. Bunch of Roses. 

Ronner, Alice, Brussels. 
i8g. The Heron. 

Rosier, Jean Guillaume, Antwerp. 

IQO. Portrait of Mme. R. 
loi. At My Friend Dupon’s. 

Rosseels, Jacques, Termonde. 

192. In the Campine, Morning. 

IQ3 After the Rain, Campine. 

Roszmann, Augusta, Ghent and Paris. 

194. Portrait of Mile. D. 

Rul, Henry, Antwerp. 

195. Winter Evening. 

Rullens, Jules, Brussels. 

196. The Study. 

Seghers, Franz, Brussels. 

197. Lilium Harrisi. 

Simons, J. Frans, Antwerp. 

198. Love and Patriotism. 

Slingeneyer, Ernest, Brussels. 

199. Last Days of Pompeii. 

200. Episode of an Inundation, Dordrecht. 

Stroobant, Francois, Brussels. 

201. The Old Canal of the Rosary in Bruges. 

202. The Pont Saint Jean and the Belfry 
in Bruges. 

Toefaert, Albert, Ghent. 

203. Environs of Ghent, End of October. 

204. The Ghent Butchers. Old Flemish 

Triest-VanMulders, Camille, Brussels. 

205. Carnations. 

206. Geraniums. (In Woman’s Building.) 
Tschaggeny, Charles, Brussels. 

207. Laborer in Repose. 

208. Horse Fair at Tongres, Belgium. 
Tytgadt, Louis, Ghent. 

209. The Embroidery Lesson at the 
Beguinage, Ghent. 

Valckenaere, Leon, Brussels. 

210. The Port of Bergen-op-Zoom. 

Vanaise, Gustave, Brussels. 

211. Portrait of the Congo explorer, Jerome 
Becker, of Antwerp. 

212. Melancholy. 



Van Beers, Jean, Paris. 

213. A panel comprising: 

1 . Mrs. Brown Potter as the Lady of 

2 . Miss Ada Rehan, as Lady. Teazle. 

.3. Portrait of Henri Rochefort. 

4 . Careless. 

5 . Portrait of Mr. Y. 

6. Portrait of Peter Benoit. 

7. Flirtation. 

8. “Reviens." 

214. Summer Evening. 

214a. Portrait of Mrs. Y. 

Nos. 213 - 214 a lent by Charles T. 
Yerkes, Chicago. 

Van Caillie, Florimond, Antwerp’. 

215. Meadow in Flanders. 

216. Snow Effect (Knocke, Belgium). 

Van Damme, Frans, Brussels. 

217. In the Alice Verte, Brussels. 

Van Damme-Sylva, Emile, Brussels. 

218. Nightfall. 

Van den Bos, Georges, Paris and Ghent. 

219. Open Air Study. 

220. Gage of Love. 

Van den Eycken, Charles, Brussels. 

221. Who is There? 

Van der Hecht, Henri, Brussels. 

222. Across Brussels. 

Van der Meulen, Edmond, Brussels. 

223. Astonishment. 

224. Hunting in the Marsh. 

Van der Ouderaa, Pierre-Jean, Antwerp. 

225. The Galleries of the “Juweelpand” 
(Convent of the Jewels) during the Free 
Fair of Antwerp. First half of sixteenth 

Van Geert, Flora, Antwerp. 

226. Chrysanthemums. 

227. Mimosas. 

Van Hove, Edmond, Bruges. 

228. The Virgin and the Infant Jesus. 

Van Kuyck, Frans, Antwerp. 

229. The Potato Gathering. 

Van Leemputten, Corneille, Brussels. 

230. The Return of the Flock. 

231. End of Autumn in the Campine. 

Van Leemputteen, Frans, Antwerp. 

232. The Return. 

Van Luppen, Frans, Brussels. 

233. Fog in the Woods, End of November. 

Van Luppen, Prosper, Antwerp. 

234. A Last Effort, 

235. The Antiquary. 

Van Overbeke, Edouard, Brussels. 

236. Autumn. 

Van Seben, Henri, Brussels. 

237. Should it be He! 

238. Village in Holland (Winter). 



Paintings in Oil and 



239 - A Strong Pull. 

Van Snick, Josef, Nieukerken, 

240. L Hospice, 

241. Laceworkers. 

Verhaert, Pierre Joseph, Antwerp. 

Verhas, Jan, Brussels. 


^ Heyst-sur- 

Verhas, Franz, Brussels, 

245* The Flowers. 

246. Holiday. 

Verheyden,* Isidore, Brussels. 

247 - ohnmp h ishers. 


248. Orchard m Zeeland. 

jxr\ ^y*^^ (Evening). 

Wytsman, Juliette. 

250. Marguerites. 

251* Peonies. 

GROUP 141, 

Paintings in Water Colors. 

Paul, Hasselt. 

253. ming”Boats”He'yi‘, 

2 -^.^'*®’Astene. ^ 

P: Messenger 

Coenraets Ferdinand, Brussels. 

2S7. Quay M An?TOp 
A. Brasset 

26 ?’ ?tePyc-^^Malines. 

• The St. Simoniens at Malines 
Stacquet Henry, Brussels. 
fA' I"" Ostend Port. 

T^' Dyke at Hevst 
Then^on, Paul. Namur! ' 

"65"'Ma':i„“‘’y“l”'i Brussels, 

(MoSf Stranded at La Panne 
Summer Sun. 

‘'“uven.t of Heyst-sur.Mer. 


GROUPS 143 and 144 

Engravings and Etching,:, 

Exhibit “‘■“’’’"s*- ■; 


Benoit Clement, Mons. 

209. Head of a Lion IHrirv- 1 r. 
270. Portrait of Mr. B. 

Biot, Gustave, Antwerp. 

^ 2 . T&eldewoTthe^^^^^^^^^ 

after Jan Verhas.) ' 

Greuse, Louis, Mons. 

^ containing engraving. 
1. Adam._ (After Vaniyck) 
Tteh'''’^' Children/aft'er & 

3. Saint John (After Donatello! 

4 . Portrait of Mr. B ' 

274. Four portraits. (Pencil drawing 
Guiette, Jules, Antwerp. ^ 

275* Etchings. 

(z Autumn Evening. 

^ Fishing Boat. 
c The Road. 

^ Winter Sun. 
a Morning. 

^ March. 
c Meadow. 
d Harvest in Ardennes. 
e Moonrise. 

_ / Evening in the Fagnes. 
Hems, Ghent. 

277* Etchings. 

278. Etchings. 

Lenain, Louis, Brussels. 

279- The Rape of the Daughters of Le 
Pus^by^the Dioscures. (Engraving 

280. The Idyl. (Engraving after Rub 
Noerman, L., Brussels. 

281. Various Pen Drawings. 

Frederic, Ghent. 

282. Rmns of the Abbey of Vi Hers. 

283. A Cavalry Bugler. 

Van der Veken, G. P., Antwerp. 

\ Engraving after Rubens. 

0 Engraving after Van Dyck. 
c Etching after Frans Hals. 
^Etching after Simon De Vos. 
a Portrait of L. Gallait. (Or 
b Portrait of Peter Benoit. (Or 
, etching.) 

!ba'’ Brussels. 

Pastel (Fruit). 

7 * astel (Grapes), (Woman’s Buili 



Acting President of the National Commission, 


Hotel /Aetropole, Chicago. 

Commissioner of Tine Arts, 


Director of Pine Arts School Rio de daneiro, 
note Atetropole, Chicago. 








Sculpture, Paintings in Oil. 

GROUP 139. 




Prof. Rodolpho Bernardelli. 

I. Christ and the Adulteress. (Marble.) 

3. Dr. Montenovese. (Bronze.) 

4. Dr. Benjamin Constant. (Bronze.)* 

5. D. Pedro d’Alcantara. (Marble.) 
Martinelli St. Paulo. 

6 . Jose Bonifacio. (Marble.)* 

GROUP 140. 

Paintings in Oil. 

In Upper Gallery, Alcoves 140 - 142 . 

Agostinho da Motta. 

. Fruit of Brazil. 

. Head of an Old Man. 

Almeida Jr., J. F. de. 

8 a. Os caipiras negaceando. 

9. The Rest of the Model, 

10. The Reader, 

Antonio Parreiras. 

11. Panorama of the City of Nictheroy,* 

12. Evening.* 

13. Landscape.* 

Aurelio de Figueredo. 

14. Tiradentes.* 

Belmiro de Almeida. 

15. Pique.* 

16. Study of a Head. 

Oliviera Brasileuse. 
i6a. A Virgin, 

Caron H. Boaventura. 

17. Landscape. 

Castagneto, J., Baptista. 

18. St. Luria Beach, Rio de Janeiro. 

19. Marine. 

Facchinetti, Nicolau. 

20. Panorama of Nictheroy. 

Lake of Rodrigues de Freitas 

Firmino Monteiro. 

22. Landscape, 

Funeral of Camorim. 

Fiuza Guimaraes, Jose. 

24. Landscape. 

25. Landscape. 




26. Landscape. 

27. Landscape. 

28. Landscape. 

29. Landscape. 

30. Landscape. | 

31. Landscape. 

Prof. Henrique Bernardelli. 

32. Bandeirantes. 

32a. Messalina. 

33. Tarantella. 

34. Return of the Work. 

35. Mater (Mother), 

36. Portrait of Gen. Deodoro. 

37. Portrait. 

38. Uncle Thomas. 

39. Study of a Head. 

40. Wood Cutter. 

41. Landscape. 

42. Empire. 

43. Indian. 

J. Baptista da Costa 

44. In the Orchard. 

45. Marguerites. \ 

46. Capadocio, 

47. Landscape. 

48. Dwelling. 

49. Cabbages, 

Prof. J. Zeferino da Costa, 
so. The Cake of the Widow.* 

51. Charity \ 

Insley Pacheco.* 

51a. Landscape, Rio de Janeiro. ' 
51b. Landscape. 

51C. Landscape, Paqueta. 

5id. Landscape. 

Sie. Landscape. 

Sif. Landscape. 

5ig. Landscape. 

5ih. Landscape. 

5 ii. Landscape. 

SiJ. Landscape. 

Sik. Landscape. 

51L Landscape. 

Sim. Landscape. 

Sin. Landscape. 

Sio. Landscape, Forest Andaraby. 

Sip. Landscape. 



Paintings in Oil, Antique and Modern Carvings, Engravings. 



. Landscape. 

. Landscape. 

, Landscape. 

. Landscape. 

, Landscape. 
r. Landscape, 
if. M. Brocos. 


View of St. Thezeza’s Hill. 


















Iro Americo. 

Proclamation of the Brazilian Inde- 

Iro Peres. 

The Gold Book.* 

[ro Weingartner. 

Derrubada (clearing land). 

Too Late. 

Country Ball. 


By Oblique Lines. 

)haM Frederico. 



f. Rodolpho Amoedo. 

Narration of Philetas. 

Jesus at Capernaum.* 





84. Portrait. 

84a. Desdemona.* 

Victor Meirelles. 

85. The First Mass in Brazil.* 

Visconti, Eliseu d’Angelo. 

86. Landscape. 

87. Landscape. 

88. Landscape. 

89. Landscape. 

90. Landscape. 

91. Landscape. 

^92. Landscape. 

93. Landscape. 

GROUP 141 . 

Paintings in Water Color. 

Insley Pacheco.* 

93a. Landscape, Ceara. 

93b. Landscape, Sunset. 

93c. Landscape, Bay of Rio de Janeiro. 

93d. Landscape. 

93e. Landscape. 

93f. Landscape. 

93g. Landscape. 

93h. Landscape, Forest. 

93i. Landscape. 

GROUP 145 . 

Antique and Modern Carvings j Engrav¬ 
ings in Medallions or in Gems; 

Cameos, Intaglios. , 

In Upper Gallery, Alcoves 140 - 142 . 

Prof. A. Girardet. 

94. Portrait of Gen. B. Constant. 

95. Two Ballet Girls. 

96. Arrested Love. 

97. Two Cupids. 

98. Three JHeads Symbolic of the Re¬ 

99. Galathea of Raphael. 

100. Two Bassi-Relievi. 

*In the Brazilian Building. 




' \ 


>V '•.'I' _ 





• ^ 


/ “ ■ - 

■ • v' . !il 



Executive Commissioner, 

d. S. LARKE, 

Canadian Pavilion 


department k.-fine arts. 


Paintings in Oil. 

(^{ROUP 140. 
Paintings in Oil. 
In Galleries 10 and 11. 

’ A., Toronto. 


F-. Toronto. 

I* In the Studio. 

Ahrens, C.. A R r a -t' 

2 . Cradled in the Net!’ 

a T0“‘- 

3 * V^thermg Plums. 

4 . A Peasant Girl Drinkine 

ulu AA ™ Evening. 

8 . ’Poruait^ofa Lfdy^' ■*‘‘"“"‘ 2 . Ont 


Bell-Smith, F. M.,R.c 


12. Landscape. 

14. Lamp Light 

15. Anderson’s Garden 
Brymner, William R c A lur 

15 : Lake° Lo '■-land““‘’“'- 

19. Entr’ A^te ’ ^ fountains. 

ChaIlenerfF?y^A^R^p’ F^'^^^'nebleau, 

21. Forty Winks on a ?* 'I'oronto. 

«• Marechal NferR^oser""^ Afternoon. 


P- fcr^'C'tr'Growa. 
Cruikshank.’w a'SV . 

3 : A Wa'sh’^;o'”'"'‘^''•^• 

Day. F'iSa'^.^R^'J.P^vence. 

, A-, Kingston, Onl. 



nn ■ J** St. John, N 


3 “W^ 7 net;;rI”“”' 

Life, Pumpkin. 
Ede, F. C. V., Sorgues, near 







. w. , oulgues, ne 
Landscape with Cattle 
Landscape with Cattle 
Landscape with Sheep 
At Sorgues, near Paris 
Landscape near Fonta 
W' ^Ward with Poultry 
Egari, J. H., Montreal. 

40. Maternity. 

Forbes, J. C., R. C. A.. To 

Ao' Cliffs, near Dovi 

42. Coast of Maine. 

43 * The Old Home, 

44- A Rocky Mountain Cai 


45. The Old Story, 

Franchere, J. C., Montreal. 

AS Japonaise. 

48. Still Life. 

J- A., R. C. A., Ne; 
49 * A Highland November 
Graham. J. L., Montreal. 

r Green. 

51 . Study of a Cow. 

Grier E. W., A. R. C. A., 1 

S' Miss M. Cawi 

Poilrait of a Physician. 

He mmond, J., A. R. c. A., 

Fishing, Bay of 
^^kirk?^ Great Illicilliwaet 

Harrm, Robert, Pres. R. C. 

fs’ p Gilman Chene; 

g- Portrait. Mrs. Ross. 
i> 9 . Composing his Serenade 




Paintings in Oil and Water Colors. 

^‘’’Portrait; Miss Peterson, 
ii! “The Homely House that 
Quiet Rest.” 
la. Harmony. 

lolden, Sarah B., Montreal. 


63. Portrait. 

64. A Brittany Interior. 

6s. To His Taste. 

Hope, William, Montreal. 

66. Table du Roi, Forest of Fontainebleau. 
Houghton, Margaret, Montreal. 

67. Wishing on the Moon. 

68 Old Fishing Stage, Louisbourg. 

Jacobi, 0 . R., R. C. A., Toronto. 

69. Landscape with Gipsies. 

JO, Landscape. 

71. Landscape. 

Kidd, J. M., Toronto. 

72. Roses. 

Leduc, O., St. Hilaire, Que. 

73. Onions. 

74. Still Life. Study by Candle Light. 
McArthur, L. C., Winnipeg, Man. 

75. Gateway, Old Fort Garry, Winnipeg. 
MacMillan, D. P., Montreal. 

76. Dismal Hollow. 

Martin, T. M., R. C. A., Toronto. 

77. Evening after Winter. 

78. Ducks. 

79. Ah! There! 

Jo. On Guard. 

Morrice, J. W., Montreal. 

Ji. Entrance to Dieppe. 

J2. Early Morning Effect on the Conway, 

Muntz, Laura A., Paris, France. 

J3. A Fairy Tale. 

Peel, Paul, R. C. A. (deceased). 

S4. The Venetian Bather. 

Pinhey, J. C., A. R. C. A., Hudson, Que. 
[5. Jael. 

plimsoll, Fanny G., Montreal. 

16 . An After Dinner Pipe. 

Raphael, W., R. C. A., Montreal, 
ty. Abandoned. 

18 . A Potato Plot. 

19. The Oat Field. 

Reid, G. A., R. C. A., Toronto. 

K). The Foreclosure of the Mortgage. 

11. The Visit of the Clockmaker. 

12. Lullaby. 

13. A Mountain Village. 

Reid, Mary H., A, R. C. A., Toronto. 

14. Roses and Still Life. 

15. Chrysanthemums. 

16. October Sunshine. 

Jandham, H., R.C.A., Boston, Mass. 

7. The founding of Maryland, March 27 , 
1634 . 



Schreiber, C.M. -B., Springfield, Ont. 

98. Christobel. 

Seymour, M., Montreal. 

99. Evening on the Carron, Easter Ross, 

Sherwood, W. A., A. R. C. A., Toronto. 

100. Comrades. 

101. The Negotiation. 

Spurr, Gertrude E., Toronto. 

102. Boston Stump. 

103. Grand River, Elora. 

Staples, O. B., Toronto. 

104. The Last Load. 

Thompson, Ernest E., A. R. C. A..Toronto. 
105a. Awaited in Vain. An Incident in the 

TuIIy, S. S., A. R. C. A., Toronto. 

105. Le Vieux Cure. 

106. Portrait. Miss L. Lefevre. 

Verner, F. A., A. R. C. A., Toronto ^ 

107. Milking Time. 

108. Monarch of the Prairie. 

Watson, H., R. C. A., Doon, Ont. 

109. Early Spring, Grand River Valley, 
no. Storm Passing the Oak Glade. 

111. Village of Kilrenny, Fife. 

112. At the Farm. 

Watts, J. W. H., R. C. A., Ottawa. 

113. A Forest Pool. 

114. October. 

115. Landscape. 

Wickson, Paul G., A. R. C. A., Paris, Ont. 

117. At Duty’s Call. 

Woodcock, P., R. C. A., New York, N. Y 

116. The Creek. 

GROUP 141. 

Paintings in Water Colors. 

In Galleries 10 and 11 . 

Barnsley, James M., Montreal. 

118. The Life Boat. 

119. East Gloucester, Maine. (Not for sale.) 

120. Shipping. ' 

Bell-Smith, F. M., R. C. A., Toronto. 

121. Bank of Montreal, Montreal. 

122. Feeding Pigeons, St. Paul’s Church¬ 
yard, London. 

123. Evening, Hyde Park Corner. 

124. After Rain, Place de la Concorde, 

125. The Morning Milking Hour, Holland. 

126. The Thames at London Bridge. ^ 

127. Cape Trinity. 

Day, Forshaw, R. C. A., Kingston, Ont. 

128. The Hermit Range. 

129. The Glacier Torrent. 

130. Cap Rouge, Quebec. 


department k.-fine arts. 

Paintings in Water Colors. 


No. . ^ 

131. The Hermit Range from above Lake 

Fowlej, D^iel, R. C. A., Emerald, Ont. 

Shot, But Not Got. 

Group of Canadian Dead Game. 


Group of Gladiolus. 

Rough Pasture. 

Summer Afternoon. 

Low Water, Bay of Quinte. 

Sunshine and Shade. 

Sand Hills, Amherst Island. 

Fisher Boys of Hastings, England. 
Dark Pool on a Dull Day. 



f/ft a’ C. A., New York, N. Y. 

140* A Bit of Ightan Mote House. 

On a Blowy Morn in June. 

At the Solemn Hour. 

In the Wild Highlands. 

November Twilight, Perthshire. 

I he Haunt of the Muskrat. 

By the Meadow Stream. 

The Weird House in the Moat. 

On Loch Etive Side. 

The Sunset Flush. 

^wixt Achray and Katrine 

^^Mai^e^^^^*^ Morning, Frenchman’s Bay, 

Griffiths, James, R. C.A.,London, Int 
161. English Roses. 

102. Peonies. 

163. Canadian Roses. 

C. A., Toronto. 

^ 4 - Perce Fishermen, Gulf of St.Lawrence. 



C. A., Toronto 
166. Midsummer Days. • 


133 - 

134 - 

135 - 
137 - 














153 - 

154 - 






167. Heatherland. 

168. Land of the Pearh „ j 

Martin, H., A. R. c ? 

169- Westminster 
Martin, E. May, Toronto. 


Mathews, M., R. c. A Rr= 
.7^.^Indian Salmon Catch*„“^; 


i? Revelstok 

174. The Selkirks Glacier fromJi 

.Spuzzum Creek on the Fras 

O Bnen, L. R., R. c. A ‘ 

X76. The Great Peak onSS 


Canterbury Cathedral. 
Lake Memphremagog 
The Grand River at Dover. 
Fat Lands of Ontario 

on Ml- Hay on Coldwater 

Philh^, Mary M., Montreal. 

183* Gloucester Harbor, 

Reid, G. A. R. C. A., Toronto. 
104. Late Afternoon. (Pastel 

isA Canal, Brantfc 

loo. Canadian Fruit. 

A-' Toront, 

Jna* Coast of Maine, 

loo. bluice Gate, near West Gold 

^jurr, Gertrude E., Toronto. 

189. Upland Road, Point Levi. 
190* By the Lake Shore, Mimicoi 
191- Rapids above the Falls. 
Tully, S. S., A. R. C. A., Torontc 
192. Anticipation, (Pastel.) 

I 93 " Study. (Pastel.) 

Verner, F A., A. R. C. A., Toroi 
194* St. Clair Marsh. 

Way, C. J., R. C. A,, Ospedaletti 
195 - I ool in the Valley of the Rh( 








President of the Commission, 


Commissioner General, 



Commissioner of Tine Arts, 


Gallery 73, West Pavilion of Art Palace. 

Commissioner of Tine Arts, 


Woman's Temple, La Salle Street. 

ror Information regarding exhibits for sale, apply to OLAP E. AOGENSEN, 

In Gallery 73. 




Sculpture, Paintings in Oil. 

GROUP 130 . 


In Galleries 73 and 75. 




1. A Girl Making Pottery. (Marble.) 

2. A Danaide. (Marble.) 

Boegebjerg, R. 

3 . A Girl from Fanoe. (Bust, marble.) 

Bundgaard, A. J. 

4 . Will o’the Wisp. (Statue, plaster.) 

5. Laborer. (Statue, bronze.) 

Dan, Johanne. 

6. A Snake Charmer. (Statue, bronze.) 

Hasselries, L. 

^plaster'f Columbus, (Bronze and 

Kroyer, P. S. 

^ter^^^ (Bust, plas- 

^°platen) Drachmann. (Bust, 

^'plalter.)^^'''^^^’ Ancher. (Bust, 

^^lalter Svendsen. (Bust, 


Nielsen, Anna M. C. 

14 ' A Calf. (Bronze.) 

15 - A Calf. (Bronze.) 

Pacht, Axel Fred’k. 

Saabye, A. W. 

17 - Jusanne Before the Elders, 

A Lady Macbeth Walking in Her Sleep 
Binding, Stephan. 

20. A Captive Mother. (Plaster.) 

GROUP 140. 
Paintings in Oil. 

In Galleries 73 and 75 , and Uppe 

u' uo •. Alcoves 136 to 139 . 

Achen, G. 

21. Morten. 

Agersnap, Hans. 

22. Summer Day at the Pool in 
Cotton Grass in Bloom. 

Ancher, Anna. 

24. A Dressmaker. 

25. In a Brown Study. 

Ancher, Michael. 

26. A Winter Day' at the Vilh 

27. Fisherman Returning Home 

28. Three Old Fellows. 
Arnesen, Vilh. 

29. A Gale at Sea. 

Bache, Otto. 

30. The Mill Yard. 

3^. Hussars on the Commons. 
Ball, Otto. 

32. Sunset. 

Bilkvist, Joh. B. 

The Weather Clearing after 

Bissen, R. 

An Old Oak near the Shore. 
Blom, G^jhard. 

35 * In tlrc Summer House. 
Blache, Chr. 

36. Calm Afternoon on the Oresi 
37 " Rough Sea at a Rocky Co 
holm, Denmark). 

Boesen, Joh. 

38. Evening at the Seaside. 

Spring m a Dhnish Beech F( 
Brasen, Hans. 

40. The Woman with the Eggs. 
C. Andersen’s Story.) 

Braendekilde, H. J. 

41. Worn Out. 

42. Goodbye. 





" Paintings in Oil. 


No • 

Jredsdorff, Johan Ulrik. 

-1. Sunshine When the Leaves are t ailing. 

Jrandt, J. H. 

4, Breakers. 

.a Cour, Janus. 

5 View of the Sea on a Calm Spring Day. 
5! At the Seaside: Gloomy Day, 
larstensen, A. Riis. 

7. Marine. 

:hristiansen, R. 

8. Jutlandish Bull. 

7. A Milking Place. 

Ihristiansen, Poul S. 

0, Portrait. 

)all, Hans. 

1, Evening, Tisvilde Hegn, Sealand. 

la. A Storm Brewing, llundested, Sea- 

)ohImann, Augusta. 

2, Flora. 

3, Chrysanthemums. 

(orph, A. 

if. A Young Girl — Study Head, 
lorph, N. V. 

5. Lawn Tennis. 

5a. Moonlight Night 
ngelsted, M. 
k Sacrifice of Isaac, 
ischer, Poul. 

h Hojbroplads, Copenhagen, 
roelich, Edma. 
i. Flowers, 
roelich, L. 

I. Heracles bringing a Satyr before the 
Tribunal of Olympians. (La Legende 
des Siecles, V. Hugo.) 

. Cain and the Eye of the Lord (La 
Legende des Siecles, V. — Hugo), 
ioedesen, Aage. 

. View on the Kullen in Sweden; After¬ 
noon Sun, 


. Bricklayers Playing Cards. 

. Interior of a Poor Cottager’s Home, 
(Walders, Norway.) 
ansen, Hans Nikolai. 

. Portrait of the Wife, of the Painter. 

. January. 

. The Beach at Tisvilde (Sealand). 

insen, Adolph H. 

. Room in the Colonna Palace, Rome, 
insen, Peter. 

. Group of Children, 
insen, Joseph Th. 

. The Study-room of Her Majesty, Queen 
Louise, at Bernstorff Castle. 

^ The Council-room at the Palace of 



Haslund, Otto. 

72. Interior of a Stable. 

Heilmann, Gerhard. 

73. Spring Day After Rain. 

74. An Old Manor House, Summer Eve¬ 

Helsted, Axel. 

76. The Judgment of Paris. 

Hinrichsen, Lorenz V, 

77. Evening Sun. 

Holten, Sofie. 

78. Portrait of a Lady. (Half length.) 

79. Portrait of a Gentleman. (The Painter, 
L. A. Ring.) 

80. At the Border of the Wood. 

Hou, Axel. 

81. “Master, Where Are You Going?” 

listed, Peter. 

82. An Invalid. 

Irminger, V. 

83. In a Ward at Night. (The Children’s 
Hospital at Refsnaes, Sealand.) 

83a. Patients returning from the Coast Hos¬ 
pital at Refsnaes. 

84. Sufferers Waiting for Christ. (St. 
Mark I, 32 - 33 .) 

85. Dogs in Copenhagen. 

Jensen, Carl Milton. 

86. A Change in the Weather. 

Jensen, J. Th. 

87. Winter Day in a Forest Glen, 

Jensen, Karl. 

88. St. Olai Church at Elsinore. 

Jespersen, Henrik. 

89. Drifting Clouds with Glimpses of Sun¬ 

90. On the Brink of a Rivulet in West 
Jutland; Summer Afternoon. 

Jerndorff, A. A. 

91. The Deluge, 

92. The Jews in the Desert. 

93. Portrait of a Gentleman. 

94. Portrait of a Lady. 

Johansen, Viggo. 

95. Christmas Eve. 

96. Autumn Landscape. 

97. Sunday at Tibirke Church (Denmark). 

Kabell, Ludvig. 

99. Sumrrier Evening in the Country (Sea¬ 

Kittendorf, Ad. 

too. Amagertorv in Copenhagen. (Water 

101. In Gennarano. (Wash drawing.) 
Kofoed, H. C. 

102. After the Work (Brittany). 
Konstantin-Hansen, Elise. 

104. An Oat Field. 


department k.-fine arts. 

Paintings in Oil. 




X « 

Kornerup, Valdemar. 

105. The Good Samaritan. 

Krebs, Johanne. 

106. Portrait. (Study.) 

Kroyer, P. S. . 1 i 

107. The Road to Stenbjerg (Denmark). 

108. In the Garden. 

109. Portrait. 

Kyhn, Vilhelm, 
no. Landscape. 

Larsen, Knud Erik. 

111. In the Children’s Home. (Adminis¬ 
tering codliver oil to the inmates.) 

112. The Border of the Woods. 

Larsen, Minni. 

113. Before the Communion. (Old Wen- 
dish Woman.) 

Locher, Carl. 

114. A November Night on the North Sea. 

115. The Glacier of Oefjelds. (Iceland.) 
Lubschitz, John Leopold. 

116. Evening. 

Lund, C. Emil. 

117. Landscape in Jutland. Subject from 

Lund, Soren. 

118. Tethered Horses. 

Lutzhoft, N. Holten. 

119. Dark Day in August. 

120. Sunshine in a Village Churchyard 
Matthiesen, Oscar. 

121. Cart Horses by the Seine, Paris. 

122. Gale on the West Coast of Jutland. 

123. Griffenfeldt as a Prisoner at Munk- 
holm, Teaching Two Little Boys. 

Mols, Niels Petersen. 

124. Rainy Weather. 

125. October Day. 

Niss, Thorvald. 

126. Autumn. 

Nybo, Frits. 

127. September. West Part of Southern 

128. Old Trees at Charlottenlund (Sea- 

land). • 

Olsen, Alfred. 

129. A Dead Calm. 

Pacht, Yilh. 

130. Potato Harvest in North Sealand. 
Paulsen, Julius. 

131. The Models are Waiting. 

132. View of a Plain in Denmark. 

133 - Portrait of Professor Froelich. 
Pedersen, Ole. 

134. Field Laborers. 

135. Interior of a Stable. 

Pedersen, Thorolf. 

136. From the Port of Elsinore. 

137. The Tempest. 

Pedersen, Viggo. 

138. Isaac Seeing the Arrival of t 

(Genesis xxiv, 63 .) ^ 

139. The Water Mill. 

140. The Sun Setting Over the Sea 

141. View of the Sea. ^ 

142. Italian Landscape from Sora 
Petersen, Anna Sofie. 

143. Fishermen in Church in West 
Rasmussen, J. E. Carl. 

144. Shipwrecked Sailors on the St 

145. Summer Night on the Coast ol 

Rasmussen, R. C. 

146. Street at Ryssensten. (Copenh; 

Ring, L. A. 

147. Laborers at an Aqueduct. 

148. A Drunken Man in the Villas 
Rohde, Jo^n. 

149. Danish Landscape. 

150. On the Banks of the Ribe Riv 
Seligman, Georg. 

151. Convalescence. 
Schlichtkrull, Johan C. 

152. The Sound Sleepers. 

153. Outside the Cottage. 

154. Portrait of My Brother. 

155. Change of the Weather. 
Schmidt-Phiseldeck, Carl. 

The Large Beech in Valine 
September Day. 

Skovgaard, N. K. 

156. The Goblins’ Forest. 

157. Beech Forest in the South of' 
on a Windy Autumn Day. 

158. Portrait. 

Smidth, Hans. 

159. Aaresvad Rivulet at Karuo 

Jutland). ^ 

160. Sund’s Mill (West Jutland). 
Therkildsen, M. 

161. Frightened Horses. 

Tornoe, Wenzel. 

162. The Newly Married Friend I 
Morning Visit. 

Tuxen, Lauritz. 

163. Susanne in the Bath. 

164. On the _ Coast of Picardy, 1 
men Returning at Dusk. 

165. Portrait of a Lady. 

166. The Royal Danish Family. 

Tuxen, Nicoline. 
167. Midsummer. 

167a. Growing Apple Bough. 
Wandel, Elisabeth. 

168. Evening Sun. Storm Comingo 

Wang, Albert E. 

169. October Day. (Subject fra 
neighborhood of Horsens, Daii 



Paintings in Oil. 



Wegmann, Bertha. 

'170 Portrait of a Lady. 

171! Portrait of a Lady. 

7^2* A Physician. _ 

Prospect at Jenbach (In Tyrol). 
Wentorf, Carl C. F. 

Mi At Peisen. (Subject from Gulbran- 
^'dsdalen, Norway.) 



Winther, Fr. 

175. Sorgenfri Rivulet. (Lyngby, Sealand.) 
Zacho, Chr. 

176. Summer Day on the Banks of the 
Rivulet in Saebygaard Wood. (Jutland.) 

Zahrtmann, Kristain. 

177. Job and his Friends. 

178. V recession in Civita d’Antino, Italy. 


Commissioner General, 


357 East Ontario Street. 

Principal Commissioner for Pine Arts, 



Commissioner for Pine Arts, 


2411 Cottage Grove Avenue. 

Secretary of the Commissiori for Tine Arts, 


Attaches to the Commission, 






President, M. Gerome, member of the Institute. Vice-Prf-cirt^r^f. 

Der of the Institute; M. Puvis de Chavannes member of thp r Bohm 

tary. M Paul Delair, secretary of the Exposit^n Ar^’ 

stant; Berau^^LmfeTBetnrrdfBotgl'^er^^^^^^ memVerTte 

of the Institute; Busson; Carolus-Duran,member of the Council nf 

Dagnan; Detaille. member of the Institute, SSbufe, GuiUaume ^ 

caud Francais, member of the Institute- Geftov Gu^m^c a 

member of the Institute; Harpiffnies insnertor u Gervex i 

Institute; Lefebvre, J., member of the Institute- Lefort i’nsncctnr 



member of dm In^ituf^-^ .A^'^^^'P^^sidents; M. Falj 

tions of Fine Arts. ’ * Al. Giudicelh, commissioner of theE 

AlfredfSrfe?;’ Ch5lain,1^eSb??Tf'"’h?'^Ins^^^^^^ Cou Bo 

Dubois, Alphee- Frcrnict- u ,^>^stitute; Courajod, art trustee of I, 

director of^National Museum- L^feuvS^AThP^t^^MKara 
member of the Institute- Philippf Gdle c v ^^"'q^^ste; Mathurin-Moreau; 

member of the Institute. Gille, art critic; Rodin; de Samt-Marceaux; T 1 


member of Institute- M^BoeswnwTld^?^nV^f-A^i^^^'P^^s'dents: M. Vaud 
editor of the'Directory of^’j^ine historical monuments; Sec 

Comte. mSnSrof^t?e"cou^ndrof’F^^^^ inspector church archiu 

Gustave, member of Commission nn Kief ^®^^her of the Institute; Di 

Institution in Drawing- Ginain mpmiP 'r^ Monuments; Dutert, art inspector-?! 
Institute, architect of^governmeS Guillaume, Edmond, member 

inspector of historic rnLumeSs Poulin ^ Institute; Lisch,? 

government architect; SelmersEfeirn^nePp P National Palace;? 

. ^etmersheim, inspector-general of historical monuments. 


dents; M. Jacquet, ' Achm^Academy of Fine Arts. Vice 

E xpSL'i.”- Secreta 

of fine’arts^^DidiP^-^Tv^^f^’Institute; Cl 
Arts; Flarneng, Leopold, member of the P^^lessis, member of the Institute o 

P •, decorative arts. 

secretay of director of fine arts * Council of Fme Arts. Secretary, M. C. 0 
Members: Meccrc ai.:,, j . 

ofart^at"sT'^^^^f°*^ Sevres factory-’ Bonnaffe^’Beauvais factory; 
?Ls™fn Delaherche-’ Mze- Joseph; Coutan, d 

Franz pff ^ Arts; Gasnault- o^ art at Gobelins; 

mar ^ouvrier de Lajolais director Gobelins; Joi 

g , director of technical art at Sfevres School of the Decorative Arts; 





GROUP 139. 


In South Court, Rotuada and Galleries 57 
and 58 . Sculpture applied to Archi¬ 
tecture, in East Court. 


No. , T-k • 

Anglade, Alexandre, Pans. 

1. Pro Fide. . . 

Astanieres, Clement, comte d’, Pans. 

2. Child on a Wave; More Fear than 

3. The Frolicsome Boy. 

4 . Cavalryman in Campaigning Dress. 

5. Infantry on the Frontier m Fatigue 

6. Volunteer of Autun, Cavalryman m 
Service Dress. 

7. A Curious Child. 

AuW, Jean-Paul, Paris. 

8 . Dante. 

Barrias, Louis-Ernest, Paris. 

9. The First Burials. 

[0. Mozart as a Child. 

Bartholdi, Frederic-Auguste, Paris. 

[I. Washington and Lafayette. 

Bartholomd, Albert, Paris. 

[2. Little Girl Crying. 

Bastet, Victorien-Antoine, Paris. 

[3. Abandoned. 

Becquet, Just, Paris. 

[4. The Seine at its Source. 

[5. Faun Playing with a Panther. 

Selin, Joseph, Paris. 

[6, Toby. 

Beguine, Michael-Ldonard, Paris. 

[7. ^ The Charmer. 

[8. ' David Conqueror. 

Blanchard, Jules, Paris. 

19. Tintoret’s Daughter. 

JO. Head of a Woman. 

Bonheur, Isidore, Paris. 

!i. Jongleur. 

!2. Horseman of Louis XV. 

53. Percheron Horse. 



Boucher, Alfred, Pans. 

24. On the Ground. 

■ Cain, Auguste, Paris. 

25. Rhinoceros Attacked by Tigps. 

26. Eagle and Vultures Quarreling over a 
Dead Bear. 

27. Lion Strangling a Crocodile. 

Cambos, Jean-Jules, Paris. 

28. Return of Spring. 

Carles, Antonin-Jean, Paris. 

29. Abel. 

Cazin, Mme. Marie, Paris. 

30. Young Girls. 

Chapu, Henri-Michel-Antonine. 

31. Joan of Arc. 

Chatrousse, Emile, Paris. 

32. Young Contemporary. 

Chevre, Paul, Paris. 

33. Cocks Fighting. _ ^ 

Choppin, Paul-Franqois, Pans. - 

34. Volunteer of 1776 . 

Claudel, Mile. Camille, Paris. 

35. Bust of M. Rodin. 

CoIIe, Charles-Alphonse, Paris. 

36. Ophelia. 

37. The Minuet. 

Croisy, Aristide, Paris. 

38. The Doll’s Toilet. 

Daillion, Horace, Paris. 

39. Modesty. _ , „ . 

Dclaplanche, the late Eugene, Pans. ^ 

40. Security. 

Dubois, Paul, Paris. r t 

41. Four Figures from the Tomb of Lam- 


Durand, Ludovic, Courbevoie. 

42. The Caress. ' u o 

Falguiere^ Jean-Alexandre-Joseph, Paris. 

43. Republican France. Allegorical Statue 
^ Ordered by the French Government 


44. Diana Shooting. 


46. Souvenir of the Night of Sept. 4 , 1851 . 
Fouques, Henri-Am6d^e, Paris. 

47. “Fox,” a Pointer. 


department K.-FINE 




Fremiet, Emmanuel, Paris. 

ll' Age. 

Wounded Dog. 

SO* The Two Piereons 

?i““ Th ^'“'"y-snr-Sdne 

The Nymph Echo 

G^eoffroy, Adolphe-Loeis-Victor Pari, 
g: Antelope. 

« V ’ Paris. 

WliefeLf of Lyo- 

h’ of a Head. 

S E™nianuel, Paris 

5^; pt^STandBaichuel^- 
Hiroi^ Ernest, Paris. 

H" Roses. 

S° P-ia. 


S.' iS2 of 

l«rd, a>M. 

Wrac^ AnfMan. 
f7. Sate-l^a-Marie. 

f Lo^a-Pa™. 

Snsb„rnt°'s\",°l'< Woman. 

?'•_ In'gr„'g??‘'a«. Paris. 

73 Fhsfr aa- Paris. 

[i D^sirs^"™- 

7? tS’ Paris. 


Jr^rche, Raoul, Paris. 

2o' Josas Before the RahK' 

78- At the Mirror 


& ^3" Love 
»3. Child and Rose. 


|4* The Task. 
o|' Cigale. 

»o* Pandora. 

87* Dream of Love 
Leroux, Etienne, P^ns. 

fn' ’ 

(Pe«er.f°"‘'“'"'" ai He T« 
91. Card Plate. (Pewter i 
9a Diat"a”^‘-P‘‘”"ard;Va,U. 
9“""ch°a”c’.a®“«'”a’ Paris- 


Martjuet De Vasselot.Analole P„ 
9«- SsuptoroftheRenaissaKe" 

I A„“'i'^ct”r-^'«'-Pa“'.P« 

the time of Louis Xlir 

99* Hu roc. 

iw' ^ Fire-Place. 

102. Wounded Horse. , 
Mercie, Antonin, Paris 
ro3. David the Victor 
104. “Even So!” 

lOS^^Thi v“a- P'oeence, Mulhonst 
'heSp44;.''^'"- Child Jesus a„d< 

Michel, Gustave, Paris 

W SaKindMana^dtheParal, 

rol: Autota.^ folding up her Diade 
Millet the late Aime, Paris. 
Ariadne Abandoned. 

«rA:;’fe”'°"=aye, Paris. 


”2- Eafayette. 

»3°."Ba'Samr’ Asgustin-Jean, F 
rr4. fortune, 
rrs. Nereide. 

116. Florentine Head. 

“7.^ Bacchante. 


H8. The Return. 
fro‘^‘^V®^”'^*“iam-Henri Paris 
Pe^ene Fo^swiilwald.* 

'«>• PortrliforMme^C—!'*”’ 





rrey, Leon-Auguste, Paris 
■. Death of Jezebel, 
yrol, Hippolyte, Pans, 
t, Protection._ 
mpon, Francois, Paris. 

I The Martyr St. Catherine. 

Bch, Denys, Paris. 

. The Siren. 

. The Star. 

isgiguier, Emile-Patil, Paris. 

, Young Cupid, 
sibaud, Pierre, Paris. 

• Agrippa, d'Aubigne. 
igel, d’ Illzach, Paris. 

. Perversity. 

. A Parisian Woman. 

, Bas-relief in Baked Sandstone, 
jert, Eugene, Paris. 

, In the Woods, 
lin, Auguste, Paris. 

Citizen of Calais, 

Portrait of a Man. 
ibaud, Louis-Auguste, Paris. 

The Vocation, 
igelet, Benedict, Paris. 

Hero and Leander. 
it-Marceaux, Rene de, Paris. 

Spirit Guarding the Secret of the 

son, Justin Chrysostome, Paris. 

A Conqueror. 

1^, Felix, Paris. 

TheRape of Iphigenia. 

:an, Jean, Paris. 

The Blind Man and the Paralytic, 
canu, Emile, Paris. 

Normandy Woman, 

An Oriental. 

et, Raoul-Charles, Paris. 

The Grief of Orpheus. 


rl, Mme. Jenny, Paris. 

Lucrezia Buti. (Marble.) 
f'ifteen Years. (Bronze.) 

s of French Sculptures from the 11th 
to the 19th Century. 

ihibited by the Bureau of Historical 
uments from the studios of the Museum 
Dmparative Sculpture and the Museums 
ecorative Arts and of the Louvre. 

Eleventh and 12th Century. 

Church of Notre-Dame-du-Port, in 
ermont-Ferrand—Portal of Southern 

Cloister of Saint-Trophime at Arles. 
Cathedral of Bourges. 



149. The Church of Saint-Martin at Brive. 

150. Church of Sainte-Croix at La Charite. 

151. The Monastery of Charlieu. 

152. Cathedral of Chartres. 

153. Cloister of Moissac. 

154. Church of Saint-Eutrope at Saintes. 
Two Capitals of Pilasters of the Nave. 

155. The Abbey Church Saint Gilles, Cen¬ 
tral Door and Partof the Western Faqade. 

156. Cloister of the Abbey of Daurade in 
Toulouse, Two Capitals of Columns. 

157. Cathedral of Amiens, West P'ront Pier 
of Central Door; 13th century. 

158. Cathedral of Amiens, West Facade, 
Bases of Left Hand Door, with F'igures, 
The Month, Signs, etc.; 13th century. 

159. Cathedral of Amiens, South Faqade, 
Lintel and Pier of Door of Saint-Honore; 
13th century. 

160. Cathedral of Amiens : Tomb of 
Evrard of Fouilloy. 13th century. 

161. Cathedral of Laon: Six Capitals of 
Columns of the Triforium. 13th century. 

162. Cathedral of Paris: Western Fa(;.ade, 
Frame of Left-hand Door. 13th century. 

163. Cathedral of Paris: West Facade, 
Part of Left Door of. 13th century. 

164. Cathedral of Paris. Hanging of Door 
in West Facade. 13th century. 

165. Cathedral of Reims: Panel of Left 
Door of Transept. 13th century. 

166. Cathedral of Reims; Decoration of 
the Interior Wall-West Side. 13th century. 

167. Cathedral of Reims: Figure of Pro¬ 
phet from Interior of West side. 

168. Cathedral of Reims: Base and Capi¬ 
tal of Pillar. 13th century. 

169. Cathedral of Rouen; Part of West 
Door. 13th century. 

170. Chapel of Saint-Germer: Ancient 
Altar Piece—Museum of Cluny. 13th 

171. Cathedral of Bordeaux: Door of 
North Trajisept. 14th century. 

172. Cathedral of Lyons: Dais Surmount¬ 
ing a Niche, and Doors of Western Front. 
14th century. 

173. Cathedral of Sens: Lower Part of 
Right-Hand Door of Western Front. 14th 

174. Church of Saint-Urbain at Troyes, 

Embellishment of Choir Gallery. 14th 
century. . 

175. Statue of William de Chaiiac, fronr 
the Louvre. 14th century. , 

176. Statue of Philippe VI, King of France, 
from the Louvre. 





177. Chateau de la Ferte-Milon, High re 
lief over door. Coronation of the Virgin. 
15 th century. 

178. Chateau du Lude, Statuette of Angel 
for Vane (in hammered copper). 15 th 

I 79 ‘ Statue of Philippe de Morvillier 
First President of Parliament of of France! 
from the Louvre. 15 th century. 

180. Cathedral of Aix, Door of West 
Facade. 16 th century. 

181. Cathedral of Beauvais, Door of South 
transept. 16 th century. 

182. Cathedral of Chartres, six Pilasters 
from Choir Screen, jean le Texier 16 th 

183. Chateau de Gaillon, Stalls from the 
Chapel Choir. 16 th century. 

184. Gallery in the Cathedral of Limoges 
(artist unknown). 16 th century. 

Jean Cousin (attributed to). 

Cathedral of Mans. Tomb of William 
of Bellay, 

^^cis Nantes. Tomb of Fran- 

Nantes. Fontaine des 

Hotel Carnavalet, Paris. 

187. Abundance. 






Child with a Whistle. 

Two Trophies—Fauns and Satyrs 

196. A Group of Children. 

The Infant Jupiter. 

Posts Forming a Square. 

vStfi -f of 

TnK«f Forming Tubes. 

Tubes Forming Frames. 

Door Jambs Ornamented with Flow 
Head of Faun. 


: 88 . 









200 . 
201 . 
202 . 






208. " 

Bas-relief for the Founbin , 
cents, Paris. ^o^taino! 

209. Nymph of the Seine, 
Tritons and Nereids 
Nymph of the Seine.’ 

Paul Ponce. 

210. The Trophies. 

211. Nine Masks. Fauns and Satvr 

212. Lion. ■ 

j ean i.ousm and Jean Goujon (attri 
213. Cathedral of Rouen—Tomb 

Field of the Cloth of Goldl^from 
of Bourgtheroulde, at Rouen, 

Germain Pilon. 

215. The Interior of the Abbey Cl 

216. The Tomb of Henry II and( 
of de Medicis, with their Statues 

Jean Juste. 

217 Tomb of the Children of Cl 
VIII, King of France, in the ( 
of Tours. 

218. One of the Bas-reliefs of 
Altar in the Church of St. Jean; 

219. Bas-relief Representing th 
tion of the Magi in the Church ol 
olas of Troyes. 

Michel Colombe. 

220. Saint George and the Draj 

Michel Colombe. 

221. The Virgin with the Child,' 
Virgin of Olivet. (The Louvre. 

222. Figure of Roberte Legend 
Tomb of 1522 . 

Germain Pilon. 

223. Virgin of Grief, called the 
Saint Cyr. 

Germain Pilon (1535). 

224. The Three Graces. 
Barthelemy Prieur (1611). 

225. Marie de Brabanipon-Cany. 
Pierre Puget (1622-1694). 

226. Door of the Hotel de Ville i 
Pierre Puget. 

227. Faun. 

Girardon (1628-1715). 

228. Nymphs Bathing. 

Lehongre (1628-1690). 

229. River and Children. 

Legros (1629-1714). 

230. River and Children. 

231. Nymph and Cupid op a Do! 



Sculpture, Paintings in Oil. 



Nymph and Cupid on a Dolphin. 
■ECoysevox (1640-1720). _ 

P33 The Garonne River. 

W* The Dordogne River. 

HMagnier (i 647 '^ 7 J^' 

|? 3 S. Nymph and Cupid. 

1 236. Nymph and Cupid. 

VanCleve (i645h 

Group of Children. 

1^38! Bronze Group of Children Playing 
I with a Swan. 

Passon (1627-1684). 

P39. Lead Torch-Bearer, 17 th century. 

[240. Torch-Bearer, 17 th century. 


1241. Vase of 17 th century. 


[ Parterre of Latone. 

ijean Dedieu. 


;^econite (1737-1817)- 
(243. Hercules. 


I244. Nymph with a Shell. 

Chateau of Marly. 


245. A Shepherd and Little Satyr. 

Nicolas Coustou (1658-1733). 

246. Adonis Resting From the Chase. 

247. Flora and Cupid. 


248. Hamadryad and Child. 

Coysevox (1685-1720). 

249. Maria Adelaide of Savoy. 

Nicolas Coustou. 

250. Ancient Custom-House at Rouen. 
Robert LeLorrain. 

251. The Ancient Hotel de Rohan at Paris 
Guillaume Coustou. 

252. Maria Leczinska, Queen of France. 
Pierre Julieu. 

253. Nymph with Goat. 


254. Diana. 


255 - Voltaire. 

Francois Rude. 

!56. Neapolitan Fisherman. 


^ 57 - Jaguar and Hare. 


258. Lion Strangling a Boa, 

GROUP 140 . 

Paintings in Oil. 

In Galleries 47 and 49 - 57 . 

Abbema, Louise, Paris. 

259. Japan. 

Achille-Cesbron, Paris. 

260. Sleep Flowers. 

Adan, Louis-Emile, Paris. 

261. Return of the Grape Pickers. 

262. Last Ray of the Sun. 

Agache, Alfred-Pierre, Paris. 

263. Vanity. 

264. The Annunciation. 

265. An Enchantress. 

Allegre, Raymond, Paris. 

266. The Old Port, Marseilles. 

267. Villefranche. 

Aman-Jean, Edmond, Paris. 

268. Venice. 

269. In Sicily. 

Appian, Adolphe, Lyons. 

270. Morning Fog. 

Argence, Eugene d’, Paris. 

271. Night in the Hamlet of Preval. 
Attendu, Ferdinand, Paris. 

272. Corner in a Dairy. 

Aubert, Ernest-Jean, Paris. 

273. Love’s Captives. 

Aublet, Albert, Paris. 

274. Women on the Seashore. 

275. The Aged. 

276. The Sacrament. 

Auguin, Louise-Augustin, Bordeaux. 

277. Cape Breton Heath. 

Axilette, Alexis, Paris. 

278. Cupid and Folly. 

279. A Huntress. 

Bail, Joseph, Paris. ■-u n * 

280. Young Scullion Playing with a Cat. 

Bail, Jean-Antoine. 

281. At Nesle-la-Vallee. 

282. In the Cellar. 

Baillet, Ernest, Paris. . 

283. The First Lights on the Seme. 

284. September Morning on the Seme. 

Balouzet, Auguste, Lyons. 

285. Morning in the Meadows of Riorges. 

Barau, Emile, Neuilly-sur-Seine. 

286. In Autumn. 

287. The Rouazes. 

Barillot, Leon, Paris. 

288. Train 47 . 

289. The Valley of Seulles. 

Barrias, F61ix-Joseph, Paris. 

290. Returning from Circumcision, 1 an- 

^9!, Conjuring among Cou^esans, Venice, 


department k.-fine arts. 

Paintings in Oil. 



292. The Narghilieh. Georgian and Cir¬ 

Bartholomg, Albert, Paris. 

293. Hunting the Slipper. 

Baschet, Marcel, Paris. 

294. Portrait of My Grandmother. 

295 - Portrait of Mademoiselle X. 

Baudouin, Paul-Albert, Paris. 

296. Mimosa. 

297. Portrait of Mr. Elisee Reclus. 
Beauvais, Armand, Paris. 

298. La Planche Baron. 

Beauverie, Charles-Joseph, Paris. 

J^a"-Joseph, Paris. 

^ triumph of Christopher Colum- 

Benner, Emmanuel, Paris. 

304. The Alarm. 

Benner, Jean. 

305* Solitude. 

Japanese Chrysanthemums. 

Beraud, Jean, Paris. 

306. Descent from the Cross 

Pf "i-e-Denis, Paris. 

War, Art, Religion. 

308. Music. 

309* The Dessert. 

Bernier, Camille, Paris. 

R ^ ^'"^s^at Kerlagadic, Brittany. 

Berteaux, Eippolyte, Paris. ^ 

311. Keturii of a Deserter. 

Berthelon, Eugene, Paris. 

Berton, Paul-Emile, Paris 
Paulin, Paris. 

314. Morning on the Seashore. 

Besnard, Paul-AIbert, Paris. 

levle by Flies. 

Marne Chennevieres -sur- 

p: .Ks 

Bmet, Adolphe, Paris ’ ^ 

319. The Lovers. 

Close of Day. 

'<21 T^e Paris. 

^.22 Po ^ r ^ Paris. 

Bisson, EdouaS.Lou?s^"^'^[.Y Quarries. 

323- The Ideal, ’ 


Biva, Henri, Paris. 

324. Tremier Roses, Place deV, 

Bompard, Maurice, Paris. 

Bonheur, Rosa, Thomery. 

S’ Purest. 

320. Ihe Overthrow. 

Bonnat,L6on-Joseph-Florenth P, 

329. Portrait of Car.linaffi' 

330. Portrait of M. Renan ^ 
Bonnefoy, Adrien, Paris 
332. The Nativity. 

Bonnefoy, Henri, Paris. 

| 33 - a Family Group. Sheep. 
Bordes, Ernest, Paris. 

334 * The Ribbon-Maker 
Boucher, Alfred-Jean, Paris. 

^ 5 * I he Old Road of Berville, 
Bouchor, Joseph-Felix, Paris. 
33b. April, 

Bouguereau, William-Adolphe, Par 
337 * The Women at the Tomb, 
338. Our Lady of the Aneels 
339 ’ The Wasp’s Nest. 

Boulard, Emile-Alexandre, Paris. 
340- Close of the Mas.s. 
Bourgain, Gustave, Paris. 

341* Return on Board. 

Bourgeois, Eugene-Victor, Neuill 
342. Fishermen’s Hut. 
Bourgogne, Pierre, Sevres. 

343 * Spring Flowers. 
Bourgonnier, Claude, Paris. 

. 344 * , Temptation. 

Boutigny, Emile, Paris. 

345 * Bonaparte in Italy. 

346. Combat in a Villaife, 
Bramtot, Alfred-Henri, Paris. 

347 * Job’s Comforters. 

^ 8 . The P irst Communion. 
Brement, Jean-Louis, Paris. 

349 * A W'ave. 

Brest, Fabius, Paris. 

^o. The Rialto Bridge, Venice. 
Breton, Jules-Adolphe, Paris. 

351 ' The Pardon of Kergoat. 

352. Breton Woman. 

^ 3 * Young Girls Going to the Pro 
Bnspot, Henri, Paris. 

354 * Returning from a Pardon in I 
Brouillet, Andr6, Paris. 

355 - Portrait of Mile. Darlaud. 
Brun, Charles, Paris. 

Ihe Wife of the Levite of £ 
Brunet, Jean, Levallois-Perret. 
357 - Return of the Wedded Coupli 



Paintings in Oil. 



Bdind, Eug^ne-Jean, Charly. 

«8. propaganda. ^ 

Ko The Apprentice s Lesson. 

Burgkan, Mile. Berthe, Pans. 

360. A Widow. . 

Burnand, Eugene, Pans. 

361. In High Pasture Grounds. 

Busson, Charles, P^is. 

,362. Old Touraine Quarries. 

, 363 The Port of Lavardin. 

CaWd, Emile, Paris. . 

264. Snow on Montmartre, Pans. 

Cain, Georges-Jules-Auguste, Paris. 

365. A Barricade of ISdU. 

Cain, Henri, Paris. 

366. At the Louvre Museum. 

Caraud, Joseph, Paris. 

367. The Grandmother. 

Carolus-Duran, Emile-Auguste, Paris. 

368. Portrait of Madame A. 

369. Portrait of Madame G, F. 
m Portrait of Madame J. H. 
Carrier-Belleuse, Louis-Robert, Pans. 

371. At the Capstan. 

Cav^, Jules-Cyrille, Paris. 

372. A Martyr in the Roman Catacombs. 

Chaigneau, Jean-Ferdinand, Paris. 

373. Moonrise. 

374. A Summer Evening. 

Chalon, Louis, Paris. 

375. Circe. 

Chaperon, Eugene, Paris. 

376. Soldiers Bathing. 

Charpentier, Gaston, Paris. 

377. A Stolen Kiss. 

Chartran, Theobald, Paris. 

378. Portrait of Piis Holiness Pope Leo 

Chigot, Eugene, Valenciennes. 

379. Evening at Berck-sur-Mer. 

380. The Interrupted I'ishing. 

Clairin, Georges, Paris. 

381. The Evening; on the lagoon. 

Clary, Eugene, Paris. 

382. The Reader. 

Claude, Eugene, Paris. 

383. A Parisian Carriage. (Flowers.) 
Claude, Jean-Maxime, Paris. 

384-. Cross Purposes. 

Collin, Raphael, Paris. 

385. Youth. 

386. Portrait of My Father. 

387. On the Sea Coast. 

Costeau, Georges, Paris. 

388. Decorative Panel — A Day in Autumn. 
Courant, Maurice-Francis-Auguste,Poissy. 

389. A Coming Storm. 

390. The Bight of Saint Guenole. 


Courtois, Gustave, Neuilly, Seine. 

391. A Fortunate One. 

392. Portrait of Madame Gauthereau. 
Couturier, Leon, Paris. 

393. At the Capstan—" Heave Round.” 
Dameron, Emile-Charles, Paris. 

394. Growing Flowers on the Cape of 

Damoye, Pierre-Emmanuel, Paris. 

395. Sunset Over the Marshes of Tremb- 

396. Breton Wheat Fields. 

Dantan, Edouard, St. Cloud. 

397. A Restoration. 

398. “ The Poor People.” 

Dardoize, Emile, Paris. 

399. The Spring. 

Dargent, Jan, Creac’h Andre. 

400. Breton Night Spectres. 

Dastugue, Maxime, Paris. 

4CI. An Anniversary. _ 

Dauphin, Eugene, Paris. 

402. The Iphigenia in the Roadstead of 

David-Nillet, Germain, Paris. 

403. October. 

David De Sauzea, Jean, Paris. 

404. At the Inn. 

Dawant, Albert-Pierre, Paris. 

405. Close of the Mass. 

Debat-Ponsan, Edouard-Bernard, Pans. 

406. Noon. 

407. In My Greenhouse. 

Delacroix, Henry-Eugene, Paris. 

408. Awakening. 

409. Sea Birds and Wave. 

410. The Enchanted Hour. 
Delance-Feurgard, Paris. 

411. In the Garden. 

Delance, Paul-Louis, Paris. 

412. Decorative Panel: Water. 

Delobbe, Francois-Alfred, Paris. 

413. Breakfast After the Bath. 

Delort, Charles-Edouard, Paris. 

414. Pichegru takes the Dutch Ships on 
the Zuyder Zee. 

Delpy, Camille, Paris. 

415. Washerwomen at Sunrise. 

Deraont, Adrien-Louis, Montgeron. 

416. Lilies. 

417. Winter in Flanders. 

418. Youth. . ^ 

Demont-Breton.Mrae. Virginie, Montgeron. 

419. A Drenching. 

420. Daybreak 

421. In Wonderland. • r> • 

Deully, Eugene-Auguste-Franpois, Pans. 

424. Dreams and Facts. 

425. Venus Wounded. 




430. Skaters. Evonne L. 

Dubufe, fils G., Paris 

431. The VirffinC 

432 . ANest.^ 

.The Ant. 

43 ^ Tb"p^'?"‘’ P"«- 

Due4. Ernest^A^'i" Winter. 

435- Jesus WalkmoJ « f!®' , 

435a. Parisian at a 

435b. La IVIanche “ -E'ysee. 

438. The Fish Market. 

Pp. Charles-Edouard. Arntand, 

thot Maunce Paris. 

§ gS:”[’.^£ 

Flainena Fran^ ^ Regatta. 

453. Th4FlSf.°“’ 


"'“^-Marie A 

Department k.-fine 

Paintings in Oil. 



^onvielle, Ulricdc d • 

459 . Fish. Paris 


Paris'!' •' '>5-. 


Michel, ParL“°°'°"‘’ CkarM 




47 r‘‘Silf 

400. Mienon 

H A“£‘'e“r! 

Gdbert, Rend. Paris. 

1 . 4 - Fisherman. 

486 ' Se^^'^Fishing."*^’ 

487 The Dew. 

Firmin, Paris. 


P.h The Sfoma% ''' 

Glaize Pierre-Paul.L6on Paris 

oiind Man and the Paralytic. 



Paintings in Oil. 

( 97 ' 

_ iibit 


I J’”™'Symphony in White. 

Eneutte, Norbert, Pans. 

The Morning Soup _ , 

jrcuet, Auguste-Frangois, Pans. 

8, Contemplation. 

(sselin, The late Charles. 

£biej"=an®chard, Paris. 

fflO, Through the Woods. 

Grolleron, Paul, fans. 

MI A Capture in 179 d. 

Guay, Gabriel, Paris. 

J02. The Little Cardinal. 

Gueldrr, Joseph-Ferdinand, Paris. 

503. The City Laboratory, Pans. 

Guignard, Gaston, Paris. 

504, Scouts in Flight. 

Guignery, Gustave-Alfred, Paris. . , 

50s Snow on the Plateau of the Fames 
’ Pool, Fontainebleau. 

Guillemet, J. B., Antoine, Pans. 

;o6. The Loing at Moret. 
joy. The Bay of St. Vaast. 

Juillon, Adolphe-Irenee, Paris. . 

;o8. Under the Walnut Trees at Vezelay m 

Juillon, Eugene-Antoine, Pans. 

09. Portrait of M. G. A. E. 

Juillou, Alfred, Paris. 

10. “My Little Brother.” 

lareux, Ernest-Victor, Grenoble, 
n. Valley of the Lys at Bagneres-de- 

[enner, Jean-Jacques. 

12. Portrait of my Brother. 

13. Slumber. 

[4. Lola. 

lermann, L6on Charles, Paris. 

15. Boar on the Farm. 

irsch, Auguste-Alexandre, Paris. 

[6. Moresque on a Tomb, 
lembart, Emile, Besanqon-Beauregard. 
17. On the Banks of the Doubs. 
vill, Marie-Joseph, Paris. 

:8. November Evening, 
icob, Stephen, Paris. 

9. Bathers. 

icomin, Marie-Ferdinand, St. Germain- 

0. Landscape, 
imin, Paul-Joseph, Paris, 
it. The Luncheon. 
in-Montchablon, Ferdinand, Paris. 

2. Meadows and Woods. 

3. The Flowery Way. 



Japy, Louis, Paris. 

524. An October Evening in the Somme 

Jeanniot, Pierre-Georges, Paris. 

525. Young Woman with a Boa. 

526. Kitchen-Garden. 

Jolyet, Philippe, Bayonne. 

527. Mignon. 

Joubert, Ldon, Paris. 

528. The Mill Hamlet at Clairefontaine. 
Jourdeuil, Adrien, Paris. 

529. Twilight and October Moon on the 
Banks of the Seine. 

Kreutzer, Alexandre-Ferdinand,Marlotte. 

530. Forest of the Deluge, Fontainebleau. 
Kreider, Alexis, Paris. 

531. Fruit. 

Krug, Edouard, Paris. 

532. CEdipus and Antigone. 

Lagarde, Pierre, Paris. 

533. The Close of Day. 

534. The Habitation. 

La Haye, Alexis-Marie, Nimes. 

535. The Little Claude, A Provencal In¬ 

536. Olive Grove on a Summer Evening. 
Lamy, P. Franc, Paris. 

537. Flowery Spring. 

Landelle, Charles, Paris. 

538. Young Girl of Tougourth, Algiers, 
Laroche, Amand, Paris. 

539. The Compact of Faust. 

La Touche, Gaston, Saint-Cloud. 

540. Strike of Miners. 

541. A Feast Day. , 

Laugee, Ddsire-Franqois, Pans. 

542. The Day of the Poor. 

Laug6e, Georges, Paris. 

543. In the Springtime of Life. 

Laurens, Jean-Paul, Paris. 

544. The Seven Troubadours. 

445. Christopher Columbus. ^ 

La Villette, Mme. Elodie, Lonent. 

546. The Sea, Port Blanc, Qmberon. 
Layraud, Joseph-Fortund, Valenciennw. 

547. Portrait of Liszt, made at Rome, loby. 
Lebayle, Charles, Paris. 

548. The Shepherd and the Sea. 

Le Blant, Julien, Paris. . 

549. The Return of the Regiment. 
LeCamus, Louis, Paris. 

550. The Seashore at Cape Martin. 
Lecomte, Victor, LaVarenne-St.-Hilaire. 

551. The First Heir. ^ 

Leenhardt, Max, Paris. 

552. Mary Magdalen. 

Leloir, Maurice, Paris. 

554. Manon Lescaut. 

555. Fleeing Protestants, 1686 . 



Paintings in Oil. 



Lemaire, Mme. Madeleine, Paris. 

556. The Fairies’ Car. 

557 - The Fall of the Leaves. 

558. Prunes. 

Lepdre, Auguste-Louis, Paris. 

S 59 ' A Late September Twilight 
Le Poittevin, Louis, Paris. 

560. On the Beach. 

561. The Road of La Courtine. 

Leroy, Paul-Alexander-Alfred, Paris. 

502. The Blind Alen of Jericho. 

Leroy p’Etiolles, Mme. Helen, Paris. 

503* Diana. 

Le S^nechal De Kerdreoret, Gustave-Ed- 
mond, Paris. 

Women Returning from 
the Oyster Beds After a Storm. 

Lessore, Henri-Emile. 

565. The Modest Mother. 

Levy, Henri-Leopold, Paris. 

5 ^* Death of Eiirydice. 

Le Liepyre, Maurice, Paris. 

T 1?' Fishing Party. 

Lhermitte, Leon-Augustin, Paris. 

509. Repose. 

570 * The Friend of the Lowly. 

Loustaunau.Louis-Auguste-Georges Paris 
^^cruits^^^^^^^^^'°^ Standard’to Re 

573 . Bndge Work at Bougival 
-Hippolyte, Paris. 

574 - . the Virgin’s Thread. 

Lummais Evariste-Vital, Paris. 

575 * End of a Romance. 

570. Sixteenth Century Chasseurs. 

Lummais, Mme. Helene, Paris. 

577" tJecorative Figure Eratn 
Lunois, Alexandre, Paris. 

578. Last Rays. 

Machard, Jules, Paris. 

579. Garden Party. 


the Pearl. 

S’ Conqueror. 

M -I, \he Siren’s Couch. 

Maillart, Diogene-Ulysse, Paris 

M^’ra/s? Adoiplie' the Voices. 

584. The Saulee. 

5 5. Returning Home. 

587. Spring. 

Young Saint. 

Mathey, Paul, Pans. 

S89. P irst ProoL 



Emile-Juslin, Pa* 

S90. Herds in the Mar<!hF.c ‘ c , 
Michel, Marius, Pads 

Photograph of a Mummv 
592. A Pastel fainter y- 
Monginot, Charles, Paris 
593 " “First Award.’’ 

Montenard, Frederic. 

594. On the Brink of the Well 

595 . Under the Arbor. 
Montzaigle, Edgard de, Paris 

596. Five O’clock. 

Moreau, Adrien, Paris 

597. The Bath. 

Moreau De Tours, Georges Par' 

598. Carnot at Wattigni^s ’ 

599. Morphiamania. ^ 

Morion, Antoine-Paul-Emile Pane 

The Struggle for Lde ’ 
Morot, Nicolas-Aime, Paris 

601. “Bravo, Toro!’’ 

602. Prisoner. 

n^h-\“}®®: 9 oorges, Paris. 
003. Old Washing Place ot rio.. 

“rVe'? 5 rh';TLtus." 

Moutte, Alphonse, Marseilles. 

In the Sunshine. 

wy. Entrance to the Harbor of Ma, 

Moyse, Edouard, Paris. 

008. The Arrival at the Synod 
Muenier, Jules-Alexis, Paris. ‘ 

6w: F!fe"Dayr“““‘ 

611. On the Bridge. 

Munier, Emile, Paris. 

"Ph^ Cold Bath. 

Muraton, Louis, Paris. 

the Ball. 

Nardi, Francois, Paris. 

14. Mistral Wind Blowing on the Si 

Nemoz, J. B. Augustin, Paris. 

Nnirn? the AbysS. 

Noirot, Emile, Roanne. 


woza], Alexandre, Paris. 
^Etretat^^^^ Shocks near Lecuyer: 

Olive the Bay of Mont Saint-Miche 
yiive, Jean-Baptiste, Paris. 

OtemaT^c-i^*^ Maire, near Marseill 
S>n ^‘^o^ard d’, Paris. 

020. Corner in a Studio. 

Paradis, Adrien, Paris. 

621. _ Hector Berlioz. 

Pans, Alfred, Paris. 

622. In Full Flight. 




Paintings in Oil. 



£is Camille, Paris. 

2, Ancient Gate of Tibur at Rome, 
r^aire, the late Paul, Paris. 

24. Buckwheat in Bloom, Banks of 

'e£, the late Leon-Gerraain, Paris. 

2C. Environs of Jumieges. 

26 Street of Avanne (Doubs). 

27’ The Mill of Chatel-Cuzance (Doubs). 
'errault, Leon, Paris. 

28. Young St. John. 

29. A Mother. 

'erret, Marius, Paris. 

30. The Smala of Taadmit, South 

'erret, Aim6, Pans. 

31. Distribution of Prizes. 

32. The Old Shepherd. 

'etitjean, Edmond, Paris. 

33. Village in Champagne 

34. Landscape in Lorraine. 

eyrol, Bonheur, the late Mme., Paris. 

35. Cows on the Beach, 

ezant, Aymar, Paris, 
j6. Road of Vaudancourt. 
icard, Louis. 

17. Portrait of a Man. 

ointelin, Auguste-Emmanuel, Paris. 

18. Black Mountain. 

19. A June Morning, 

,0. An October Evening, 
riou, Louis, Paris. 

1. Satyr at Bay. 
rjol, Paul, Paris. 

2. The Place de LTnstitut. 
uignon, Fernand-Just, Paris. 

3. Moyettes. . 

4. The Plain in Twilight, 
iinton, Clement, Paris. 

6. Coming Out of the Quarry, 
rost, Ernest, Paris. 

7. Decorated Panel, Flowering Laurels. 

8. My Birds, 
ichou, Henri, Paris. 

7. Before Five O’clock, 
ivenne, Gustave, Paris, 
a. At Low Tide, 
iffaelli, Jean-Francois, Paris, 
r. The Grandfather. 

2. The Peasants of Plougasnou,. Brit¬ 

3. In the Plain, Horses on the Road. 
ialier-Dumas, Paris. 

Luncheon Under the Trees, 
inard, Emile, Paris. 

). Retreat by Torchlight. 

chemont, Alfred-Paul-Marie de, Paris., 

L Sacrifice, 



Richet, L6on, Paris. 

657. Plain of Moret, near Fontainebleau. 
Rigolot, Albert-Gabriel, Paris. 

658. The Banks of the Doubs. 

659. Snow in the P'orest of Fontainebleau. 
Rixens, Andr6, Paris. 

660. Don Juan in Hell. 

Robert-Fleury, Tony, Paris. 

661. Portrait of Robert-Fleury. 

662. Under Louis XVI. 

Rochegrosse, Georges, Paris. 

663. The Spoil. 

664. The Affianced. 

Roger-Jourdain, Paris. 

665. Y'achting. 

Roll, Alfred-Philippe, Paris. 

666. Young Girls. 

667. Women on the Grass. 

668. Trotting. 

Rondel, Henri, Paris. 

669. Portrait of James Gordon Bennett. 
Rongier, Mile. Jeanne, Paris. 

670. Portrait of Madame Alexandre Nozal 
and her Son. 

Ronot, Charles, Paris. 

671. The Dead Conversing in the Other 

Rosset-Granger, Paris. 

672. Young Girl Chasing Butterflies. 

673. The Stray. 

674. Evening at a Fete in Provence. 
Roussin, Georges, Paris. 

675. Portrait. 

Roy, Marius, Paris. 

676. Zouaves and Fort Soldiers on Duty, 
Royer, Lionel, Paris. 

677. Cupid and Psyche. 

Rozier, Dominique, Paris. 

678. A Fisherman’s Yard at Dieppe. 

Sain, Edouardi, Paris. 

679. Dreaming. 

679a. The Old Peasant. 

Sain, Paul-Jean-Marie, Paris, 

680. The Chalky Road near Avignon. 

Saintin, Henri, Paris. 

681. Portrait of Professor Charcot. 

Saintin, Jules-Emile, Paris. 

682. Reverie. 

Saint-Germier, Joseph, Paris. 

683. Close of a Bull Fight at Seville. 

684. Holy Week at Seville. 

Saint-Pierre, Gaston-Casimir, Paris. 

685. Soudja Sari. 

686. Saadia. 

Saubes, Daniel-L6on, Paris. 

687. Marat, Friend of the People.. 

Sautai, Paul-Emile, Paris- 

688.. Meditition., 



Paintings in Oil, Engravings, Etchings, Lithographs, Prints. 


No. , _ . 

Sauzay, Adrien-Jacques, Pans. 

689. Village in Lorraine, Banks of the 

Scherrer, Jean-Jacques, Paris, 

690. Duval d’Espremenil Mobbed by the 
Populace; 1793 , 

Sinibaldi, Paul, Paris. 

691. Salammbo. 

692. A Daughter of Rajahs. 

Surand, Gustav, Paris. 

693. St. George and the Dragon, 

694. Annam Tiger. 

Tanzi, L6on, Paris. 

695. Spring. , . 

Tattegram, Francis, Pans. 

696. Worm Hunter at Daybreak. 
Tavernier, Paul, Paris. 

697. Huntsman Blowing the Retreat from 
the Water. 

Thiollet, Alexandre, Paris. 

698. Mouth of the Seine at Villerville. 

Thirion, Eug^ne-Romain, Paris. 

699. Cupid and Psyche. 

700. "The Boats do Not Return.” 

Thomas, Paul, Paris. 

701. First Communion. 

Thurner, Gabriel, Paris. 

702. My Start in Hunting. 

Tissot, James,‘Paris. 

The Prodigal Son. Four paintings. 

703. The Departure. 

703a. In a Strange Land. 

704. The Return. 

704a. The Fatted Calf, 

Thys, Gaston, Paris. 

705. A Bather. 

Tourn^s, Etienne, Paris. 

706. Drowsiness. 

Truchet, Abel, Paris. 

707. Place de la Concorde, Paris. 
Truph^me, Auguste, Paris. 

708. A Singing Lesson in a Public School 
in Paris. 

Umbricht, Honors, Paris. 

709. In the Vosges Mountains. 

Valadon, Jules-Emmanuel, Paris. 

710. Mater Dolorosa. 

Vauthier, Pierre-Louis, Paris. 

711. At the Fete of the Esplanade of the 

Veyrassat, Jules-Jacques, Paris. 

712. The Last Load of Wheat. 

Vimont, Edouard, Paris. 

714. The Death of Archimedes. 

Vuillefroy, F 61 ix de, Paris. 

715* In the Basque Country. 

716. Winter Pastures. 

717. An Inn in Old Castille. 



Weber, Theodore, Paris. 

718. Flessingue. 

Weerts, Jean-Joseph, Paris. 

719. The Muscadine Hero. 

720. Portrait of Boucher-Cadart 

721. Portrait of Firmin Javel. 

Weisz, Adolphe, aris, 

722. The Gallant Hunter. 

Wencker, Joseph, Paris. 

723. Basilissa. 

724. Portrait of M. Boulanm 

Master. ^ ’ 

725. Portrait of a Young Woman, 
Yarz, Edmond, Paris. 

726. Statue of Colleone, Venice. 

727. A Spring Morning near Paris, 
Yon, Edmond-Charles, Paris. 

728. A Cross in the Downs of Cam's 

Yperman, Louis, Paris. 

729. Saint Cecelia. 

Yvon, Adolphe, Paris. 

730. Portrait of Carnot, President of t 
French Republic. 

Zillhardt, Jenny, Paris. 

731. Spleen. 

Zuber, Jean-Henri, Paris. 

732. Under the Beeches. 

733. Evening Mist. 

734. Pasture Land in the Jura. 
Zwiller, Auguste, Paris. 

735. A Lesson at the Institute for the Bit 
Children at Ilzach. 

GROUP 143. 

Engravings, Etchings, Lithograph*, 

In Galleries 46 , 47 . 

Alasoniere, Henri, Paris. 

736. The Return. 

Annedouche, Alfred-Joseph, Paris. 

737. The Virgin. 

Ardail, Albert, Paris. 

738. Portrait of Madame Jarre. 

739 * The Little Girl with the Shephe 


Bahuet, Alfred, Paris. 

740. Juan Prim. 

Baude, Charles, Paris. 

741* The Old Lady. 

742. A. Dumas, Jr. 

742a. The Fortune Teller. 

Baudoin, Franck, Paris. 

^3. A Drinker. 

Bazin, L6on, Paris. 

744. Erasmus. 



Engravings and Etchings, Prints. 



NO. . _ 

Boilvifl, Emile. 

General Moreau. 

$ The Bibliophiles. 
u7. Portrait of Mm_e. L. S. 
louteli6, Louis, P^-ris. 

748 Portrait of Beatrice D Este. 

m Annunciation of the Virgin. 
Bracquemond, Felix, Sdvres. 

7fo. David. 

7C1. The Lost Chance. 

7M. The Water Drawers. 

The Quarrel. 

Brunet-Debaines, Louis, Rouen. 

71:3. St. Peter’s Church at Caen. 

7^! Willows Whiten, Aspens Quiver. 

755. View of Venice. 

Buhot, F 61 ix, Paris. 

756. Westminster Bridge. 

Burney, Fran<;ois-Eugdne, Paris. 

757. Chocolate Woman. 

7si Monseigneur de Segur. 

Chaigneau, Ferdinand, Paris. 

759. A Warm Day. 

Chapon, Leon-Louis, Paris. 

760. The Last Judgment. 

Chauv 61 , Thdophile, Paris. 

761. The Storm. 

761a. The Willow Grove. 

Damman, Benjamin-Auguste-Louis, Paris. 

762. The Reapers. 

Danguin, Jean-Baptiste, Paris. 

763. The Virgin. 

764. Young Woman at Her Toilet. 

765. Rembrandt’s Sister. 

766. Portrait of Pius VII and Cardinal 

Deblois, Charles-Th6odore, Varanne-Saint- 

becisy, Eugene, Paris. 

768. Oatmeal Broth, Brittany. 

Delauney, Alfred-Alexandre, Paris. 

769. Chartres Cathedral, 
m Mont St. Michel, 
belavallde, Henri, Paris. 

771. Angelique at Her Window. 

772. Snow Effect. 

Derbier, Emile-Louis, Paris. 

g 3. Grandmother. 

eville, Maurice, Paris. 

774. Head of a Young Girl. 

Desmoulins, Fernand, Paris. 

TO. The Empiric. 

Didier, Adrien. 

776. justice. 

Tn, Portrait of Anne of Cleves. 

778. Poetry. 

7 W* Portrait of M. Thiers. 



Dillon, Henri-Patrice, Paris. 

g 4. The Shower. 

ubouchet, Henri-Joseph, Paris. 

786. The Divine Tragedy. 

Flameng, Leopold, Paris. 

787. M. Pasteur. 

788. The Glorification of Law. 

789. Grolier at the Printer Aide’s House 
Focillon, Victor-Louis, Paris. 

750 - The End of the Book. 

791. Corner of the Farm. 

Froment, Emile, Paris. 

792. Portrait. 

Froment, Eugene, Paris. 

793. The Sheriffs. 

Gaujean, Eugene, Paris. 

794. Frame with two Colored Engravings— 
Souvenir and The Abandoned One 
Gautier, Armand. 

795 * Thursday’s Promenade. 

796. Portrait of M.Delyenne. 

Gilbert, Achille. 

797. The King of the Forest. 

798. The Boars. 

Goeneutte, Norbert, Paris. 

799. Maud. 

800. Venice from the Slavonic Quay 
Gudrard, Henri, Paris. 

801. Rock Crystal Vase. 

802. Portrait of my Mother. 

803. The Bridge at Mantes. 

Guichard, Mile. Louise, Paris. 

804. The Harbor of Dunkirk. 

Gusman, Pierre, Paris. 

80s. Hill-Bobb. 

Jacque, Frdddric, Paris. 

806. Flock of Sheep. 

Jacquet, Achille, Paris. 

807. The Report. 

808. The Sign Painter. 

809. The Sharpshooters. 

Jacquet, Jules, Paris. 

810. Portrait of the Sergeant. 

811. “1814.” 

812. “ 1807 .” 

Jacob-Bazin, Madame, Paris. 

813. Primavera. 

Laguillermie, Frdderic-Auguste, Paris. 

814. The Children of Charles I. 

815. Portrait of Helen Fourment. 

816. The Young Duke. 

Lalauze, Adolph. 

817. The Halt. 

Lamotte, Alphonse, Paris. 

818. The States General, June 23 , 1789 . 
Lecouteux, Lionel, Pario. 

819. The Lunch. 

820. End of the Summer, 



Engravings and Etchings, Prints, Water Colors, Pastels and Draw 




821. Return from the Bear Hunt—Stone 

Lepere, Auguste, Paris. 

822. Cathedral of Rouen. 

823. Fete at the Tuilleries. 

824. Close of Parliament at London. 
Lessore, Henri-Emile, Paris, 

825. Portraits of E. Morin and Jules Janin. 
Levasseur, Jules-Gabriel, Paris. 

826. The Cervarolles. 

827. The Oath of the Horatii. 

Leveille, Auguste, Paris. 

828. Bust of Dalou. 

829. Inauguration of the Opera 

830. Bust of Baudry. 

Levy, Gustave. 

831. Virgin with the Veil. 

832. Melody. 

Louveau-Rouveyre, Mme., Paris. 

833. Portrait of Andre Vesale. 

Lunois, Alexandre, Paris, 

834. Wine. 

835. A Dutch Woman of Volendam. 

836. Night Worship. 

Manesse, Georges-Henri, Paris. 

837. Portrait of Madame Beereystine. 

838. Supposed Portrait of Louis del Rio’s 

Mongin, Augustin, Paris. 

839. The Order. 

840. The Song. 

Morse, Auguste-Achille. 

840a. Moliere and Corneille. 

840b. Benedicite. 

Pannemaker, St^phane, Paris. 

841. Young Girl. 

842. The Dream. 

Patricot, Jean, Neuilly-sur-Seine. 

843. Portrait of Raphael’s Mother. 

844. The Vision of Ezekiel. 

Poncet, Jean-Baptiste, Lyons. 

845. Adam and Eve. 

846. The Burning Bush. 

847. Birth of Jesus. 

848. The Entry into Jerusalem. 

849. Jesus Ascending Calvary. 

Poynot, Mile. Gabrielle, Paris. 

850. Reverie. 

Rapine, Francois, Boulogne-on-the-Seine. 

851. Rabbi, Commenting on the Bible. 
Robert, Charles, Paris. 

852. Portrait of Queen Isabel. 

Rousseau, Alfred, Paris. 

8 5 3 - The Lost Travelers. 

Sirouy, Achille, Paris. 

854- The Sleeping Jesus, 

855- The Descent from the Cross 
856. Venus and Adonis. 


Sulpis, Jean-Joseph. 

857 _ Staircase of the Opera House. 

Sulpis, Emile-Jean, Paris. ^ 

858. Saint Sebastian. 

Tissot, James, Nantes 

859. The Prodigal Son: The De 
In a Foreign Land; The Retnn. 
Fatted Calf. 

Villemsens, Adrien, Noisy-Ie-Grand e 

861. Marriage of Charles VII and 1 
de Bretagne. 

Vintraut, Freddric-Godefrov. Havro 

862. The Bohemian Girl. 

863. A Man’s Head. 

GROUPS 141, 142, 144 . 

Miniatures, Water Colors, Pastels, 
other Drawings. 

In Galleries 47 and 48 . 

Allonge, Auguste, Paris. 

864. Descent Into Wolf Hollow, Font, 

865. The Fairies’ Pool, Fontainebleau. 
Bellanger. See 877 . 

Bida, Alexandre, Paris, 

866 . Christ Raising the Daughter of Jai 

867. Forty Water Colors for an Editia 

Biva, Henri, Paris. 

868. Roses and Nasturtiums. 
Bonnefoy, Adrien-Adolphe, Paris. 

869. The Water Color Painter. 
Cental, Jeanne, Paris. 

Seven Miniatures on Ivory, framed: 

870. The Letter. 

871. Young Girl. 

872. Portrait of M. M. C. 

873. The Smile. 

874. Portrait of Emil T. 

875. Portrait of M. T. 

876. Young Girl with a Boa. 
Bellanger, Camille-Felix, Paris. 

877. Portrait of Mme. B. 

Cagniart, Emile, Paris. 

878. Place de la Concorde, Paris. 

879. ^ Place du Chatelet, Paris. 
Cazin, Mme. Marie, Paris. 

880. Meditation. 

Cental. See 870 - 876 . 

D’Argence, Eugene, Paris. 

881. Moonlight. 

Houssay, Mile. Josephine, Paris. 

882. Portrait of Madame A. D. S. 
Houbron, Frederic, Paris. 

883. Village Idyl. 



Miniatures, Water Colors, Pastels and Other Drawings. 


A Marie-Joseph, Paris. 

884. Morning. 

885 An April Evening in Fontainebleau 
Forest. „ , . 

Laurens, Jean-Paul, Pans. 

886 . Set of Drawings Illustrating Merovin¬ 
gian History. , „ . 

Mirmont, Mile. Renee de, Pans. 

Six Ivory Miniature Portraits: 

887. Portrait of Mile. H. de M. 

888! Portrait of Count C. 

880. Two Portraits of Children. 

Portrait of a Young Girl. 

Portrait of Countess S. 

Mouren, Henry, Paris. 

892. Banks of the Sarthe, Morning. 

.893. Twilight on the Sarthe. 

Pointelin, Auguste-Emmanuel, Paris 

894. Banks of the Ain. 

895. Oak, Twilight. 

896. Plateau of Saint-Laurent (Jura). 

RaffaelH, Jean-Fran9ois, Paris. 

897. Neapolitan Fruit Seller and Donkey. 

898. Flowers and Fruit. 

Renouard, Paul, Paris. 

899. The President of the Senate at Wash¬ 
ington, Senators, Metropolitan Club, 
Cosmos Club. 



900. Speaker of the House and Newspaper 

901. Committee of Ways and Means, Com¬ 
mittee of Appropriations. 

Richard, Mme. Hortense, Paris. 

Miniatures on Ivory: 

902. Little Girl at Prayer. 

903. Portrait of the Countess of D. 

904. Girl Sleeping. 

905. A Venetian Lady — Painting on Por¬ 

Rehin, Victorine, Paris. 

906. Vittoria Colonna. 

Salard, Mme. Celine, Paris. 

907. Poppies. 

Thierat, Mile. Melitine, Paris. 

908. Five Miniatures, Framed: 

Young Woman of the Directory, 

Young Woman under the Consulate. 
Study of a Young Girl. 

Portrait of Mile. J. R. 

Portrait of M. R. 

Society of French Water Color Artists. 

Bethune, Gaston, Paris. 

909. A Parisian Woman. 

910. Fort of Villefranche 

911. Belfry at Bruges. 



912. Cathedral at Antwerp. 

913. On the Escaut at Antwerp. 

914. Beach at Blanckenberghe. 

915. Lake Bourget, Savoy. 

916. Parisian Women. 

Boutet de Monvel, Maurice, Paris. 

917. A Fairy Tale. 

918. Salome. 

919. The Curate is going out. 

920. A Timid Visitor. 

921. Portrait of a Child. 

Clairin, Georges, Paris. 

922. At Seville. 

923. Venice in the Last Century. 

Claude, J. Max, Maisons-Laffitte. 

924. Souvenir of Rotten Row, London. 
Claude, Georges, Paris. 

925. Adoration of the Cross, Good Friday 
at Monte-Cassino, Italy. 

926. A Neapolitan Song. 

Courant, Maurice-Fran^ois - Auguste, 

927. On the Strand. 

928. The Joyous Bay. 

929. The Fish Tank, Concarneau. 

Detaille, Edouard, Paris. 

929a. Soldiers of the Imperial Guard. 
Dubufe, Guillaumd. 

930. Kakemono—Winter. 

Illustrations for the new edition of 

"The Theatre ” by Emile Augier; 

931. 1 . The Adventuress. 

932. 2 , Gabrielle. 

933. 3 . Mile. Baretta as Celia. 

934. 4 . Mme. Plessis as Clorinda. 
Escalier, Nicolas, Paris. 

935. A Farm at Loire et Cher; Starting for 
the Market. 

935a. Learning how to Fish. 

Gros, Lucien, Poissy. 

936. The Quay, Honfleur. 

937. The Bravi. 

938. Horses Drinking. 

Jeanniot, Pierre-Georges, Paris. 

939. Troopers on the March. 

940. At the Cafe. 

Lemaire, Mme. Madeleine, Paris. 

941. A Ball in 1830 . 

942. “Farewell.” 

Moreau, Adrien, Paris. 

943. Grape Picker. 

944. The Confession. 

945. A Game of Chess. 

946. Plunderers. 

Penne, Olivier de, Paris. 

947. Gordon Setters. 

948. Griffons. 

Pujol, Paul, Paris. 

949. St. Mark’s Plan. 



Paintings in Water Colors, Pastels. 



950 - _ Pont de la Concorde. 

Rivoire, Francois, Paris. 

951. Autumn Flowers. 

952. The Overturned Basket. 
Rochegrosse, Georges, Paris. 

953 - T^he Poet. 

Roullet, Gaston, Paris. 

954 * Field Valley. 

955 * The Old Port of Toulon. 

Tenre, Henri, Paris. 

956- Reading. 

957 * The Secret. 

958. Church of St. Remy, Rheims 
959 - The Well. 

960. A Cotillion. 

Toudouze, Edouard, Paris. 

961. The Rocker. 

Yon, Edmond-Charles, Paris. 

962. The Burgundy Gate, Moret. 

m- . Moret from the Right Bank of the 

^ 4 - Cape Monaco, from the Heights. 
Zuber, Jean-Henri, Paris. 

965. A Summer Day on the Dunes near 

966. In the Mountains, near Sion, Switzer¬ 

967. Garden of the Tuilleries. 

Society of French Pastel Artists. 
Billotte, Rene, Paris. 

Road of St. Medard-en- 

Vicinity of Paris, a Bastion. 


973 * Summer. 

Cheret, Jules, Paris. 

974 * Columbine. 

Dubufe, Guillaume, fils. Par s 
975. Slumber. « 

Eliot, Maurice, Paris. 

^6. Siuing for a Portrait. 

Helleu, Paris. 

977 - Portrait of Mile. X 

979 * A Reader. 

Lagarde, Pierre, Paris. 


Q Saint-Cloud. 

’^Profe’Se' A' ™ad i„ 

983. The Pont de Card, Provence. 


Moreau, Adrien, Paris 
984. Shepherd. 

Nozal, Alexandre, Paris 
985* Moonlight. 

orS’ mi® Seine. 

^7. The Sea at Etretat. 


988. Nocturne. ‘ 

Tissot, James, Paris. 

989. Portrait of Miss C. 


Bargas, Armand, Paris. 

990* Child’s portrait. 

991* Columbus. 

Berquin, Varangoz, Lucien-Aupstef 
992. Pair of vases. ^ 

Brateau, Jules-Paul, Paris. 

993 - Ewer and Basin. 

994 * Salt Cellar and Spoon 
995 - Letter Salver. 

996. Card Salver. 

997 ‘ Goblet. 

998. Goblet. 

999 - Plate. 

Carrier-Belleuse, Louis-Robert.Pai 
rooo. Vases. ) 

1001. Vases. \ drawings. 

Chaplet, Ernest, Chosy-le-Roi. 
^02. Collection of Vases, Bottles, 
Cheret, Joseph. 

1003. Vase—Fishing has Begun. 

1004. “ Children and Hoops. 

1005. « Women and Masks. 

1006. “ Children and Frogs. 

IW7. “ Women and Garlaw 
Dammouse, Albert, Sevres. 

1008. Decorative Panel. 

1009. Small Flask. 

1010. Ovoid Vase. 

1011. Plaque. 

Dampt, Jean, Paris. 

1012. Ivory Statuette. 
Delaherche, Auguste, Paris 










Fired Pottery. 

Large Vase, yellow, green an 
Large Vase, red and blue. 
Large Vase, blue. 

Blue Vase. 

White, Green and Blue Vase 
Cachepot Cover. 

Cachepot Vase. 


Fountain Bowl, green. 

Fountain Bowl, red and blue 
Red and Blue Plate. 



Fired Pottery, Metal Gold Work. 



T rap Rlue-cray and Red Plate. 
ul|e Yellow and Gray Plate. 

y-Ji-aWoffor Binding of "The 

JrWa”t«''iTo°"'for Binding of Chron- 
iques de Froissart. 

Onat Taxile, Pans. 

S Enamel-Enoch Arden. 

The Recital. 

JoreekiTThe Triumph of Silene^ 

The Ram’s Leap. Phoebe s Cresce . 

Sze, Lucien, Paris. 

1033. Manuscript Ho der. 

ou Small Ivory and GoW Clock. 

«« Marguerite de Foix, Huchesse or 
Brittanny! , 1453 - 86 . (Bas-relief m gold 

Marglerite de Valios, Queen of Na- 
wre, 149 ^- 1549 . (Beaten gold and silver 

Fourder Anatole, Alexis, Paris. 

1037. The Harvest. (Copper enameled.) 

Gaudin, Felix, Paris. , , ^ 
mi. Harmony. (Enaineled Panel.) 
lOTO. Jesus Among the Ral^is. 
lofo. The Stem of J^sse. (Colored glass.) 
i 4 i. Boar Hunt in the Middle Ages. 

Guerard, Henri, Paris. 

1042. Ducks. ) _ 1 

i^S. Frieze of Cats. ]■ Burnt wood. 

1044. Hares. ) 

Lachenal, Edmond, Chatillon. 

1046. Gray Vase. 

1047. Bamboo Vase. 

1048. Bamboo Pot. . 

L^vHlle, Ernest-Baptiste, Pans. 

1049. Persian Vase. 

1050. Japanese Vase. 

1051. Vase. 

1052. Crystal Vase. 

1053. Vase. 

Marrou, Ferdinand, Rouen. 

io*\4. Wrought Iron Spark Guard, 
lost Pair o 1 Fire Irons of Wrought Iron. 

1056. Two Leaves of Sheet Iron. 

1057. Flower, Poppy. (In hammered lead.) 

Massier, Clement, Golfe-Juan. 

1058. Vase. 

1059. Vase. 

1060. Vase. 

1061. Placque. 

1062. Vase. 

1063. Vase. 

1064. Vase. 

1065. Vase. 

1066. Vase. 

1067. Vase. 



1068. Vase. 

1068a. Vase. 

1069. Placque. 

1070. Placque. 

1071. Placque, 

1072. Bowl. 

1073. Vase. , 

Mercie, Antonin, Paris. 

1074 Ivory and Gold Statuette. 

Rouillard, Marie-Marcel, Pans. 

1075. Model of Glass Panel. 

Scheidecker, Franc, Paris. 

^076. Serenity. (Wood and gold panel.) 
Thesmar, Fernand, Neuilly-sur-Seine. 

i^s’. Gofden PheasLt and Butterfly. 

iSo. GMde^Pheasam and ^armus Plants. 
Voisin Delacroix, Alphonse, and D p y 
rat, Adrien, Paris. 

1081. Vase in Burnt Clay. 

1082. Vase in Burnt Clay. ^ p. „ 

1083. Fantastic Gourd m Burnt Clay. 

1084. Vase in Burnt Clay. 

1085. Vase in Burnt Clay. 

MUSEUM OF decorative ARTS. 
Metal Gold Work. 


“earn pit in Silver Repousse. 

X'- MUk Jug in Silver Repousse. 
Fanniere Bros., Pans. , 

1090. Carved Sliver Salt Cellar. 

fJ)S"epo°;’i&usse Silver, Louis 

XVI style. . 

Brateau, Jules, Pans. 

1003. Plate—The Seasons. 

Thiebaut Bros., Pans. 

1094. Bronze Vase. 

'^*?"®vrsh'i"feonre, on Massive Plate. 
ISIilerE., cSyli Roy. Paris. 

^096. Ovoid Bottle m China. 

Ovoid Bottle. 

ril^^sTaU’Ov^M Vase .of porcelain. 

Deck, Pons. ^ Porcelain Vase. 

'X: InaLKelain Bowl. 

?.*„r°De“t PoSiain Dish, 


Department k.-eine arts. 

Metal Gold Work, Architecture 



David, Mile. Marie. 

1102. Decorated Porcelain Plate. 
Lachenal, Chatillon-sous-Bagneux. 

1103. Deep Dish Decorated. 

1104. Decorated Plate. 

Massier, Clement, Golfe Juan. 

^onical Decorated Faience Vase. 
no6. Faience Plate. Decorated Border 
Uammouse, Paris. 

1107. Faience Vase. 

Moreau, Mme. Camile. 

1108. Large Faience Plate, Six Fish in 

Haviland & Co., and Chaplet, Paris. 

1109. Ovoid Burnt Clay Vase. 

1110. Cylindrical Vase. 

Delaherche, Paris 

nil' Enameled Clay Vase. 

1112. Ovoid Vase. 

Carries, Paris. 

Ilia-. Enameled Ovoid Vase. 

Delacroix, Bourg-la-Reine. 

1114. Ovoid Covered Vase. 

Rousseau, Eugene, Paris. 

^^Vase^"^^'* Imitation Jade Glass Decorated 
Cristallerie De Baccarat. 


Spotted Glass Cup. 

nl': Sp^heS 

Rosseau, Eugene, Paris. 

"nowSof* Golr 

Brocard & Sons, Paris. 

1121. Opaline Glass Cup. 

Pannier Bros., Paris. 

1123. Voices. 


Ballu, Albert, Paris. 

Justice, Bucharest. 

Algerian Pavilion. 

xii’ of Algiers. 

R^; f'^orch at Esnaude. 

Bernier, Louis,Paris. 

1133. An Artist’s Residence 

jimta; Ben. 

" 34 - Residence. Facade, Plans. 


Bigaux, Louis, Paris. 

Decoration of.Ti, I 

Lobby, water color ^ 

Breason, Jean, Paris. 

1136. City Hall at Suresnes 
nil' School at Auxerre. 


Bruneau, Eugene, Paris 
”40. Design for a Theatre. 

"&ge“rp“aT‘ •“ *1 


ini' f ^■•^rqnes de Braa 

Residence at Roub?x 
1145- Monument to Gambetta 

Bury, Victor, Paris. 

1146. Villa at Fontainebleau. 
Calinaud, Mathurin-Eugene, Paris 

1147. City Hall at Vincenn^ 

Camut, Emile, Paris. 

ml' ■' S^'^l^Co^egeatClermont-Ferrati 

1149- Church at Veusat. 

Chedaime, Georges-Paul, Rome. 
^^I^^^Cateway of the Venetian Palace 

1151* Rail of the Sistine Chapel. 
ini' of Crivelli by Donatello. 

^ de Bolo^e ^ Tartagni at Saint Dominiq 

Cordonnier, Louis-Marie, Lille. 

1154 - Bourse, Amsterdam. 

D|Ji^ergne, Louis-Rene-Alphonse-Alfn 

of the Brazilian Pavilion 
the Pans Exposition, 1889 . 

11 5 0- Facades and interior of the May 
alty of Maisons-Lafitte. 

1157* Project of construction of a Hipi 
drome for the city of Brussels. 
Depertes, Pierre-Joseph-Edouard, Pai 
^^50. Design of Facade for the Duomo 

IIS 9 - Perspective View of the Grand St: 
way in the Hotel de Ville. 

putocqWictor-Antoine-Ferdinand, Neuil 
iioo. Chateau Ecouen. 
y6i. School of the Legion of Honor, 
tspouy Hector-Jeane-Babtiste, Paris. 
1102. Souvenir of Greece. 

nh Eestoration of Temple of Victory. 
Guadet, Julien, Paris. 

1164. New Postoffice at Paris. 
Guillaume, Edmond, J. B., Paris. 

II 05 * Daru Stairway in the Louvre Pala 

^I®^‘’^"Antoine-Achille, Pari 
"^^^Department Headquarters at Ni 






French Renaissance Billiard Hall at 

1171! Monument of Lafontaine at Rane- 

‘“^Lafollye, Charles-Paul, Paris. 

1172. Design for Decoration of a Dining- 

Lameire.Charles-Joseph, Paris. 

,173. Great Frieze of the Tracadero Pal- 

1174. Model of a Transept in Pantheon. 

,175. Ceiling of the Waiting Rnom, Hune- 

belle Hotel. , ^ . 

1176. Cupola of the Church at Loigny. 

1177. Fragment of the Frieze of Nations 
\ atican Palace. 

1178. Cathedral of Moulins. 

1179. Fragment of Vatican Frieze of the 

Nations. . 

1180. Decoration of the Praetorium ot the 
Ancient Hall of the Exchequer of Nor¬ 

Lheurux, Louis-Emest, Paris, 

1181. Restaurant of Bercy. 

1182. Library of the School of Law. 

1183. Church of Bray-Lu. 


No, . _ . 

Marcel, Alexandre-Auguste-Loms, Pans. 
X1S4. Restoration and Rebuilding of the 
Chateau of Tenquedec. 

Nizet, Charles, Paris. 

1185. . c omparative Study of two Towers of 
Military Defence. 

Pascal, Jean-Louis, Paris. 

1186. Faculty of Medicine of Bordeaux. 
Reboul, Aubert-Clement-Jules, Paris. 

1187. Restoration of the Chateau of Auflrroy. 
Ruy, Alphonse, Paris. 

1188. ilia for Algeria. 

1189. Chalet for Saint Gervais. 

Saiut-Pere, Charles, Dijon. 


Saint-Pere, Eugene, Paris. . 

1190. Nine Views of the Cathedral of Tunis. 
Sandier, Alexandre, Saint Mande. 

1191. Shoe 3 Jici Leather Building at Chicago 


1192. Studies of Interior Decoration. 
Vaudremer, Joseph-Auguste-Emile Pans. 

1193. Prison of La Sante at Paris. 

1194. A View of Saint Pierre de Montrouge 

at Paris. 

1195. Bishop’s House at Beauvais. 

1196. A Small Private Hotel at Pans. 

1197. Tomb at St Brice near Pans. 

Walbe, Charles, Paris. 

1198. Five Sketches of Tunis-Algenan 


Imperial Commissioner, 


' 3171 Groveland Avenue. 

Delegate for Tine Arts, 


3048 Lake Park Avenue. 

Chief of the Sales Office of the General German 

Art Association, 


1 • 4-/\ Mr VAN BAERLE* 

iformatlon regarding exhibits for sale 

Galleries of the German Section. 

tn the 







GROUP 139 . 


In the North and West Courts, Gallery 29 , 
and alcoves in Upper Gallery over 
North and West Courts. 



Baunibach, Max, Berlin. 

I. Siesta. (Marble.) 

Baer^S. ' 

3 - Emperor William I. (Bronze) 

P'of ReinhoJd, Berlta! 

S* Bust of “Menzel.” (Marble ) 

‘mitke.” 7 mS.) 


Bagas, Prof. Carl, Berlin. 

7 - Brother and Sister. (Marble) 

Brauer, Peter, Berlin’ 

12. Spring. (Bronze.) 

4 . Sf^nfr (Marble.) 

Brut? Ad., BeSS (M">^ble-relief.) 



IS. Bathing Girl.” (Bronze t 
5 ;Mandrelli, Prof. A. Berlin 

Figure; Swan 



23. Fountain 

Eberlein, Prof. G., Berlin. 

24. Thorn-puller. (Marble.) (Loanedb 
National Gallery of Berlin.) 

Elster, G., Braunschweig. 

25. Ave Maria. (Terra cotta.) 

Saint John. (Terracotta.) 

Epler, Heinr, Dresden-A. 

27. Gleaner. (Marble.) 

Heidepriem, T., Berlin. 

28. Sleep. (Marble.) 

In footing Stand. (Zinc cast.) 

30. As Kennel of a Badger. (Zinc 

Herter, Prof. E., Berlin. ' 

31. A Fish Rarely to be Met With. (Bro 

ll' (Plaster.) 


Hilgers, Prof. C., Berlin. 

^^'eiphrist Healing the Sick Ones. (Pla 

El.^aJing the Daughter of la 

36. Small Model of the Dusseldorf ) 
riors—Monument. (Bronze.) 

Hirt, Prof. Joh., Munich. 

37 ; Andromeda. (Marble.) 

Hischen, Ernst, Berlin. 

with Dogs. (Bronz 
Httlbe, Rud., Dresden-A. 

^ 1 ^® I^tcatcher of Hamelo. (Bronz 

Hultesch. Prof. Hermann, Dresden. 

40. Echo. (Marble.) 

Hundrieser, Emil, Charlottenburg. 

41.. Peace. (Plaster.) 


42. Labour. (Plaster.) 

Berlin, Wilmersdorf. 
Madonna. (Marble.) 
S OttOf at present at Rome. 

4^* Fisher Boy. (Zinc cast.) 

Gfitr^'r Oyster Dealer. (Bronze.) 

W)tz, T Berlin, Schoneberg. 

47 (Bronze.) 

47 * Female Water Drawer. (Bronze.) 
48. Boy with Hoop. (ZinccastO 



Sculpture, Paintings in 


!' Bacchus. (Majolica.) 
f IToS.ft'u’e. “ (Bronae.) 


» Shly’^Emiirice-A Man Struggling 
\ith a Lion. (Bronze group.) 

M®'enger From Marathon. 
j*Porltait of Miss B. (Marble.) 

rtfoTa Nymph (Marble.) 

>!; ?SM"on'Ere;^^ 

Landsberg, Max, Berlin. 
fin English Thoroughbred. (Bronze. 

S; English Thoroughbred. ) 

i Cow from the Wilster-marsh. (Bronze.) 

Lepcke, Ferd., Berlin. 

03. Listener. (Marble.) 

54. Listener. (Bronze.) 

Lock, Michel, Berlin. 

55, Spartacus. (Plaster.) 

Klnpi WiUiam 1 and Frederic lU. 

(Zinc-cast group.) 

t Negro'iidingonan Ass. (Plaster.) 


Musch, Leo, Dusseldorf, tr-,nib \ 

i. Faith. (Marble figure for a toniD-) 

Nowak, Leopold, Hanau. 

70. Venus and Amor. (Bronze.) 

71. Female Bacchant and the Infant Bac 

chus. (Bronze.) . 

Ochs, Franz, Berlin, Wilmersdorf. 

72. Emperor William I. \ 

73. Emperor William II. (Marb •) 

Ockelmann, Robert, ,Ti,.onze) 

74. Girl Putting on Sandals, 

75. Returning Young Fisherman.(Bronze. 

76. Female Bacchant. (Bronze.) 

Ohmann, R., Berlin. 

77. Female Bust. (Marble.) 

Otto, Prof. Paul, Berlin. (Deceased.) 

78. Vesta Priest. (Bronze.) (Loaned y 

National Gallery of Berlin.) 

Paul, Ernst, Dresden. . 

79. Fastening Sandals. (Mar •) 

Piper, Carl, Berlin. 

80. Bust of a Pilot. (Bronze.) 

Riesch, Otto, Berlin. 

81. Song of Praise. (Bronze.) 

8?. Mignon. (Marble.) 



83." Victory. (Bron^., 
gl Grown Poor. (Bronze.) 

Rosse, Franz, Berlin. 


86 . Adam and Eve. (Bronze.) 

^^Bu^fTthfla”'Professor de Ahna. 

SS^^Yemale Figure. 

IS of Ly wife.' (Plaster.) 

91. Developeci. n. (Plaster.) 

I; |“SrpllKrit»erL8erode. 


QS. Victory. (Bronze.) 
log. aSL Roman. (Bronre.) 

fot^thTell’ TB”ron«.) 


Boy and Cat. fb 

Rav and i-ai. -/ 

Uechtritz, Chandeliers for 

109. Morning. ( giectric Lighting. 

7; will' Figures in Bronze tor Elec 

wild oft Girl. (Marble.) 
"”niA«mlm (Z'"' cast.) 


i<SiSsrvTn Liebig. (««“'■> 

Ammols'Faun. (Bronze.) 






Paintings in Oil. 


Paintings in Oil. 

In Galleries 23 . 30 , 31 . 32 . 33 . 34 , and in Up¬ 
per Gallery Alcoves 166 , 168 

Exhibit 172 . 


Achenbach, Prof. Oswald, Dusseldorf 

itfpiiVoki'r • by 

Adam, Julius, Munich. 

121. Little Cats. 

Alberts, J., Berlin. 

122. “ The Captain’s Wife ” 

■■ Alow" 

Albrecht, C.,'Hamburg, 

125. An Evening Song^ 

Paul, Hanauf 

AnH ^ V'^age in the Spessart 


A?P, ®bds. 

in Saalfeldt. 

131. A Bridge at Berka. 


PwtoerlS)?'"* ">« Wedding 

the Chris^iM prose^mrn^^^’’ I"'"’*" 

of Diacletian), ” under the reign 

i36?^Sping Da^*’ Strchlen. 

In the Garden. 

141. Vedette. 

Becker-Gundahl, Munich. 

142. Forsaken. 

7/J’X’ Weimar. 



' 44 - Evening m Lithuania. 


Bergmann, Jul., Karlsruhe. 
Berkemeier. See 164 
14s. Under the Willow Trees. 

146. Returning Home. 

(Hungarian Shepherdl 
f^r ^>asseldorL 

i 4 o» A Canon. 

ing F 

I ^o. The First Booty. 

Blau Miss Tina, Munich. 

151- Autumn. 

^^ar Vienna 

Block, Jos., Munich. ^• 

153* In the Twilight 

Bluhm, Oscar, Karlsruhe. 

154* Reveries. 

Blume, Ed., Munich. 

155* Candle Light. 

N&sfiig:”’ ^^'bochwi.., , 

^ 57 * The Battle is Over. 


Bohrdt, Hans, Berlin. 

159- Hamburg Pilotes. 

Bombach, W., Berlin. 

100. Tunisian Town. 

Bom^ch, F., Berlin. 

101. Railroad Crossing. 

Borchardt, F., Dresden. 

Hncle Testator. 

Karl, Karlsruhe. 

Lighthouse at Sk( 


t 64 . After the Shower (Dutch Landscape 

Prof. E., Berlin. ^ 

Mount Sinai. 

166. Before the Walls of Jerusalem. 
D?fnk.’ “““'b. 

by the'ISf bB'avSSr'" 

Sr”TL^^°y- Munich. 

^■tateof Bfvaria.f““'b- (Loaned by t 
Brandt, F., Rome. 

11 °' Jivoli near Rome. 

171. The Dome at Tivoli. 

?/®“®®vvetter. Prof. O. 


„."’tt F'erd. Max, Munich. 



Paintings in Oil. 


,Sdel,Prot- A. M., Weimar. 
g,», DusseMorf. 

S in the Picture pallery. 
SfeickManKrJ'in Mecklenburg. 

1 Before the Townlet. 

Stersack, Bernh., Munich 

U;ffis?Adolf, Karlsruhe. 


Crinfer, Miss Molly, Hamburg. 

Crola! Proh Hugo, Dusseldorf. 

183. Industrious Sisters. 

rSay M^'g in Norway. (Time 
lor Church Going.) 

Daelen, Ed., Dusseldorf. 
i8>! High Flown Madness. _ 

Dkegger, Prof. Franz v., Munich. 

1S6. Sunday Quietness. 

187. Rokibar. 

188. Dancing Begins. 

Deiters, H., Dusseldorf. 

189. At the Brook. 

Delug, A., Munich. 

190. In the Month of March. 

Dettmann, L., Berlin. 

and thistles shalt thy field 
bring forth to thee-m the sweat of 
thy face shall thou eat til 

thou returnest unto the » ’ 

out of it wast thou taken. ) 
Dieffenbacher, Aug., Munich. 

192. A Heartrending Return. 

Dirks, Andreas, Weimar. 
i(j3. In the Harbor. 

Douzette, L., Berlin. 

194. Moonlight Night in Spring. 

195. Autumn Evening. 

Dticker, Prof. Eugen, Dusseldorf. 

196. Summer Evening. 

Eberle, Ad., Munich. 

197. Customers. 

Eckenbrecher, Th. von, Berlin. 

198. Norwegian Waterfall. 

Eckenaes, John, Munich. 

199. Fishing in Norway. 

200. A Bridge in Norway. 

Ehrentraut, Prof. J., Berlin. 

201. A Fleeced One. 

Eichfeld, Herm., Munich. 

202. Morning in August. 

Eschke, Prof. Herm., Berlin. 

203. The Swedish Coast at Tore 


Esrtwege, E. yon, Weimar. 

204. Early Spring. 

Esser, Theodor, Karlsruhe. 

205. Landscape. ij-rf 

plhrbach, C. L., Dusseldorf. 

206. A Black Forest Mill. 

Falat, J., Berlin. 

“[LoaSd‘by”'th'?Na.ional Gallery of Ber- 

Feidmann, Louis, Dusseldorf. 

208. Incredulous Thomas. 

Flad, G., Munich. 

Fl^mmfAlbS, Dusseldorf. 

210. Italian Women 
Fleischer, Fritz, 

211. Old Wife and Dog. 

212. Devotion. 

Flickel, Paul, Berlin. 

21'^ Forest Solitude. _ 

Fink, Prof. Aug., Mumch. 

214. Evening. , 

21^ Early Spring. 


rr^“ca«lt“'ihf Marshlands of the River 
FrejyWilhelm, MMlch- 

Cattle at the Bn) 0 ^ Weimar. 

prr.ulae-Loringhoven, M. von, 

Emeriug the Forest. 
’'"*On*he®Sand of Rugen. 

S' Island of Sylt. 

rS^Tt'SlatUf Dante. 


•*S'ate of (Bavarian Inn). 

“ 5 - ®7„ts t-eldorf. 

Geertz, Julius, 

226. ^°^ 7 hfle Freebooter. 

^nGeiger.Miss Fanny, Munich. 

228.^ '^Landscape-'Spnng^^^ -yVeimar. 

At the Helm. 

Th^Last Chance. 



233 - 

234 * 



Paintings in Oil. 


No. , 

Grobe, German, Dusseldorf. 

235. German Landscape. 

Grtltzner, Prof. Ed., Munich. 

236. Monks at Supper. 

236a. Cloister Kitchen. (Loaned by Mr. 

Jacob H. Schiff, New York.) 

Gude, Prof. Hans, Berlin. 

237. Breakers. 

Gunther-Naumburg, Berlin, Charlotten- 

238. The* Street Unter-den-Linden in Ber¬ 

Gunther, Erwin, Dusseldorf. 

239. Strand near Scheweningen. 

Gysis, Prof. Nicol, Munich. 

240. Carnival in Greece. 

Hagn, Rich, von, Dresden. 

241. In the Vestry of St. Marco at Venice. 
Hagen, Prof. Theodor, Weimar. 

242. Cornfield. 

Hamacher, Willy, Berlin. 

243. Rocky Coast. 

Hammer, Erich, Weimar. 

244. Grandmother’s Pet. 

Harrach, Prof. F., Count von, Tiefhart- 
mannsdorf, near Schonau. 

245. Fallen Down from the Precipice. 
(Loaned by the National Gallery of Ber¬ 

Harburger, Edm., Munich. 

246. In the Cellar. 

Hasemann, Wilh., Gutach Amt Wolfach. 

247. He is Coming. 

248. Girl from the Black Forest. 

Hartmann, Karl, Munich. 

249. Autumn Evening. 

250. Apple Fight. 

Hausmann, E., Wilmersdorf, Berlin. 

215. Homeless. 

Heichert, Otto, Dusseldorf. 

252. Theodor Korner After the Sudden 
Attack at Kitzen. 

Heilmann, Max, Reussendorf, near Wald- 
enburg in Silesia. 

253 ; Silesian Village Road in November. 
Heimes, Heinr., Dusseldorf. 

254. Sunset (North Sea). 

Hellwag, Rudolph, Karlsruhe. 

255* Northern Shores. 

256. Ruins of the Old Hanseatic Town 

Henseler, Prof. E., Berlin. 

257. The Harvest Repast. 

258. Evening. 

Hermes, J., Berlin. 

259. Twilight. 

Herrmann, Hans, Berlin. 

260. The Fighmart in Amsterdam. 



Herrmanns, Heinrich, Dusseldorf. 

261. Dortrecht (Holland). 

Hertel, Prof. Alb., Berlin. 

262. Dante in the Alps. 

Herterich, Prof. Ludw., Munich, 

263. Saint George. 

Herzog, Lewis, Dusseldorf. 

264. A Morning in October. 

Heyl, Philipp, H. G., Frankfort-on-the. 

265. Before the Dissection. 

Heyser, F., Harzburg. 

266. Portrait of Professor Joachim. 
Hildebrand, Prof. E., Berlin. 

267. Queen Louise. (Loaned by the Na. 
tional Gallery of Berlin.) 

268. Tullia. 

Hirschler-Kunwald, Miss E., Weimar. 

269. My Studio. 

Hirt du Frenes, Munich. 

270. Portrait. (OwnedbyWm. Chase Eso 
New York.) _ 

271. Head of a Girl. 

Hochhaus, C., Berlin. 

272. Navy-yard (Constructing H. M. S 

Hoecker, Prof. Paul, Munich. 

273. The Nun. 

274. On Board H. M. S. Deutschland. 
274a. Shoemaker’s Work-Shop. 

Hofer, Gottfr., Hamburg. 

275. The Dolomites in the Tyrol. 

Hoff, Karl, Karlsruhe. 

276. Children from the Black Forest. 
Hoffmann-Fallersleben, F., Berlin. 

277. Landscape—Autumn Day. 
Holmberg, Prof. Aug., Munich. 

278. “Pensative.” 

279. “Genre.” 

Holzel, Ad., Dachau, near Munich. 

280. Domestic Devotion. (Loaned by th 
State of Bavaria.) 

Hummel, Theod., Munich. 

281. The Deathbed of the Mother. 
Huisken, Herm, Karlsruhe. 

282. My Pet Dog. 

Hunten, Prof. Emil, Dusseldorf. 

283. Billeted. 

Jacobides, Prof. Georg, Munich. 

284. Afflictions. 

285. Portrait. 

Jrmer, Carl, Dusseldorf. 

286. Motive from the Island of Sylt. 
Janssen, Prof. Peter, Dusseldorf. 

287. Portrait of the late Inspecto H0I1 
hausen. (Loaned by the government 

Kalkreuth, Prof. L. Count von, Hockrichl 
near Wansen, Silesia. 

288. Portrait (Uncle Andres), 



Paintings in Oil. 

IWn, Mrs. Margarethe Hermuth 


pS!Vr., Karlsruhe. 

J The Emperor’s Bust. 

S' Good Neighborhood. 

, Beginning of Spiin^. 

, HaoDV Childhoo . 

£.,SS!Gustav, Karlsruhe. 

» ?heAib“coks. (Baltic). 

Sffmann, Hugo, Munich. 

A Snuffer. 

SlbSlh, Prot Herm, Munich. 

«8, The Storyteller. 

Karl, Karlsruhe. 

100, Evening. , 

TLoattS’by- the 

^tate of Bavaria.) 

101. Summer. „ 

ApoTheo^sis."^'(LoSrecU^ Vne National 

Gallery of Berlin.) 

Keitel, 0 ., Muhlberg, Karlsruhe, 
m. The Market Is Over. 

w'"’lnauguratron ofthe°Niederwald Mon- 
^Lent iif the Presence of Emperor W.l- 

Kinsley, Nelson G., Karlsruhe. 

305. Winter. 

306. A Noble Sire. 

Knabl, Karl, Munich. 

307. Rafting on the River Isar. 

308. At Dawn. 

Knaus, Prof. L., Berlin. the 

300. Portrait of Mommsen. Loaned by tne 

National Gallery of Berlin.) gn Py 

310. Portrait of Hemholtz. (Loane Y 

the Nationed Gallery of BeDm.) 

311. The Fight Behind the Fence. 

Konig, H., Munich. 

312. At the Rivulet. , u . qrate 

313. Going Home. (Loaned by 
of Bavaria.) 

Kiirner, Ernst, Berlin. Kilp 

314. Gebel Schech, Haridi on the N 

Koner, Prof. Max, Berlin. ir^vneror 

315. Portrait of His Alajes.y, - P 

CilS, Julius, CasUe of Oberensingen, 
near Mirtingen. 

316. In the Village. 

Kbster, Alexander, Karlsruhe. 

317. Sunday Morning. 

Kronberger, Carl, Munich. 

318. A Good Hand. 


An Amusing Chronicle. 

K?5ner, Prof. Christ, Dusseldorf. 

■320. The Troublesome Guest. 

Kubierschky, Erich, Munic . ^ ^ 

321 Spring Landscapenuar Munic . 

Kunz, L. Adam, Munich. 

322. Still life. 

323. Still life. 

?c5hl,Prof.Gotth, Mumch.^_^^^^ ^ 

S”4"'isf 'aTa"’4p.“TLoa^^^ the 


SuplSimcG^Anton, Munich. 

328. St. Lukes. 

Lehmann, Wilhelm, Karlsruhe. 

^ Prof von Munich. 

IffrS of'^^op'eLer loaned 

the State of Bavaria.) 

Leistikow, Walther, Berlin. 

332. Brickworks, 
o-i-i Ave Maria. oaq 

Lerche, St. Vincent. See 348 . 


I'e'y, mI^s Sophie. Karlsruhe. 

335 v ^^^I^Max Berlin. 

33?. ''Dutch^Village Road 

hr^Sat bortrecht. 

???n<lenscS,&'W.. Munich. 

Ac GenU' 

344. l^’orth Gerrna L f'^erhn.) 

bv the National Galier> 

mSx, Gust, Dusseldorf. 

345 - ^ ^dm Dusseldorf. 

Massau, Edm., ^us 

346- Tjfj'Sandmd^Bearer. 
bl St Vincent, Dusseldorf. 

^ « ThTsigmBoard Painter. 



Paintings in Oil. 



349. In the Waiting Room, 

Max, Prof. Gabriel. See 362. 

Meckel, Ad. v., Berlin. 

350. Finding the Slain (Nubian Desert). 
Menzel, Proh A., Berlin. 

351. The Rolling Mill. (Loaned by the 
National Gallery of Berlin.) 

Merker, Max, Weimar. 

352. The Convent Garden. 

353- Motive from Old Weimar. 

Metzener, Alfred, Dusseldorf. 

354. Tyrolese Landscape. 

Meyer, Kunz, Munich. 

355. A Legend. 

Meyer, Prof. Claus, Karlsruhe. 

356. The Old Fishermen. 

Meyer-Basel, Karl Theodor, Munich. 

357- Spring. 

Meyer-Mainz, Paul, Munich. 

358. A Matinee. 

Meyerheim, Prof. Paul, Berlin. 

359- A Menagerie. (Loaned by the Na¬ 
tional Gallery of Berlin.) 

360. Cows in the Alps. 

Meyer, Prof. Hans, Berlin. 

361. Evening. 

Max, Prof. Gabriel, Munich. 

362. Katharina Emerich. (Loaned by the 
State of Bavaria.) 

363- Visions. 

Munsch, Josef, Munich. 

364. The Conference. 

Muhlig, Hugo, Dusseldorf. 

^'^ter Day in the Eifel. 

Muller, Carl W., Dresden-A. 

366. German Forest. 

Muller, P. P., Munich. 

367* Beachwood in Autumn. 

^^’avaria^f^'^* State of 

Muller Kurzwelly, D. K., Berlin. 

369. Winter Landscape. 

37®‘ After the Thunderstorm 
371- Breakers (Swedish Coast). 

Nabert, Wilhelm, Dusseldorf. 

Neff, Friedr, Karlsruhe. 

373* Vanity Fair. 

Nelson, Ernst, Berlin. 

374* Hard Times. 

Neuhaus, Fritz, Dusseldorf. 

375* The Little Tyrant. 

Normann, A., Berlin. 

Summer Night (Norway). 

^7* NarOfjord (Norway) 

Oenicke, R., Berlin. 

378. Pal mwo od in Paraguay. 

R, H. the 


Oehmichen, Hugo, Dusseldorf 
379* The Sisters. 

380. Alone. 

Olde, Hans, Seekamp. 

381. Before Sunrise. 

Oppler, Ernst, Munich. 

382. Revery. (Loaned by H k h 
Prime Regent Luitpold of Bavaria) 

Palmie, Charles, Munich. ' 

383. Autumn. 

Papperitz, Georg, Munich. 

384* Salome, the Daughter of Herodias 
Parlaghy, Mrs. Vilraa, Berlin. 

385* Portrait of Kossuth. 

Petersen, Angeln, Dusseldorf. 

386. At Sunset. 

387. On the Beach (Holland). 

P'fensburg, Dusseldorf. 

388. Winter Evening. 

Pietschmann, Max, Dresden N. 

389. Polyphemus Fishing. 

Plass, Ernst, Munich. 

390. North Sea Strand. 

391* Fishermen on the Baltic. 

Pohle, Herm., Dusseldorf. 

392. Castle in the Parks of Benrath. 
Possin, Rud, Charlottenburg, Berlin 
393* Devotion. 

Pdtzsch, Paul, Dresden-A. 

394* Italian Ropers. 

395* Revery. 

Pluhr, Heinr., Weimar. 

396. In the Sunshine. 

Rasch, Otto, Weimar. 

397* Council Chamber at Luneburg. 

Rasmussen, Georg, Ant., Dusseldorf. 

398. The Sognefjord. 

Raupp, Prof. Karl, Munich. 

399. Peace. (Loaned by the National Ga 

lery of Berlin.) 

Ravenstein, Paul von, Karlsruhe. 

400. Umbrella Menders in Tivoli. 

401. Serenade on the Canal Grande ; 


Riess, Paul, Weimar. 

402. Norwegian Coast. 

403* After the Storm (Moonlight). 
Ritter, Wilh. G., Dresden-A. 

404* Spring. 

Ritter Prof. Caspar, Karlsruhe. 

405* Consolation by the Song. 

406. After Bathing. 

Rocholl The, Dusseldorf. 

407. You Must First Catch a 

You Hang Him. 

.A^'^’^t-garde P'ighting. 

Rdchhng, Carl, Berlin. 

409. A Man But Still a Baby. 

Man Bf 



Paintings in Oil. 


Rodeck, Carl, Hamburg 

1, Evening m the Woods. 

Ur, Fritz, Dusseldorf. 

£ Kiiig Wenze^l Raging. (King Wenzd 
horseback one day trough the 
street of Prague, accompanied by a hang- 
S EveryWy whom he met and who 
displeased him was executed.) 

Rohlfs, Christian, Weimar. 

The Sawmill. 

13 ' 

Oman, Max, Karlsruhe. 

H. Street near Jivoli. 

losen, Jan, Munich. , t, i a icqi 
15. The Battle of Stoezek, Poland, 1831. 

ouband. Prof. Franz, Munich. 

Hay Time. 

ij, Prayer Before the Battle, 
lufflmelspacher, J., Berlin. 

:8. The Tschapit Rivulet in the Tyrol. 

usch, Dietrich, Weimar. 

9. Interior. 

0. North German Kitchen. 

I. Landscape. 

iiths.Val., Hamburg. , .^ol 

2. Twilight. (Loaned by the National 

Gallery of Berlin.) , u .-rr 

dtzmann. Prof. Carl, Neubabelsberg. 
j. Emperor William H Whaling on 
Board the Duncan Grey, 
hachinger, Gabr., Munich. 

“In Vain." 
haefer, M., Berlin. 

Please Come, 
hauss, Prof. F., Berlin. 

), “Elegy.” 

J'"‘fnundatiom”®(LSned by the Na- 
ional Gallery of Berlin.) 
herres, Alfred, Karlsruhe. 

I. Winter. , 


he National Gallery of Berlin.) 
henker, Jaques, Dresden-A. 

3. At the River Ems. 

by the 

National Gallery of Berlin.) 

an Asylum for the Blind 

entering a Church. 

53. Morning Chant. 

rBmsdetfeHkouth Wales). 
^“'Mobkr'IesllJky In Munich. 

36. On the Highroad. 



Schlckhardt, Karl, Stuttgart. 

437. In Suebia. . 

Schmidt, Friedr. Alb., Weimar. 

438. Autumn. 

430. Old Bridge in Ital^- 

Schmidt, Hans W., Weimar. 

440. A Parade m Presence of the Em 

ScSi, Prof. Marc, K^jS/Vi^r^ Spree 

441. Landscape from the f 

(Loaned by the National Gallery 


Schmitgen, Georg, Berlin. 

442. Evening. 

Schnars-AIquist, H., Berlin. 

443. S. S. Paris. 

444. Narrow Escape. 

Schnitzler, Fritz, Dusseldorf. 

445. Sheep Bathing. 

^hOnleber, Prof. Gust, Karlsruhe. 

446. High Tide (Clovelly). 

447. In the Lagoons of Venice. 

^hOnchen, Leopold, Munich. 


450. A’Cavarian Song (Schnadahupfl). 

SchrOdhNS^t, Frankfort-on-the-Main. 

452. German Peasaiits Vehicle. 

Schrbter, Wilh., Karlsruhe. 

Sdiuch^pSrYferneE feliecken near Cos- 
454. ^Emperor William IL 

SchulJe^-NaUburg, Paul, Karlsruhe. 

456. Resignation. 

Schultze, Carl, Dusseldorf. 

457. Heath Landscape. 

Schiller Max, Frankfort-on-the-Main. 
fss PorVrlt of Pablo de Sarasate. 

Schtiz, Theodor, Dusseldorf. 

45^. Winter Landscape (Moonlight). 

Schwabe, E., Dusseldorf. 

460. Cemetery. 

Schweitzer, Ad., Dusseldorf. 

461. Winter Dav m Germany. 

?/^l-rmb?aryrd1n Cabo (Loanedb, 
the National Gallery, of Berlin.) 

Seiler, Prof. Carl, Munich. 

463. The Tailor of Count Bruhl. 

Seitz, Prof. Ant., Munich. 

464. Music. _ f 

466. In the Streets. 


department k.—fine arts. 

Paintings in Oil. 



Simm, Franz, Munich. 

467. The Pride of the Family. 

408. Birds of Bad Omen. 

Skarbina, Prof. Franz, Berlin. 

469. Bitter Words. 

470 " A New Book. 

Sonderland, Fritz, Dusseldorf. 

47 I' In the Knitting-school. 

Smith, Prof. Carl Frithjof, Weimar. 

472. Portrait of the Norwegian poet, Hen¬ 
rik Ibsen. 

473 - Children in the Nursery Garden. 
Staats, Miss Gertrud, Breslau. 

474 - Before the Gate. 

Stadler, Miss Toni, Laim near Nymphen- 
burg Munich. 

476. Landscape. 

Stahl, Fr., Berlin. 

477. Cemetery in Winter. (Like the leaves 
in me woods so are generations of man- 
kmd—one grows, the other is going.) 

Stahlschmidt, Max, Weimar. ^ ^ 

478 . _ TheMill-Garden. 

Steinmetz, Fritz, Munich. 

479 - A “Solo.” 

Stetten, Carl von, Paris. 

480. Italians in Paris. 

481. Portrait of the Artist C. 


^^Bitt^r?y Away “And Wept 

Co^stanze, Munich. 

483- My Sick Little Cat. 


A Wreath of Roses. 

Strlitzel, Otto, Munich. 

485- On the Heath. 

486. A Sunny Day in March. 

Eranz, Munich. 

487. Pi eta. 

Sturm, F., Berlin. 

488. Wreck Waiting for a Pilot. 


489. The Cooper’s Workshop. 

L., Berlin. ^ 

Si’ of the Engadin. 

ffr Munich.^ 

491- 1 he Parlamentair. 

S’- ^^^‘■^oftenburg. 

492. Shocking. ^ 

Spring, Alfons, Munich. 

493 - Fisherman’s Home. 

^ow Hymn. 


495 * At the Spriner. 

496. Spring. 

Thierbach Rich., Stolberg. 

497 * Landscape (Evening). 



Truebner, Wilh., Munich. 

499 - Potato Field. 

500. The First Trial. 

Ttibbecke, Paul, W^eimar 

To ■ t Market in Weimar. 

Turcke, Rud. v., Dresden-Altstadt 

MemoSe.'^'’" >» 

Uhde, Prof Fritz von, Munich. 

503. the Announcement to the j 

504. ^ Christmas Evening. 

Ulrich, F., Berlin. 

SpS- Wild Boars Challenging 


506. At the Sick Bed. (LoanpH I - 
Natioiral Gallery of Berlin.) ^ 
Velten, Wilhelm, Munich. 

507* Out Guard. 

508. Courier. 

Volcker, Hans, Berlin. 

509. Old Ferry near Stralsund. 
Volkmann, Hans von, Karlsruhe. 

510. Return of the f'lock. 

511. Autumn. 

Going to the Fair. 

The Shepherd’s Rest. 

VnlV Valley near Geroldstein. 

Volz, Wilhelm, Munich. 

515* Maria. 

Vorgang, Paul, Berlin. 

516. After the Storm. 

517- Evening at the Lake. 
Warthmuller, R., Berlin. 

5 x 8 . Evening (An Idyll). 

Wansleben, Arthur, Dusseldorf, 

5x9* Landscape (Swamp). 
Weichberger, Eduard, Weimar. 

520. Summer Evening, 
px. Forest-Pond. 

Weishaupt, Victor, Munich. 

522. Mount Ortler. 

Wenglein, Prof. Josef, Munich. 

523- Chalkstone Gatherers in the Rive 
xsar. (Loaned by the State of Bavaria. 
Wentscher, J., Berlin. 

524. Baltic Coast (Riigen). 

Surf on the Baltic Coast. 

Werner Prof. A. von, Berlin. 

520. 1 he Congress of Berlin. 

Werner, Prof. Fritz, Berlin. 

^ ^ A- (Loaned by tb( 

National Gallery of Berlin.) 

Wessel, Ludwig, Dusseldorf. 

' 1 Prebendarist. 

Wielandt, Manuel, Karlsruhe. 

529. Italian Coast Scenery. 






Paintings in Oil and Water Colors. 


Summer Day at the Riviera, 
fillroider, Prof. Ludw , Munich 
«i. Landscape from Upper Italy. 

VViininer, Rud., Berlin. 

S Portrait of His Majesty, Umperor 

^ William Ih . n/r • t, 

Wodrinowski, Vmcenz v., Munich. 

H, Model Market in the Academy. 

Wopfner, Prof. Josef, Munich. 

tu. Tack Remains Home. _ 

Wywiorski, Michel G., Munich. 

Hi; Black-cock Hunting in Lithuania. 
Zimmermann, Prof. Ernst, Munich. 

(i6. The Egg of Columbus. 

5^a. Still Lite. (Loaned by the State o. 

Zoff, Alfred, Munich. 

537. Near Genoa. 

Zllgel, Prof. Heinr., Munich. 

538. Awaiting. (Loaned by ihe State of 


539. Hard Labour. 

GROUP 141 . 

Paintings in Water Colors. 

In Upper Gallery Alcoves 164 , 165 , 166 . 

Arnold, Karl, Weimar. 

;40. Siesta. . 

A Poor One and a Rich One. 

Jarthel, P., Berlin. 

142. Peace. , 

Jartels, Prof. Hans von, Munich. 

4^ Moonlight Night at the French Coast, 
lehmer, Herm., Weimar. q-vr,,, 

45. Portrait of the Arti^ Sixt Thou, 
lergmann, Jul., Karlsruhe. 

46. A Czikos. 

Jorabach, W., Berlin. 

47. Winter in the Riviera. 

Jreitbach, Carl, Berlin. 

50. Campiello San Barbara. 

Lhoulant, Th., Dresden-A. 

551. Verona. 

552. Trento. 

553. Venice. 

554. Torietto. 

Dammeier, Rud., Municln Mass 

555. Tyrolese Peasants During a Mass, 

Dettmann, Berlin. 

II7. i'’Frslerman-s Village (Twilight). 

I, : Ho«eon"*e IriSof Norderney. 

560. German Forest Lake. 



561. Hay Time. 

Deiters, H., Dusseldorf. 

562. At the Mill-brook. 

563. Village in Westfalim 
Doeoler, Professor, Berlin. 

564. “The Beginning of the End. (Loaned 
bv the National Gallery of Berlin.) 

Daring, Willy, Charlottenburg. 

565. Portrait. (Pastel.) 

Eckenbrecher, Th. v., Berlin. 

566. Street in Cairo. 

567. On the Bosporus. 

Eitner, Ernst, Hamburg. 

568. Afternoon Sun. 

Falat, T., Berlin. 

569. Italian Triffer. 

Fehr, Conrad, Berlin. 

570. Pious Monk. (Pastel.) .. 
Gleichen-Russwurn, Ludwig, Freiherr von, 


571. Orchard. 

572. Autumn Landscape. 

Haber, Rudolf von, Dresden-Neustadt. 

573. Still Life. 

Hein, Franz, Karlsruhe. 

574. “Spring." 

575. “Sweet-tooth. 

(Loaned by 

578! The “Singel” at Amsterdam. 

Hertel, Prof. Albert, Berlin. 

579. 'Rapollo. 

Ev?ning^n"the Nassfeld near Gastein. 
1^82 View from Monte Pincio. 

583 Mentone and the Campo Santo. 

584. Harbor of Mentone. 

Herzog, Lewis, Dusseldorf. 

585. On the Rhine (Lowland). 

Herwegen, V. M., Munich. 

586. The Temple of Antony. 

587 View from Mount Palatin. 
Kailmorgen, Prof.Friedr., Karlsruhe. 
cSS. Grandfather’s Pets. , r „ ft,*. 

Klimsch, Prof. Eugen, Frankfort-on-the- 


589. A Fan. 

Kubierschky, Erich, Munich, 
ego. Spring (River Rhine). 

591 . Autumn (River Rhine). 

Leistikow, .W^., Berlin. 

S3 a''\&v Day in the Mountains. 


594. Autumn, 




Paintings in Water Colors, Engravings and Etchings, Prints 



Looschen, Hans, Berlin. 

596. A Tavern in the Wood. 

Lutteroth, Prof. Ascan, Hamburg. 

597- The Titus-arch at Rome. 

598. Mount Palatine at Rome. 

599- Castel St.Angelo, St. Peter at Rome. 
Maunchen, Adolf, Halle a-S. 

601. In the Cloister. 

602. Potato Dumplings. 

Menzel, Prof. Adolf, Berlin. 

603. A Squirrel. 

^4- Tree Trunk with Bird. 

005. A Cacatoo. 

606. The Blue Aras. 

Chinese Women with Pheasants. 

008 Designs for a Table Set for their R.H 
the Crown Prince and Crown Princess' 
608a. Portrait of Dr. Puhlmann. 



608c. Study. 

^d. Beergarden at Kissengen. 

6o8e. Bakery at Kissengen. 

Normann, A., Berlin. 

Evening, Norwegian Coast. (Pastel.) 
Pohle, Herm. Emil, Dusseldorf. 
t>io. Four in Hand Eloping. 

Reinecke, Ren6, Munich. 

‘'Munki)" ■"=‘““S-™»">(Central Station, 

Theod., Weimar. 

012. Portuguesian Coast. 

Schnee, H., Berlin. 

013* Summer Morning. 

Seliger, M., Berlin. 

614- Parrots. (Fan.) 

15. Elfs and Night-fires. (Fan.) 

Skarbina, Prof. Franz, Berlin. 

616. Christmas Fair 

Gal£y";f£‘Zf National 

Teschendorff, Prof. Berlin. 

619. Old Peasant from Meran. 

Volcker, Hans, Berlin. 

620. Straits of Gibraltar 
Weichberger, Eduard, Weimar. 

021. Village Garden in May. 

Woltze, Prof. Berth., Weimar. 

022. A Cotquean. (Pastel.) 

OROUP 143. 

Engravings and Etchings, Printj^ 

With Group 144, Drawings, 
Alcoves 163,166, 


Barenfanger, Max, Munich. 

023. John Chambers,Phvsician in n j 
to King Henry Viii 

after Holbein. tb 

624. Portrait of a Young Wife. Wood 
f^ravtng after Franz Hals, 

Behmer, Herm., Weimar. 

625. Portrait of the poet Gust. KastrllDi 
Berlepsch, Hans Ed von, Munich. ^ 
o2o. Indian Ink Drawings 

Steglitz, nea^ Berlin. 

027. The Ascension. (After von Gebhatd 
Burger, Johann, Munich. 

628. Aurora. (After Guido Reni.) 
Ellers, Prof. G., Berlin. 

629. Saint Cecil. (After Rubens.) 

030. Portrait of Joachim. 

631. Portrait of Menzel. 

Erdmann, Mor., Munich. 

032. Maderno on Lake Garda. 

033* Near Bozen (Moonlight). 

Near Berchtesgaden. 

Feldmann, W., Berlin. 

635* Evening in Westfalia. 

036. The Castle “Em." 

^.7- Six Drawings in Indian Ink. 
Fichard, Max von, Baden Baden. 

^8. Three Etchings. 

Heim, Heinz, Darmstadt. 

^9» 639a. A Series of Studies from Lif( 
Horte, Max, Berlin. 

^‘^^uoibus Scoffed by the Counc 

Jahnke, Karl, Munich. 

641. The Death of “Renard.” 
Koepping, Prof. C., Berlin. 

042. Picture of an Old Man. (After f 
brand t.) 

643. Summer Idyl. 

Kohnert, H., Berlin. 

944* Autumn Evening. 

^5- Spring Morning. 

A With., Karlsruhe. 

646. Portrait. 


Krostewitz, F., Berlin. 

04°. Landscape. 

Kruger, A., Berlin. 

49* Li^t Etchings After Ancient Mas 
Menzel Prof. Adoff, Berlin. 

949a. Muzzle. (Pen drawing.) 

649^>‘ 12 Studies. (Pencil.) 



Paintings in Water Colors, Architecture. 


m. A Study of Armor. ^ 

4nd, A Study of Armor. I drawings, 
r. A Study of Armor. [ 

,/nf Study of a Helmet. J 

Nos. 649 a- 649 b lent by the National 

Gallery of Berlin, 
tfeyer, Prof. Hans, Berlin. 

iw. Copper Engraving (War). 

« Six Etchings (The Dance of Death). 
«eyer-Basel, Carl Theod., Munich. 

152. Original Etchings. 

)berlander, A., Munich. 

153. Two Frames With Pencil Drawings. 
Platow, Johannes, Berlin, 
ia Pains Forgotten. (After Gallait.) 

(ht Association of the Rhinelands an 

Westfalia, Dusseldorf. 

155. After the Struggle. 

156. A Saloon—Tyrolian. 

157. Sketch From the Erft, 

158. A Service of Love. 

159. The Sharpers. 

60. With the Lawyer. 

61. After the Funeral. _ 

!aab, Miss Doris, Munich. 

62. Portrait After Renubrandt. 
itcher Association, Weimar. 

53. Fourteen Etchings. 

64. Six Etchings, 
litter, Lorenz, Nurnberg. 

55. St. Laurence Church at Nurnberg. 

chultheiss, Albrecht, Munich. 

56 . The Tributary Penny. (After Titian.) 
eitz, Prof. Otto, Munich. 

57. 668a. Nine Pencil Drawings, 
truck, H., Berlin-Wilmersdarf. 

58 . The Village Destinies, 
tuck, Franz, Munich. 

59. Fame. 

hedy. Prof. Max, Weimar. 

70. Chalk Drawings. 

70a. Pen and Ink Drawing. 

70b. Red Chalk Drawing. 

FROM GROUPS 139 — 145 . 

dodels inWestCourt. Drawings and Designs 

in West Court Alcoves, 102 , 104 — 108 , 
and Upper Gallery Alcoves, 159 - 162 . 

Chesser & Kroger, Berlin. 

573. Synagogue at Glogau, Silesia, built 

1890 - 1892 . 

Berger, Richard. (See 
Blumberg & Schreiber, Berlim 

574. Designs for a Circus at Berlin. 

Brion. (See Strassburg University.) 



675^^%ltns for the Imperial Institute for 
Patents, at Berlin. (See also 74 d,) 

676. Plans for the Imperial Insurance In¬ 
stitute, at Berlin. (See also 745 .) 

Dollinger, Prof. C., Stuttgart. 

677. Fai^ade of the Court House at Tubin¬ 
gen, built 1435 , restored 18 ^ 7 . 

Dhrm, Dr. Joseph. (See Karlsruhe.) 
Eggert. (See Strassburg University.) 

Ende & Bockmann, Berlin. 

678. Parliament House at lokio, 

670. Ministry of Justi^ at Tokio. 

680. Court Houses at rnm- 

681. Office Building of the Bank for Com 

merce and Industry, Berlin. 

682. Landeshaus at Damig. 

683. Office Building at Danzig. 

Erwin. (See Weltzien.) ^ e -n i-i-.. 
Frankfort a-M., Department of Public 

bSr'^Opera House at Frankfort a-M. built 

1873 - 1880 , from designs by R. Lucas. 

685. Willenur-Frankenstem Schoo]. 

Graff, Jacob. (See Royal Direction.) 

Office ^BuildiiJ of 

Hase^Slf. C. W., Hannover. 

688. Church at Georgs Marienhutte, West- 

eSp.^'^FaQade of the Central Depot ac 
Oldenburg. . , 


1890 . ^ . . 

691. Villa Naher, at Lindau. 

692. Herz Jesu Church. 

Hehl, Christoph, Hannover. _ 

693. Project for restoring the dome (Cathe¬ 
dral) at Bremen. 

694. St. Mary’s, at Hannover. 

§1 Elbe, 

697.'''^HiJh aftar of St. Mary’s, Hannover, 
^^"^’l^otel Monopol, at Berim. 

S. Hotel Continental,,at Berlin. 
Heinevetter, Hans, Munich. 

700 Project for an exhibition 
combined with theater, circus, 
concert rooms. 

worms, built 1889 - 

1890 . ,,, 

702, Storehouse at 

ball and 






Horst, Christian, and V. von Weltzienj 

'^03. Clinical Institute at Giessen, built 

188 t 4850 ;. 

^64. Lunatic Asyluni at Giessen. 

Iloveil, Franz von, Frankfort a-M. 

705. Designs and View of the Villa And- 

706. View of the Essighaus at Frankfort 


Huber, Franz, Neustadt a-H. 

707. Album of Architectural Designs. 
Imperial Ministry of Public Works, Berlin. 

708. Cathedral at Schleswig. 

709. Reformed Church at Insterburg. 

710. Luther Church at Stettin. 

711. Church at Alt Geltow. 

712. Church at Littgen Dortmund. 

713- Grace Church at Berlin, 

714- Physical Science Institute on the tcle- 
graphenburg near Potsdam, with map of 

715- Museum of Physics at Berlin. 

716, Mtneralogical Museum of the Uni¬ 
versity at Kiel. 

717* New buildings for the Clinical Insti- 
tute of the University at Breslau. 

718. ChirUrgical Clinic at Breslau. 

7 i 9 > New buildings for the Clinical institute 
Of the Uriiversity at Gottingen. 

720. Physical Institute of the University at 

721. Pathological Institute of the Univer¬ 
sity at Breslau. 

722. Pathological Institute of the Univer¬ 
sity at Gottingen. 

723- Court House at Cologne. 

724. Court House at Aix-la-Chapelle. 

725. Court House at Crefeld. 

726. Court House at Bochum. 

727. Court House at Neurode. 

728. Court House at Kempen. 

729. Court House at M. Gladbach 

730. Court House at Frankfort on the 

Mam. ^ 

731- University at Marburg. 

732. Gymnasium at Sigmaringen 

733 - Augusta School at Berlin. 

734 - Archives at Aurich. 

735 - Morgue at Berlin. 


IS' rllf« Hildesheim. 
738 - Government Building at Munster 

73 ^ Recemion Hall and Building at the 
Depot at Dusseldorf. ^ 

at Ilf 



741. Reception Hall and Buildi 
Depot at Primkenaui 

742. Petiitentiary at Cross-Stfelitz; 
Imperial Ministry of the Interior Bprii, 

743. Model of the Imperial hSS \ 

Patents, Berlin. A. Busse, architect L 
lin. (See 675 .) ^nitect.^ 

744. Model of the Parliament Houv .. 
Berlin, built 1884 - 1893 . Paul Wa'W 

745. Model of the Imperial Insurance in 
(Sef 676 '')^ 

Jacobstlial. ^ See Stfassburg Univetsitj, 
Karlsruhe, Archiducal Direction of Pub'k 
Works. (Dr. Joseph Durm, Karlsruhe^ 

746. Archiducal Palace. 

747. Empfess Augusta Baths, 

748. Churches at Schopfheim and Baden 

Kayser & von Groszheim, Berlin. 

749. Office Building of the Book Tradeat 
Leipzig, built 188 ^ 1888 ; 

750. Hotel Doriihof at Cologne, built Ml 
1893 . 

Klingenberg, E., Freseburg, in the Harz 

751. Project for a Dome (Cathedral) 

752. Project for the enlargement of the 
Museums at Berlin. 

Kramer, Prof, Th. von, Nuremberg. 

753 * Museum of Industry at Nurembetd 
Kreyszig, E., Mainz. 

754 - The Stadthalle at Mainz, built 188 ^ 
1883 . 

Lambert & Stahl, Stuttgart. 

755 * National Museum at Berne. 

Levy, Prof. L., Karlsruhe. 

756. Synagogue at Kaiserslautern, bujlt 
1883 - 1886 . (Interior decoration by Gus¬ 
tave Ballin, from Frankfort a-M.) 
Licht, H., Director, Leipzig. 

757 - Project for a Town Hall, Leipzig. 
758* Police Court at Leipzig. 

759 * Enlargement of the Museum at Leip- 


Linse, E., Aix-la-Chappelle. 

760. An Album of Designs for Private 
Houses, with examples of interior decora¬ 

Lucae, R. (See Frankfort.) 

March, O., Charlottenburg. 

761. Town Festival Hall at Worms, built 
1 ^ 8 - 1889 , (Fagade, and view of stage, 
with equipment for opera and plays tot 
the people. 





5 rx. (See Weltzien.) 
eckel, Frankfort a-M. 

2 pilgrimage Church, St. Rochus, near 
Bingen on the Rhine, 

eydenbauer, Professor. (See Royal Pho¬ 
tometric Institute.) 

eckelmann, Prof. Skjold, Stuttgart. 

Museum of Industry at Stuttgart 
4 Public Library at Strassburg. 

,5. University at Strassburg, 

eher, L., and von Kauffmann, Frankfort 

^Castle Pflugensberg, near Eisenach, 
fl. Bank Office Building at Frankfort-on- 
the-Main, built 1890 - 1892 . 
eumeister, Prof. A., Karlsruhe. 

)8. Castle Altenstein, near Lichtenstein, 
in Thuringia, built for the Duke of Saxe 

tzen, Prof. Johannes, Berlin. 

9. Reformed Church at Wiesbaden. 

'0. Luther Church at Berlin, 
oppe, T. G., Bremen. 

'I. Enlargement of Council Hall at Bre- 

oyal Direction of the State Railways of 
Bavaria, Munich. 

'2. Central Depot at Munich (one view 
and two drawings), built 1876-1883 by Ja¬ 
cob Graff. 

oyal Photometric Institute, Prof. Meyden- 
bauer, Berlin, , , 

'3-810. Forty-three ( 43 ) photographs, 
drawings, and one reproduction. 

ossbach. A., Leipzig. r • • 

ti. Library of the University at Leipzig. 
Salomon. (See Strassburg University.) 

alzraann, Bremen. ^ j 1 . 

12 . Reconstruction of the Cathedral at 

Bremen. . 

chaede, Bernhardt, Berlin, Charlotten- 

isl^^^^roject for a National Monument to 
Emperor William 1 . 

Ichmidt, Prof.'A., Munich. 

14. Castle Paehl, built 1882 188 ^ 

15. New Synagogue at Munich, built 18 S 4 - 
1887 . 

16. Church at Munich. 

Ichmidt, Prof. Freiherr H. von, Munich. 

17. St, John’s at Darmstadt. 

18. Town Hall Tower at Passau. ^ 

19. Reconstruction of St. Catharine s at 
Oppenheim, finished 1889 . 

Schmitz, Bruno, Berlin. 

120. Project for a National Monument to 
Emperor Will'H-m L 



Schmitz, Franz, Strassburg. 

821. Reconstructions, Strassburg, Cathe- 

Schreiterer & Schreiber, Cologne. 

822. Reconstruction of the Town Hall Cel¬ 
lars at Halle a-S. 

Schwarz, G., Hildesheim. 

823. Reconstruction of the Town Hall at 
Hildesheim, 1883 - 1888 . 

Schwechten, Franz, Berlin. 

824. Model of the Bmperor William Me¬ 
morial Church at Berlin. 

Seeling, C. H,, Berlin. 

825. Project for a Theater at Stockholm. 

826. Project for a University Library at 

827. Project for a Kur-Trinkhalle at Wies¬ 

Solf, Berlin. 

828. Villa in the Griinewald, near Berlin. 
Spitta, Prof. V., Berlin. 

829. Model of the Grace Church at Berlin. 

Strassburg University, 

830 832. Several new buildings tor the 
University of Strassburg. Architects: 
Worth, Eggert, Isleiber, Salomon, Jacobs- 
thal, Brion. 

Strigler, Ph., Frankfort a-M. 

833. Catholic Church at the Gartenfeld, 

Tiede, Prof. Aug., Berlin. , , 

834. Project for a Museum for Classical 

Tornow, P., Metz. ^ 

835. Reconstruction of the Cathedral at 


836. The Liebfrauen Church at Metz, 
TUshaus & von Abbema, Dusseldorf. 

837. The Drachenburg, near Konigswmter. 
Wagner, Prof. H. von. (See Weltzien.) 
Wallot, Paul. (See 744 .) 

Walther, Prof. C., Nuremburg. 

838-841. The von Tucher Brewery at Ber¬ 
lin. (Four drawings.) 

Welb, C. &C. 

842,843. Residence m a Park. 

Weltzien, Prof. V, von. (See Horstd 
Weltzien, Prof. V. von. Prof. H. Wagner, 
Erwin and Marx, Darmstai^. 

844-846. Buildings of the Grand Ducal 
Technical High School at Darmstadt. 
Winkler, C., Colmar. , ^ 

847. Reconstruction of St. Theobaldus 
Church at Thann, Alsatia. 

Wolff. Felix. 

848. Apartment House inVbenna, Perspec- 

. r 1. C 

840. Elevation of the Same, 

Wprth, Prof. (See Strassburg University.) 



President of the Royal Commission, 


Secretary of the Royal Commission, 


Victoria Mouse, dackson Park. 

Superintendent of the Pine Arts Section, 

cJ. W. BECK, 

Victoria Mouse, Jackson Park. 

Committee on Pine Arts. 







SIR JOHN GILBERT, R. A., . , r . 

President of the Royal Society of Painters in Water teoiors. 





Deputy-President of the Royal Society of Painters in 



Water Colors. 





Por information re.qardin.q exhibits for sale apply at desk in Gallery 18. 



department K._FINE arts. 

great BRITAIN. 

Sculpture, Paintings in Oil. 

GROUP 139. 


Exhibit’" 18. 


Brown, Miss B. A M i. 

4 * The Pearl iM I P 

^easier ) 

5* bacchante, 

Arm“™''"« '■“king i„ ,he Nurse’s 
9 * Morning. 

“• Righe ^o?w^E I 

12. Generali a* ■^•^•^^stone. 

Fran^to? r on Camel. I 

ai^ton, George, London. I 

4: Singi'ngGlri™!/? C-KMitchell, Esq.) I 

Collie,^EfqO * *’>' Arthur Leslie I 

Christina. ' 


Joy, Albert Bru«™H’AA 

20 . The Marquis’of Sal;=^’ 

21. The Arf-iT- Salisbury. 

22 . Mrs Ma?rin?f Canterbury. 

^MillaTsfc.^R'^’^C (Lent by Sir John J- 
TheSIuggaVd ^ 

2^"Traged^y- ^-don. 

28 . Comedy^- 



29. La Source. 

Montalba Miss Henrietta 
M Catching a Crab. 
Montford, Horace, London. 


32. The Birth of Venus. 

Moore, Miss E. M., London. 

33. Bust of a Child. 

34. A Ruffian. 

^a M., Chigwell. 
The Pied Piper of Hamelin. 

Pomeroy, F. W., London. 

I?; (L™'by H. Pfag,,i 

Rhodes, Roland, Newcastle. 

38. Egyptian Harpist. 

I 39. Youth’s First Recognition of Love, 
Swan, John M., London. 

40. Lioness. 

I 41. Tigress. 

I 42. Panther. 

Thornycroft, Hamo, R. A., London, 
43. The Mower. 

44 * , Teucer. (Lent by the Art Instit 

45 . Edward I. 

Putting the Stone. 

Toft, Albert, London. 

ilr .JLe Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone, 

Wat^, G. F., R. A., London. 

4 °. Clytie. 

Wooffier, Thomas, R. A. (the late). 
49 * Bust of Lord Tennyson. 

Bust of Carlyle. 

Bust of Cardinal Newman. 

Rust of Right Hon. W. E. Gladstc 
Medallion Portrait of Lord Tennys 
Nos. 49-53 lent by Mrs. Woollier. 

GROUP 140. 
Paiiitingg in Oil. 

In Galleries 12, 13 , 14 , 15 , 17 , 18 . 

Allen Robert W., R. W. S., London. 

54 " Lowlands of Holland. 

55 ' Pilgrims Resting, India. 

great BRITAIN. 


Paintings in Oil. 


gaTadema, Miss Anna, London. 

( A Portrait. „ , , 

'ijis Excellency Mr. E. Gambart, Spanish 

ftn AuSce at Agrippas. (Lent by 

i.S. Roberts, Esq.) , 

J The Sculpture Gallery. (Lent by 

Wge McCulloch, Esq.) 

UrnaTadema, Mrs., London. 

io. Battledore and Shuttlecock. (Lent by 

(velcome. (Lent by Merton 
Kussell Cotes, Esq., F. R. G. b.) 

For information regarding British Exhi- 
)its for sale apply at desk in Gallery 18 . 

Ircher, James, R. S. A., L^don. 

(3. St. Agnes, one of the Early Christian 


irmitage, E., R. A., London. 

4, After an Entomological bale. 



mstrong, T., London. 

A Fountain. (Lent by Mrs.Lep Evans.) 

A Music-piece. (Lent by' J. Walker, 

monier, J., R. I., London. 

An English Wood. 

den-Powell, F., London. 

The Wooden Walls of Queen \ ictoria. 
^rtraits of the last of England’s v^oden 
mlwarks, lying off Portsmouth dockyard, 
iboutl 840 . The “ Britannia, of 120 guns, 
in the right, was flagship of the port; tne 
i:Ko 4 ecker being the “ London, ot a 
guns, whilst the central three-decker, dry¬ 
ing her sails, is the “ Queen,” of 110 guns, 
and on the extreme left lies the last^ai- 
ing frigate, “ Are thusa." (Lent by E. ^5. 
Heywood Esq., J. P.) 
arber, C., Burton, London. 

I. " Lieder ohne Worte.” ) (Lent by ^1 - 
. The New Whip. \ iam Yeats EaK- 

) er. Esq.) 

arclay, Edgar, London. 

:. “Hush.” 

1. A Breeze in the New Forest. 

arnes, Robert, A. R. W. S., 

.. Her First Visit. (Lent by J. B. buther- 

land, Esq.) 

artlett, Charles W., London. 

1. An Incident in the Life of 
during the French Revolution, liyo. 


Bartlett, W. H., London. 

76. Practicing for the Swinging 

(Lentby Henry Whitehead, Esq.) 

77 The Village Billiard Players. (Lentby 

de la Penha, Esq.) 

78. A Wrack Harvest. (Lent by E. Stam- 

ton. Esq.) . 

Bates, David, Birmingham. 

79. The Sphinx. 

Bayliss, Wyke, P. R. B. A., London. 

80. Interior of Amiens Cathedral. 

81. Interior of St. Peter’s, Rome. 

Beadle, James Prinsep, London. 

83. li^ImfS^de Calais. (Lent by General 

Beavis, Richard, A. R. W, S., London. 

84. A Stampede in the Highlands. 
Belgrave, Percy, London. 

85. Combe Valley, near Morwenstow. 

Bigland, Percy, London. „ . rr 

86. Portrait of the Countess Cairns. (Len 
by Countess Cairns^ 

Boughton, G. H., A. R. A., London. 

87. ^Dancing Down the Hay. (Lent by Sir 
Edward H. Carbutt, Bart.) 

88. Winter Sunrise. 

89. Love in Winter. 

Bourdillon, Frank W., Dorking. 

00 On Board the Revenge. ^ ^ ^ . 

m! »’Twas in ’ 55 .” (Lent by John Lewis.) 

Esq.) _ 

Rrarnlev Frank, Penzance. 

^ A Hopeless Dawn. (Lent by T, Harry 

Eve, Esq.) 


‘ For 

of Such Is the Kingdom of 
(Lent by George McCulloch, 


Brang^n, Frank, London. 

OA The Convict Ship. 

qc’ Pilots, Peurta de Passages. 

mett, John, A. R. A., Putney. 

96. The Highland 

a“d'?ulier(Len. by James 

.oJ;“wdi/on’Trial. (Lent by Henry 
Boddington, Esq.) 


f„2’‘^The^Sp®ani*&tte°.Wri.e^ (Lent by 

.oi^TheChurS.'lSi (Lentby Sir Julian 
Goldsmid, Bart., M. P.) 


department k._fine arts. 

Paintings in Oil. 


104. "Maidens, Like Mntbc t? 

Caught with Glare - li t,' t r 
McCullocIi, Esa ) ' 

Butler, Lady. ^ ^ 



Calderon, P. H., R. A., London. 

^ocief/.)^^ ■ 

108 Hunting Scene. (Lent bv Messrs 

Thos. Agnew & Sons.) ^ 

Calkin, Lance, London 

"rte of William 

Canziani, Madame Louisa Starr, London 


ASibeeno''"^"""- the'Elrl'of 

Carter William, London. 


<fo. Est,. 


^17* In Memory Of 
Left in Charge 
119. A Frosty Morning. 

docks ^y John Mad- 

^^Smith.^'lsq!) ^y Jo^^o \V. 

John, London. 

Majesty the Queen ) ^ ' (^®"^byHer 

"Brig'a"de;'™* ” ^'“>'•80 of the light 

f2a“ Th' ^‘“'7’ London, 
ri^' Survivor of Trafalgar 


L24. 1 he Favorite. 

125. Early to Bed. 


ter.lX) W''- 'Loo'byH.J.Tur. 

' aarS?Esqj‘‘ (Lo-t by Chas. R. 

128. Playmates. 



. 30 .^^Brown.eyes. (Lent by c. X. u„,. 
' DunS^lb^rEsq.)"''^ (f™! 1. 

If’ Breakfast Table, 
sod, VMfdSf& ^0 

tch^^Es^f™- f'-o"* by George .McC, 

'^Lor^Ks'?y.)®“"'’"^"'=' <f-“' L'* 

?«'"’ThT'’Ty““!’' ■^r”''"’ London. 

JbeS^pS „1 

^i. P )"“• f-y Elliott Lees, E, 


X40. Un the Coast near Pisa 
London. ’ 

tJo' Mountains. 

Mrs fevhtT* 

x«""Tr«dom: ®- "”*■ 

?.Lf".’H-W.B.. R. A., London. 

I 44 - Now Came Still Evening On.” (Lea 
lAS^ McCulloch. Esq.)^ ' “ 

^"^y* Picardy. (Lent bi 

lA^Tvf w^^”°"'hEsq.) 

HO. The Western Highlands. 

Dawson^, Nelson, London. 
taTl t he Sunset Breeze. 

148^™ A^r?* t^^stings. 

X 4 «. A Glimpse of Future Seas. 

Dicksee, Frank, R. A., London. 

%prxb. Arthur. (Lent bv 

Tcn ^mif^ ^b^tMiand, Esq.) 
rf^nhK e^Jedemption of Tannhauser, 
(Lent by Thomas D. Galpin, Esq.) 

worth. ^ 

Fncf Wandering Minstrel. 

1 - London. 

McCulloli’Sqo""'"- ''>' 

Jhe Arms of Peace. 

Elhs, Edwin, London. 

154. f ull Summer, Flambro’. (Lentby W, 
L. Hartshorn, Esq.) 

Emshe, A. E., London. 

55 - Saving the Shipwrecked. 

great BRITAIN. 


Paintings in Oil. 

’’portrait of the Rev. James Martineau, 



’xL^Nether Pool, a Nibble. 


jubarson, Joseph, London. 

Looking West. 

The Temple of Karnak. 

nuharson, David, London. 

’After the Storm. Glenlyon. (Lent oy 

Acton, Esq.) 

ler, S. Melton, London. 

A Summer Night, 
ler, Horace, London. 

The Card Players. 

A Midday Rest. 

:cber, Morley, London. 

Shadow of Death. 

;cher, Blandford, Enfield. 


bes, Mrs. Stanhope, London. , 

The Witch. (Lent by George McGui 

UCio j ~ ~ 

P., R. A., London. 

: Race for Wealth, a senes of five 
ictures, lent by Maurice Newton, 


Spider and The Flies. 
Spider at Home. 


lohn. R. L, London. 

,yal Palace. (Lent by the Corpo- 
irles W^., London. 

^ in Gray. . 
r in Brown Riding Habit, 
k, Hugh de T., London. 
tVEmpereur. (Napoleon I, Fm - 

itry Asleep on Duty.) 

'rederick, R. A., London. 

;he Sea of Galilee. Merton 

: Palm Offering. (I^ntb> Merror 

Cotes, Esq., Ph R> 

r. F., Dulwich. Y - 

i Last of the Ebb; Great Yar 

from Breydon Waten Moon 

ten the Sun Sets and the 


rntrh T. C., London. 

187 . My Crown and Sceptre. 

Gow, A. C., Ylg^Mg^parewell to Scotland. 


Grace, A. F., Valley of the Arun. 

, 89 . waking Law mV ^ (Lent 

’’hv tlfe Corporation of Brighton.) 

^George Cliff—a Rocky 


Graham, T., London. 

■ 95 - The Last Boat. 

An'fris^ Harvest Field', Peasants 

^Loading Corn. 

““*cd 1 andTteMagdi‘' 9 ''' 

S: “nrailofMissW. 

i^. Fire Fancies. Llandudno, Wales. 

S;il, Fred., Penzance. 

Z: of High Living. 

Halswelle, Keelg^to “ (Lent by Messrs. 

“Arthur Toolh & Sons ) 

Hare St. George, London. 

’T^he Victory of faith. 

205 . Reflections. Basingstoke. 

The®f”e“lf’sk)^fcont the Ma.nland, 

207. Trafalgar quar ^ ^ London. 

Haves. Edwin, R* 

S^ftard a Port. 

209 * ^^ruude Addlestone. also 

Hayes, Claude,^ Common. (See aiso 

210 . Across a Surrey 
596 .) 

210. Across 
Skt'Arnold, London. 

212. Sandbanks. g , 8 ^. _ 

«fThe''Lrit°|.usV ^entbyW.Cnth 

liiss Katharine Grajt^.^ 

otc Entranced. A >• 

of self-oblivious solitud 


department k.-fine 


Paintings in Oil. 


Herkomer, Herman G., London 
mer, R.T'‘ Hubert Herko- 

Awaiting the Boats, Hoi- 


219* Aspasia. 

Hoil. Frank, R. A. (the late). 
“wi.&„lSir^Joh„ TeLiel. (Lent by 

Frank Toil.) A- (Lent by Mrs. 

^^ 3 * The Earl Spencer K r n 
The Earl Spencer, K. G ) ’ ’ 

224. Portrait of the late- T q a/t 

™ >' p“F™' rlq ) 

R. F?“rait of Major-Gei^eral Sir H 
Raw inson, Bart., G. C B F c 

;roi^ - 

22*7 \\r’ '"V Parnham. 

228. " “ Littie^toV^°"^ Fruiter. 

„(Lent by Mesfr^Tb^ ^eep.” 

Hopkins, Arthur A R 

229. “Springtime The 

Time.” ^ Only Pretty Ring. 

Horsley, John Callicott R a t 

230. Hide and Seek * London. 

231. Finishing Touches, 
yhe'captivf ■’ 


234. From Peak to Pokin’ 

(Lentby W S Cain^ r ^ ^oudland. 

HMter.Colin A 

| 36 . Fishffo'fS"N*'r? gi*-- 

^TienT'bVSVinfe , 

- 38 . ckSyPngThe°V?”‘'-- 

France. ^ Viaticum, Finisterre, 

Jenda^rlJ,Tuydir L^ild, Vol- 

^40!° R- L. Liyerpool. 

Fell.’^*'^'* Hung o^er M„„r 

loeram, W. Ayerst F=i 

241 . Surf. Falmouth. 

Jacomb-Hood G P i j 

242. Summen * 


Jay, W. S., Arundel 

A Spri„g, 

Jones S,vxJ“''’‘ Afflictorum 
2 ;r ’r^ ^Th°*nasA.,p r b , „ 

248. Loreli. A.Dablii 

i??’ London. 

Sl‘ Daffodil. 

f 52 . Uanaids. 

Kennedy, c. N., London. 

^3" Perseus. 

S"”tK r’ ‘-O"-'™- 

Si' S Family 

Si Tu^ Harpist. 

K-i^f^lay Palmer.) 

356 ^’a^fToUc'’ 


257 a Sailor (% 

260*^ A LHndudno, Wales 

Ma 4 so„T (L^tbyciw 

■'■.W. Bnxton, London. 

(U| bf l.VaTd^cL^^^ 

Eng&Sl, r¥ HomVof the Rn 

W. J., London. 

oA ’ Approach. 

La Hoxsey IVIere. 

26c L. H., Bosham. 

Esq.^M^P.f (Lent by Isaac Smith, 

b, John .tu. 

Lawery. John, Glasgow. 

LordMor™'' Esther. Daughters d 


^wson Cecil (the late). 

Lawlon^ P (Lent by MraCeeil 

Leader, B. W., A. R. A., Share. 

shire rF^ J*”** Carnarvon' 

Esq ) ^ George McCullod, 



Paintings in Oil. 

f''’' When Sun is Set. (Lent by George 

^IfrCulloch, Esq.) 


P- Reaper and the Flowers (Long- 
ijhti Sir Frederick, Bart., P. R. A., 

.["Hercules Wrestling with Death for 
t Body of Alcestes (Lent by Sir Bern- 

hard Samuelson, Bart., M. 1 .) 

.{Garden of the Hespendes. (Lent by 
Aeorge McCulloch, Esq.) 

,6 Perseus and Andromeda. 

L Portrait of Captain Burton. 
pMton. E, Blair, London. 

? The Secret. Lent by T. J. Hirst, Esq. 
S' How Lisa Loved the King. Boccaccm. 
(Lent by Merton Russell Cotes, Esej., r • R. 

G S) 

emn, Arthur, Betchworth. 

'to All Among the Barley. 

,edie, G. D., R. A., Wallingford. 

8 i. Hen and Chickens. (Lent by E. H. 

Van Ingen, Esq.) ^ 

S2, **Home, Sweet Home. (Lent by 
Messrs. Thos. Agnew & Sons.) 

83 . The Monks of Abingdon. 

.indner, M. P., London , 

84. A Winter Sunset. (Lent by M. Lindner, 
F* so 1 

85. Moonlight. (Lent by Henry Roche, 

.innell, John (the late). 

86. Storm at Harvest. (Lent by Samuel 
Montagu, Esq., M. P.) 

.inton, Sir James D., P. R. L, London. 

87. Victorious. ) Lent by C. Jacoby, 

88. The Benediction. ) Esq. 

.ockhart, W. E., R. S. A., London. 

89. The Swineherd. (Lent by the Trustees 
of the Dundee Free Library.) 

90. Portrait of John Poison, Esq. (Lent by 
John Poison, Esq.) 

.ogsdail, Wm., London, 

91. Ninth of November. 

92. Sunday in the City. 

93. Venice from the Public Garden. 

94. Flower Gathering, South of France. 
,ong, Edwin, R. A. (the late). 

95. A Welsh Girl. 

96. Rose Bradwardine, from Sir Walter 

Scott’s “ W^averly.” 29 . 5,296 lent by 

Messrs. Thos. AgnewSons.) 

orimer, J. H., London. 

97. A Child’s Thank-offering. 

98. Pot-pourri. 

oudan, Mouat, London. 

99. Fish Market, Cornwall. 



Lucas, Seymour, A. R. A., London. 

300. St. Paul’s. (Lent by W. George King, 

301. Louis XL (Lent by John Chatham, 

Lucas, Mrs. Seymour, London. 

302. Henry VI. 

Lund, Niels M., London. 

303. A Scotch River. 

Macallum, Hamilton, R. I., London. 

304. “ Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep,” 
(Lent by ]. P. Heseltine, Esq.) 

305. Return from Lance Fishing. 
Macartney, Carlile, H. H., London. 

306. Moorland. (Lent by F, Scorer, Esq.) 

Macbeth, Robert W., A. R. A. 

307. Stag Hunting in a Sea Fog. 

308. The Fen Farm. (Lent by Messrs. 
Thos. Agnew & Sons.) 

Macbeth-Raeburn, H., London. 

309. Nurse Ann, a Portrait, 

310. Lewis Walters, Esq., a Portrait. 

Maegregor, Miss J., London. 

311. In the Reign of Terror. (Lent by the 
Corporation of Liverpool.) 

312. The Mistletoe Bough. (Lent by Mrs. 

Maclaren, Walter, London. 

213, Fruit Harvest-time in an Orange 
Garden, Capri, Italy. 

Maewhirter, John, R. A., London. 

314. “ Fairy of the Glen.” (Lent by Henry 
Evans, Esq.) 

315. Corrie-Arran. 

316. “ Hail, Gentle Spring.” 

Margetson, W. H., London. 

317. Pygmalion. 

Marks, H., Stacy, R. A., London. 

318. The Gentle Craft. (Lent by E. Homan, 

Mason, G. H. (the late). ,t , 1 , 

31Q. Girls Dancing by the Sea. (Lent by 
Lord W^antage, K. C. B., V. C.) 

320. The Harvest Moon. (Lent by Alex. 
Henderson, Esq.) 

321. Return from Ploughing. (Lent by Her 

Majesty, the Queen.) t 

32;.. Only a Shower. (Lent by Thomas L. 

Devitt, Esq.) 

McCulloch, George, London. 

323. Caliban and Ariel. 

McLachfan, T. Hope, I nndon. 

324. Mists in Early Autumn. 

325. A Wind on the Hill. 

Merritt, Mrs. Anna Lea, 

770 Eve, (Lent by Alfred Waterhouse. 

Esq.. R. A.) 



Paintings in Oil. 

John Everett, Bart., R. A., 


Millais, Sir 

331. The Ornithologist. 

332. Halcyon Weather. 

333 * The Last Rose of Summer. 

334 « Sweet Emma Morland. 

335 - Lingering Autumn. (Lent by George 
McCulloch, Esq.) 

336. Shelling Peas. (Lent by Sir Frederick 
Leighton, Bart., P. R. A.) 

337. Bubbles. (Lent by Messrs. Pears.) 
Miller, P. H., London. 

338. The Old Arm Chair. 

Millet, F, D., Worcestershire. 

339 - How the Gossip Grew. (Lent by 
Robert Dunthorne, Esq.) 

Montalba, Miss Clara, R. W. S., Venice. 
340. A Thames Barge Off Chelsea. 

Moore, Albert, London. 

341 - A Reverie. (Lent by Henry Moore. 
Esq., A. R. A.) ^ r , 

Moore, Henry, R. A., London. 

342. Storm Brewing. 

343 * St. Alban’s Race. 

344 - Sunset after a Storm. 

Morgan, Fred, London. 

345 * The Favoured Swain. 

Morris, P. R., A. R. A., London. 

34^ Sons of the Brave. (Lent by James 
Dole, Esm) 

. 347 * Fete Uieu, Dieppe, Normandy. (Lent 
by Franklin Browne, Esq.) 

348. Edward I Demanding the Oath of 
Allegiance to the First Prince of Wales. 

Moscheles, Felix, London. 

349. Reciter in a Arab Cafe, Cairo. 
Mottram, C. S., London. 

350. A Winter Sea on the Yorkshire Coast, 
Morning^, (Water color.) 

Moynau R. T., R. H. A., Dublin. 

351* Military Manoeuvres, 

Murray Dayid, A. R. A., London. 

The River Road. > Lent by Georse 
353. A Mangold Field, i McCulloch, Esq. 
35 j^l^^eason of Mists and Mellow Fruit- 

Nicol, J. Watson, London. 

355 * “T^e good old rule, the simple plan, 
That they should take who have 
the power, 

XT 1.1 should keep who can." 

Noble, Robert, PrestonkirL 
356* September. 

Normand, Ernest, London. 

H, L., London. 

3 S 8 » 'Twilight, j 



North, J.W., A.R.A.,R.w q t 
359- .“Seest how fresh my flowers 
In hly-white and crimson-red 
(Lent by Col. North ) ‘ 

Olivier, Herbert, London 

300. Portrait of the Venerable Arrha 

n Archdeacon Fam?" 

Orchardson, W. O R A t „ 

361. A Portrait (Soup ' 

Osborn, Miss E. M., London. 

302. Summer Shroud. 

“When nature’s dvina farp ic. i 1, 

3%-°’?^;e7efr'y"’ ''' «T., D„b„r ' 

Ouless W. W., R. A., London. 

364. Portrait of T. S. Cooper Esci R a 
(L ent by T. S. Cooper, Esq.) 

365. Portrait of Sir Donald Smith,K.C M r 

(Lent by Sir Donald Smith 1 ' 

Overend, W. H., London. 

Palm, W. M., Milford. 

367. Orphans. 

Parker, John, R. W. S., London. 

368. Cockle Gatherers. 

Parsons, Alfred, R. I., London. 

369. In a Cider Country. 

370. The Flowers Appear on the Earth 
371- “The Voice of the Turtle is Heard ir 

the Grove.” 

372. The Daylight Dies. 

Parton, Ernest, London. 

373 * When Daylight Dies. 

374 - Misty Morn. (Lent by Arthur Hi! 

375. The Night Ferry. 

Pash, Miss Florence, London. 

376. Over the Way. 

Peppercorn, A. N., Leatherhead. 

377 * The Cornfield. 

378. A Surrey Village. 

Perugini, Mrs. Kate, London. 

379 » Tomboy. (Lent by John Brickwoor 

380. Happy and Careless. (Lent by Mri 

Perugini, C. E., London. 

.381. Crossing the Torrent 

382. A Summer Shower. 

383. Clare. 

Pettie, John, R. A. (the late), London. 

386. Monmouth Pleading for His Life Bi 
fore James 11 . (Lent by Messrs. Thoi 
Agnew & Sons.) 

Phillips, Laurence B., R. P. E., London. 

388. A Mill in Kent. 

Pickering, J. L., London. 

389 , An Autumn Gust 

great BRITAIN. 

Paintings in Oil. 

1 .S 7 

•'* in Old World Horne. 

S^Lcnt by jame. 

H‘Sk eS!«- "F 

c I R A., London. .. 

ftViheSea wall (Lent by W. 

St;i& (WntbyUaxWaech- 


' White Roses. 
iieJ.M., London. 

?’ A R A.-> London. 

iflsep.Val. C., A. k. «... 

! The Broken Idol. 

^ Thnmas R. L, Colchester. 

'NleadeY Hill on the Thames. 

Streatley nn ^ London. 

f w’eS*(Le« by ‘be Duchess 

)f Albany.) _ 

,e, Iso., Pans. 

UeStTTrslE. Normana). Lou- 


!. LaCigale. 

tay^felwood, R. S. A., Glasgow. 

Golden October on the Forth.^^ ^ 

Summer Eve, Kmtyre. ( 

Derby Ande^on, Escv) Edinburgh. 

led, George OgiWre, R. S. A., tiomu 

). The Stroller’s Tale. 


5 . In the Market Place. 

;!'bltSale‘'onhe "Mermaid's Wed- 

f’*fhe Yam. (Lent by b S. Forbes, Esq.) 
;ynolds-Stephens. See 4 dy. 

Iviere, Briton, R. A., London. 

1 ; SinU by Thomas H.lsmay, 

s'i^'The Magician’s Doorway. (Lent by 
W. Cuthbert Quilter, Esq., 

obertson, Henry Plods 

4. “The Ploughman Homewara 

his Weary Way.” 

ooke, T. M., London. ^ 

5. King Ahab’s Coveting. ( g . 
ton Russell Cotes, Esq., F. 

; 6 . Judith’s Adventuring. 

adler, W. Dendy, London. t j^jj Ashby 
17, Darby and Joan. (Lent by Jonn 

Fen \ 

X Lea Roachers. (LentbyH.L.Lefevre. 
f:o“*^OHve?TwisL'" H°e“wSks to London." 

I20* My Lady Dorothy. 


423 . Topsy. ^ Kensington. 

SrCtrait oi'Mrs. Bloomfield Moore. 



S- kSc-i Mister, Connemara; 
^ Rough on Biddy; „ s., London. 

f“^“cofo„ef"me- in Charterhouse; 

Grace After Meat. c^jj^^urgh. 

Whhot a Name. Ben Crua- 

BiuTogne bhr™|t-Bjrgne- Wa?- 
IS. Harvest of tlm sna. j. 


lay.) (See also 682,».) 

Solomon, Solomon J., Lono 
iface^lwS'erS., London. 

r;r Rough Courting. 

F™.nkbe''se”m (Lent by Charles 

S.Tp-L ondon. 

4 , 7 . Bathers. 

f,j:rW'fRey«o>6s, London, 
^“4S’nrS- (bent by George 

Adrian, London, 

444- &ns. Play Alone. My Boy- 


4"'’T“"Gambt’e (Bentby Georg 

"^"^McCulloch, Esq.) 



Paintings in Oil. 



447 - The Passing Cloud. (Lent by Arthur 
Lucas, Esq.) 

448. Lwo’s Company, Three’s None. (Lent 
by Messrs. Frost & Reed). 

Storey, G. A., A. R. A., London. 

449 - The Padre, A Spanish Interior. 

Stott, Edward, Amberley. 

450. Peaceful Evening. (Lent by Andrew 
Muir, Esq.) 

451 - The Bathers. > Lent by John Mad- 
452. The Horse Pond. ) docks. Esq. 

453 * In an Orchard. 

Stott, William, Oldham, London. 

454 - Kissing Ring. 

Swan, John M., London. 

455 " The Fallen Monarch, 

456. Maternity. (Lent by Hon. C. M. Law¬ 

Swan, Mrs., London. 

457 * The Chorister. 

458. The Duet. 

Swynnerton, Mrs. Annie L., London. 

459 - Mater Triumphales. 

460. Portrait of Miss Jane Atkinson. 
Symonds, W. R., London. 

461. Mignon. 

Symonds, W. Christian, Mayfield. 

402. The Figure Head of the Cupid. 

403- Diana and Endymion. (Nos. 462 463 
lentby R. LeBrasseur, Esq.) 

Tayler, A. Chevallier, London. 

“Home. Sweet Home.” 

405 " The Peddler. 

Thomson, Leslie, London. 

466. The Homeless Sea. 

Thornley, Charles, East Moulsey. 

407. Dutch Fishing Boat. 

Titcomb, William Holt Yates, Balham. 

ill' Xi' ethodists.St.Ives,Cornwall. 

409. v)ld Sea Dogs. 

Prank W. W., R. I., London. 

470 - Naamans V/ife-II Kings, v. 1-2. 

(Lent by Sir Robert Romer). 

Tuke, Henry S., Hanwell. 

47 J' Sailors Playing Cards. 

Walker, J. Hanson, London. 

472 > A Portrait, “May.” 

r'rapk Crimwood, of Manipur. 

A-. London.' 

474 - The Convent Garden. (Lent by the 
Corporation of Leeds). 

Waller Mrs. Mary L., London. 

Dealer. (Lent by W. B 
Readhead, Esq.) 7 • p. 

^Yaller, S. E., London. 

^’cuiScrEiqr""'' <‘-“'*>^^'">'•8= 

'^^®HmptvSaddle. (Lentby O, Ll. J. 


A., Glasgow. 





Walton, E. A., A. R. S. 

478. Girl in Brown. 

w’ L, Dorking. 

Waterhouse, J. W.. A, R. A., London. 
482. Mariamne Leaving the Pr-etrini, 
(Lent by W. Cuthbert Quilter,Esq., M l 
Waterlow, Ernest A., A. R A T 

Sandhills, Bristol ChaiSd, 

Isc’ Arran. 

485. The Night Before Shearing 

. See also 707 . 

IVatts, G. F., R. A., London. 

480. Love and Life. 

487. Love and Death. 

488. Paolo and Francesca. 

The Genius of Greek Poetry 
Portrait of Robert Browning’ 
Portrait of Walter Crane. 

Weguelin, J. R., London. 

492 - The Maidens’ Race. (Lent by the Ea 
of Eldon). 

Wehrschmidt, Daniel A., Bushey. 

493. Finding the Head of Orpheus(Lucian 

Wetherbee, G., London. 

494 - Fishermen’s wives. 

Mitchell, E.sq.) 

495 *_ Glad Spring. 

White, John, Axminster. 

49 ^* Our \ illage. (Lent by John Ure, Esq 

497. Beer Head, Devon. (Lent by } 
Homan, Esq.) 

Wilkinson, Hugh, Brockenhurst. 

498. A Cloudy Morning. 

Williams, Alexander, R. H. A., Dublin. 

499. The Port of Dublin—Sunset. (Wate 

Wirgman, T. Blake, London. 

500. Portrait of Miss Applin. 

501. Portrait of Mrs. Wirgman. 

Wood, Miss E. Stewart, London, 

502. Autumn. 

Woods, Henry, R. A., Venice, Italy, 

503. On Steps at Scuola, San Rocco. (her 
Stephen G. Holland, Esq.) 
Wortley, Archibald Stuart, Londot 
Mrs. H. Grenville Wells. 

Miss Maud Waller. 

Miss Clare Davis. 

Wright, Miss E., London. 

507. Pierrette Incroyable. (Pastel.) 
Wyllie, W. L., A, R. A., Rochester. 

508. T he German Emperor and Prince c 
Wales inspecting the White StarSteanie 
“Teutonic’ at Spithead, August 4 , 188 ! 
(Lent by T. H, Ismay, Esq), 

(Lent by Tot 





great BRITAII^. 


Paintings in 

Oil and Water Colors. 

r • «nrmuz” off the Eddys- 
'.f'wate'rcolo?.) (Lent by Messrs. 

‘Sv'Io’nes' Locker. 

iciilesW., London. 

S. N. 

Prisoners of War. 

group ui. 

atatings in Water Colors. 

,„eriesl 6 andl 8 andAlcove 89 . 

„t,rtW.,R.W.S., London. 

Ch Ranza, Arran. 

Si M'ri?,‘’R.W.S.. London. 

SemtuV a;; London. 

illine the Worshipers. 

ademn, Miss Anna, Uondom__^j^^^^ 

le Drawing Koom, 

er, J., R. E. London. 

Id Shoreham, Sussex. 

iSr of Westminster Abbey. 

, H., Colchester. 

'he Mower. ^ c London. 

Ml, Edward F., R. W. =>-. *- 

ihristian and Evangelist. 

:he Dragon’s Cave. ^ Lon- 

, Sir Oswald W., K- 

i R H. the Prince Wales’R^-Y. 

acht “AVme,” ““““f August, A- 
It Squadron at Wales Com- 

1 . H. the Pt'nce f and 

oreof the Royn'^ooh ^ starting 

Roval Thames Yacht United 

SSan Yacht Race round the U 

rdom from Southend. Ju 

’Nos. 525 , 526 lent by tl. 

ice of Wales. irar-p” (Lentby th® 

H. M.S. “Black Princg (L^f Edm- 

itain, H. R. H. me 

gh.) . o TX 7 S . London, 

man, Edwin, A. R* the Packers, 

Preparing Orange 

A R W. S., Olas- 
BuUeid, G. Lawrence, A. R. W 

In Doubt. 

MO A Custodian. 

s'v, ''‘^milr’’R! w s., F- F- G- 

Callow, William, x'- 

53?"eT”ak”<;fCon.o,Look;ng Toward 
CoYlfeT*^b“?“;^„ads''' (Lent' by James 

M, Two Green Roaas. i 
Orrock, Esq., R* !•) 

Contts, H.,^Windermej 

Oane, Walur London. 

535- Chnrch of Abbey. 

536. giackheath. 

Dadd, Frank, R-. Im , Troop. , 

537. The Captain of th | gf^g^heath. 



Dobson, W. C. 1 M 

Ate with the Golden Hair. (Len 

(Lent by L. Bhrm- 


544' f'liarles, London. Rome. 

Earle, Chants. forum at Rome. 

Past. Alfred, R- 1 - 
CAT! Early Nigfft- 

Ifs. Northampton. 

S^ood, George grows Gay 

55 ? Sunflowers. (Lent oy 

B>«%KpoS'Sens, from the Hiii 

555. BeniNevio. v 


“»“?i?^itch of Atlas. 



Paintings in Water Colors. 



Fripp Charles E.. A. R. W. S., London. 
55 °; t5teps of Kurodani Temple on a Fete 
Day, Japan. 

559. Afternoon in a Japanese Village 
5^. Shrine at Seta, Japan, After Rain. 
Fulleylove, John, R. I,, London. 

561. Hampton Court Palace. (Lent by John 
Carbery Evans, Esq.) 

562. Magdalen Tower and Bridge, Oxford. 
(Lent by Gaspard Farrer, Esq.) 

Gilbert, Sir John, R. A., Blackheath. 

n 1- Resigning the Crown to 

Bolmgbroke. (Lent by W. Y. Baker, 

564. Conspiracy. (Lent by Edward Priest- 
man, Esq.) 

Goodall,Edward A.,R.W. S.,London. 

565. Interior of the Mosque of Sultan Ifas- 
san, Cairo. 

Zoodleh, one of the Gates of Cairo. 
Lrotch, T. C., London. 

567. A Letter from America. 

Gow, Andrew C., R. A., London. 

568. . Reqmsitionists. (Lent by W. Cuthbert, 
Quilter, Esq., M. P.) 

Gow, Miss Mary L., London. 

569. The Story of the Willow Pattern 

570. Beggar My Neighbour. (Lent by 
Messrs. J. & W. Vokins.) 

Grace, A. F., Steyning. 

571 - Maytime on Downs, Isle of Witrht 
Portsmouth in Distance. ^ ' 

572. Old Farmhouse, Sussex. 

Green, C., R. I., London. 

573 - Nell and Her Grandfather. 

(Nos. 573 , 574 

lent by William Lockwood, Esq.) 

Green Towneley, R. L, London. 

575 - A Way they Have in the Army. 
Greenaway, Miss Kate, London. • 

576. 1 itle-page, “Marigold Gardens ” 

kII Gardens.” 

So' Mnlh^ ^ S'" Gardens.” 

579. Mulberry Bush, “Children’s Games.” 

%wer™ Language of 

5 ®'- Girl Drawing Chaise with Two Chil- 

So Ripisy- 

582. Luther s Abstraction. 

5 ° 3 * bhe Sorcerer. 

584. In Winchester. 

Haag Carl ^ W. S., London. 

S° 5 . One of Our Ancestors. 

5 o 0 * A Druidical Novice 

III Procession at Damascus. 

Plac^of NurXrg 


Hague, Anderson, R. I Liana,r, 
58,^^ Winter. (Lent b; 

Thr^b‘^udL^-Van"en„„ ,, 

Leathwaite. ^ 

591- A Windy Day. 

Hargitt, Edward, R. I BasinestoW 
592 . The Undercliff, Isle of ^ 1 ° 

593 - Eridge Park, Kent. ^ ’ 
Hatherell, W., R. L, London. 

594 - Quarter Deck of a P .'v O 

Hayes, Claude, Addlestone. 

596. Moonrise. (Oil painting.) 

P. London 

597- Fishing Smack Leaving Port 

Sr® w!’ S > London. 

598. Merry Goes the Time when the Hear 

^s^Young. (Lent by John Carbery Evans 

699. in Wonderland (Lentby the Cornnr 
ation of Birmingham). ^ 

Hine, Harry, St. Albans. 

601. Lincoln. 

Hine, Henry George, V. P. R. I., London 

602. Durlptone Head, Dorsetshire. (Lem 

by Joseph King, Jr., Esq.) ^ 

Hodson, Samuel J., R. W. S., London. 
003. Piazza dei Signori, Verona. 

W4. Corner of the Ducale, Venice 
605. Cordo, Verona. 

Holiday, Henry, London. 

Suns^ and Moonlight on the Atlantic 
Holloway, C. E., See 226 L 

Hopkins, Arthur, A. R. W. S., London. 

607. Outward Bound. 

608. Saturday Evening on the Quay. 
Hunt, Alfred W., R. W. S., London. 

Summer Sunshine, Capel Curig. 

010, A November Rainbow. 

611. Robin Hood’s Bay, North Yorkshire 

and Land, North Wales. 
R^os^ 609-612 lent by W. S. Caine, Esq., 

Johnson, Cyrus, R. I., London. 

613. The .Sun Inn, Dedham. 

Kilbourne G. Goodwin, London. 

614. Good Accommodation for Man and 

6 i 5 ; a Difficulty. 

Knight, Joseph, R. I., Llandudno, Wales. 
616. Twilight. (Lent by Col. W. W. Maw. 

great BRITAIt^^ 

Paintings in Water Colors. 



■ i T R R. I-. London. 

te End of the Prologue. 

ley, Waher, R- f M Esq.) 

Emre' of the' Vleet. (Lent by 

avid Hedges, Esq.) i., London. 

*£<lS by ]. T. Wigzell, 

fe'B^oar-t^toy"“ by F. H. 
tfu^rioad. (Lent by Charles 


quoid, Thomas R., R-L, London. 

At Kampen, Hollana. 

Water Carriers, Spam. 

In Mercia, Spain, 
table, Mrs., London. 

Old Cedar Trees, Boyle Farm, Thames 

itton, Surrey. ^ c,„;t7Prland 

Val de Fex, di 

Piazza Communale Nebbiolo, Lag 

Sau, Miss Edith, A. R. W. S., Lon- 


In Sweet Music. 

Her Favorite Doll. 

Shelling Peas. 

Suinness, Bingham, R. H. A., Du 

Kilchurn Castle, Loch Awe. 

, Hangman’s Bridge, Nuremberg. 

ore, Henry, R. A., London. 

, Bright Morning After 

. Scheveningen; Waiting for the Shrimp 

ntlba, Miss Clara, R. W, S., Venice. 

. St. Mark’s, Venice. 

. A Venetian Ferry. 

. After a Storm, Venice. 

ittram, C. S. See 350 . & t? W S., 

irray, David, A. R. A., A. R-W. 

^ondon. , ,,r \\r Pilk- 

I. Mayfield. (Lent by Col. W- W- 

ngton.) . . . , 

ish, Joseph, R. 1 ., Chiswick. 

A Winter Morning. 

1 . A Winter Sunset, Ben Nevis. 

5. The Haunted Chamber. 

5 . After the Gale. . „ c A Edin- 
sbet, R. B., R. L, A. R- S. A., t- 

derland Sunset. 


f^Counyai?! White Hart Inn 

64!,“'lnS7'’ot Barnard’s Inn, Holborn 

(now dismantled). George Inn, 

650. The Courtyard of the ueo ^ 


?"°'yrross'Mi's: Per”hshi-re. (Lent by 
'‘‘SS S°ea off (he Isle of Arran. (Lent 

Vy John Crossfi^. 

65“3 ThlViilage Rendezvous^ 

/arsons, Alfred, R L, London. 

654. Bodenham Church. 

pfmlp” B : A. R. W. S., London. 

‘i?: VlS^rSay^'iochEtlve, Argyll- 
u’ ^R. I. London. 

661. ADuckpool. 

662. A Farmstead. ^ ^ ^ London. 

Poynter, E. J-, •’ 

663. In a Garden. 3., London. 

Radford, A'nt by S. K. Muspratt, 

664. Nausicaa. (Lent oy 

oof‘'ios. ) Lent by William Croxfor , 

^flne" W. CMc^ester. 

The Old Vrouw. 

068 . The City f o 3,7 s., Kendal. 
g^S'^’^XfocSer FloA (Lent by Tbeo. R. 

Fothergill, Esq.) 

Tails Above Coniston. (Lent by 

T. ArnoM, Esq.) ^ j ,London. 

Richardson, Jo m Qjgj^coe. (Lent by J. 
672. Snowstorm m 
^rarbery Evans, L H.) 

67? Carting Faggots Sussex. 

Rivers, Leopold,^Lon on. 

674. London. 

Robertson, Arthur, 1- 

675. London. r,.nedral. 

Rooke, T. iVL. rWent Troyes Catbearai. 

676. North Transept, 

Severn, Arthur, R- L^an Miniato. 

iU- 0° Breaking, near K.lkee, 

^Coast of Ireland. 



Paintings in Water Colors, Engravings and Etchings. 



Smallfield, Frederick, R. W. S., London. 
679. The Velvet Hat. 

6^. Prato, Tuscany, The Ringhiera of 
Donatello Outside the Uuomo. 

Smith, Carlton A., R. I., London. 

681. A Corner of the Studio. 

“Oh! woman in our hours of ease, 
Uncertain, coy and hard to please.” 
Smythe, Lionel P., London. 

682. The Field of the Cloth of Gold. (Lent 
by the late Sir George Findlay.) 

683. Summer Holidays. (Oil painting.) 
(Lent by W. L. Wyllie, Esq., A. R. A.) 

See also 432 . 

Squire, Miss Alice, R. I., London. 

684. Springtime. 

685. An Autumn Afternoon. 

686. A Quiet Stream. 

Steer, H. R., R. L, Hinckley. 

687. Oliver Goldsmith’s Social Gatherings, 
Green Arbour Court, 1759 . (Lent by F. 
Newcombe, Esq.) 

688. “ Long was the Good Man’s Sermon.” 
(Lent by Mrs. Crompton.) 

Stevens, A., Chiswick. 

689. Durham. 

Stillman, Mrs., Rome. 

690. Fra Currado d’Offidi. 

Stock, Henry J., R. I., London. 

691. Immortality’s Sunrise. (Lent by D. 
Dyce Brown, Esq., M. D.) 

692. A Youth in the Flames of First Love. 
(Lent by D. Dyce Brown, Esq., M. D.) 

Thomas, William L., London. 

693. Once Upon a Time. 

694. Frame of Drawings of Highland 

Thornycroft, Miss Helen, London. 

695. Orchids. 

6^. Shirley Poppies. 

697. Azalea, with Bronze Figure of “The 

698. Orchids. 

Topham, Frank W. W., London. 

699. Recruiting for Savonarola; “Ye Can 
not Serve God and Mammon.” 

W^aite, R. Thorne, R. 'W. S., London. 

Wagon. (Lent by James 
Orrock, Esq., R. 1 .) 

701. Between the Showers. 

‘«TK London. 

Hour Reigns 

thA Fields. 

Walker, W 

702 . 

o'er the 

703. Moonrise on the Lowther. 


704. Phyllis. 

Walton, Frank, R. I., Dorking. 

705- Torrisdale, Kintyre. 

706. Arran, From Carradale. 


Waterlow, Ernest A., A R A / 
S., London. ’ ^ 

707. The Evening Hour. {Oil m 
Weatherhead, William, H. R. P 

708. Chelsea Pensioners. (Lent’] 
bery Evans, Esq.) 

Weedon, A W., R. I., London. 

709. Near Sandwich, Kent 


Wetherbee, G., London, 

Maiden. (Lent hi 
Hill, Esq.) J 

Whaite, H, Clarence, R. W. S. 

712. Legendary Castle of Arran 
Whitley, Miss Kate Mary, R. I. 'l 

713. _ Ammonite and Mineral^ ’’ 
Williams, Alexander. See 4QQ 
Wollen, W. B., London. 

714* " It May be for Years, It Mai 

715. Capture of French Guns by tl 
Brigade, at Waterloo. 

Wyllie, W. L. See 609 . 

Yeames, William, F.R.A.,Lond( 

716. The Law’s Delay, Barnard’C 
Youngman, Miss A. M., R. I., Gn 

717. Pelargoniums. 

718. Rhododendrons. 

GROUP 143 . 


In Upper Gallery Alcoves 120,12 

Allbon, Charles F., London. 

719- Gn the Sands, Scheveningen. 

720. Antwerp. 

721. Lago Di Como. 

722. Venice. 

Appleton, T. G., Shalford. 

723. Rembrandt, en officier. 

724. The Beautiful Catherine Clen 

725. The Sisters. 

Ball, Wilfrid, London. 

727. Venice. 

728. Evening Light, 

Baskett, Charles E., Colchester. 

729. A Mend by the Way. 

730* An Old Stackyard, Winter. 
73 t- Stratford, St. Mary Bridge. 

732. Donyland Wood, Winter. 
Bigland, Percy, London. 

733. The Rt. Hon. W. E. Gladstoni 

Burgess, Walter W., London. 

734 - Bits of Old Chelsea. 

735. Bits of Old Chelsea. 

736. Bits of Old Chelsea. 

737 * From Waterloo Bridge. 

great BRITAIN. 


Engravings and Etchings. 

E., Ring- 

742 . 








Canterbury Cathedral. 

L Norwich. 

tameron, D. Y., Glasgow. 

,.o. Frame of Etchings. 

‘1 Frame of Etchings. 

Charlton, Edward W., A. R. P 

''^°°Manning the Pilchard Boats, Cornwall. 
Coasters in Harbor. 



Repairing the Coast Road. 

,,,. The Old Harbor. 

:hattock, R. S., F. R. P. E., Birmingham. 

148. The Holt. 

49. Poplars. 

50. The Moorhen. 

51. On Hampstead Heath, 

52. Blast F"'urnaces. 
llouston, Robert S., Watford, 
cr The Jew Merchant.(After Rembrandt.) 

54. The Viscountess Crpsbie. (After Sir 
Joshua Reynolds.) 

)ale, Mrs. G., London. _ , 

55. Sweet Violets. (After F. Dicksee.) 

lalgleish, T. Irving, London. 

56. An Eastern Procession, 


57. Calle Mayor, Fuentenabia, 

58. Anita. 

59. Sunset. 

licksee, Herbert, London. 

60. Memories. 

61. A Tigress. 

62. His Majesty. 

6a. A Wanderer. ^ t j 

■llis, Tristram, A. R. P- f., London. 

( The Golden Horn. (Artist s proof.) 

64. \ The Midnight Sun, North Cape. (Ar- 
( tist’s proof.) . , 

'65. St. Michael’s Mount,Cornwall.(Artist s 

r A ^Corner of the Parthenon, Athens. 
(Artist’s proof.) . , ,,, 

766. -^ The Vein Djami, Constantinople. (Ar- 

767. The “ ^ictOTy,” Portsmouth. (Artist s 

EverThed, Arthur, A. R. P. E., London. 

768. Nine Subjects, drawn directly on cop- 

769. ^^ Nine Outdoor Etchings,drawn directly 
on copper from nature. 

770. The Tower of London. 

Finnic, John, Liverpool. 

S 'Green and Quiet Waters 

Gardner, W. Biscombe, Haslemere. 

773. Wood engravings (artist s proofs). 

P. R. P. E., 

777 - 


779 - 




783 - 


No. , j 

Gascoyne, George, London. 

774. Ploughing. 

775. A Wayfarer. 

Haden, Francis Seymour, 


776. Morning, near Swanage, Dorset, 
Evening, near Swanage, Dorset. 
Durleston Head, Dorset Coast. 
Undercliff, Dorset Coast. 

Corfe Common, Dorset, 

A Village Street in Corfe, Dorset. 

An Inn Kitchen in Corfe, Dorset. 

Study of Oaks, Chesterfield, Derby¬ 

Haig, Axel H., Haslemere. 

785. The Portals of Reims. 

786. The Aisles of Chartres. 

Hall, Oliver, R. P. E., London. 

788. A Study of Trees. 

789. A Windy Day on Angerton Moss. 

790. A Windy Day. 

Heseltine, J. P., London. 

791. Six Etchings from Nature. 

Hole, William, R. S. A., Edinburgh. 

792. The Wood Sawyers. 

793. The Jumping Horse. (After John Con- 

794!^^He is Coming. (After Matthew Mario.) 
705. Don Caspar de Gusman, Count ot 
Olivezez. (After Velasquez,) 

796. Mill on the Yare. (After J. Crome.) 

Huson, Thomas, R. L, R. P. E., Liver- 

PoM. ^ „ 

797. Heralds of a Storm, 

T aw. David, London. 

708. Water Meadows.) Lent by the Fine 
700, Silver Birches, ) Art Society. 

800. Arundel Castle. (Lent by Messrs. 

801. Birthplace of Burns. (Lent by Robert 
Dunthorne, Esq.) 

Lewis, C. W. Mansel, Llanelly. 

802. Counting the Flock. 

803. A Welsh Hat. 

804. A Vagrant. 

; Lowenstam, Leopold, London. 

805. In a Rose Garden, 

806. A Favorite Author. 

807. Harvest Festival. 

Macbeth-Raehurn, H., London. 

808 Portrait. (After Vandyke.) 

Rno* The ’Cello Player. (After Metza.) 

Wind on the \«old.' (After Mason.) 

Macbeth, Robert W., A. R. , 

Rtt The Garden of Love. (Atter iitian.) 
812 ThI Spinners. (After Velasques.) 

IS IforJUno (Afty''elasquetd 

8it Bacchus and Ariadne. (After 1 itian.) 



Engravings and Etchings. 



815, The Cast Shoe, Lynn Ferry. (Original 

816. Harbo Refuge. (After Fred 


8x7. Plough. (After Fred Walker.) 

8f8. Spring. (After Fred Walker.) 

819. Autumn. (After Fred Walker.) 

820. Fen Farm. (Original etching.) 

Nos. 817-820 lent by Messrs. Thomas 
Agnew & Sons. 

Martyn, Miss Ethel King, London. 

821. Illustrations to Milton’s “ Lycidas." 
May, W. Holmes, London. 

822. The Garden Front, Haddon Kali 

823. Sunrise on the Welsh Coast. 

Menpes, Mortimer, R. P. E., London, 

824. Banquet of the Officers of the Archers 
of St. Adrian. (After F. Hals.) 

825. A Captive Persian.(Original dry point.) 

826. Dorothy. (Original dry point.) 

827. Dry Point. 

Murray, Charles O., London. 

828. Haymakers. 

829. The Patriarch. 

830 The Great Frost of 1891 , on the 
1 hames. 

The Virgin Porch, Oxford. 

Paton, Hugh, Manchester. 

832. A Reef in the Foresail. 

833. A Cheshire Lane. 

834. Highland Pasturage. 

P* Eo London. 

835. A Brittany Castle, 

836. The Piazzetta, Venice (After Rain). 
Piper, Miss Elizabeth, London. 

Chelsea Homes of Carlyle, Ros- 
setti, Turner and George Eliot, 
o' De Cluny, Paris. 

839* Old Chelsea Church. 

840. The Spinning Wheel. 

841. The Cloisters, Bristol Cathedral. 

Pratt, Joseph B., London, 

842. Daniel’s Answer to the King. (After 
Briton Riviere, R. A.) 

843. Trim. (After Sir E. Landseer.) 
84^^^tolen Kisses. (After Briton Riviere, 


Robertson, Arthur, London. 

846. “I Won’t Sit.” (After! G rntmnn'i 

847. The Villa d’Este, Tivoli.’ 

Robertson, Henry Robert, London. 

848. Ulysses Deriding Polyphemus. 

849. An Upland Farm. 

®®his Weary Homeward Plods 

Robertson, Percy, Godaiming. 

851. Winchester. 

859 - 





(After G. F. 



852. A Wet Day, Witley. 

853. But One. ^ 

Robinson, Gerald, Leatherhead. 

854 * ^ueen Henrietta Maria. 

855 - 'I'he Burgomaster. 

856. Earl Spencer, K. G. 

857. Lhe Parson’s Daughter 
gierborn, Charles Wm., London. 

858. Seymour, Haden, Esq. 

Oliver Cromwell. 


Archbishop of Canterburv 
h rame of Book Plates. 

„ Frame of Book Plates. 

Short, Frank, London. 

864. Diana and Endymion. 

Watts, R. A.) 

865. Per Horse Power Per Hour. (Original 

mezzotint.) ^ 


867. A Sussex Down. (After John Constable, 

868. Low Tide and the Evening Star, (Ori?- 

inal etching.) ' ° 

869. Rye Pier. (Original aquatint.) 
Slocombe, Fred., London. 

870. A Yorkshire Lane. 

Going Home. 

A Hunting Morn. 

Wharf edale. 

-, T- The Avon at Salisbury. 

Slocombe, Edward, Watford. 

875. The Matterhorn. 

876. The Grand Place, Antwerp. 

Spread, William, R. P. E., London. 

077* A Street in Bruges, 

878. En Normandie. 

f 79 ' An Old Shop, Vitre, France. 

880. Faubert’s Place, Regent Street, Lon¬ 

Stacpoole, F., London. 

881. "They say the lion and the lizard 
keep the Courts where Jamshyd gloried 

deep.” (After Briton Riviere, 

R. A.) 

882. The Night Watch. (After Briton Ri¬ 
viere, R. A.) 

Sternberg, Frank, Bushey. 

oP’ ^ I^acchante. (After G. F. Watts,R.A.) 

884. Dr. Butler. (After Professor Herk- 
omer, R. A.) 

885. Canon Ellison. (After Professor Herk- 
omer, R. A.) 

oo^‘ (After G. P. Jacorab-Hood.) 

Qoo' ^^po^con. (After Greuze.) 

888. In Fairyland. (After C. E. Halle.) 
Thomas, Percy, London. 

894. The Old Tabard Inn, Southwark- 





great BRITAIN. 


Colors7chalIc, Charcoal, Pastel and Other Drawings. 



Xhe White Hart 

The White nari Aim, . 

LI w. H., R. P- E-. London. 


The Woods in W inter. 

!' Culloden Field. 

Yorkshire Cottages. 

^'°r^h^/r'les T., London, 
riyne Wail; Chelsea 1889. 

!; Upden. Gloucestershire. 

I St. lacques, Lisieux. _ 

St Etienne du Mont, Pans. 

,' Rue Chanoinesse, Pans, 
i' Rue St. Martin, Bay^x. 

J;''ThTlove^Le^^^^^^^^ Luke Fildes, 

i Marquis of Dufferin and Ava. (After 

Sir Herbert Stewart. (After 

:oH*ar?*of’ Yarborough. (After Frank 

f Fa^ewill. (After P. H. Calderon, R. 

^ Sir Edward Watkin, M. P. (After H. 
Herkomer, R. A.) 

GROUP 144. 

Chalk, Charcoal, Pastel and Other 

In Upper Gallery Alcove 123. 

harlton, John, London. 

13, An Impeding Catastrophe. 

[1, A Carriage Accident. 

15. Halt! Charge of Lancers at Military 

16. Ware Wire! 

17. Ludgate Hill; A Slippery Pavement. 

18. A Veterinary Examinatioii. ,, 

ig. “Twixt the Devil and the Deep bea. 

20. Musical Ride of the Seventeenth. 

zn^^Horse Show; Harness Horses Trot- 

22. Equestrians at a Meet of the Coaching 
Club, Hyde Park. 

23. Waiting for the Queen, Rotten Ro . 

24. Ladies Tilting. 

25. Meet of the Devon and Somerset btag- 

hounds. , , /cmafT 

26. Cover for Christmas Number (Sledg¬ 
ing). (Lent by the proprietors ot 

Yane, Walter, London. ..tict’c 

27. The Triumph of Labor. (Artists 

proof of a woodcut.) 


0^°' The Legend of the Goose and Golden 
Eggs. (Lent by W. Prettyman, Edge- 
water, 111.) 

929. 1. Fortune. 

929a. 2. Misfortune. 

Du Maurier, George, London. . 

930. Six Pen and Ink Sketches—Originals 
of Cuts in “Punch.” 

Gardner, W. Biscombe, Haslemere. 

931. Palace of Fontainebleau. 

Granby, The Marchioness of, London. 

932. The Lady Susan Keppel. 

933. The Speaker of the House of Com 


Hare, St. George, London. 

934. Captives. 

Keene, Charles (the late). 

935. Polo for the People. 

936. Round the Studios. 

937. Impracticable. 

93^ The Haunted Room. 

939. Wages. 

940. A Hungry Claimant. 

941. The Pictures. 

942. Reprisals. 

943. Overpressure. 

044. The Last Resource. 

945. Little Wife. 

946. Art. 

947. Directions. 

948. Bon Chienie. 

949. Irresistible. 

950. Oppression. 

952* Our V mage Industrial Competition. 

S: MeW (Lent by Harry 

Keene, Esq.) , t j 

^^“Henry VlII.” (Lent by Messrs. Cassell 

°r6“4^ ktard GrTvIlle in the "Revenge." 
Vsfnkme the ship, Master Gunner, 
Sink her, split her in twain, , 

Let us now fall into the hands of God, 
Not into the hands of Spain^ 

Five Illustrations to In a c.oni g 

, 5 j°"fhe Shannon Disabled Returning 
Wounded Captain in the Conning 

J.°'''n.e "Majestic" Ramming the Enemy’s 




Paintings in Water Colors, Architecture. 

■ Exhibit 

Stacey, Walter S., London, 

962. In Greek Waters. (Lent by Messrs. 
Blackie & Son.) 

963. Drawings for the “Strand Magazine. 
(Lent by Geo. Newnes, Esq., M. P.) 

Stott, William, of Oldham, London. 

964. Portrait of a Child. 

965- The Eiger. 

966. The Jungfrau. 

Swan, John M., London. 

967. Tigress Drinking. 

^8. Puma (female). 

969. Lioness Walking. 

970. Indian Leopards. 

971. Polar Bear. 

972. Lioness Walking. 

Tenniel, John, London. 

973. A Waiting Game. 

974. The Queen of the May. 

975. Innings Closed. 

976. When Greek Meets Greek. 

977. The Political “Johnny Gilpin” — The 

978. The Political “Johnny Gilpin”—The 

979. “William the Wheelman.” 

980. “Will They Work.” 


982. The White Elephant. 

Weguelin, J. R., London. 

983- Illustrations to Anacreon. 

984. Illustrations to Catullus. 

Nos. 983 , 984 lent by Messrs. Laur¬ 
ence & Bullen. 

Wright, Miss E. (See 509 .) 


In Upper Gallery Alcoves 123 and 124 . 

Adams, Maurice B., F. R. I. B. A., London, 
Glen Ridge, New Jersey, U. S. A. 

986. Bungalow, Nine-Mile Ride, Berks, 

987. Mausoleum, near Sydney,Australia,in 
Memory of the Hon. John Frazer. 

Aitchison, Prof. George, A. R. A., London. 

988. Royal Exchange Assurance, 29 Pall 
Mall, S. W. 

989. The Arab Hall. (Lent by Sir F. 
Leighton, Bart., P. R. A.) 

990. Drawing Room. (Lent by Sir Wilfrid 
Lawson, Bart., M. P.) 

991. Small Drawing Room. (Lent by Sir 
Wilfrid Lawson, Bart., M. P.) 

992. Ceiling. (Lent by Sir Sydney Water- 
low, Bart., M. P.) 



993. Drawing Room. (Lent by Eti.t 

Smith, Esq., M. P.) ^ 

994. The Hall. (Lent by the Rieht 

Lord Leconfield.) ^'gnt Hon, 

995. New Drawing Room, London 
Anderson, R.Rowand, LL. D., Edinburi/i. 

997. Catholic Apostolic Church Erlm 

998. Dumblane Cathedral. 

999. Govan Parish Church. 

1000. Central Station Hotel, Glasgow 

1001. Scottish National Portrait GallPr,, 

Edinburgh. •’ 

1002. St. Paul’s Church, Greenock. 
Ashlin, George C., R.H.A., Dublin. 

X003. Exterior View of St. Colman’s Catlie 

dral, Queenstown. 

1004. Interior View of St. Colman’s Cathe 

1005. Exterior View of the O’Connell Mem¬ 
orial Church, Caherciveen, County Kerry 

1006. Interior View of the O’Connell Mem¬ 
orial Church. 

Aston-Webb and E. Ingress Bell, London 

1007. Victoria Courts, Birmingham. 

1008. Metropolitan Life Assurance So¬ 
ciety’s Offices. 

1009. Completion of South Kensington Mu¬ 

1010. Peverey, Shropshire. 

Belcher, John, London. 

1011. Design for South Kensington Mu¬ 
seum, Exterior View. 

1012. Design for South Kensington Mu¬ 
seum, Interior View. 

Binyon, Brightwen, Ipswich. 

1013. Sunderland Town Hall, View of the 

Blomfield, Reginald, M. A., London. 

1014. Drawing of 20 James Street, S. W. 

1015. House and Grounds at Brockenhurst, 

1016. Proposed English Church at Berne. 

Brooks, Jarnes, V. P. R. I. B. A., London. 

1017. Interior Looking East, Liverpool Ca¬ 

1018. West Exterior View, Liverpool Ca¬ 

1019. Southeast Exterior View, St. Mary's, 

1020. Extension Northeast view, St. Mary’s, 

1021. Southwest View, Holy Innocents', 

1022. Mansions, Ruede Bord, Cape Town. 

Campbell, Douglas and Morrison, Glasgow. 

1023. Carnegie Free Library, Ayr,Scotland, 

great BRITAIN. 




i®'g^‘jSln^he^^vangelist. Stanstead, 
'It.^'sepSchre’s. Holborn, Design for 

^"^^^Adelphi Bank New Buildings, Castle 

Street, Liverpool. 

Design for Bronze Doors. 

Ciafflpneys, Basil, London. 

- Harrow School. 

,„2o‘ Mansfield College. Oxford. 

“Moxley," Holrabury, near Dorking, 

Mary Star-of-the-Sea Church, 


■larke T. Chatfield, & Son, Loridon. 

jM New Buildings on the Duke of \V est- 
Snster’s estate. South Audley, London. 

,33. Block of New Buildings on the Duke 

of Westminster’s Estate, Nos. 38o to 397 

Oxford Street, London. • CoV,r>nl 

The New Bishopsgate Girls School 
Ind Chapel.recently built in Spital Square, 
Bishopsgate Street. 

utler, Thomas W.. F. R. I. B. A., London. 

135. Sculpture Gallery, Avmy Hil . 
i Billiard Room. Avery Hill 
n. Renaissance Gallery, Averv Hill, 
i Picture Gallery, Avery Hi . 

0. Drawing Room, Avery Hill. 

40 . Staircase, Avery Hill. 

I Turkish Bath Room Avery Hill. 

42. A Country House. 

145. A Corridor. _ 

A Card and Billiard Room. 

,Le Sir Thomas N. & Son, Dublin. . 

345, Elevation of Design for the Imperial 

Institute. ^ , j 

... Q Txr 17 o A, F, R, I« B.A. j London. 

046.’ Constitutional Club, Northumberland 

lOA^'^Tunior Constitutional Club Piccadilly. 
[048 Convalescent Home and Hospital. 
Prnp«;t George, & Peto, London. 

Lg. Collingham Gardens Houses. S. W. 
loso. East Hill, Ramsgate. . 
loa 47 Berkeley Square, Interior. 
io« Shiplake on Thames, Interior of Hall, 
loi*. Shiplake on Thames,Exterior of Hall. 

io55.''"sf'Matthew’s Church. Blackburn, 

wsfif^'s^'^Paurs Church, Oswaldtwistle, 

i057!"''sf’’’Luke’5 Church, Winnington. 

Luke’s Church, Winnington, 


1058. St. 

Godard, Paget, & Goddard, Leicester, 
losg. An Architect’s Home. . 

1060. Houses, Regent Street, Leiceste . 

Gribble, Herbert A., A. R. I. B. A. 

1061. Interior of the Oratory Church, 

of St. Philip Neri, the Oratory, 

H^n'^^^an^John, & ^eppie, Glasgow. 
io^^ 4 . ^ Premiated Design for Glasgow Art 
Galleries. Perspective View .. . 

1065. Design for Glasgow Art Galleries, 
Part of Elevation to Large Scale. 

Hnrslev Gerald C., London. 

1066. Design for a Country Museum and 


1067. A Small Country House. 

1068. New Organ, Bottesford. 

Jackson, Thomas G., A. R. A., London. 
1060. New Front of Brasenose College, in 

the High Street of Oxford. , 

1070. New Campanile for the Cathedral o 

Zara, in Dalmatia. ^ T^v,r,’c 

1071. New Tower and Spire for St. John s 

Church, Wimbledon. ; , 

1072. The New Examination Schools ana 
Buildings for Non-Collegiate Students in 
the High Street of Oxford. 

1073. Decorated Case of a Grand Piano- 

Leiper, William, F. R. I. B. A., A. R. S. A., 

1074. A Scotch Mansion. 

Neale, James, F. S. A., F. R. L B. 

A., London. ^ ^ u 

1075. Reredos and Altar.St.Peter s Church, 

Bushey Heath. 

1076. Frognal Gardens, Hampstead. 

1077 St. Alban’s Abbey, Herts. 

1078. New Residences, Tunbridge Wells, 


Nevill, Ralph, F. S. A., Lond^. 

1070 . Snowdenham, Surrey. Two views. 
iSo. Snowdenham, Surrey, Interior- of 
Hall and Stairs. 

1081. Lodge and Cottages, W arley. 

1082. Cottage Block. 

1083. House in Dartmoor. 

:oS”*rhe No^h TrlnlepTot w1smiu« 

as Now Restored. 

f„^'°’’iro;sEiect-elAemofyo 7 &^ 
John Wichcord. 






1087. Exterior of the People’s Palace at 
the East End of London. 

1088. Interior of the Library and Reading 
Room of the People’s Palace. 

1089. Interior of the Queen’s Hall of the 
People’s Palace. 

1090. Clock Tower at the People’s Palace. 

1091. View of the Royal Institute of Paint¬ 
ers in Water Colors, Pi xadilly, London. 

Scott, J. Oldiid, F. S. A., F. R. I. B. 
A., London. 

1092 Design tor the New Tovvn Hall at 
Hamburg by the late Sir G. G. Scott 
and Mr. J. Oldrid Scott. 

*093. Design for the New Town Hall at 

1094. Lahcae Cathedral. 

1095. Tower and Spire, Stoke Newington. 

10^. Gla',gow University, Central Tower. 

1097. Falkland Island Cavhedral. 

1098. Sunningdale Parish Church. 

1099. St. Paul’s, Manchester. 

1100. Organ, Halifax Parish Church. 

Simpson, Fred. M., London. 

1101. Staircase. 

Spiers, R. Phene, London. 

1102. No. 7 Chelsea Embankment. 

1103. Mansion at Impney, in Worcester 
Built in association with E. Tronquois, 
of Paris. 

Stevenson, John J., London. 

1104. Kensington Court. 

1105. St. Leonard’s Church, Perth, 

1106. Kenhill, Norfolk. 

Stokes, Leonard, London. 

U07. Corpus Christ! Priory Church, Man¬ 
chester, Exterior. 

tio8. Corpus Christi Priory Church, Man¬ 
chester, Interior. 


1109. New Church, Folkstone. 

1110. Broxwood Court, Hereford. 

1111. St. Clare s Church, Liverpool 
Street, Arthur E., London. 

1112. Frame of Designs. 

Street, G. E., R. A. (^*^ceased). 

1113. Kingstone Church, Dorset 

1114. Northwest Porch, Bristol Cathedr;,! 

1115. North Aisle, Bristol Cathedral '' 

Tree, Philip Henry, F. R. 1 . B. A. Leon 
ard’s-On-Sea. ’ 

1116. Church Schools and Parsonage 

1117. Estate Cottages at Lunsford, 'Near 
St. Leonard s-on-Sea. 

1118. Highland Mansions—Entrance Front 

1119. Highland Mansions — The Garden 

Front. ’ 

1120. House and Offices at Battle, Sussex 

1121. Proposed New Workhouse, Hastings 

1122. New Wesleyan Church,St. Leonard’s 
Waterhouse, Alfred, R. A., London. 

1123. Natural History Museum,South Ken¬ 

1124. National Liberal Club, Thames Em¬ 

Watson, T. L., F. R, I. B, A., Glasgow, 

1125. Offices of the Glasgow Evening Citi- ■ 
zen Newspaper, 

1126. Royal Clyde Yacht Club, Hunter’s 

1127. Design for Glasgow Municipal Build¬ 

Webb, George W., Reading. 

1128. The “Roebuck”Hotel on the Thames, 

1129. Memorial Fountain, Reading. 

Young, William, London. 

1130. Gosford House, N. B. 


Royal Commissioner of Tine Arts, 

li. W. nnSDAG, 

The Hague, Holland. 

Acting Royal Commissioner of Tine Arts. 


816 Pullman Building. 

General Manager of the Holland Art Exhibit. 


17 Cast Forty-Third Street, 

re„ara,n„ exa.Its ror ^ 

Of the Holland Art Exhibit, Mr. A. ' 

to the Holland Section. West Court. 




Paintings in Oil. 

GivOUi 140 . 

Paintings in Oil. 

West Court, Galleries 25-26-27; Alcoves 99- 



Abrahams, Miss A., The Hague. 

1. Still-life. 

2. Flowers. 

Apol, Louis, The Hague. 

3. Autumn; Sunset. 

4. Near the Water-mill. 

5. Winter Morning. 

6. Thaw, on the River Ysel. 

Artz, D. A. C., deceased 1890, The Hague. 

7. Girl Knitting 

8. The Pet Lamb. 

10. Idle Hours on the Dunes, 
n. Girl Sleeping on the Dunes. 
Bakhuyzen, Miss G. J. van de Sande, 
The Hague. 

12. Plums. 

13. Roses. 

Bakhuyzen, Julius J. van de Sande, The 

14. Summer Morning. 

15. Driving the Cattle Homeward. 

16. Sunset in Drenthe. 

Bastert, N., Amsterdam. 

17. The Fall on the River Vecht. 

18. The Bridge at Nederhorst. 

19. Little Breeze on the Vecht. 

20. The White Sail. 

Berg, Joan, Paris. 

21. Spring. 

Bilders van Bosse, Mrs. M., The Hague. 

22. Littlewood Near Oosterbeek. 
Bisschop-Swift, Mrs. K., Scheveningen. 

23. Motherly Cares. 

Blommers, B. J., Scheveningen. 

24. At Breakfast. 

25. Washing Day. 

26. On the Beach. 

27. Fishing for Shrimps at Scheveningen, 
Bock, Theophile de. The Hague. 

28. Rising Moon. 

29. Beech Trees. 

30. Summer Evening. 

; Exhibit 

j No. 

j Boks, E. J., Antwerp. 

31. Surprised, 

Bosboom, J. dec’d 1891 , The Hague. 

32. Dutch Reformed Church, Haarlem 

33. Synagogue, Amsterdam. 

Breitner, G. H., Amsterdam. 

34. Dutch Artillery. 

35. Dutch Cavalry. 

Calissendorf, A., Ryswyk. 

36. In the Alms House at Ryswyk. 

37. Lawn-tennis, 

Cate, S. J. ten, Paris. 

38. Night Scene at Havre. 

39. The Thames, Floodtide. 

40. The Thames, Lowtide. 

41. Dutch Landscape. 

Chattel, Fred J, du. The Hague. 

42. The Lake in the Wood. 

43. On the River (Vecht). 

44. A Bright Day. 

Dommershuizen, Chr., The Hague. 

45. The Maas near Rotterdam. 
Eerelman,0., The Hague. 

46. Horse Fair at Rotterdam. 

47. Winter in Holland. 

48. St. Bernard Dog. 

Essen, Jan Van, Scherpenzeel. 

49. Going Homeward. 

50. A Dutch Farmhouse. 

Flier, H. F. vander, Baarn. 

51. Flock of Sheep ; Afternoon. 
Frankfort, Ed,, Amsterdam. 

52. Writing of Divorce. 

Gabrel, P. J. C.,Scheveningen. 

53. Windmills at the Moerdyk (Holland). 

54. The Harvest near Utrecht. 

55- A Corner in the Village, Veenendaal. 
56. A Windmill in the Lowlands. 

Haas, J. H. L. de, Brussels. 

57* Landscape with Cattle. 

58. Donkeys on the Shore (Picardy). 

59- Cows on the Dunes. 

60. Cows Resting. 

61. Cows Resting. 

Haaxman, P., The Hague. 

I 62. Summertime. 

1 63. A Pleasant Correspondence, 



Paintings in Oil. 

^Btck ran Beest, J. E. ran, The 

'S Ae Zuyder Zee. 

SSvoTenTSSty. “ Dorcas.” 

Xhe "Regenten.” 

The Knitting School, 
in the Distillery. 

A Dutch Peasant. 

Jacob, Mrs. A. van, The 


Koses. ^ A ^ 

^,an Papendrecht J. Amsterdam 

Artillery Review at Utrecht, 
jeaholtz, Miss A., Amsterdam. 

On the Heath, 
lels, Jozef, The Hape. 

Alone in the World. 

Fisherwomen at Zandvoort. 

Sweet Home. 

Summer Day on. the Snore. 

Type of a Fisherman. 

;en H. V 7 ., Amsterdam. 

In’the Docks (Amsterdam). 

Canal at Amsterdam. 

Mari ten. The Hague. 

From the Window at Chnstmastide. 
Mz. Johan M. ten. The Hague. 

On the Zuyder Zee, Isle of Marken. 
Sailing Out. 

a, J. S. H., Amsterdam. 

In the Garden. 

A Little Greedy-Gut. 
kenberg, K., Amsterdam. 

Canal at Amsterdam (Sunset), 
Drawbridge at Amsterdam. 

An Old Tower at Amsterdam. 

Canal at Alkmaar. 

rel, M. vander. The Hague. 

A Flower Woman from Haarlem. 

A Cook. 

, D. de la, Amsterdam. 

Peasant Girl. 

In July. 

!s, Jacob, The Hague. 

The Two Mills. 

Between the Hague and Delft 
Dordrecht, Sun Effect. 

Fishing Shells. 

Canal at Rotterdam, 
s, William, Voorburg. 

Under the Willows. 

Milking Time. 

Cow and Calf. 

Dutch Pasture. 

Duck Pond. 



Martens, W. J., Berlin. 

104. The original of “Love’s Dream. 

Martens, Willy, the Hague. 

105. A Cosy Corner. 

106. At the Well. 

107. Housework. 

Mauve, Anton (1888), Laren. 

108. Woodcarts on the Heath. 

109. Cows Going Home. 

no. Pasture Near the Dunes. 

111. Ploughing the Fields (Drenthe). 
Melis, H. J.,Clarlois, near Rotterdam. 

112. Neighborhood of Rotterdam. 

113. Washing Day. 

Mesdag, H. W., The Hague. 

114. At Anchor. 

115. Morning on the Shore at Schevenmgen. 

116. Ready to Sail Out. 

117. Summer Morning at Schevenmgen. 

Me'sdag vanHmlten, Mrs. S., The Hague. 

119. Still Life. 

120. Moonlight on the Heath. 

S; On'thfkeath (Evening Efiect). 
Mesdag, Kz. T., Schevenmgen. 

123: Water Mill at Ruurlo (Gelderland). 
124! View on The Hague from Scheven- 


I2<^. In the Dunes. 

126. Sheepcot at Loenen (Gelderland). 
Mesdag van Calcar, Mrs. G., Schevemn 

i2f.^”The Village Road (Vries, Drenthe). 

7c>r Street at Hattem. 

Meulan, F P. ter, The Hague. 

129. A Sandy Road 

130. At the River Side. 

131. Winter. 

Moes, Miss Wally, Amsterdam. 

132. Praying Together. 

Muller, Gerard, Amsterdam. 

133. Disappointed. 

134. Afternoon Tea. 

Nakken, W. C., The Hague. 

135. Farmhouse in Limburg. 

Farmhouse m Welsden. 

Neuhuys, Albert, The Hague. 

T-jt? A Sober Meal. 

The Mother’s DehgM. 

Dutchwoman andpdd. 

Can I Have It, Mother? 

Rocking the Cradle. 


Offermans, T., 

144. The Village Carpenter- 








Paintings in Oil and Water Colors. 



Oppenoorth, W., The Hague. 

145. The Pond in the Wood of The Hague. 

146. A Mill in the Swamp. 

Poggenbeek, George, Amsterdam. 

147. Between Two Dikes. 

148. Sunset. 

149. In the Meadows of Holland. 

150. Near the River. 

Roelofs, W., The Hague. 

151. Mills near Rotterdam. 

152. A Dutch Canal. 

153. Pasture Grounds near the Dunes. 
Ronner, Mrs. Henriette, Brussels. 

154. Coquetry. 

155. Mischief. 

156. In Confidence. 

Roosenboom, Mrs. Marguerite, Voorburg. 

157. A Garland of Roses (upright). 

158. A Garland of Roses (oblong). 

Sadee, Ph., The Hague. 

159* On the Beach at Scheveningen. 

160. Shrimp Fishing at Scheveningen. 
Schwartze, Miss Ther^se, Amsterdam. 

161. The Orphan Girls at Amsterdam. 

162. Portrait of My Mother. 

163. Portrait of Myself. 

Tholen, W. B., The Hague. 

164. Through the Woods. 

165. Skating. 

166. Autumn. 

Valkenburg, H., Amsterdam. 

167. Will You Give Me a Flower? 

168. Pleasant Gatherings. 

Veder, Hendrik, Rotterdam. 

169. View at the Harbor of Flushing. 
Verveer, Elchanon, The Hague. 

170. Here They Are. 

171. Expecting the Return of the Boats. 

172. Gazing into the Horizon. 

Veth, Bas, Dordrecht. 

173* On the River in December. 

Vogel, J. G., Voorburg. 

174* In the Cornfields (Drenthe). 

Vos, Hubert, London. 






175 - Portrait of H, M. Wilhelmina Oueeii 
the Netherlands. 

A Room in a Brussels Almshouse. 
Pauvres Gens. (Poor People). 

The Angelas on the Zuyderzee. 

A Breton Interior. 

,, . of a Russian Peasant. 

Vrolyk, Jan, The Hague. 

181. Evening near the Farmhouse. 

182. Cow Resting. 

Jm der, The Hague. 

183. Ploughing (Summer). 

Ploughing (Spring). 

Weissenbruch, J. Hendrik, The Hague. 
185. Village Interior. 


^ysmuller, J. H., Amsterdam. 

186. A Dutch Town. 

Ill' (Monnikendaml 

188. Winter Evening (Amsterdamr 
i88a. Scene m Amsterdam. ‘ 
Zilcken, Ph., The Hague. 

189. Golden Leaves. 

Zwart, W. de. The Hague. 

190. P'ather’s Darling. 

191. A Village Corner. 

GROUP 141. 

Paintings in Water Colors. 

Apol, Louis, The Hague. 

196. Winter Night. 

197. A Snowy Road. 

^^‘^^^sed, 1890, TheHamt 
19b. A r isherwoman. ' 

199. Sorrow. 

200. Sorrow (first sketch). 
Bakhuyzen, Miss G. J. van de Sande Thi 

Hague. ’ 

201. White Roses. 

Bastert, N., Amsterdam. 

202. Near the P'arm. 

203. Winter. 

Bilders van-Bosse, Mrs. M., The Hague. 

204. Under the Beeches. 

205. An Alley of Beech Trees. 
Blommers, B. J., Scheveningen. 

206. The f'rugal Meal. 

207. Mother’s Darling. 

Bock, Theophile de. The Hague. 

208. Alill and River. 

209. Landscape. 

Borselen, J. W. van., deceased 1892, The 

210. L)utch Landscape. 

211. A Nook of the Farm. 

Bosboom, J., deceased 1891, The Hague 

212. Church Interior. 

213. P'arm Interior. 

214. Landscape in the Dunes. 

Cate, S. J., ten, Paris. 

215. La Rue de la Chapelle, Paris. 

216. Eight different Views of Paris. 

217. Six Different Views of Paris. 

218. Summer Evening (Finistere). 
Chattel, Fred J. du, The Hague. 

219. Autumn Evening. 

220. The Fisherman’s Home. 

Donders Grandmont, Mrs. Hubrecht, Taoi 

mina, Sicily. 

221. A Tired Nurse. 

222. Worn Out. (Crayon). 

Eerelman, O., The Hague. 

223. Little Pugs. 



Paintings in Water Colors. 


/urip! P T. C., Scheveningen. 

The White House near Deventer. 

2 ' A Dutch Mill. 

Henkes, Gerke, Voorburg. 

L A Confidence. 

227 . Blacksmith Shop. 

§ View of Delft’s Haven. 

Hoeven, Miss C. Pruys van der, The 

Hagrue. , 

220 An Interesting Novel. 

Saels, Jozef, The Hague. 

220. Motherly Cares, 
llcob, Mrs. A. Hogendorp, The Hague 

231. Chrysanthemum. 

losselin de Jong, P. de, The Hogue. 

232. Autumn. 

233. Sand Barg^ 

Kate, Mari ten. The Hague. 

2^l. A Bombardment. 

235. The Chickens, Hue ^ M^ken. 

Kate, Mz. Johan M. ten, The Hague. 

236. The Coffee-Call. 

237. On the Shore. 

Kever, J. S. H., Amsterdam,. 

238. The Little Sister. 

220. The Old Gardener. 

240. The Young Gardener. 

Klinkenberg, K., Amsterdam. 

241. Canal at Amsterdam. 

2J2. Canal at The Hague. 

243. The Last Autumn Leaves on The 
Anrient Bulwarks of Haarlem. 

244. Bridge on The Maas at Maastricht. 
Slarel, M. van der. The Hague. 

245. On the Altar. 

Maris, Jacobj The Hague. 

246. The Old Nurse. 

Maris, Williain, Voorburg. 

247. Young Pigs. 

Metis Charlois, near Rotterdam. 

249. Grandmother and Granddaughter. 

MesdS'^H.^ w!rThe Hague. 

S; On^he ^Sach at Scheveningen, Twi- 

253. ^ On the Dutch Coast. Hap-ue 

.Mesdag van Houten, Mrs. S., The Hague. 

254. Moonlight. 

255. Heath. 

MtsdS'Kz.f T., Scheveningen. 

Ill Mi\rat«e(N^^^^^ 

Mesdag van Calcar, Mrs.G., Scheveningen 
250 . Violets. 



Meulen, F. P. ter, The Hague. 

260. Sheep Grazing. 

261. In the Snow. 

Moes, Miss Wally, Amsterdam. 

262. In a Village Church. 

263. Just Awakened. 

Nakken, W. C.. The Hague. 

264. Farmhouse in Limburg. 

265. Farmnouse in Zuyd-Holland. 
Neuhuys, Albert, The Hague. 

266. 'The Mother and Her Children. 

Offermans, T., Laren. 

267. On the Threshold. 

268. In the Hothouse. 

Oppenoorth, W., The Hague. 

269. Cut Trees. 

270. Dutch Pasture Ground. 

Poggenbeek, Geo., Amsterdani. 

271. The Duck Pool. 

Rochussen, C., Rotterdam. 

272. Before the Races. 

Roelofs, W., The Hague. 

273. Mill at Abcoude (Hollapd). 

274 Water Gulls in the Swamps (Hollana). 
Roelofs, W., Jr., The Hague. 

275. Still-life. _ 

Roosenboom,Mrs. Marguerite, Voorburg. 

276. A Branch of Roses. 

277. Iris. 

278. Helianthus. 

Saded, Ph., The Hague. 

279. After the Storm. 

Schutz, W. J., Middelburg. 

280. Low Tide on the Westerschelde. 
Stortenbeker, P., The Hague. 

281. Under the Trees. 

282. Milking-time. 

Valkenburg, H., Amsterdam. 

283. Mother and Child. 

284. Neighbors. 

285. Woman Reading. 

Veder, Hendrik, Rotterdam. 

View of the Maas. ^ . 

^7 View of the Old Harbor of Flushing. 
Verveer, Elchanon, The Hague. 

288. To the Market. 

289. Happy Family, 

Veth, Bas, Dordrecht. 

290 . Discharging a Steamer. 

291. River Scene in December. 

Voerman, J., Hattem. 

292. Still-life. 

293. Violets. 

Vos, Hubert, London. 

293a. Home-Rulers. (Pastel). 

Vrolyk, Jan, The Hague. 

294. Cow-herders. 

295. Cow House. 




Paintings in Water Colors, Engravings and Etchings, Prints. 



Weele, H. J. van der. The Hague. 

296. Sand Cart. 

297. In the Snow, 

Weissenbruch, J. Hendrik, The Hague. 

299. Landscape (Holland). 

300. A Sunny Day (Holland). 

301. A Young Artist. 

302. At the Dutch Coast. 

Wysrauller, J. H,, Amsterdam. 

303. Saw-mills at Amsterdam, 

304. A Dutch Landscape. 

GROUP 143. 

Engravings and Etchings, Prints. 

Croiset van der Kop, Miss J., The Hague. 

313. Two Still-lifes in one frame, 

314. Two after H.W. Mesdag in one frame. 

315. Japanese Bronzes. 

316. Two Figures and Boats at Scheven- 
ingen in one frame. 

316a. Two Studies of a Boy. 

Dake, Prof. C, L., Amsterdam. 

317* Portrait of H. M. the Queen of 

318. Portrait of Ludwig van Beethoven. 
Houten, Miss B. E. van, The Hague. 

319. After Jules Dupre. 

320. After Eugfene Delacroix. 

321. After J. F. Millet. 

322. After Blommers. 

323. Study of Birds. 

324. Six etchings in one frame. 

325. Three etchings in one frame. 

326. Four etchings in one frame. 

Koster, A. L., Haarlem. 

327. Ten original etchings (artist’ sproofs) 
picturesque views along the canal from 
The Hague to Delft. 

328. Etching after the picture of- Beguin, 
“The Quarry” in the museum “Maurits- 
huis”, at The Hague. (Artist’s proof.) 



Storm van Gravesande. C. N. 

329. Boats on the Meuse. ’ ’’ 

330, Breakwater. 

331- The Pier. 

332. Flushing, 

333 - Pke Meuse off Dordrecht. 

334. A Dead Calm. 


Weele, H. J. van der. The Hague 

335. A Sandy Road, after A. Manver din 
published; plate for sale.) 

Zilcken, Ph., The Hague. 

336. The Bridge, (After J. Maris) 

337 - J.L. Motley. (After C. Bisschop ) 
338. Evening. (After H. W. Mesdag) 
339 - Pnmavera. (After M. Maris.) ' 
Zwart, W. de, The Hague. 

340. Eight Etchings in one frame. 
a Landscape. 

b Landscape. 
c Figure. 
d Landscape. 
e Figure, 
f Workmen. 

^ Man and Boat. 
h Mill. 

341. Four Etchings in one frame. 

/ Landscape (Drenthe), 

k Landscape. 

I Landscape. 

7 n Near The Hague. 

342. Seven Etchings in one frame. 
n Landscape. 

0 Rotterdam. 

P Farmhouse. 
q Child. 

r Milking Time. 

^ Landscape. 
t Street. 

343. Three Etchings in one frame. 

7 i Digging Sand. 

V Canal at The Hague 
w Barn. 


Examiner of Art Works. 


5503 Cornell Avenue. 

Officer in Charge of Exhibits. 


. repard.„. e.htdit. for s.^e aPO.y to rtr. S. CHOYO. 

in Gallery 24 . West Court. 







Sculpture, Paintings. 

GROUPS and 145. 
Sculpture aiid Modern Carving. 



Asahi Gyokza-. 

1 . A skull- \ivory.) 

Asalii (Okioka) Eizo. 

2 . Ikkyu — a Japanese Great Thinker. 

Asahi Meido (Hats.) 

3 . A Japanese Boy with a dove and a cat. 

Fujita Bunzo. 

4 . Temptation. (Plaster.) 

5 . Victory. (Plaster.) 

Ishikawa Mitsuaki. 

6. Sekiza Kannon. (Wood.) 

6a. Kannon (Ivory.) 

Mrakami JetsudO. 

6b. Nitta yoshisada, a royalist. 

Nishimra Biun. 

7 . Hana Kannon. 

Okazaki Sessei. 

8. An Eagle. (Bronze.) 

9 . Kongoriki. (Bronze.) 

10 . A pair of Dragons,in clouds over water. 

11 . Benten. (Bronze.) 

Otake Norikni. 

12 . A Rooster with long tail on plum tree; 
hen with chickens below. (Bronze.) 

Shimamra Shumraei. 

13 Kamatari, a Japanese warrior. (Ivory.) 
Suzki Chokichi, Artist. 

14 . An Eagle. (Bronze.) 

15 . A set of Twelve Falcons. (Bronze.) 
Hayaski Jadamasa, exhibitor. 

Groups of Turtles; Nishio Kisabro. 
Takamra Koun. 

16 . An Old Monkey with feathers of an 
eagle. (Cherry wood.) 

Takenouchi Kyuichi. 

17 . Gigeiten — a Buddhist mythological 
being. (Wood; colored.) 

18 . Yuima, a philosopher. (Wood.) 



18 a. Shoki—devil driver. (Wood.) 
Yamada Kisai. 

19 . Heichi Monogatari—a military proces¬ 
sion of the olden time. (Wood.) 

20 . A Wrestler. (Wood.) 

GROUPS 140 and 141. 

Aeaki Kampo. 

21 . Rooster and hen among banana plants 
by the water side. 

Asae Ryukyo. 

22 . Peacock on cherry tree. 

Fujii Gyoksho. 

23 . Bird and Flowers. 

Hada Gesshu. ^ 

24 . Kinkakji—a temple. 

Hara Ryutaro. 

25 . Falcon on pine. 

Hasegawa Gyokjun. 

26 . Kinkakji—a temple. 

Hashimoto Gaho. 

27 . Landscape. 

Hashimoto Chikanob. 

28 . Customs (Beauties) in the Tokgawc 

Ikeda Keisen. 

29 . A group of Ducks. 

Ikeda Shinsai. 

30 . Kawanakajima Battle. 

Imao Keinen. 

31 . A group of Carps. 

32 . Monkey fleeing from an Eagle. 
Kael-Yama Toksabro. 

33 . Hakkok—Rice, wheat peas, etc. 
Kano Tomonob. 

34 . Heichi Battle. 

Kawabata Gyoksho. 

35 . A Toy Seller. 

Kawabe Mitate. 

36 . A battle of Nan-Bok (south and north 




fgwp of "‘‘c"® 

■ etc. 


^Jfbetween kite and crow. 


;i landscape. 

SSomnal landscape. (Historical.) 

f;Sjapanese teacher,Shotck-tashi. 

a rabbit. 

je GokyO. 


izki Gyoksen. 

•isb in Hotzgawa. 

:awa Sobun. 
i group of Stags 

fwat'ching for his prey from fir 

nese Pheasants. 

ks. , 1 ■ 

rry flowers and birds. 

orotno—a classical dance. 

limn Flowers in Moonlight. 
waKosho. . 
j Field and Rising bun. 

^top^of Fujisan above cloud. (Clois- 
vithout wire.) 


roup of Carps. 



No. , . ,, , 

J“‘Fherry-Frwer Picnic in the Mid.lle 

Tasaki Sakan. , 

56 . The top of Fjisan above cioud. 

Tsulzawa Tanshin. i„rlvi 

57 . Oshokun (a Chinese court lady). 

Ujii Yajiro. 

58. A group of Carps. 

Siizki Kason. 

59 . Scene at Nikko. 

60 . Scene at Nikko. 

61 . Scene at Nikko. 

62 *. Scene at Nikko. 

63 *. Scene at Nikko. 

64 . Scene at Nikko. 

Watanabe Seitei. 

65 . Roosters on a cart. 

Yamamoto Shunkyo. 

66 A Snow Scene. 

j7“"‘Stuchiyo-a battle scene. 

cape. . , , , 

Iscape — Rice fields, etc. 

^ko. , 

itival of Sanno, at Yedo. 

j Scenery. 
,nd Flowers. 


‘aichi (Shunrin). 

:k on pomegranate tree* 

Paintings in Oil. 

Ando Chutaro ‘tfaprs 

68 . Cherry-Flowers Sight beers. 

69 *. A temple. 

Kobayashi Mango. 

70 . A Shiba Temple. 

OROUP 143. 


fl“fe^“co!‘ored prints from wood-cuts in 

, 4 :''xylorap|^ 

75 . Xylographical boards. 

aechitectukal models. 

Isogaya RisOji- s^izuoka. 

76 . Sengen Palace 
Niwa Keiske. 

77 . Yasaka Pagoda. 

Tanaka Soyu- ^ Nishi-Honganji (tem- 

78 Higrashi Cate oi 
■pie) Kyoto. 

S®koSo'(Gotden Hall) Tennoji Temple, 


Kawade ShibatarO^ fortune) with a child. 
79 a. Hotel (a goO oi 

Kawagchi with birds, etc. 

79b, A small mcensv 



Works of Decorative Art. 



Namikawa Soske. 

(See No. 44 .) 

79 a. Chicken. 

Namikawa Yasuyuki. 

80 . A Pair of Vases. 

Suzki ShirOzaimon. 

81 . Three large vases. 

Pottery, Porcelain, etc. 

Higchi Halzane, 

81 a. A flower vase. 

Ito Tozan (See 192 - 291 ). 

Exhibited by Hayashi Tadamasa. 

Kato Tomataro. 

82 . Vase—landscape. 

Miyagawa Kozan. 

83 . Vase—Dragons in waves. 

84 . A Pair of Vases—groups of various 
kinds of pottery, porcelain, etc. 

85 . Peach blow vase—Flying Dragon. 

86. Peach blow vase—Crawling Dragon. 

87 . A pair of vases—Dragon in waves. 

88 — 187 . A private collection of 100 pieces, 
exhibited by Hayashi Tadamasa. 

188 . A Pair of Vases. 

189 . Vase—with plum blossoms. 

Taizan Yohei. 

191 . V'ase—Chrysanthemums. 

Takemoto Hayato. 

191 a. A vase—brownish striped. 

191 b. A vase—polychromatic. 

192 - 291 . A. collection of 150 pieces, exhibited 
by Namikawa Soske. 


291 a. A pair of flower vases. 

291 b. Incenser. 

Seihu Yohei. 

292 . Celadon vase. 

293 . Vase—white, with tree peony. 

Watano Kichiji. 

294 . A pair of vases—hydrangea. 

295 . A censer with peacock top—landscape. 

Lacquer Work. 

Asano Sozabro. 

296 . Lacquered box decorated with round 
fans on black grounds. 

Igarashi Tajiro. 

297 . Table. [ Exhibitor, Hirasawa 

298 . Writing case. ) Kisabro. 

299 . Ryoshi-Suzri —box and writing case. 
Exhibitor, Yokoyawa Ryuhei. 

300 . Gold lacquer box—Kakgatar (Ryoshi- 

Ikeda Taishin. 

301 . Enoshima Scenery. (Panel.) 
Kawanobe Itcho. 

302 . Gold lacquer box, double—Flowers. 



Matsuoka Kichihei. 

303. Small box- Noshimegata. 

304 . Writing case. 

305 . Writing case. 

Morimra Itchitaro. 

306 . Lacquered cabinet. 

Morishita Morihachi. 

307. Box, decorated with butterflies etc 

308 . Box, decorated fans on black g-rmiti,!. 
308 a. A small box, lacquered. 

308 b. A small rectangular box. 

Nihon Makie Gaisha. 

309 . Cake box. 

310 . Cake box. 

311 . Writing case. 

Sawada Jiro. 

312 . Double box, lacquered with chrvsan 

Embroideries, Textile Fabrics and Vel¬ 

lida Shinhichi. 

313 . Wall hanging of cut velvet—Boudoi 

314 . Wall screen, embroidered, birds aUt 

315 . Ranzan Rapids; (Panel.) 

Kawashima Jimbei. 

316 . Wall hanging (Kawashima Tsuzre)- 
Flower Basket. 

317 . Wall hanging (Kawashima Tsuzre)- 
Nikko festival procession. 

Moriyama Yoshihei. 

318 . Textile Fabric—Flower pattern. 

Nishimra Sozaemon. 

319 . Kioto Higeshiyama scenery —8ij 
leaved screen, decorated with embroider 

320 . Panel of Embroidery—Waterfall, th 
source of Hotsugawa (a river). 

321. Wall hanging (embroidery)— Peacoc 
on pine, 

322 . Four seasons—Six-leaved screen, wit 
embroidered front and Yuzen cut and ur 
cut velvet back. 

323 . The eight sceneries of Omi—Wai 
hanging of Yuzen cut velvet. 

324 . Screen of Yuzen cut velvet—duck 
among reeds, 

Omra Wakichiro. 

325 . A pair of embroidered Curtains-Pea 
cock and chrysanthemums. 

325 a. Cranes -a pair of embroidered screens 

Sasaki Seihichi. 

326 . Gion (a Kyoto temple) Festival—Text 
ile fabric. 

Shiino Shobei. 

327 . Panel of P'mbroidery—landscape 




■Works of Decorative Art. 

I' of Embroidery— landscape, 

of Kmbroidery-a bird on a plum 

r '*Panelof Embroidery—a Ho-o (phcenix) 
tdoua Kiri (Pawlonms) tree. 

GKOll’ 145. 

Metal Work. 

rSFinTsceneiy 'vi* 

,Card receiver. 

S^lXlcherryl and birds-Card re- 


A ^o-dance—Red copper vase. 

rDuc!f"y"Sul< of water-A pair of 

TMonkeys playing with insects. 

f"plaque— Landscape (after Sesshu). 
r?smT.tTeScreen-A landscape on 

)ne side, and moon and bamboo o 

r° Plaque— Herons by the reeds. 



Miyamoto K.ats. 

339 Incense box. 

cSullr tSfcenscr-Ca, pa and rnr- 

tie top. 

IrltxfeS Rakans (Arha.s)~on incense 

tTw'rd (Hiyc) on Nandia in 


342b. Autumn Chrysanineiu 

, box (Stand, lacquered). 

Tsukada Shukyo. rpreiver 

m Herons JaS-Incense 

344. An eag’le on roCK oy 

box. - 

Sr with a dog of Fo-Tablet, m 

■rafi ""ftos llermit-Tablet, in a medallion. 

?ab et-Kanjogak (a classical dance). 
tt?a. Thiee sagesLn card receiver. 

Sr Clre^r^rF^ers (of Yoshino) and Ma¬ 
nic I ^65 (of Tatsuta River)- tor box. 

s|.lfra,TrtisUtsuka Takao exhrbrtor. 

348a. A pair of vases—Court ladies. 
Funakoshi Shummm. 

348b. Peacocks by peony—on box. 


Commissioner General, 


Lexington Hotel. 

Office, 5038 Washington Ave. 

Commissioners for Tine Arts, 


1328 /Michigan Ave. 


1328 /Michigan Ave. 


5038 Washington Ave. 






L0CATI0N~IN upper gallery, alcoves 116-119. 

Sculpture, Paintings in Oil. 

GROUP 139. 



Sturion, Jose Maria, Puebla. 

Bust of Esteban Antunano. 

Bust of Francisco Morales. 

itreras, Jesus, City of Mexico. 

't Bust of the President of the Republic, 
Wral Porflrio Diaz. , 

j, Bust of the Ex-President, Benito 

f Bust of General Felipe Berriozabal. 

[ “The Past.” (A head.) 
terra, Gabriel, City of Mexico. 

I, “A mockery of Cupid.” (Group.) 

I Bust of the President of the Republic, 
General Porflrio Diaz. 

I Bust of General Carlos Pacheco. 

, Bust of General Manuel Gonzalez 

Cosio. . . T- 

, Bust of Leandro Fernandez, Civil En^ 

. Bust of the Holy Virgin Mary. 

Bust of Christ. ' 

GROUP 140. 

Paintings in Oil. 

Icerreca, Ygnacio, City of Mexico. 

, View of Tizapan. 

. "The Evening.” 
lanza, Cleofas, Zacatecas. 

The Spring of Saint Peter. 

River of Orizaba. 

Grove of Chapultepec. 

Court-yard of the National Museum of 

Ruins of the Ouesnacla. i 

View of Zacatecas. , 

The Treeof the”Noch6Triste. (Cor- j 
the Conqueror wept under this tree.) 

The Hill of the T^eyac. 

anera, Jesus Ma.,lyueretaro. 

The Flmht of the Humming-Bird, 
anera, Rosalio, Queretaro. 




26. Mater Dolorosa. 

Balvanera, Valerio, Queretaro. 

27. “ The Chase.” 

Bribiesca, Alberto, City of Mexico. 

28. The Good Samaritan. 

29. Ruth. 

Bustamante, Felipe, Queretaro. 

30. Mexican Boy Orchestra. 

Carrasco, Gonzalo, City of Mexico. 

31. Job. 

32. Saint Luis Gonzaga. 

Coto, Luis, City of Mexico. 

33. View of Toluca, 

34. View of Chapultepec. 

35. View of “Molino del Rey." 

Gomez, Miguel, Durango. 

36. Country scene. 

Gutierrez, Rodrigo, City of Mexico. 

37. The Senate of Tlaxcala, 

Herrera, L. Alberto, City of Mexico. 

38. Cuauhtemoc Monument. 

Hernandez, Jose D., Queretaro. 

30. The Senator. ,• 

Ybarraran, Jose Ma., City of Mexico. 

40. Christian Charity. 

41. The Dream of the Martyr. 

Yzaguirre, Leandro, City of Mexico. 

42. Columbus at the Rabida, 

43. Torment of Cuauhtemoc. 

Episode of the Foundation of the City 
of Mexico. 

Tara, Jose, City of Mexico. 

45, Episode of the Foundation of the City 

46, “Un Velorio,” a Mexican funeral cus- 

Jimenez, Aguiuii, - -w 


IHe Resurrection of .he Princess Pap. 

^’knuin. Artec legend 

u viosna”, bfan’ch of the Oise, France. 



Paintings in Oil, Water Colors, Engravings, Etchings, 

Prints, Drawings, Etc. 



Monroy, Luis, City of Mexico. 

51. Atala. 

52. The Roman Daughter. 

Montenegro, J. G., City of Mexico. 

53. Pandora. 

Obregon, Jose, City of Mexico. 

54. Hochitl Presenting the Pulque to the 
King Tepalcatzin. 

Ocadiz, Felipe, City of Mexico. 

55. Margarete. 

Parra, Felix, City of Mexico. 

56 . Galileo. 

Pastrana, Manuel, Zacatecas. 

57 . Pictures. 

Pesado, Natal, Orizaba. 

58. A part of the Church of Asis. 

59 . The Hunter. 

60. Cloister. 

61. Cloister." 

62. General Bravo forgiving the Spanish 
prisoners after having received a letter 
informing him that his father had been 
assassinated by the Spaniards. 

Pina, Jose, Salome, City of Mexico. 

63. Flower Girl. 

Ramirez, Manuel, City ofMexico. 

64^ The Aztec Baptism. 

Rios, Andres, City of Mexico. 

65. The Return from “Santa Anita.” 
Rivera, Carlos, City of Mexico. 

66 . The glen of Metlac. 

67. The Grove of Chapultepec. 

68 . The River of Jalapa. 

Sanchez Lima, Ramon, Queretaro. 

69. View of Queretaro. 

70. The Hercules Mills. 

71. Mater Dolorosa. 

72. View of the City of Queretaro. 

Tenorio, Adolfo, City of Mexico. 

73. The Square of Guadalupe Hidalgo. 

74 . View of Puebla. 

75. View of Cordoba. 

Tovilla, Jose, Aguascalientes. 

76. Pictures. 

Unsueta, Adrian, City of Mexico. 

77. Ophelia. 

The Offer of the Crown to Moctezuma 

Valdez, Pablo, City ofMexico. 

79 . Ishmael. 

The Supper at the Pharisee’s House. 
Velasco, Jose Ma., City of Mexico. 

81. The Volcano of Orizaba, viewed from 

82. The Valley of Oaxaca. 

83. The Town of Guelatao. 

The Valley of Mexico, from the hill of 
Santa Ysabel. 



o^. me c.ity c 
Santa Ysabel. 


irom the hill of 

86. The Herd. 

87. View of Chimalhistac. 

88. The Valley of Mexico 

89. Glen of Metlac. 

90* Pitahaya. 

91. Penon de los Banos. 

92. View of Chimalpan. 
93 - Volcanos Txtaccihuatl 


(Natural Hot 


94. The 'free of the “Noche Triste." 

Mexico, from the hill of 

GROUP 141. 

Paintings in Water Colors. 

Alcerreca, Ygnacio, City of Mexico 

96. A Head. 

Secilia, Manuel S., City of Mexico. 

97. Water Colors. 

GROUP 143 and 144. 

Engravings and Etchings; Prints. 

' Drawings. 

Balvanera, Jesus Ma., Queretaro 

98. Baby. 

Balvanera, Rosalio, Queretaro. 

99. The Storm. 

Belmont, Andres, City of Mexico. 

100. Basket of P'lowers. (Pen drawing) 
Campa, Luis, City of Mexico. 

101. Aztec Flower Girl. (Etching.) 

102. The Tlaxcalteca Guard. 

Pesado, Natal, Orizaba. 

103. _ Portrait of the King of Italy. 
Portillo, Miguel, City ofMexico. 

104. Columbus before the Catholic Kings. 
Sanchez, Lima, Queretaro. 

105. Three Heads. 

GROUP 145. 

Antique and Modern Carvings; Engrav¬ 
ings in Medallions or in Gems. 

Cisneros, Luis, City of Mexico. 

106. Medal of Christopher Columbus. 
Galaviz, Antonio H., City ofMexico. 

107. Medals and Engravings. 

Pastra,na, Guillermo R., City of Mexico. 

108. Seals and Monograms. 

Pantoja, Felipe, City of Mexico. 

109. The Spring. (Ivory). 

Sanchez, Jose, Toluca. 

I no. Metal Seal. 


Executive Commissioner, 


Australia House, dackson Park. 


16 a 





Sculpture, Paintings in Oil and Water Colors. 

(JHOUP 139 

OROUP 141 . 




Simonetti, A., Sydney. 

4a. Portrait bust in marble of the Hon. A. 
Kenwick, M. U., M. L, C. 

GROUP T 40 . 

Paintings in Oil. 

Part of a Loan Collection exhibited by the 
Trustees of the National Art Callery of 
New South Wales, Sydney. 

Ashton, J. R. 

51. The Prospector. 

Lister, W. Lister. 

52. After the Shower. 

Spence, Percy. 

53. “The Ploughman Homeward Plods His 
Weary Way.” 

Piguenit, W. C. 

54. The Upper Nepean. 

Mahoney, Frank P. 

55. Rounding up a Straggler. 

Hunt, C. H. 

5C. Sydney from the North Shore, Evening. 

Condor, C. 

57 " Departure of t^ie “Orient.” 

Mahoney, Frank P. 

58. “As in the Days of Old. ' 

Roberts, Tom. 

60. Aboriginal Head. 

Stoddart, Mary. 

61. “From Earth and Ocean." 

Fullwood, A. H. 

62. The Station Boundary. 

Paintings in Water Colors, 

rart 01 a iman Collection exhihited hythe 
Trustees of the National Art Gallen m 
New South Wales. Sydney. ^ 



Minns, B. E. 

216. Crescent Head, Point Plomer. 
Fullwood, A. H. 

219. Jervis Bay, Shoalhaven River. 

Ashton, J. R. 

221. The Shoalhaven River at its Junction 
with the Broughton. 

Lister, W. Lister. 

222. Stonehenge, New England. 

223. Graham’s Valley, New England. 

Hern, C. E. 

224. Govett’s Leap, 
j Commons, Donald. 

225. The Coast, near Ben Buckler. 
Bevan, E. 

226. “A Preliminary Puff.” 
Hanson, Albert J. 

227. Silvery Seas. 

Note. —Under the authority of the Directoi 
General of the Exposition, the works ol 
art from New South Wales, for which 
space could not be found in the Art Pal' 
ace, were placed in the New South Wales 
Government Building, Australia House, 
Where they may be inspected between 
the hours of 9 A. m. and 6 p. m. 

For information regarding exhibits for sale 
apply to the Executive Commissioner, 
Australia House. 




Royal Coinniissiorver General. 


Hyde Park Hotel. 

CoiTiiTiissiorver of Pine Ai ts, 


Hyde Park Hotel. 

»rmation regarding exhibits for sale apply 
at desk in Gallery 71. 

to AVlss Angette Taugnei 




Sculpture, Paintings in Oil. 





Sinding, Johanna, Copenhagen. 

1. By the Shore. 

2. A Child. 

Svor, Anders, Christiania. 

3. David. 

4. A Farmer. 

5. A Little Girl. 

TOnnesen, Ambrosia, Bergen. 

6. Hjdrdis. 

Visdal, T., Christiania. 

7. Bust of Mr Knudsen. 

Class 822. 

Bkeibrok, Mathias, Christiania. 

8 Bust of Bjornstjerne Bjoriison. 

GROUP 140. 

Paintings in Oil. 

H. R. H. Prince Eugen. 

9. Lake. 

10. Landscape. 

Arbo, P. N. 

11. Valkyrie. 

Backer, Harriet, Christiania. 

12. From I'annum Church. 

Berg, Gunnar, Svolvser. 

13. From Lofoten. 

Borgen, Fr., Christiania. 

14. From Gudbrandsdalen. 

15. Landscape (Autumn). 

16. From Southern Norway. 

17. Norwegian Landscape. 

18. From Ojer. 

Bratland, Jac., Christiania. 

19. A Commission for Tax Assessment. 
Collett, Fredrik, Christiania. 

20. Winter. 

21. After Sunset. 

22. Thawing Weather. 

23. The Devil’s Hole. 

24. Mesna, Lillehamnier. 



Diriks Edvard Christiania. 

^'orwegian Coast. 

20. Winter. 

Falsen, Mimi, Christiania. 

27. In Thought. 

Gloersen, Jacob, Christiania. 

28. After Sunset. 

Grimelund, Jobs., Paris. 

^%-o^d! ^'"trance of the Hardanger- 

Groenvold, Bernt., Bergen. 

30. Summer Day in Norwav. 

31. An Old Man. 

Gude, Nils., Christiania. 

32. Heartsick. 

33. Portrait. (Henrik Ibsen.) 

Hansteen, Nils., Christiania. 

34. Norwegian Fjord. 

35. Norwegian Landscape.' 

36. Marine. (Pilot.) 

37. From Oresund. 

38. From Hornbak. (Denmark.) I 

39. Winter Day at Skagen. (Denmark) 
Heyerdahl, Hans, Christiania. 

40. Oui ou Non. 

41. Bathing Boys. 

42. Fishers. 

43. By the Shore. 

44. Birch Woods. 

45. F rom Aasgaardstrand. 

46. Portrait of Mr. Si vert Nielsen, President 
of the Storthing. (Norwegian Congress.) 1 

47. Portrait of Mrs. Laura Gundersen. 
Hjerlow, Ra^nvald, Christiania. 

48. Springtime in Paris. 

Hjersing, Arne, Christiania. 

49. P'rom Asker. 

Holmboe, Thorolf, Christiania. 

50. In the North Sea. 

51. Nocturne. 

52. Autumn. 

53. Marine. 

54. Snow Storm. 

Jorgensen, Sv., Drammen. 

55. Want of Employment. 

Kaulum, H., Laurkullen. 

56. Herringfishery at Hvalderne. 



Paintings in Oil and Water Colors. 

-'‘Vroiii Skiaerhalden. 

' -roffl the Herrmghsheries. 

!' Herringtishery, Winterday. 

JelUnd, Kitty, Stavanger. 

: The Christiania I-jord. 

All Old Bridge in Norway. 

I Summer Night in Norway. 

h%”-on the Coast. 

S' The Ship’s Boy. 

Lw, Karl, Gausdal, Norway, 
k, Going to Church. , 
tohe, Christian, Christiania, 
rfeif Eriksson Discovers Amertca. 
&ohg,Oda, Christiania. 
k, Summer Evening. 

(I, Sun Spots. _ . 

isermn, Oscar, Christiania. 
h Twilight. 

Hoe, Sigurd, Stavanger, 
w. From Hafrsfjord. 

Mimthe, Gerhard, Sandviken, Christiania. 
n. Evening in Eggedal Norway, 
a Girl, Hallingdal. 

a The Old Farm. 
fi. Winter. 

Munthe, Ludv., Dusseldorf. 

% Norwegian Village. 

Muller, Johrs, Ostre Aker. 

5^. The Last Sun-rays. 
m. Cloudy Weather. 

Muller, N.B. 

ii, Norwegian Landscape. 

Kormann, Adelsten, Berlin. 

79. Summer Night Lofoten. 

So, Raftsund Lofoten. 

81. North Wind. (Coast of Norway.) 
Petersen, Eilif, Christiania. 

82. Evening, 

83. Sheep Shearing. 

84. A Strand Bird. 

85. Summer Day. 

86. Portrait. (Alexander Kielland.) 

87. Summer Evening. 

Ring, Helga, Fredrikstad. 

88. Carriage Gentry Passing. 

89. Busy. 

Rusti, Olav, Leikanger-Sogn. 

90. From the Cloister of Maulbronn. 

91. Cloisterhall. 

Schiwe, Jacob, Helsingcer. 

92. Winter in Germany. 

Binding, Otto, Christiania. 

93. From Rondane. 

94. Misty Morn. 

95. Summer Night. 

96. Wreckers. 

97. The Glacier. 

98. Mountain Pasture. 



99. From Lofoten. 

Singdahlsen, Andreas, Christiania. 

100. Sunset. 

Skredsvig, Chr., Sandviken, 

101. The Son of Man. 

102. Winter. 

Scerame, Jacob, Christiania. 

103. The Lay Preacher. 

104. Three Fishers. 

SOmme, L., Christiania, 

105. Interior. 

Sorensen, Joergen, Christiania. 

106. From Romsdalen. 

107 The Old Pavilion. 

Stenersen, Gudmund, Stavanger. 

108. Sunday. 

109. Snowy Day in the Fjords, 
no. Peasant’s House. 

Steineger, Agnes, Bergen. 

111. Les Nourrissons. 

112. Portrait. 

Strcem, Halfdan, Lillehammer, 

113. Siesta. 

114. Portrait. 

Stromdal, Georg., Christiania. 

115. July, 1814 . The Beacon Lighted the 
Enemy in the Country. 

Tannaes, Marie, Christiania 

116. Landscape. 

117. River. 

118. Winter. 

Thaulow, Fritz, Paris, 

119. Retour de Travail, 

120. Behind the Mills. 

121. Winter at Christiania. 

Torgersen, Thorv, Christiania. 

122. Moor. . 

Uckermann, M., Christiania. 

123. A Drama of the Woods. 

Wentzel, Gustav, Christiania. 

124. Breakfast. 

125. Midsummer Night. 

126. Confirmation Banquet, 

127. Sunday Evening. 

128. Morning. . 

Werenskiold, E., Christiania. 

129. Portrait, (Mother of Bjornstjerne 

130. ^°?o?tiiit. (Erika Nissen.) 

131. Portrait. (Edy. Grieg.) 

j'ZZt Brother and Sister. _ „„„„ 1 

123, Portrait. (Bjornstjerne Bjornson.) 

GROUP 141. 

Paintings in Water Colors. 
Munthe, Gerh. Sandvikeh, Christiania 

Fairy Talesj 

124. Troll’s Cave. 


department k.-fine arts. 

Engravings and Etchings, PrintrP^^tHnr~^ - 

- _ ^ Drawings, Medallions. 



135* Wooers. 

136. The Wise Bird. 

137* Frightened. 

138. Three Princesses. 

139* The Serpent. 

140. The Child and the Angel. 

141. The Wicked Stepmother. 

142. The Song. 

143. The Hell Horse. 

'44. The Buck’s Bruse. 

GROUP 143 . 

Engravings and Etchings. 

Nordhagen, Joh., Christiania. 

145 ' Five Etchings. 

GROUP 144 

n’ Christiania. 

150* Drawing. 
iSr* Drawing. 

152. Drawing. 

153* Drawing. 

GROUP 145. 

Anti(jue and Modern Carvings; Enmv 
mgs in Medallions or in Gem? 
Cameos, Intaglios. ’ 

1 horndsen, Fuar, Kongsberv 
IS4- Medallions. 


Commissioner General, 

n. P. 1)1: GLOUKMOVSKOY, Imperial Chamberlain. 

2702 /Hichiy*-''' Avenue. 

ConiiDissioner of Tine Arts, 


for information reyardiny exhibit.^ 

for sale apply 'o 

Gallery 20, South Court. 






Sculpture, Paintings in Oil. 

GROUP 130. 




Beklemisheff, Vladimir Alexandrovitch. 

1. A Runaway Slave. (A Group in 

Dillon, Maria, Luovna. 

2. Caprice. (Plaster.) 

3. Bliss. (Statue in Bronze.) 

Gunzbourg, Ilia Jakovlevitch. 

4. The First Music. (Statue in Bronze.) 
(Property of the Academy.) 

5. Count L. Tolstoi. 

6. Statuette, Mr. J. J. Schischkine. 

7. Statuette Mr. A. T. Rubenstein. 

8. Statuette Mr. P. T. Tchaikoffsky. 

9. Statuette Mr. V. V. Vereschaguine 

11. Statuette, Mr. V. V. Stasoff. 

12. Bust of the Count L. Tolstoi. 

13. Bust of the possessor, D. U. Mendel- 

14. The Bathing Boys. (A Group in 

15. An Interesting Story. 

GROUP 140. 

Paintings in Oil. 

Aivazovsky. See 106-121a. 

Alexeieff. See 125, 126. 

Asknazy, Isaak Luovitch. 

16. The Parents of Moses. 

17. Celebration of the Sabbath. 

18. The Bridegroom (A Talmudist) on 

Bobroff, Victor Alexeievitch. 

20. Erzkus Herzke—A Jew from Kovna. 

Bodarevsky, Nicolay Kornilovitch. 

21. A Wedding in Little Russia. 

Bronnikoff Feodor Andreievitch. 

22. Christian Martyr. (1878.) (Property 
of the Academy.) 




No. _ 

Bruni, Nicolay Alexandrovitch. 

23- "^he Candle-bearer. (Property of 
Academy.) ^ 

Dmitrieff-Orenbursky, Nicolav 

24. A Drowned Man in a Country Plarp 

25. The Military: Studio of an artist 

26. Sunday in a Village. 

Ducker, Eugeny Eduardovitch. 

27. Noon. (Property of the Academy) 
Endoguroff, Ivan Ivanovitch, 

28. The Early Spring. (Property of the 

39. A Heavy Rain. (Property of the 

30. A Winter Evening in a Village. 
Fedders, July, Ivanovitch. 

31. My Villa. (Property of the Academy.) 
Frentz, Rudolf Feodorovitch. 

32. An Inn. (Property of the Academy.) 
Galimsky, Vladislaff Mihailovitch. 

33. Forest. 


34. In the Swing. 

Golumsky Vasily Andrievitch. 

35. TheMushroomGatherersTakingaRest 
(1888.) (Property of the Academy.) 

Jacoby Valerian Ivanovitch. 

36. The Ice Palace. (1881.) (Property 0: 
the Academ /.) 

Shuravleff, Firs Sergeievitch. 

37. Hay Makers at Rest. 

38. He Loves Me—He Loves Me Not. 

39. The Family of a Street Musician. 
Kivshenko, Alexei Danilovitch. 

40. The Military Counsel at Fily, in 1812 
(Property of the Academy.) 

41. A Wolf Caught Alive. (Property 0 

42. Assorting Feathers. 

43. At the Crater of Ledgy. 

Klagis, Feodor Andreievitch. 

44. Interior View of the Church of th( 
Saviour at Moscow. 

Klever, Julie Julievitch. 

45. Forest. (Property of the Academy.) 



Paintings in Oil. 

EtVon Jurgensburg, Baron Mihail Con- 


i The Czar’s Bounty. 


jT Spanish Girls. 

^ ^hin^^lexey Ivanovitch. 

before the Wedding. 

iProoerty of the Academy.) 
f Peasant life. (Property pi the Academy.) 
Ulevsky, Pavel Osipovjtch 
Excavation in Rome. ( 1 » 7 «.) (Froperiy 

of the Academy.) _ 

Mfflqkov Ivan Nicolaievitch. 

[ portrait of Mr. Solovieff. (Property of 

*^PortrafS the Artist’s Daughter. (Prop- 

Prtv of the Academy.) 
ratchkovsky Josiff Evst^evitch. 

I The New Moon. (Property of the 


; A July Morning. , i, 

nishitsky, Constantin Jakovlevitch. 

I The Heat over, a Fresh Breeze blow¬ 
ing. ( 1889 .) (Property of the Academy.) 

I, After Work. 

I, Winter. ( 1888 .) 

I, A Night in Little Russia, 
uriard, Palageia Petrovna. 

I, A Landscape. _ _ 

uznezoff Nicolay Dmitnevitch 
■ The Justice of the Peace. ( 1888 .) 

I In the Garden. ( 1889 .) 
j. The Interrupted Breakfast, 
emoch, Karl Vikentievinch. 

Peasant Girls. 

.evithan Isaac, 
c Holy Day in a Convent, 
itovtchenko, Alexander Dmitrievitch. 
i. The Italian Embassador, Calvuci di aw¬ 
ing the Favorite P'alcons o,. the Czai, 
Alexsey Mihailovitch. (Property of the 

Academy.) . ^ ... 

iakovsky, Constantin Egorovitch 
i8. A Bacchanal. 

9. The Bride’s Attire. 

10. Portrait of a Lady, 
oa. Romeo and Juliet. 

Hakovsky, Vladimir Egorovitch. 

1. The Gamblers’ Quarrel. 

12. The Niggard. . 

13. A Public Market m Moscow. ( 18 IW.) 

14. The Wayfarer. 

15. Little Russians Smoking. 

Mestchersky, Arseny 

16. The Narva Roads. ( 1886 .) (Property 
of the Academy.) 

Idorozoff, Alexander Ivanovitch. 

f6a. The Foundry of Omutings. 


No. . .... 

Miasoiedoff, Gregorie Gregorievitch. 

77. The Escape of Gregorie Otrepieff near 
the Frontier of Lithuania. (Property of the 

78. The Harvest; a copy of the Picture be¬ 
longing to the Emperor . 

Novoskolzeff Alexander Nicolaievitch. 

79. Head of a Negro. (Proper!'' of tne 

80. The Last Minutes of the Metropolitan 

Navosoff, Vasily Ivanovitch. 

81. A Free Dining-room. (Property of the 

Pasternak, Leonid. 

82. Going Home again. 

Pelevin, Ivan Andreievitch. 

83. The First Born. (Property of the 

Peroff, Vasily Grigorievitch. 

84. The P'ishermen. ( 1873 .) 

84a. Pugatchoff, the personator of Peter 
III of Russia. , , , 

Pimonenko, Nicolay Karlo^tch, 

85. Easter Halloween. (Property of the 

Polenoff, Helena. 

86. After the Bath. (Water color.) 

87. Before the Examination. 

Repine Elias Evimovitch. 

88. The Cossack’s Answer. (Property of 
the Emperor.) 

Savinsky, Vasily Evmentievitch. 

80. The Invitation of the 
%rski to accept the Command of the Army. 

(Property of the Academy.) 

Savitzky, Constantin Appollonovitch. 

90. For Christ’s Sake. 

Sedoff, Gregory SiemenovitcE 

01 Vasilisa Melentievna. ( 188 A) (1 he Mis 
^ iress of Ivan the Terrible, of Moscow.) 

Schischkin Ivan Ivanovitch. Academy 

92. A Forest. (Property of the Acaaemy 

oi St. Petersburg.) 

Siemiradsky, Henry Hippolytojdch. 

03. Christ in the House of Lazarus. (188 .) 
(Proucrtv the Academy.) TTrn 

94 ! Phryne. (1887.) (Property of the Em¬ 

Stepanoff, Alexei, 
oc The Hunt. _ ... 

iSetrie Donskoy’s Belt from the Duke 


department k.-fine arts. 

Paintings in Oil and Water Colors 

Antique and Modern Carvings, 

( 1882 .) (Prop- 


Vasilie, “The One-Sighted 
erty of the Academy.) 

Tvoroshnikoff, Ivan Ivanovitch. 

^ Brother Selling Images. (1888 ) 
(Property of the Academy.) 


(l«8y.) (Property of the Academy.) 
Vasiheff, Feodor Alexsandrovitch. 

100. After the Rain. (Property of the 

Venig, Karl Bogdanovitch. 

101. A Russian Girl. ( 1889 ".) (Property of 
the Academy.) 

Volkoff, Efim Efimovitch. 

102. Morning. 

Willewalde, Bogdan Pavlovitch. 

103. You Po-Day and I To-Morrow. (Prop¬ 
erty of the Academy.) 

Zagorsky, Nicolay Petrovitch. 

104. A Sore Heart. (Property of the 

105. Morning Tea. 



II2. The Gondola. (InVenirei 

lid Himself in a Boat.' 

II4' Garibaldi and the CpriK-,li¬ 
the Deck of a Steamer 
ttfi* Yalta in the Morning 

^ "^the Crimean Coast 

CaDhal ofT- |T 

118. A Boat in a Storm. 

A Lantern on the Sea of Marmon 
Constantinople. ^-o-mora. 

Breakers on the Sea of Azof. 
Breakers on the Coast of the Black Si 
Yalta at Night. 

Environs of Malaga. 

The Parthenon. 




122 . 


Alexeieff Alexander Hypatievitch. 

125. An Italian Girl. ( 1884 .) 

126. Head of an Italian Girl ( 1889 ). 

GROUP 141. 

Paintings in Water Colors. 

106. Aivazovosky, Ivan Constantinovich. 

The Ship “Santa Maria” on its way to 
America, when Columbus, during a heavy 
storm was surrounded by the Revolting 

107. Columbus Landing with his suite at 
San Salvador. 

108. Young Columbus Saving himself on 
the Mast of a Mercantile ship, set on fire 
by a Venetian Galley, off the Coast of 

109. The Farewell of Columbus in Palos, 
before going to Sea. 

no. The Arrival of Columbus’ Flotilla on 
the American Shore. 

III. Naples, By Moonlight. 

Endoguroff Sergey Ivanovitch. 

127. A Quiet Day. 

128. After the Storm. 

129. Livening. 

Polenoff, Helena. See 86. 

Wrangel, Helena Karlovna, Baroness. 
129a. A Winter Landscape. 

GROUP 14 . 5 . 

Antique and Modern Carvings. 

130. The Dying Hyacinthe. (Wood eai 

130a. Helpless. 





Delegates of the Society of Polish Artists at the 
World’s Columbian Exposition. 

Tor information 

reyardlny Polish works which are for sale apply 
at the desk in Gallery No. 62. 








Paintings in Oil. 

__ _ . _ J 

WROUP 140. 
Paintings in Oil. 



Alchimowicz, K., Warsaw. 

1. Glinski in Prison. 

2. A Traveling Merchant. 

3. A Moorish Girl. 

4. Gathering Mushrooms. 

5. Milda (Goddess of Love). 
Bilinska, A., Warsaw. 

6 . A Study. 

Brochocki, V., Warsaw. 

7. In the Park. 

Ciaglinski, John, St. Petersburg. 

8 . A Portrait. 

9. Birch Trees. 

10. Reverie. 

Cichocki, F., Warsaw. 

11. Shepherd Boys. 

12. Farewell. 

Chelmonski, Joseph, Warsaw. 

13. Hares. 

Daniszewska, M., Warsaw. 

14. A Warsaw Coal Seller. 

15. A Warsaw Straw Mat Dealer. 
Dukszynska, E., Warsaw. 

16. Abandoned. 

17. Meditation. 

18. A Pet. 

19. Autumn. 

Gazycz, M., Warsaw. 

20. A Study. 

21. At Grochow. 

22. A Buga Type. 

Geneli, M., Warsaw. 

23. A Study. 

24. A Study. 

25. A Model. 

26. At Work. 

Gerson, W., Warsaw. 

27. Hedvige, Queen of Poland. 

28. The Baptism of Lithuania. 

29. King Sigismund’s Vision. 

30. Above the Clouds. 

31. Crossing the Brook. 

32. Music. 

Exhibit • 


33. Dance. 

Goscimski, W., Warsaw. 

34. At a Pond. 

35. The Valley of Oicow. 

Gramatyka, A., Cracow. 

36. A Pond. 

37. Environments of Cracow. 

38. Environments of Cracow. 
Gryglewski, A., Warsaw. 

39. Interior of a Church. 

Guminski, W., Warsaw. 

40. The First Snow. 

Huss, J., Warsaw. 

41. Plan of the Warsaw-Vienna Railway 

Station. ■' 

Jasinski, Z,, Warsaw. 

42. Palm Sunday Mass. 

Kasiewicz, Marcin, Warsaw. 

43. 'Where Shall We Go? 

Kansik, J., Warsaw. 

44. Reverie. 

45. A Young Mother. 

46. A Woman’s Head. 

Kossak & Tandos, Cracow. 

47. Twenty-five Views of Cracow, 
Kedzierski, A., Warsaw. 

48. A Rustic Astronomer. 

49. To Church. 

50. Return from Town. 

Kostrzewski, F., Warsaw. 

51. The Itinerant Merchant. 

.52. The First Lesson. 

53. At the inn. 

54. From the P'orest. 

Malczewski, F., Cracow. 

55. Death of an Exiled Woman in Siberia. 
Maleszewski, T., Warsaw. 

.56. Cupids Doing Penance. 

57. A Polish Fiddler. 

Maslowski, S., Warsaw. 

58. Before the Impressment. 

Maszynski, J. 

59. A Rustic Choir. 

60. In the Forest. 

61. In Despair. 

62. A Game Dealer. 

63. An Algerian Boy. 

Paintings in Oil. 


.phistopheles’ Serenade. 

;P John. Cracow. 

John’s Night the history, of 


; C., Warsaw. 

;tan’s Attack, 
lie Finished Song. 


Icowski) A. _ 

otrv Mountains. 

he Hour of Rest. 

Woman’s Head. 

1 Christian Care. 

;ki, I., Warsaw. 


btresl’in Sandomir. 
r«Vto'Nostra,the Four Seasons, 
kowski, H. 

;i, X‘ „ 

From the Ferry. 

Tossed ^y the Ocean’s Wave. 

A Young Mother. 

Winter Morning. 

:z, Zygmunt. 


nski, W., Warsaw. 


le Forest, 
e Garden. 

es Playing Billiards. 

. T., Cracow. 

r the Storm. 

iew of Zakopane. 

ik, Waclaw, Warsaw. 

he Gate of Chan Margh 

ivra, B.i Warsaw. 



Rosen, Paul, Warsaw. 

96. Strolling. 

Ryszkiewicz, J., Warsaw. 

97. Cossacks. 

98. Summer Night. 

Reyzner, M., Paris. 

99. Breton Peasants. 

Suchodolski, Z., Warsaw. 

101. Winter. 

102. Forest Scene. 

103. Forest. 

Stasiak, Ludwik, Cracow 

104. Sacrificed, 

105. Winter. 

106. Moonlight Night. Wedding. 

m Scene'from Brtesk Life. 

? 0 ?''%neen'rPdand pray for us. 
Sztencel, M., Warsaw. 


109 Electioneering. 

IIO’. In the Morning. 

111 . Bailiff. 

U 2 ^^^Dolce far ^^nte. 

Tetmayer, W.. Cracow. 

113. The Ppman. 

114 Wedding. 

Wisniewski, B. 

116 Shepherd Boy. 


“View of a Church. 



rski, W., Cracow, 
’s Secret. 

:ku, * m : 

A Lady m Fur. 

The Feudal Law. 

Children’s Heads. 


Evening hoij. Hasheesh. 

Under the Influence 

- - -r . 

"- cA- -- 



Delegate General, 


Hotel Aetropole, Chicago. 

Commissioner for Tine Arts, 

Sdnor a. G. del CAA\P1LL0, 

82 Twenty-sixth Street. Chicago. 

ror inforinatiori relating to the works of art 
at the office in Alcove 97. 

exhibited, apply 





Sculpture, Paintings in Oil. 

GROUP 139. 


In West Court. 



Alcoverro y Amoros, Jose, Madrid. 

1. A Duet. (Bronze group.) 

Alsina y Amils, Antonio, Madrid. 

2 . Child’s Head. (Baked clay.) 

Amutio, Federico, Madrid. , 

3 . A Love Story. (Bronze group.) 

Arnau y Masent, Eusebio, Barcelona. 

4 . Hope. (Group in plaster.) 

4 a. Ave Maria. (Group in baked clay— 
in Spanish Pavilion.) 

4b. Obverse and reverse of bronze medal. 
Campeny y Santamaria, Jose, Barcelona. 

5 . Female Bull h'ighter. 

5 a. A Beauty. 

Sb. A Fop. 

5 c. Bust in Baked Clay. 

Casananas Gonzalez, Antonio, Madrid. 

6 . Bust of the Countess de Pinedo. 
Castellanas y Escola, Miguel, Barcelona. 

7 . Bust of Monturiol. 

Claraso, Enrique, Barcelona. 

8 . Remorse. (Plaster.) 

Cubero, Jose, Malaga. 

Painted figures in baked clay: 

9 . Smuggler. 

9 a. Smuggler. . 

9 b. Smuggler. 

9 c. Dandy. 

9 d. Fish Seller. 

9 e. Fop. 

9 f. Gypsy. 

9 g. Bandit Chief. 

9 h. Guitar Player. 

9 i. Smuggler. 

9 j. Dancer. 

9 k. Fop. 

9 I. Smuggler. 

9 m. Fop. 

9 n. Three Groups of Bull Fighters. 

Duque y Duque, Eugenio, Madrid. 

10 . The Genius of War. (Plaster.) 
loa. Bust of Christine Martos. (Plaster.) 



E^rada de Picabia, Francisco de Asis 
Barcelona. , ’ 

11. Saint Cecilia. (Baked clay.) 

iia. Meditation. (Portrait bust.) (Baked 
clay.) ' 

Gandarias y Plangan, Justo de, Madrid 

12 . Fortune. (Plaster.) 

12 a. Japanese Woman. (Marble.) 

Gines y Ortiz, Adela, Madrid. 

13 - A Struggle for Life. (Plaster.) 
Inurria Lainosa, Mateo, Cordoba. 

14 . Santa Teresa de Jesus. (Artificial mar¬ 

Marinas y Garcia, Aniceto, Segovia. 

15 - The Fishers Caught. (Group in plaster.) 
15 a.. Model Resting. (Bronze.) 
Monserrat y Portella, Jose, Barcelona, 

16. The First Attempt. (Plaster.) 
Montero y Navas, Jose, Madrid. 

17 . The Allegory of Architecture. (Plaster.) 
Museo Nacional de Pintura y Escultura. 


18. Tradition. (Bronze.) By Augustin 
Querol, Tortosa. 

i8a. Child and Duck. (Bronze.) By Justo 
Gandarias, Barcelona. 

19. Shipwrecked. (Plaster.) By M. Frilles. 
19a. The First Pair of Earrings. By C. 


19b. Mars. By Alcoberro. 

Nunez Fernandez, Ramon, Madrid. 

20 . Slave in Market Place. (Plaster.) 
Parera y Saurina, Antonio, Barcelona. 

21 . Labor’s Reward. (Plaster.) 

Reynes, Jose, Barcelona. 

22 . San Luis Gonzaga. (Plaster.) 

Riera y Casanovas, Juan, Barcelona. 

23 . Imitation of metal decorative Plaque 
— The Barcelona Exposition of 1888. 

23 a. Bas-relief—Music. 

Serra, Francisco de Asis, Barcelona. 

24 . A Nazarene. ) 

24 a. St. Gerome. [ (Busts in baked clay.) 
24 b. Child Jesus. ) 


24 c. Monument to Columbus at Havana. 
Bas-relief. (Bronze.) 



f ai^nrca Agapito, Barcelona, 

tfuon Hunter. (Haked^ay.) 
tS’ /“quisling® Force. (Baked 


GROTIP 140. 

Paintings in Oil. 

In Galleries 21 , 22 , 23 . 


Guerrt JoU. Madrid 

. A Stable. 

“"isllll GirUrom Va.encia. 

Eayde''y'Montoy°. Julia, Madria. 


tgalratXtado C°ame, Madrid. 

f San Francisco de Asis. 

£ez’ S, Barcelona. 

Uay Leon, Francisco, Seville 

K. The Drama of Montiel. 

; 5 a. Souvenir of Seville. 

«b Street in Granada. 

Lujo Ruano, Joaquin, Madrid. 

36. “Who is to Pay? 

16a. Mouth of Vigo. 

36b. Fish Market on Vigo. 

Arnedo, Jorge de, Seville. 

37. The Rest at the Spring. 

Arpay Perea, Jose Seville. 

38. A Peasant Girl. 

^a. Pompey’s Funeral. 

38b. Lanascape. 

38c. Port of Seville. 

Arroyo Fernandez, Rafael, Madrid. 

39. Andalusian Dancer. 

fa^rcSter, Juan. Barcelona. 
Lb2a"‘r^uS- Joaquin. Madrid. 

41. The Last Farewell. 

Barrau, Laureano, Barcelona. 

42. Peasant and Women. 

Barrau, L., Barcelona. 

42a. A Procession. 


Bwmudo Mateos, Jose, Madrid. 

43. Under the Awnmg. 

43a. In Guinol. 
l^ib The Cafe Thief. 

&ruete, Aureliano de, Madrid. 

>1,1 The Heights of huenfria. 

JJa. Landscape a, Torrelodones 

44b. The Guadarrama Mountain., 

Madrid. , 

Bilbao, Gonzalo, Seyd*^. 

«• U'f c ETcmEtcry in Morocco. 
fsE: lln ¥'r;vaL‘: 7 cEice'' 

f5d.f)Sngc?'Pickers in Andalusia. 

t^icSE of San 

Brugada y Panizo,Luis, Barceion 
48. Lost! Barcelona. 

cL“e‘?iees"!’c!.hedrai of Bar- 

C.mpu"zano, Tomas, Madrid. 

CO. Cantabrian Coast. 

Casas, Ramon, Barcelona, 
ci. Erik-Satie. 

52. A Portrait. 

Checa Toelicado, Felipe, Badajoz.-„ 

ia. Mliml’Jseof auOppor.unUy. 

53b. Flowers and k ruit. 

53c. A FloriJ. . Seville. 

S'TheVumSS Iwallorvs W.ll Return 
54a. Under the Vine. 

i^mbaToioia, Juan, Madrid, 
g; ArtliieryPa-n^ ^ 

Cortes Andalusian Woman 

56. Head of an Woman. 

56a. Head of an , jngjan Woman. 

c6b. Head of an An _ Madrid. 

g^TnyraSrHouae” Which Columbus 

Criado y Vaca, M., Madrid. 
gusaAs"fS£cbs,^Jose, Barcelona. 

g A Strike in Vucaya. 



Paintings in Oil. 



Dapousa Bengoechea, Niceto, Madrid. 

6 0. Flowers. 

6 oa. Birds. 

Diez Frances, Jose, Barcelona. 

6 1. Ruined Houses. 

6 ia. Early Dawn. 

Dominguez, M., Madrid. 

6 ib. A Royal Ball. 

6 ic. Venetian Terrace. 

Esteban y Vivero, Enrique, Madrid. 

62. Flying Artillery. 

Fernandez Gil, Federico, Malaga. 

63. Bay of Malaga. 

Ferran, Luis, Madrid. 

63a. The May Pole. 

63b. The Palace Gate on Reception Day 
Ferrer, Antonio de, Barcelona. 

64. Interior of a Catalan f'armhouse. 

64a. Leaving Church. 

64b. The Pilgrim. 

64c. Catalan Girl, a hundred years ago. 
Ferrer Calatayud, Pedro, Madrid. 

65- Wrecks; a Stormy Day in the Levant. 
Fierros y Alvarez, Dionisio, Oviedo. 

66. Roman Boy. 

66 a. The Timid Girl. 

66 b. Marine, near Cantabria. 

Frances y Arribas, Fernanda, Madrid. 

68. Crabs. 

68 a. Field Flowers. 

Frances y Pascual, Placido, Madrid. 

69. Father’s Advice. 

69a. In the Garden. 

Galdacano y Avellaneda, Antonio de, Bar¬ 

70. “Here he Comes.” (Scene in bull fight.) 
Galofre Oiler, Francisco, Barcelona. 

71. A Public Whipping, in Barcelona in the 
middle of the 17 th century. 

Galvez, Mariano Miguel, Zaragoza. 

72. RightBank of the Ebro, in Saragossa. 
Garcia, Camoyano, Fernando, Seville. 

73. A Lullaby. 

73a. Flowers. 

Garcia Hispaleto, Manuel, Madrid. 

74. The belle with the white mantilla 
Garcia Prieto, Andres, Santander. 

75. The Tarantella. 

75a. War News. 

75 b- One Angel More. 

75c. Ducal Palace, Venice. 

75d. Landscape, Picos de Europa. 

75e. Landscape. 

75f. Portico of Ducal Palace, Venice. 

75g. The Ginaleca Canal, Venice. 

75h. The Grand Canal, Venice 
75 i. The Campagna, Rome. 

Garcia Tome, Balbina, Seville. 

76. A Florist. 



76a. A Tradeswoman. 

76b. Preparing for a Festival. 

Garcia y Rodriguez, Manuel, Seville. 

77. Summer in Seville. 

Gari Torrent, Onofre, Madrid. 

78. F ishers Casting Nets. 

Garnelo, Eloisa, Madrid. 

79. Mountain Vintagers. 

Garnelo, Jose, Madrid. 

80. The First Homage Paid to Columbus 
in the New World. 

80a.. Suicide for Love. 

80b. Interior of St. Marc’s, Venice. 

80C. “I Could Have Been a Minister,” 

8od. An Englishman. 

Gartner, Jose, Malaga. 

81. The Invincible. Wreck of the Spanish 

8ia. Port of Malaga. 

Gasch y Blanch, Luis, Valencia. 

82. An Idyl. 

Genoves Bernal, Eulogio, Malaga. 

83. Changing the Course, An incident in 
the discovery of America. 

Gessa y Arias, Sebastian, Madrid. 

84. Autumn Fruits. 

84a. Spring Fowers and Fruit. 

Gomez Salvador, Constantino, Valencia. 

85. a View of Pardo, 

Gonzalez Sevillano, Antonio, Seville. 

86. Fair Time. 

86a. The First Kiss. 

86b. Arab Festival. 

86c. The Hall of Ambassadors. 

86d. Don Miguel de Manara, founder of 
La Caridad (Charity) m Seville, 

Gonzalez Simancas, Manuel, Barcelona. 

87. A Flank Attack, 

87a. After the Battle. 

Gonzalvo Perez, Pablo, Madrid. 

88. St. Marc’s, Venice. 

88a. The Arabian New Tower, Saragossa. 
88b. Chapel of St. Isidoro, St. Marc’s 

Grante Tejada, Luis, Malaga. 

89. Flowers. 

Guillen Pedemonte, Madrid. 

90. The Last Blessing, 

Herrer, Cesar, Madrid. 

91. Study of Ships. 

91a. Santi Apostoli Canal, Venice. 

Hidalgo, Felix Resurreccion, Paris. 

92. Farewell to the Sun. 

92a. Twilight. 

Jadraquey Sanchez Ocaha, Miguel, Madrid. 

93. Great and .Small Game. 

Jaraba Jimenez, Manuel Enrique, Malaga. 

94. Marine. 

94a. Study of a Figure. 



Paintings in Oil. 

uan Nepomuceno, Corunna. 

r Rome. 

Road up to Paiiticosta. 

Aranda, Jose, Madrid. 

Occident in the Bull 
iio is P'ooling Whom?" 
the Terrace, 
lame of Chess. 

‘Saint’s Sweets. 

Aranda, Luis, Pans. 

lospital Ward. Visit of the Chief 

j'cloth Market in the Temple, Paris, 
•aGood Boy. 
e Lovers. 

Blanco, Jose, Seville, 
iksof the Guadalete. 

:r of the Port of Santa Maria. 

Inn, Seville. 

Eduardo, Castellon de la Plana, 
erior of the Cathedral of Toledo, 
la Gonzalez, Jose de, Madrid, 
he Gold Hunter. 

, Augustin, Madrid, 

Cabrera, Ricardo, Seville. 

randpa’s Story. 

‘he Spinner, 
he Lazy Corner. 

)aphnis and Chloe. 

Cantero, Manuel, Seville. 

Hall of Ambassadors, the Alcazar, 

Court of L'igures, Alcazar, Seville. 

:ale Rogent, Ramiro. Barcelona. 

:e, Juan, Malaga, 

\.ndalusian Peasants. 

)tudy from the Nude. 

, Rosello. 
jalve Regina. 

zoy Garreta, Ricardo de. 
fhe Bathing Hour. 


irola, Lucia, Madrid. 

The Lovers’ Torment, 
my Carcel, Julia, Valencia. 

Peasant Woman of Valencia. 


les Garcia, Jose Maria, Barcelona. 
Two Mothers. _ . 

lez y Herhandez, Joaquin Maria, 

The Seamstress’ Room, 
nez Abades, Juan, Madrid. 

The Pilot’s Burial. 

In the Bay. 

Study of Surf. 



HOC. Breaking Waves. 

Martinez y Altes, Gabriel, Barcelona. 

111. Monks Redeeming Prisoners in 
Tangiers, 1500 . 

Ilia. Gamblers, XVI Century, 
mb. Tavern, XVI Century. 

Maura y Montaner, Francisco, Madrid. 

112. Alcala Street, Madrid, after the Bull 

ii2a. Twilight. 

ii 2 b. View of Palma de Mallorca. 

Maureta y Aracil, Gabriel, Madrid. 

113. Mary Stuart Just Before the Execution. 
113a. Spoiled Child. 

Meifren y Roig, Eliseo, Barcelona. 

114. Marine. 

Menocal, Armando, Habana. 

115. Embarcation of Columbus, by order 
of Bobadilla. 

Moragas y Torras,Tomas, Barcelona. 

116. Morocco Caravan Resting. 

Moreno Carbonero, Jose, Madrid. 
ii6a. Gil Bias. 

ii6b. Gee up, Jenny! 

ii6c. The Adventure of the Sheep. (Don 

Morera, Jaime, Madrid. 

117. Coast of Normandy. 

Munoz, Lucena, Tomas, Madrid. 

118. Palm Sunday. 

Ii8a. Garden of the Escurial. 
ii8b. Coaching Station in Granada. 

Murillo Carreras, Rafael, Malaga. 

119. The Tower of Homage. A Moorish 
relic in Malaga. 

Rosales, Eduardo, Madrid. 

120. Isabella, the Catholic, Dictating Hm 
Will. (Lent by the Museo Nacional de 
Pintura y Escultura, Madrid.) 

Detrain, Antonio Munoz, Valencia. 

i2oa. The Lovers of Teruel. (Lent by the 
Museo Nacional de Pintura y Escultura, 

Carbonero, Jose Moreno. 

I20b. Conversion of the Duke of Candia. 
(Lent by the Museo Nacional de Pintura 
y Escultura, Madrid. 

AnmvhMry“‘’|enl’by the Muse., 
Nacional de Pintura y Escultura, Madrid.) 
Martinez, Juan Abades, Gijon. 

I20d. Communion on Board Ship. (Lent^Y 

the Museo Nacional de I intura y Escul 
tura, Madrid.) 

Ocon y Rivas, Emiho, Malaga. 

121. The Last Hurrah. 

Olaria, J., Madrid. 
i2ia. A Jolly rime. 



Paintings in Oil. 



Oliva Rodrigo, Eugenio, Madrid. 

122. Young Savoyards. 

Ortiz Gamundi, Jose, Valencia. 

123. Landscape Near Valencia. 

Pacheco y Fuente, Ricardo, Santander. 

124. “Well?” 

124a. Study of a Head. 

Parlade y Heredia, Andres, Seville. 

125. Journey to Pavia, 

125a. The Treaty of Caspe. 

Paternani, Enrique, Haro. 

126. Mother’s Visit. 

Pelayo Fernandez, Eduardo, Madrid. 

127. The Guadarrama Mountains. 

Pena y Munoz, Maximino, Madrid. 

128. Art in the Country. 

129. A Dainty Mouthful.' 

Pinos y Pala, Juan, Barcelona. 

130. Shepherds. 

130a. In Labor’s Field. 

Pirala, Maria, Madrid. 

131. Sea Fish. 

131a. Autumn Flowers. 

Planella y Rodriguez, Juan, Barcelona. 

132. The Little Weaver. 

Porro, Angel, Habana. 

132a. Landscape in Calabai ir. 

132b. Field of Labor. 

132c. Noon on the Lake. 

I32d. ACeibaTree. 

Primelles, Angel, Habana. 

1320. Port of Habana in a Storm. 

132!. Dawn on the Beach of San Lazaro. 
Ramirez e Ibanez, Manuel, Madrid. 

133. In the Garden. 

133a. Suburbs of Madrid. 

133b. Head of a Child. 

Reyna, Antonio, Malaga. 

133c. San Trovaso, Venice. 

Riquer e Inglada, Alejandro de, Barcelona. 

134. The Divine Shepherd. 

134a. The Duck Tender. 

Robles y Martinez, Jose, Oviedo. 

135. Florinda. 

135a. Sunday in a Village. 

Rodriguez de Rivera, Maria, Madrid. 

136. Grapes and Peaches. 

136a. Pansies and Pelargonios. 

Roig y Soler, Juan, Barcelona. 

137. Beach at Blanes. 

137a. Port of Barcelona. 

137b. Beach at Sitges. 

Rosales, E., Madrid. 

137c. Italian Girl, Study. 
i37d. Landscape, Study. 

Ruiz Garcia de Salces, Madrid. 

137c. Portrait. 

Ruiz Luna, Justo, Cadiz. 

138. October 12 , 1492 . 



Rusinol, Santiago, Barcelona. 

139. An Old Woman. 

139a. Cemetery of Montmartre 
139b. Garden in Winter. 

139c. Pawnbroker’s Shop. 

i 39 d. Gardens at Montmartre. I 

Sanchez Cuello, Alonzo, Madrid. 

1390. Hernan Cortes. 

Sans y Castano, Francisco, Barcelona, 

140. A Clown. ' 

Sans y Corbella, Tomas, Barcelona. 

141. The Catalan Coast. 

141a. The Norman Coast. 

Santa Maria Sedano, Marceliano, tSurgos. 

142. The Triumph of the Holy Cross. 

142a. Preparing the Mass. 

Simonet, Enrique, Malaga. 

143. Flevit Super Illam. 

Sorolla, Joaquin, Madrid. 

144. Another Marguerite. 

144a. In a Group. 

144b. Flower Girls. I 

144c. Relics. 

I44d. The Watchman. 

Tapiro, Jose, Fanger. 

I44e. Moorish Wedding Dance. ; 

Texidor y Torres, Modesto. 

145. Unlucky. 

145a. Melancholy. 

145b. T he Little Sailors. | 

Tirado, J., Madrid. 

145c. Andalusian Singer. 

Tolosa Alsina, Aurelio, Barcelona. 

146. Flowers. 

Tornai, Julio, Tangiers. 

146a. Cock Fight. 

146b. Reading the Koran. 

146c. A Moorish Story. 

Triado y Mayol, Jose, Barcelona. 

147. Coast of Ampurdan. 

147a. Interior of a Catalan House. 

147b. In the Laboratory. 

Trias y Giro, Federico, Barcelona. | 

148. Under tutelage. j 

Turina, Joaquin, Seville. j 

149. Seville. ! 

149a. Return of Columbus to Palos. \ 

Urgell e Inglada, Modesto, Barcelona. 

150. “Be Still.” 

Uria Jose, Madrid. 

151. Papa’s Sword. 

Utrillo y Viadera, Antonio, Barcelona 

152. Carmen. 

Vayreda y Vila, Mariano, Barcelona. 

153. Repose. 

Vega y Marrugal, Jose de la, Seville. 

154. Grapes. 

154a. Grapes. 

154b. Corral at Seville. | 



in Oil and Water Colors, on Enamel, Engravings, Drawings, Carvings, 
aintings m e/** ___ 

Chaplain of Santa Clara, Seville, 
prades, Julio. Valencia. 

Grave Diggers. . 

'Torres, Jose, Valencia. 

Autumn Twilight. 

The Mill. 

iobos y Diaz, Manuel, Seville. 

Head of an Andalusian W onian. 
igas Brieva, Manuel, Madrid. 


The Washing Place at IMontecelho. 

I. War. .-,7 1 

jTarin, Eugenio, Valencia. 


aetra y Ragull, Fernando, Barcelona. 

The Liberal Arts, 
i. The Arts Saluting Immortality. 

(iROUP 141 . 

Paintings in Water Colors. 

lirrey Rodriguez, Miguel, Madrid. 

, Monaguillo. 

itelucho, A. y C., Barcelona. 

. Office in a Palace. 

a. Bath-room, Moorish style. 

b. Bed-room, Modern. -r „ 

c. Vestibule for a Court House, 

Renaissance. . 

irez, Eduardo, Madrid. 

d. Don Quixote and the Sheep, 
le. Landscape. 

f. Landscape, 
ig. Landscape. 

:h. Landscape, 
i. Landscape. 

melz Salvador, Coastantino, Valencia, 
k. The Flower Girls. , , ., 
rcia Hispaleto, Manuel, Madrid. 

, A Moorish Woman, 
ughton, Carrie, Madrid. 

;a. Columbus before the Catholic Kings. 

Vater color on kid. — h ragment of the 

lhser,"f. ]U,Gard’a,Province of Barcelona, 
[b. Two drawings for illustration, 
piro, J., Tangiers.^ 

[c. Bandits of the Sus. 

[d. A Moorish Cafe. 

[e. Moorish Bridegroom. 

(f. Moorish Bride. 

;g. Moorish Saint. 

GROUP 142 . 

lutings on Ivory, on Enamel, on Metal, 
m Porcelain, or Other Wares; Fresco 
Painting on Walls. 

zamora, Federico, Habana. 

[. F.naniel; “Minerva.” 



Rebollo, Emilia, Malaga. 

165. Decorative Painting by a special pro¬ 

GROUP 148. 

Engravings and Etchings; Prints. 

Araujo Ruano, Joaquin, Madrid. 

166. A Head—-from Rembrandt’s “Syn 
dies.” (Copper plate.) 

i66a. Philip IV’s Fool—after \ elasquez. 
(Copper plate.) 

i66b. Portrait of Prince Baltasar Carlos- 
after Velasquez. (Copper plate.) 
i66c. Vandyke and the Marquis of Bristol 
—after Vandyck. 

Rieusset, Francisco, Barcelona. 

167. Samples of Etchings and Engravings 
on Steel and Copper. 

168. Samples ot Etchings aud Engravings 
on Steel and Copper. 

Rios, Ricardo de los, Madrid. 

The Minister’s Friends. (After D.R.K.) 
i68b. Potatoes. (After Lerolle.) 
i68c. Fisher Girl. (After C. S. Fearce.) 
i68d. Curiosity. (After Pasini.) 
i68e. Portrait of Garibaldi. 
i68f. Reaper. (After Lerolle.) 
i68g. Water Bearer. (After C. S. Pearce.) 
i68h. Prelude. (After C. S. Pearce.) 
i68i. Prayer. (After C. S. Pearce.j 
i68j. Portrait of Columbus. 

GROUP 144. 

Chalk, Charcoal, Pastel and Otiicr Draw- 

Colomines y Calvet Enrique, Habana. 
i68j. Pen and ink Portrait of Artist. 

Comba y Garcia, Juan, Madrid. 

160. The Arenas Pier — Bilbao. (I astel). 
Pando, Jose de, Seville. 

170. The Bath. (Pastel.' 

170a. The Gardener 

170b. Good to Another. (I astel.) 

Pasco. lose. Barcelona. 
r 7 i. i)esigns for a Phototype and Chromo- 
Lithographic Calendar. 

BookQ^MHrations. (Pen and Ink.) 

Ottero V Colomines, Habana. 

pL and ink portrait of the wife of 

the President of the U. b. 

Piera, Francisco, Habana. 

172b. Four portraits (Crayon). 

Quinones, Arthuro, Habana. 

172c. Crayon portrait. 





GROUP 145 . 

Antique and Modern Carvingsj Engrav¬ 
ings in Medallions or in Gems; 

Cameos, Intaglios. 



Fernandez de Robles, Maximo, Madrid. 

I72d. The Holy Family. (Carved in ivory.) 

Lopez, Francisco de Asis, Madrid. 

lyze. Wax design for a medal to commem¬ 
orate the 400 th anniversary of the dis¬ 
covery of America. 

Zoido, Antonio, Badajoz. 

I72f. Bridge over the Albarragena. (Picture, 
carved in black marble.) 



Alonso, Arsenio, Leon. 

173. Designs for a Trimphal Arch. (Four 

Amador de los Rios, Ramiro, Madrid. 

174. Temple of Florus in Egypt. (Three 

174a. Temple of Antoninus and Fausta, 
Rome. ^ (Six drawings.) 

Dalet, Domingo, Barcelona. 

175. Designs for decoration of theatre of 
the Lyceum, Barcelona. 

175a. Printing house of N. Ramirez & Co., 

175b. Hot Baths of La Garriga. 

175c. Villa Planas in Sardonola, 

176. Vault of the Vilumara Family, 

Vicente, y Herraiz, 


No. _ 

Garcia y Cabrera, 

Pascual, Madrid. 

177. Designs for a provincial legislative 
building at Vizeaya. (Ten drawings ) 

Iturralde, Antonio de, Valladolid. 

178. Design for a hospital. 

179. Design for a provincial legislative 

Junta gestora del Mausoles, de los Bom- 
beros, Habana. 

179a. Plan of the Monument and descrip, 
ti^ve pamphlet. (Zapata, Architect- 
Querol, Sculptor.) 

Pavia y Bermingham, Joaquin, Rome. 

180. Restoration of the Temple of Vesta 
Roman f'orum. (Nine drawings.) ’ 

Repulles, Enrique Maria, Madrid. 

181. Designs for the Royal Basilica de 
Atocha, Madrid. (Fifteen drawings.) 

Salas, Ramon, Tarragona. 

182. Church of St. Peter, Tarragona. 

182a. Monument to Admiral Roger ae 


182b. Bull Ring. 

Torre, Felix de la, Madrid. 

183. Design for Manicomio de Valencia. 
(Twenty-three drawings.) 

Villar, Francisco del, Barcelona. 

184. Design for a great circus. (Three 

Zapata, Julio M., Madrid. 

185. Design for a provincial legislative 
building. (Six drawings.) 


l^oyal Commissioner, 


Swedish Pavilion, dackson Park 

Special Commissioner.of Pine Arts. 


sw.-clish PiWllU.n. Jackson Park. 

a dopvpR at entrance 

intormaf io,, renardina exWbIts W 





Sculpture, Paintings in Oil. 

(IROUP 139 . 



Akerman, W., Paris. 

1. Madonna. (Plaster relief.) 

2. “Sensitiva.” 

BOrjesson, Prof. John, Stockholm. 

3. The Brothers. (Bronze group.) 
Eriksson, Christian, Paris. 

4. Carl von Linne. (Plaster relief.) 

5! “ 1779 .” (Marble.) 

6. Blindman’s Buff. (Bronze vase.) 
Hasselberg, Per, Stockholm. 

7. The Snowdrop. (Plaster statue.) 

8. The Frog. (Plaster statue.) 

9. The Water Lily. (Plaster statue.) 

10. Louis de Geer. (Plaster bust.) 

11. Prince Eugen. (Bronze bust.) 

12. Olof Wijk. (Bronze statuette.) 

13. P. Fiirstenberg. (Bronze statuette.) 
Lundberg, Th., Prof., Stockholm. 

14. Relief for the Decoration of a Mantel¬ 

Matton, Ida, Paris. 

15. “ Mama.” (Marble statue.) 

NystrOm, Alf., Stockholm. 

16. The Lion of Gothia. (Plaster.) 
Soderman, N. Aug., Stockholm. 

17. John Ericsson. (Plaster statuette, in 
Swedish Pavilion.) 

Wallgren, Antoinette, Paris. 

18. Bretonne. 

(IROUP 140 . 

Paintings in Oil. 

Albert, G., Paris. 

19 French Landscape. 

20. French Landscape. 

Andersson, J. A. G., Stockholm, 

21. Winter Fishing. 

Arborelius, O., Stockholm. 

22. Landscape in Dalecarlia. (In Swedish 

23. Hay Carting in Dalecarlia. 



24. Sunday Morning in Dalecarlia. 

25. Bridal Procession in Dalecarlia. 

Beer, A., Stockholm. (Swedish Pavilion.) 

26. The Castle of Tido, Sweden. ’ 

Behm, Wilhelm, Gnesta. 

27. Birch Grove, Sodermanland. (In Swed¬ 
ish Pavilion.) 

28. Winter Landscape. 

29. Landscape, River Valley of the Indal- 
selfven. (In Swedish Pavilion.) 

Bergh, R., Stockholm. 

30. Portrait of Miss E. B. 

31. An Old Song. 

32. Landscape. 

Bjorck, O., Stockholm. 

33. Portrait of Baron J. M. Nordenfalk. 

34. Interior of Cow-house. 

35. Portrait Study. 

Bonnier, Eva, Stockholm. 

36. My Housekeeper. 

37. Music. 

38. Portrait; Mr. H. L. 

Borg, A., Stockholm. 

39. Scene from Fair in Orebro. (In Swedish 

40. Elk Hunt. (In Swedish Pavilion.) 
Bredberg, Mina, Stockholm. 

41. Portrait of a Russian Artist. 
Chadwick, E., Stockholm. 

42. Carmencita. 

43. Rainbow. 

44. “ My Boy.” 

Ekstrdm, P., Segerstad, Oland. 

45. Moonrise, Sard. 

46. Breaking Up of the Ice, Oscarshamn. 

47. Dawning, Normandy. 

48. Landscape, Marstrand. 

49. December Midday Sun, Oland. 

50. Autumn, Oland. 

Ericsson, Joh., Gothenburg. 

51. Moonrise. 

H. R. H. Prince Eugen of Sweden and Nor¬ 

52. The Forest. 

S 3 ' Autumn Day. 

S4‘ The Fern pie. 



Paintings in Oil. 

iting, H., Stockholm. (Swedish Pa- 

legatta in the Archipelago. 

jrg, A., Stockholm. (Swedish Pa- 

/iew of the Tottehummeln, Areskutan, 

Sur’ch of Are, in Jemtland, Sweden. 

,org, Aug.i Paris. 



Low Tide. 

'Bijou and Honor^ 

lelin, O., Baron, Osterby, Torshalla. 

son, Eug., Stockholm. 

Twilight in May. . 

stedt, A. Stockholm. (Swedish Pa- 

pSrtrait of H. R. M., the King of Swe- 
1. (In Swedish Pavilion.) 

Railroad Laborers. 

ler, Elisabeth, Stockholm. 

Peasant Woman, Normandy. 

borg, J., Stockholm. 
Landscape, Wermland, 
edish Pavilion.) 



iger. Nils, Warberg. 

Summer Evening. 

Street View from Warberg. 


Winter Idyll. 


iberg, Julius, Professor, Stockholm. 
Portrait of Charles XII. (In Swedish 

*, J., Stockholm. 

Scanian Peasant’s Cottage. (In Swedish 

son, Carl, Gothenburg. 

My Family. 

"Ulf” in the Sunset. 

A Swedish Fairy Tale. 

fors, Bruno, Upsala. . ^ , 

Bear Hunting. (In Swedish Pavilion.) 
Fox Shooting. 

Game Shooting. 

Hawk’s Nest. 


Wild Geese. 


Grouse Shooting. 

Iholm, B., Gothenburg. 

Rocks, Scania. , .. 

The Cattegat, off Halland s Vadero. 

Iman, Ax., Stockholm. 

Terrace in Positano. 

Way Along the Coast at Amalh. 



90. Capri with Castiglione and Monte 

‘91. Surf at Bagno di Tiberio. 

92. Naples, Riviera di Chiaia. 

Lundstrbm, Ernst, Stockholm. 

93. “Berzelii Park,” Stockholm. 

94. The Norrstrdm, Stockholm. 
Nordstrom, Karl, Hoga, Bohuslan. 

95. The Yellow House. 

96. Winter Landscape. 

97. Twilight. 

98. In Winter Harbor. 

Norrman, H., Tranas. 

100. Autumn. 

Osterlind, Allan, Stockholm. 

101. The Orphans. 

Pauli, G., Stockholm. 

102. Legend. 

103. Midsummer’s Night. 

104. Winter Morning in Stockholm. 

Pauli, Hanna, Stockholm. 

105. Portrait; Vennie S. 

106. Portrait; K. Nordstrom, the Artist. 

107. The “Name’s-day.” 

Rosen, Count G. von. Prof., Stockholm. 

108. Nordenskiold. 

109. Portrait; Count Lagerberg. 
no. Portrait; Prof. G. W. Palm. 
Rosenberg, Edv., Stockholm. 

III. View of Norrstrdm and the Royal 
Palace of Stockholm. (In Swedish Pa¬ 


Salza, C. F. von, St. Louis. 

112. Portrait. 

Schultzberg, A., Grangarde. 

113. The First Snowfall. 

114. The Last Sunbeam. 

115. Evening (Picardy). 

Schulzenheim, Ida von, Stockholm. 

116. “Too Hot.” 

117. Greyhounds. 

Sparre, Emma, Baroness, Stockholm. 

118. Interior of the Castle of Gripsholm. 
Stolpe, Marie Louise, Stockholm. 

119. In Memoriam Linnei. 

Svensson, C. F., Stockholm. 

120. Sailors in the Oresund. 

ThegerstrOm, R., Stockholm. 

121. A Calm. 

Thdrne, Alf., Stockholm. 

122. Namndo in the Archipelago of Stock 
holm. (In Swedish Pftyihon.) 

123. Trolling. (In Swedish Pavilion.) 

124. Oat Harvest. 

Tradgardh, Carl, Paris. 

125. Going to Market. 

126. Cow-keeper. 

Wahlberg, Prof. Alf., 

1 127. Night on the Swedish Coast. 



Paintings in Oil, Water Colors, Engravings and Etchings, Drawings and Carvings. 


No. ,r.. . .. \ 

128. Evening (Hallands’ Vadero.) 

129. Stockholm in Moonlight. < 

130. Misty Night, Oise. 

131. River Landscape (Eure.) 

132. Morning (Oise.) 

133. View from the West Coast of Sweden 
Wahlstrom, Charlotte, Stockholm. 

134. Moonrise. 

Wallander, Alf., Stockholm. 

135. “Putte.” 

Westman, Edw., Stockholm. 

136. Spring Evening. ^ 

137. Hay-making in Normandy. 

Zorn, And. L., Paris. 

138. “Margit.” 

139. Omnibus. 

140. Ball. 

141. Fair in Mora, Sweden. 

142. ■ A Toast in “Idun.” 

143. A Forest Study. 

144. Sunset. 

GROUP 141. 

Paintings in Water Colors. 

Boberg, Anna, Stockholn. 

145. Venice. 

146. Gondolas. 

147. View from Menaggio. 

Ericsson, Anna, Gothenburg. 

148. View from Ronneby, Sweden. 

149. Moon-rise. 

Gellerstedt, Prof. A. T., Stockholm. 

150. Swedish Views. (In Swedish Pavilion.) 
Hermelin, T., Baron, Stockholm. 

151. Runic Monuments. [ In Swedish 
152,, The Barrows of Upsala. ) Pavilion. 
John, Ellen, Stockholm. 

153. The Baptistry of Sienna. 

Larson, Carl, Gothenburg. 

154. Portrait; Mrs. F. 

155. Interior of Dalecarrian Peasant Cot¬ 
tage, winter time. 

Tiren, J., Stockholm. 

(Paintings in Swedish Pavilion.) 

156. Landscape with Lapps. 

157. Lapp on Snow Skates. (“Skidor.”) 

158. Lapps Catching Reindeer. 

GROUP 142. 

Paintings on Ivory, on Enamel, on Metal, 
on Porcelain or Other Wares; Fresco 
Painting on Walls. 

Althin, C., Stockholm. 

159. Decorative Painting. 

GROUP 143. 

Engravi'igs and Etchings; Prints. 



Boberg •' , Stockholm. 

160. Bir^^er Jarl. 

161. St. Catherine Church, Stockholm. 

162. Interior of Italian Yard. 

163. The Choir of San Marco, Venice. 
Haglund, R., Stockholm. 

164. The German Church in Stockholm 

165. “Kornhamn," Stockholm. 

166. The Fiirstenberg Art-Gallery in Goth- 

Haig, A. H., Haslemere, Surrey, England 

167. The Cathedral of Burgos. 

168. Arab Students, Cairo. 

169. Arab Quarters, Cairo. 

170. In Rhine-Land. 

171. Towing in the Prize. 

172. Wisby, Twilight. 

173. Stockholm. 

Rosen, Count G. von. Prof., Stockholm. 

174. Six Etchings. 

Zorn, And. L., Paris. 

175. Statuette of my Granamother. (Wood.) 

176. Etchings. 

GROUP 144. 

Chalk, Charcoal, Pastel and Other 

Andren, V., Stockholm. 

177. Views and Characters from Stock¬ 

H. R. H. Prince Eugen, of Sweden and 
Norway; Stockholm. 

178. Summer Day. 

Jansson, Eug., Stockholm. 

179. Venus. 

Liljefors, Bruno, Upsala. 

180. Eight Drawings. 

Nordstrom, Karl, Hoga, Bohuslan. 

181. Night. 

182. Moonrise. 

183. Dawning. 

184. Moonlight. 

Wallander, Alf., Stockholm. 

185. A Poulterer. 

186.. Evening Sun 

187. Coffee Party Sixty Years Ago. 

GROUP 145. 

Antimie and Modern Carvings; Engrav¬ 
ings in Medallions or in Gems, 
Cameos, Intaglios, 
j Norman, A. E. 

188. Columbus’ Arrival in America. (Cut 
with pen-knife from a solid block of 
hardwood.) In Swedish Pavilion. 



Royal Special Commis.sioner for the Tine Arts. 


339 /Aichigart Avenue. 

ror information, prices and copyriahts please apply to the Italian Official Agent. 
Tine Art Building. West Annex. Room 76. 







(iROUP 1«9. 




Albacini, A., Rome. 

1. Roman Type. (Marble bust.) 

2. Pompeiian Flower Girl. (Marble stat¬ 

3. Pompeiian Water Girl. (Marble statu¬ 

4. Innocence. (Marble statuette.) 

5. Bathing Woman. (Marble statue.) 

6. Roman Type. (Marble bust.) 
Allegretti, A., Rome. 

7. Eve After Sin, (Marble statue.) 
Andreoni, O., Rome. 

8. Ruth. (Marble statue.) 

9. Flora. (Marble statue.) 

10. Cupid in Ambush. (Marble group.) 
Apolloni, A., Rome. 

11. Beatrice. (Marble medallion.) 

12. Hon. Chauncey M. Depew. (Marble 

13. Mrs. Julia Ward Howe. (Marble bust.) 

14. Plaster Cast of Robert Burns’ Monu¬ 

15. Original Design in Plaster for a mon- 
• umental fountain—Man Struggling with 

Marine Monsters. 

16. Love’s Dream. (Marble head.) 

17. Mother Most Pure. (Plaster statue.) 

18. American Mythology. (Marble statue.) 
Argenti, G., Milan. 

19. Martyr. (Marble statue.) 

20. Modesty. (Marble bust.) 

Astorri, E., Milan. 

21. Lucy. (Marble bust.) 

22. Friendship. (Marble group.) 

23. Serenade. (Marble statuette.) 

24. Minstrel. (Marble statuette.) 
Barbella, C,, Castellamare Adriatico. 

25. Noli Me Tangere. (Plaster bust.) 

26. Love Song. (Bronze group.) 

27. Departure. (Bronze group.) 

28. Return. (Bronze group.) , 

29. Alone. (Bronze group.) 

30. Believe Me. (Bronze group.) 

31. Harmony. (Bronze group.) 

32. Bourn. (Silvered bronze statuette.) 



33. More! More! (Silvered bronze statu¬ 

34. Farewell of the Bride. (Bronze group.) 
Bardi, A., Carrara. 

35. Europe. (Marble statue.) 

36. Asia. (Marble statue.) 

37. America. (Marble statue.) 

38. Africa. (Marble statue.) 

39. Mechanics. (Marble statue.) 

40. Genius of Science. (Marble statue.) 

41. Labor, (Marble statue.) 

42. Physics. (Marble statue.) 

43. Fidelity. (Marble statue.) 

44. Sea Nymph. (Marble statue.) 

45. Angel of Resurrection. (Marble statue.) 

46. Flower Girl. (Marble statuette.) 
Bastiani, Florence. 

47. During the Vintage. (Marble group.) 

48. The Return from the Feast, (Bronze 

Bazzaro, E., Milan. 

49. At the Cafe Chantant. (Bronze statu¬ 

50. Bedouin Mother, (Bronze group.) 
Bertone, A., Florence. 

51. Fruit Seller. (Marble statue.) 

Biondi, E., Rome. 

52. Mena. (Bronze head.) 

53. Cicillo. (Bronze head.) 

54. On a Spree. (Bronzegroup.) 

55. Remembrance. (Bronze statuette.) 

56. Bad Luck, (Bronze statuette.) 

57. Concetella. (Bronze statuette.) 

58. Gennarina. (Bronze statuette.) 

59. Rosetta. (Bronze statuette.) 

60. Oriental Tales. (Bronze statuette.) 

61. Triclinium. (Bronze group.) 

62. Christmas Eve. (Bronze group.) 

63. In the Desert. (Bronze group.) 

64. ArabFamily Traveling. (Bronze group.) 

Bistolfi, L., Roine, 

65. American Flag. (Marble bust.) 

66. Companions in Misfortune. (Marble 

67. Portrait of Prof. T. (Plaster bust.) 

68. Portrait of Mr. ** *. (Plaster bust.) 

69. Portrait of Mrs. ** *. (Plaster bust) 






ottinelli, A., Rome. 

). Etrusca. (Marble statue.) 

First Communion. (Marble bust.) 
i’ The Kiss. (Marble statue.) 

I.' The Dance. (Marble statuette.) 

|. Poetry. (Marble statuette.) 
j. Music. (Marble statuette.) 

), Painting. (Marble statuette.) 

I Sculpture. (Marble statuette.) 

{. Architecture. (Marble statuette.) 
racony, L., Paris. 

). Echo. (Marble statue.) 

^vi, P., Milan. 

). Othello. (Marble and bronze bust.) 

[, Aleydak. (Marble and bronze bust.) 

{. Minstrel. (Marble and bronze bust.) 

|. Spiteful. (Marble statue.) 

[. Uncle Tom. (Marble and bronze bust.) 
;. Selika. (Marble and bronze bust.) 
alzolari, O., Florence. 

(. Fraternal Love. (Marble group.) 
antu, Milan. 

r. Ideal. (Marble bust.) 

I. Parthenope. (Bronze medallion.) 
iviletti, Palermo. 

I. Fisher Boy. (Terra cotta statuette.) 

». No More Slaves. (Terra cotta group.) 
a. Schoolboy. (Terra cotta statuette.) 
ausch, C., Rome. 

:. Night. (Marble medallion, relief.) 

!. Day. (Marble medallion, relief.) 
e Leva G., Naples. 

;. Papa’s Son. (Terra cotta head.) 
e Paoli, L., Pordenone. 
f. Icarus. (Plaster statue.) 
ambri, R., Venice. 

). A Duel. (Bronze relief.) 
errari, E., Rome. 

). Lincoln Dying. (Marble statue.) 

I Lesbia. (Marble statue.) 
iaschi, Florence. 

5 . High Wave. (Marble statue.) 
alimberti, G., Milan. 

). Alpine Guide. (Bronze statue.) 
alii, R., Milan. 

X). A Page. (Marble bust.) 

)i. Capricciosa. (Marble bust.) 

». B6be. (Marble bust.) 

33. Mandolinata. (Marble bust.) 

34. Othello. (Bronze bust.) 

35. Desdemona. (Bronze bust.) 
ariboldi, E., Milan. 

)6. Exiled. (Plaster statue.) 
yj. Pierrette. (Marble bust.) 

»8. Chimney Sweeper. (Marble bust.) 

19. First Gain. (Marble statue.) 

0 . Minstrel. (Marble statuette.) 

1. Displeasing. (Marble bust.), 

2. After Supper. (Marble bust) 



113. Arianna. (Marble statuette.) 

114. Arianna. (Bronze statuette.) 

115. The First Pose. (Bronze statuette.) 

116. Ophelia. (Bronze statuette.) 

117. Gluttony. (Marble statue.) 

118. Providence. (Marble statue.) 

119. A Flower Among Flowers. (Marble 

120. Stolen Pleasure. (Bronze group.) 

121. Mjgnon. (Bronze statuette.) 

122. Mignon. (Marble statuette.) 

123. Archangel Gabriel. (Marble relief.) 

124. Wealth. (Bronze relief.) 

125. Past, Present and Future. ('Plaster 
groim—project for a clock.) 

126. Communism. (Small group in marble.) 
Gugliandolo, V., Messina. 

127. Rosa Donato, Sicilian Heroine. (Plas¬ 
ter bust.) 

Gonnella, E., Milan. 

128. Curiosetta. 

129. Michelagnolo. (Marble statue.) 

130. The Love Letter. (Marble statue.) 
Lavezzari, V., Genoa. 

131. The Fisher Boy. (Marble statue.) 
Luzi, A., Rome. 

132. Trasteverina. (Bronze bust.) 

133. Sortie de Bal. (Bronze statuette.) 

134. Arab Shepherd. (Terracotta bust.) 

135. President Clevellhd. (Plaster bust.) 
Maccagnani, E., Rome. 

136. Isn’t it Cold? (Bronze statue.) 
Maltoni, A., Ravenna. 

137. Disinherited. (Plaster group.) 
Monzini, G., Clivio. 

138. Butterfly. (Marble bust.) 

139. Modesty. (Marble bust.) 

Mariani, Adelaide, Rome. 

140. Sappho. (Marble statue.) 

Nelli, A., Rome. 

141. H. M. King Humbert I. (Bron’:. 

142. Spring. (Bronze bust.) 

143. Satyr Unmasked. (Bronze statue.) 

144. Ishmael. (Bronze statue.) 

Olivari, G., Genoa. 

145. A Wreath. (Bronze.) 

Pardo, V., Rome. 

146. Christopher Columbus. (Bronze bust.) 
Pellini, E., Milan. 

147. Urchin. (Marble statue.) 

Quadrelli, E., Milan. 

148. Giuseppe Verdi. (Bronze statuette.) 
Ramazzotti, S., Padova. 

149. The Poor Flower Girl. (Marble statue.) 

150. Springtime Song. (Marble bust.) 

151. Dream. (Bronze bust.) 

Rota, Genoa. 

152. Monk Reading. (Marble statue.) 




Sculpture, Bronze Reproductions. 



Soeboeck, F., Rome. 

153. Faun and Bacchante. 

Soldini, A., Milan. 

154. A Thought. (Marble bust.) 

Spagolla, G., Cremona. 

155. First Words. (Marble statue.) 
Spalmack, O., Rome. 

156. Pereat! (Marble group.) 

157. Romeo and Juliet. (Marble group.) 
Spertini, G., Milan. 

158. The Volunteer. (Marble statuette.) 
Tabacchi, O., Turin. 

159. Baigneuse. 

160. Tuftolina. 

Trentanove, G., Florence. , , . ., 

161. Mrs.AlfredG.Harnson. (Marb e bust.) 

162. The Last of the Spartans. (Marble 

Troubetskoy, P., Milan. 

163. Model of Garibaldi Monument. 

(Bronze group.) 
54. Indian Wa 

164. Indian Warrior. (Bronze group.) 

165. Bedouin, with Camel. (Bronze group.) 

166. Regrets. (Bronze group.) 

167. Indian Scout. (Bronze group.) 

168. Model of Dante Monument. (Bronze 

i6q. Bedouin Steed. (Bronze group.) 

170. Arabian Steed at Rest. (Bronze 

171. The Times. (Bronze statuette.) 
Ventura, A., Milan. 

172. Incroyable. (Marble statuette.) 
Ximenes, A., Palermo. 

173. Caught! (Bronze statue.) 

Zocchi, C., Florence. 

174. Rebecca. (Marble statuette.) 

Bronze Reproductions 

Of Classical Bronzes from the Excava¬ 
tions at Pompeii and Herculaneum, 
from the Originals in the National 
Museum at Naples. 

175. Jug with Figure. 

176. Sappho. 

177. Head of Dante. 

178. Venus Anadyomene. 

179. Stag’s-head Cup. 

180. Jjiuo Vase. 

181. Eagle Jug. 

182. Sea-horse Jug. 

183. Jug with Satyr. 

184. Jug with Faun. 

185. Cupid and Dolphin. 

186. Human-foot l.amp. 

187. Doryphorus. 



188. Silenus Lamp. 

189. Dolphin Lamp. 

190. Cupid and Goose Lamp. 

191. Satyr and Pan-pipe Lamp. 

192. Berenice. 

193. Goat’s Jug. 

194. Ram’s-nead Jug. 

195. Archytas. 

196. Apollo Vase-handle. 

197. Bat Lamp. 

198. Victory. 

199. Abundance. 

200. Cupid with Goose. 

201. Cupid with Dolphin. 

202. Ruvo Cup. 

203. Medasa Vase-handle. 

204. Ivy-leaf Cup. 

205. Epicurus (named). 

206. Venus at her Toilet. 

207. Fawn with Wine-skin. 

208. Small Jug. 

209. Three-light Lamp. 

210. Alexander. 

211. Amazon. 

212. Scipio Africanus. 

213. Tripod—Satyr. 

214. Tripod—Isiac. 

215. Candelabrum. 

216. Bearded Dionysius. 

217. Lucius Caecilius Jucundus. 

218. Gazelle. 

219. Gazelle. 

220. Fortune on the Globe. 

221. Campanello (Gong). 

222. Angler. 

223. Mercury of Gian Bologna. 

224. Wrestler or Runner. 

225. Wrestler or Runner. 

226. Laughing Faun. 

227. Agrippina. _ 

228. Hercules Taming Stag. 

229. Amazon on Horseback. 

230. Mercury in Repose. 

231. Gladiator’s Armor (3 pieces). 

232. Ornament for Door (Medusa’s HeadV 
2^. Orname t for Door (Medusas Head 

with Tongue Tut). 

234. Statuette of Apollo with Lyre. 

235. Dancer. 

236. Dancer. 

237. Dancer. 

238. Dancer. 

239. Dancer. 

240. Dancer. 

241. Sleeping Faun. 

242. Borghese Faun. 

243. Adoration. 

244. Ptolemy Lathros. 

1 245. Ptolemy I—Soter. 



Bronze Reproductions, Paintings in Oil. 


Ptolemy Philadelphi s,. 

Ptolemy Alexander. 



Dancing Faun. 

Youth with Chlamys. 




Apollo with Plectrum. 

Young Satyr with Thyrsos. 
Demosthenes. . . 

Demosthenes with Inscripti r. 

’ Metrodorus. 

, Agrippina. 

. Epicurus. . . 

Hermarchus. (Inscription.) 
i Zeno Citiacus. 

. Archaic Apollo. 

, Youth. 

. Democritus. 

. Sylla. 


I. Drunken Faun. 

I, Faun with Dog. 

Faun with Wine-skin, 
t! Faun with Wine-skin, 
t! Statuette of Faun. 

|. Cupid with Mask. 

}. Cupid with Cup. 

5 . Cupid with Vase. 

7. Cupid with Dolphin. 

8. Cupid with Wine-skin, 
p. Steelyard. 

0. Steelyard. 

1. Centaur Vase. 

2. Apollo Hermaphrodytuo. 

3. Psyche. 

Faun and Bacchus. 

GROUP 140. 
Paintings in Oil. 

idreotti, F., Chicago. 

5. Such a Sweet Note! 
juadro, F., Chicago. 

6. Flowers, 
rmenise, L., Milan. 

7. The Village Fete. 

ubarini, S., Modena. 

8. Still Water. 

ip. The Train is Coming, 
o. Sketch From Nature. 

11. Sketch From Nature. 

12. Sketch From Nature. 

:ci, P., Rome. . a r>f 

On the Roman Apennmes. (Lake ot 


No. , 

Battaglia, D., Naples. 

294. Stable with Cattle. 

295. Pergolese Rehearsing his Stabat. 
Battistini, L., Coimbra. 

296. Labor and Death. 

Bazzani, L., Rome. . 

297. At the Fountain. (Pompeii.) 

298. In the Peristilium. (Pompeii.) 
Bazzaro, L., Milan. 

299. Second Nurse. 

300. Remembrances. 

Belimbau, Leghorn. 

301. The Lady of The Pearls. 

Berti, G., Venice. ^ . 

302 On the Banks of the Brenta, after 

Child’s Harold’s Pilgrimage. 

Bertolotti, C., Milan. 

303. The Giddy Monk 

304. Louisa. 

Boldini, G., Paris. 

305. Portrait of a Girl. 

306. Portrait of a Lady. 

307. Portrait of Miss —■ ■ 

308. An Extra Team. 

Bompiani, A., Rome. 

309. Southern Flowers. 

310. Playing Truant. 

311. On the Sly. ^ 

Bordignon, N., Venice. 

312. At the Country Inn 

313. Emigrants. 

314. Mathilda. 

Bottero, G., Turin. 

315. Boatmen’s Canal. 

316. Mestre Canal. 

317. The Jurors. 

3I^8.^*A Summer Afternoon in a Roman Villa 
310! The First Born. 

32Q. Music Hath Charms. 



Winter. . 

Hush! There is Sister. 

A Good Piece of Game 





Carcano, F., Milan. 

326. Venice From the Lagoon. 

327. Sunset at Spezia. 

'^8. Lombard Plain. 

329. Harvest of Indian Corn. 

330. Pifocession. 

331. Iseo Lake. 

The Believes. 

■3-33 Environs of Genoa. 

S.* By the Window. 

^ Fall of the Balloon. 

^6* The Snow Fall at Peswrenico. 
§7! Rest of Fishermen at Chioggia. 



Paintings in Oil. 



338. Ten Studies. 

339. Twelve Studies. 

Ciardi, G., Venice. 

340. Southwest Wind. 

341. Spring Clouds. 

342. Basin of St. George. 

343. Sunset at Venice. 

344. On the Lagoon. 

345. Canal of St. Marc. 

Coen, S., Venice. 

347. Girl of the People (Venice). 

Coleman, F., Rome. 

348. Queen Catherine of England. 

Conconi, L., Milan. 

349. Declaration of Love. 

Corelli, A., Rome. 

350. In the Woods. 

351. The Angelus on St. Peter’s Day. 
(Roman Harvest.) 

Corrodi, H. Rome. 

352. The Convent of St. Lazzaro. 

353. Overflow of the Nile at the Pyramids. 

354. The Tower of Charles V at Spe.'.ia. 

355. Fishermen at Their Shrine. 
Corteggiani, M., Palermo. 

356. Capucin’s Catacombs. 

Costa, A., Genoa. ^ . , , ■ 

357. Side of St.Lorenzo Cathedral 111 .^cnoa. 
D’Andrea, F., Venice. 

358. Flora. 

359. Surprised. 

DairOca, Bianca A., Verona 

360. The Quadrille. 

DaMolin, O., Venice. 

361. At the Pawn Shop. 

362. The 111 Fed. 

DeMartini, G., Naples. 

363. Flower Market at Pompeii. 

DeMatteis, A., Chicago. 

364. Fruit. 

365. Fruit. 

Denza,Ciro, Naples. 

366. A Bit of the Bay of Naples. 

367. Sunset on the Bay of Naples. 
DeTommasi, P., Rome. 

368. Golden Dreams. 

Dovera, A., Milan 

369. Marine. 

370. Marine. 

371. Marine. 

372. Marine. 

373. Lake Maggiore. 

374. Lake Maggiore. 

375. Marine. 

376. Marine. 

Dovizielli, C., Rome. 

377. Still Life—Game and Fruit. 

378. Still Life—Fish. 



Fedrighini, P., Sinigallia. 

379. The Niagara Falls. 

380. The Niagara Rapids. 

Ferrara, O., Naples. 

381. Faith. 

Fragiacomo, P., Venice. 

382. Idyl on the Lagoon. 

383. Little Amalia. 

384- Summer Clouds. 

Gabrini, P., Rome. 

385. At Sea. 

386. The Landing of Columbus. 
Gasperini, L., Venice. 

387- Golden W’edding. 

388. Eviction. 

Guardabassi, F. M., Perugia. 

389. His Holiness Leo XIII. The latest 
portrait, painted from life in the Vatican, 
January, 1893 . 

Guardabassi, G., Rome. 

390. The Mayor’s Wedding. 

391. The Old Gipsy’s Prediction. 

Guerra, A., Badia di Cave. 

392. Beatrice Cenci’s Last Moments. The 
Historical Call in Castle St. Angelo. 

393. Raphael and the Cardinal Sigismondo 

394. Roman Flower Girl. 

395. The Fortune Teller. 

396. Capri Girl. 

397. The Sanctuary of Cava dei Tirenni. 
Guerrieri, A., Florence. 

398. Love and Curiosity. 

Joris, P., Rome. 

399. Afternoon in the Villa Pmphyli, Rome. 

400. Grandfather’s Birthday. 

Juglaris, T., Milan. 

401. 'Phe Prayer on the Mountain. 
Lancerotto, L., Venice. 

402. Regatta at Venice. 

403. Madonna. 

404. Vanity Fair. 

Lessi, Tito, Florence. 

405. The Bibliophiles. 

Lombardo, Calamia G., Palermo. 

406. Temple of Segesta, Sicily. 
Malaspina, A., Milan. 

407. Shepherd. 

408. Swiss Mail Coach. 

Mancini, F., Naples. 

409. Charge of Cavalry. 

Mariani, C., Rome. 

410. Celestial Harmony. 

411. lo Triumphal. 

Mariani, P., Monza. 

412. Sunset in Liguria. 

Mariotti, F., Chicago. 

413. Portrait of Mrs. E. B. 



Paintings in Oil and Water Colors. 


rtinetti, Maria, Rome. 


legazzi, C., Venice. 

Alpine Landscape, 
esi, A., Venice. 

Papa’s Boat, 
llica, A., Naples. 


radei, A., Ravenna. 

Maternal A.nticipations. 

, Would You Like My Rose? 

, The Joy of the Family. 

SSO, G., Palermo. 

, Visit to the Temple, 
li, N., Venice. 

. Consequences of Vice. 

, Teasing Surprise. 

, Persuasion, 
bili, R., Florence. 

. Listening. 

70 Stefano, Venice. 

. Fruit Seller in Venice. 

. The Want of All. 

. Fruit Shop in Venice, 
titi, F., Rome. \ 

. Sorrento Marine, 
iti, E., Aniedo. 

, First Flowers in Venice, 
aranta, G., Naples. 

. Flamenga. 

. Milanese Dairy Farm. 

. Blockaded. 

. Luino, Lake Maggiore. 

. Fruit Grove in Spring. 

. Country Milkwoman. 

. Without Sempione Gate. 

. Environs of Milan. 

vcend, E., Turin. ^ -r • 

. The Po Embankment at Turin. 

:ci, F., Rome. 

I. Rehearsing the Lesson. 

;. Interrupted Nap. 

!. Sweet Remembrances. 

naldi, C., Florence, 
j. Hopeless. 

)i, P., Venice. 


5. Once Friends. 

“"‘’RVcepUDn' at the Doge’s Palace. 

otta, A., Venice. 

7. The First Egg. 

antoro, R., Naples. 

[8. In the Bay of Naples, 

^9, Gipsies, 
artorelli, Venice. 

JO. On the Lagoon. 



Savini, A., Bologna. 

451. Post Nubile Phoebus. 

452. A Child of the Fields. 

Simoni, G., Rome. 

453* Algerian Women on the Terrace. 
Spiridon, T., Rome. 

454. Sappho. 

455. Follette. , 

Tano, E., Florence. 

456. Tuscan Farm. 

Tarenghi, E., Rome. 

457. Contemplation. 

Tiratelli, A., Rome. 

458. Flock of Sheep on the Roman 

Tromboni, A., Naples. 

459. The Cow Herds. 

Van Elven, P. T., Milan. 

460. Caravan by the Dead Sea. 

461. Market at Chaumont. 

Vollaro, P., Naples. 

462. A Moment of Leisure. 

Wolf, Venice. 

463. Grandmama’s Story. 

464. Flirtation. 

465. Venetian Girl. 

466. Gipsy. 

467. Spring. 

468. Summer. 

Zanetti, M. G., Venice. _ 

469. The Public Gardens of Venice. 

470. The Island of Malamocco and Tor- 

471 . Canal of Torcello. 

t t t t 

472. Moorish Courtyard, 

t t t t 

473. Tiger’s Head (Male). 

474. Tiger’s Head (Female). 

475. Bull’s Head. 

476. Cow’^ Head. 

GROUP 141. 

Paintings in Water Colors. 

Aureli, G., Rome. , , 

477. Presentation of Monseigneur de Riche¬ 
lieu to Henri IV of France. 

Battaglia, A., Rome. 

478. Mower Girls m the Campagna. 

Corelli, A., Rome. 

479. Woman of Latium. 

480. Man of Latium. 

481. Serenata. 

Crisafi, N., Palmero. 

482. Monte Pellegrino. (Palermo.) 

483. Guadagna on River Oreto. 


196 . 

Paintings in Water Colors, Pastel Drawings, Decorative Works. 



DeTommasi, P., Rome. 

484. Making Ready for the Procession. 

485- Puzzled. 

Guardabassi, G., Rome. 

486. Scholar Monk. ^ u 

487. Holy Water Cup, St. Peter s Church, 


Martinetti, Maria, Rome. 

488. Beggar. 

Nobili, R., Florence. . 

489. Service of St. Marc’s, Venice. 

Pennacchini, D., Rome. 

490. The Lost Child. 

491. Tarantella. 

Simoni, G., Rome. 

492. Fruit Market at Sorrento. 

493. The Last Day of the Ramadam. 

Tiratelli, C., Rome. 

494. The Patron Saint’s Day. 

GROUP 144. 

Pastel Drawings, 



Capranica Grillo, G. 

495. Nennella. 

496. Theda. 

497. Truth. 

Da Molin, O., Venice. 

498. Fisher’s Head. 


Brugo & Pagliei, Rome. 

499. Toilet of Venus. (Imitation of Tapes¬ 
try, after Boucher.) 

500. Bacchus and Ariadne. (Imitation of 
T^estry, after Boucher.l 

The originals of Nos. 499 and 500 are in 
the Quirinal Palace, Rome. 

Brenda Sc Simonetti, Rome. 

501. The Agreeable Lesson. 

502. The Mysterious Basket. 

503. Bacchus and Venus. 

ar*^ . V -1^irN'“'^i^ENlORANIDA.. ‘“'“*}^@fe'’, ' 

ik 1^ ** r^ • i ^ ^ ^ 

_*■“ • *• ^ ^ ^ . *-‘^ 

.«_ ’ -‘-r. 

. c-: *;, 

^-i-■-: :|K . , wt'-. ,'. - - 

*>:,': ^■iB/, -:wMV.'«-if-4'--'v- ..• , -ss-e-s 

u:,^^ : . »?■ ^J-:^ ■ : ; -•'. -^ ; ^*,;jr_ *V. ■• -'^X 

^im ih^. '* ”'■’t ' V ■ ^-^aMOSiu 'J^' ii'iA' ' 

■ "^ ♦ ,. ■ <Mi. *^ • .' -I * -•; - r*. 

myh- - ;’^:"v-; - y^:^. 

■ V^* ' ^ :S ~v . —^ ^^ '” 7 --a^ «Jj|g! 

.S i_ '£. r -a™^ '■■ 

, ' - • •—-.^ - - a.,. 

■SW -f ^ '■ Ca: '■ 7 

;.:J:^^^- v' 

• -V 

Ufe • Lfc 

-r 7 ’■•- - -r' •* 

t- ^ •: - ^ ^V»' 

1*;^/^. -TDi ^ 

.:• • ■ Jt. _ ♦ 

^ . ■ - -. ‘-r, ■>; 

I T » -“ I 


> > I 

- - -.a ■ •... • 

^7^:7 v,.; 





o r 



I . ' 



’ fV 
















■ ^ " f 

THE OrnciAL Catalogues 


They are the only \ 

books by which 


you can locate ^ the 
E xhibits in the 



Printers and Book Manutacturers,